At an event in Denver today, swoon-worthy Sen. Marco Rubio mocked Vice President Biden’s gaffetastic endorsement of Mitt Romney. In a delicious moment of truth yesterday, “Honest Joe” Biden said the middle class “has been buried in the last four years.”

Rubio couldn’t agree more.

To make sure everyone knows Biden is the gift that keeps on giving, Rubio is spreading the word in both English and Spanish.

No word on whether he repeated it in a language Uncle Joe actually understands.

Some humor-challenged “real reporters” sneered at Rubio’s joke. Suddenly they’re awfully fascinated by the economy.


Video of Rubio’s remarks via BuzzFeed:


Boom! Romney campaign selling ‘Honest Joe’ shirts featuring buried middle class

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Not that I disagree with his sentiment, but I disagree Biden is the best ANYONE has going for them…………..

    The TRUTH is the best thing conservatives have going for them……….and Biden simply delivered the message

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    He’s always good for a laugh, he makes the dems look like bigger jackasses than they already are.

  • Sam

    I love Marco Rubio, I hope to see him in the White House one day.

    • Catherine Barrett

      He’s my Senator .. helped put him in the Senate .. we threw the old Obama hugger Charlie Crist out to dry and got a real candidate .. and Marco beat him and the Dem in a three way race 😉 GO MARCO!

    • LorraineHoffman

      He’s got my vote!!!

  • ClintonsTart

    joe speaks! the middle class are buried. thanks obama.

  • Tony0920

    This time Joe channeled Barack. Or maybe it was taken out of context. heh