As Twitchy reported, venomous “Dancing with the Stars” viewers slimed Bristol Palin for using the song “Redneck Woman” in her Monday night performance. Quelle horreur!

But left-wing pearl clutchers and haters of all things Palin were absolutely scandalized that the show aired footage of Bristol and competition partner Mark Ballas shooting guns.


Why bother? These people aren’t holding back.

When we last checked in with “General Hospital” actress Nancy Lee Grahn, she was disturbed by her discovery that Sarah Palin is an actual human being. But not as upset as she was by Bristol taking down a moose with a head shot.

Bristol shot a moose in the head on a prime time dance show?


That’s right. It was a silhouette of a moose. On a paper target. Paper.

No, no you didn’t.

But Bristol isn’t letting the hate get her down.

She posted a screen shot of a message from her grandmother, Sally Heath, who wrote:

You’re our favorite – you’re a gorgeous redneck! Love Mark too!

  • Ksmith934Smith

    I would dare to venture that in the right situation all these haters would be thankful for Bristols shooting skills.

    • Eric Ellis

      yep…like when the store shelves are bare & they’re starving

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Bristol shooting the silhouette of a moose…….baaaaaaad !

    Her partner shooting the silhouette of a human……….not a word !

    More feigned outrage from the left………………… maybe they thought the silhouette HE was shooting at was a fetus thus justifiable in their puny minds………..

    I’m just surprised they aren’t whining that the moose silhouette was b!ack thus it was somehow racist…………

    • TugboatPhil

      Well stated, especially the last line.

    • GaryTheBrave

      It’s okay for him to shoot at a silhouette of a man because the target is wh!te.

    • Richard Jefferies

      Ha Ha. What a great idea. Let’s get some targets made that feature the silhouette of a late term fetus. The libs will be paralyzed by indecision. It will be like melting that androids brain in the the old Star Trek episode “I Mudd” by using the liar’s paradox.

      • meeester

        you’re good.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Indeed sir, I salute you!

      • thetreyman

        that would be awesome. it could be called “the liberal approved target.” i can just imagine the heads exploding.

  • John (it true me am)

    10 to 1 that most of those people aren’t even vegetarians.

  • TocksNedlog

    Bullshitwinkle: “Hey Rocky, watch me pull some faux outrage out of my ass!”
    Rocky: “Again? That trick NEVER works!”
    Bullshitwinkle: “This time for sure . . . PRESTO!!!”

  • Richard Miller

    Great Shot Bristol, ! I Hear there are a lot of Moose in Congress, Go getum LOL!

  • brianmouland

    These goofs need some fresh air

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Hence why the should leave the basements once in a while.

      • brianmouland

        More than once in awhile

        • Guest

          I’ve heard that orange cheeto stuff if inhaled too often can cause drain bamage. And apparently paper moose are an endangered species.

  • Richard Jefferies

    “Did I just see Bristol Palin fire an illegal automatic weapon on DWTS?”

    No, dippo, you saw her fire a LEGAL semi-automatic rifle.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      It’s illegal, only in their feeble little heads.

    • TroyGates

      Shooting ranges in many states can legally have automatic weapons.

  • tjp77

    It would have been cool if the target was a picture of a fetus though.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Nancy Lee Groan needs a heaping glass of STFU. Same goes for the other liberal Twitter Tards.

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    I missed the show. What kind of gun did Mark use?

  • Ntr

    These couch potato liberals should be coaxed into not having children. That is, if they haven’t had them already.

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    Well, well, Ms Grahn feels that shooting for fun is bad.

    Me to her: (thanks tombwstpnt01 for the idea)

    @NancyLeeGrahn and not a word about Mark shooting target with a person. Can you say fake outrage?

    @o0Nighthawk0o the fact that he was using an automatic rifle for fun was abhorant to me as it should have been to everyone

  • strat77

    As I watched her blast away I thought of two things: 1 – the leftards will be up in arms (pun intended) and 2) she’s quite a good shot!

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    What a bunch of pussies.

  • Streetiebird

    Don’t like seeing guns on primetime TV = LIBERAL SLIME!!!!
    Think Bristol is bad at dancing = ENRAGED LIBS SMEAR PALIN!!!

  • Renny

    Bristol looked kickass. Why are women in movies who are beautiful and kickass so salivated over, but Bristol is a monster for shooting a paper target? She can bring home the Caribou and stock her own food. She’s a keeper.

  • Wulfheard

    Idiot lefties have no clue what they are even looking at let alone talking about. It must suck to be so frightened of a young girl shooting at a papper target.

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    To all the sissy, anti 2nd amendment folks, sleep easy tonight…It was a head shot, the Moose felt no pain.

  • Dan

    Duh!!! If you shoot it anywhere else you ruin the meat!!! STUPID!!!

  • blueniner

    All the left wing nutbags are having a fit with Bristol using those hated guns, love it!
    Just more of the PDSers…….

  • clyon

    if they’re ticked off because of her paper targets,then they should see mine……….lets just say NO four legged animals.