Call off the search parties! Chris Matthews’ missing leg thrill has been located. The runaway tingle was spotted this morning shivering its way up the thigh of Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher.

Unfortunately, Twitchy cannot confirm the whereabouts of Tommy’s objectivity. Or self-respect.

Ever generous with his time, Ace of Spades helpfully retweeted the best of Christopher’s “spazzing.”

The media are supposed to “punish” presidential candidates?

Oh, Al. Bless his precious heart. And blood-stained hands.

Got that? “Real reporters” are tasked with the oh-so-noble mission of punishing Mitt Romney. It’s a calling.

Romney wants the people to diiiiiie!11!!1

Today’s episode of Spaz Theater brought to you by Hope™, Change™ and Truth Personified™.


A tweet that speaks for itself:


Christopher took to Twitter to accuse Twitchy of lying.

Evidently we lied by including the very tweets he accused us of omitting. Hey, we’re no “personification of truth” like The One. Just ask Ellen Barkin.

And then there’s this:


  • irishgirl91

    Taught my daughter there were 2 “f” words. Both signal the end of an argument because the person that uses the f word first has no ability left to make an intellectual argument. The second f word is fair. I notice that the appologist for the administration start most of their arguments with “fair” and end them with the other “f” word.

  • kate_middleton

    Tommy Christopher has become such a hack over the past couple years. He used to be somewhat fair, but now, all he does is slam Romney and prop up Obama. So lame.

    And it’s clear from reading those tweets that Tommy’s one step away from a breakdown.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    “Tommy Christopher
    @tommyxtopher The reason Mitt Romney won that debate: no one punished him for lying.”

    Really?……… would it then be fair to say the reason Obama won the Presidency in 2008 is because no one punished HIM for lying……….especially NOT the media…………

    • kate_middleton

      Yeah…and the moderator is supposed to “punish” the candidates? WTF?

  • Shawn Smith

    Usually (in free countries, at least) we wait until a person is at least dead for a while before we start deifying him like this. This “truth personified” line sounds like something that should be coming out of North Korea.

  • CalCon10

    If you’re a lib, Truth is adjustable. Black is white (or is it racist to say that?), night is day, up is down, bad is good/good is bad (especially in Barack’s Chicago.)

    • CalCon10

      Oh, look…an Obama “Thumbs-down” troll has been here!

  • Jeffrey Stewart

    potus -if you want to be President, you owe it to the American People to tell the truth- the potus just read that from his teleprompter to a small crowd here at Sloan’s Lake in Denver. He opened himself to the fact checkers on that talking point.
    I observed outside the venue, when the motorcade drove by, he looked annoyed and bored. How arrogant. Oh, and he was sitting in the RIGHT seat in the back of the limousine.

  • TocksNedlog

    Poor Tommy! What’s he supposed to do with all of that water he’s been carrying?

  • Marcy Cook

    But….but…Tommy I can see Obama lying from my kitchen window!

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Meth, kids — not even once.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Ohhhh…so his first tweet was a ‘joke’. And the rest were…..?

  • BarneyFranken

    Many thanks to twitchy for not running a picture of Tommy in this story…I just had dinner.

    Tommy boy is the single biggest douchebag on the internet, and the problem with this scumbag is that hes at mediaite, which gets a lot of cross party traffic.

    There probably are equally big douchers at thinkprog or kos, but they are relegated to the echo chamber abyss that is the left wing blogosphere…

    But Tommy McNulty (his real name, by the way- “Tommy Christopher” is a pen name) is read by everyone, not just the sycophants on the left.

    Hes the ultimate bottom feeder, doing stories even hardcore losers on the left dont wade into. He is the personification of a lowest common denominator.

    I recommend everyone going onto mediaite and giving him crap in the comments section..he will respond like the thin-skinned jackass he is and ban you faster than you can say Cenk Ugyur…but its worth it because the thought of him having to police his comments section because hes such an asshole is pretty funny.