Perhaps you haven’t heard since “nobody” finds it newsworthy, but Tuesday night The Daily Caller, Fox News and the Drudge Report broke a story about candidate Obama’s racially divisive, lie-peppered speech in front of a predominantly black Virginia audience.

“Old news.” Nothing to see here. Move along. That’s why, as Bloomberg TV editor Jake Beckman points out, “nobody” is talking about it today.

Meet Beckman’s fellow media “nobodies”:

That’s a whole lot of nobodies burying a giant bone like good little media lapdogs. Evidently it’s worth talking about … but only if it’s part of a Journolist-style effort to downplay the story and mock those who find it newsworthy. Hush now. The gatekeepers know what’s good for you.

When the lapdog pack hides a bone, it’s worth digging. John Nolte’s “Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012” is a great place to start:

Too bad “nobody” thinks it’s worth reading.

Heh. Don’t count on that.

  • weRbroke

    Video shows O as a racehustlin’ lying POS, and the MSM is wetting themselves trying to pee on all the grassfires that blogs around the nation are starting. Going to play video for my DFL father tonight…that should be the last nail. Dad hates racist pigs, no matter what color, including the GOVERMENT who made it a law they HAVE to keep track of RACE.

  • Judith Lewis

    It’s easy to figure it out: the republicans already know Obama is a racist and a liar and the democrats have drunk so much of the Kool-Aid, they know he’s a racist and a liar and they don’t care because they are racist liars themselves.

  • Chris Passaretti

    Wow ….Idiots all around–.Pandering Obama 2007 screw up media has nothing there is no news too report ….Romney 1999 Bain (private company) MONTHS of scrunity…..All of you leftist fools need to wake up and get out of the fog of Obama….EVERYTHING is not okay….WAKE UP……Obama cant do the job GET rid of him…….Youd fire a failing CEO or a General Manager or a Cashier

  • no_more_deceit

    He is a racist – proof: Pigford I, II and III, the non-prosecution of the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia, Fast and Furious, the abuse of the Veterans Administration, all his Executive Orders. And on and on. . . vote this schmuck out on November 6th.

  • rinodino

    The reason why everyone is talking about the video is because it’s apparent that there is right wing jealousy of the 47% secret video– and now they want to get a chance to throw the football as well. And secondly the reason why everyone is talking about it is because the RIGHT IS SO FREAKIN DESPERATE, they put up something that has been around the block more times than righties new famous porn celeb…………..

    • TugboatPhil

      You must mean the Obama Twitter following of ILikeTitsDaily as part of his War on Lady Parts.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Your unmitigated use of caps reeks of your own desperation. And while the edited parts may have been ‘around the block’ as you put it, those were only based off the ‘prepared remarks’ for the speech. And the amount that was put around the block, was about 9 minutes of the entire 40 minute video. The parts that the media didn’t report on when it first came out, were the remarks not ‘part of the prepared statements’. I guess you didn’t watch the whole video?

      On another note, Obama got owned by Romney in the debate last night. I’d add it to “#DecribeObamaInOneWord: Owned” but that would probably be misconstrued as racist, lol.

  • DG

    As a Conservative, I’m more interested and concerned about the recent terrorist attacks and failings of this administration on the world stage currently playing out, including the assassination of a United States Ambassador, the attacks on our consulates and Embassies, and the fallout of Fast and Furious; and in addition, the sluggish economic recovery, the health of job creation, and a deficit and debt our childrens’ children’s children will be struggling to re-pay. Last night’s “bombshell” video is meaningless to me where Obama is concerned. The major lesson last night was the fact that the liberal media covers for Obama and is failing in their jobs. Which, naturally, is nothing new or eye-opening for those of us who have been paying attention for the last many years now.

    The leftist media wishes to continue this non-story as a real story to avoid talking about real issues like the ones I just described. Because that’s all they got. And, Drudge, Hannity and Carlson handed them this narrative on a silver platter. I’m a little disappointed in Drudge and the Daily Caller because of this.

    Let’s keep focus on the real issues currently at hand.

  • Gringao

    This reminds me of the joke about the cub reporter sent to cover the wedding of New York’s top debutante and her most-eligible bachelor fiancee. He returned with a blank notebook, and his editor asked why. His reply: “There’s no story, the bride didn’t show up.”

  • louisiana_mom

    LOL! They sure are doing a lot of talking trying to convince me “nobody” is talking about it!

  • nc

    During the 2008 election, I remember asking a Dem co-worker if it bothered him that BHO had such close ties with Rev Wright et al. He said, “If there was any problem, we would have heard about it by now.”

    Please don’t tell me this is “just a five year old tape” or “there are bigger issues, who cares about this.” This info could have made a difference in 2008 and it could make a difference today.