It appears devoted Twitchy reader Ellen Barkin is sick and tired of being quoted accurately by Twitchy.

Bless her precious heart.

“Poetic license”: we do not think that means what you think it means, Ellen. We hate to take issue (yet again) with our number one fan’s commentary about Twitchy’s reporting, but hell’s bells, she makes it easy.

One more time with itsy bitsy words: Twitchy reports “who said what.” We do that by embedding people’s tweets.

So when Twitchy reports that Barkin tweeted, “Yes I vote Pres Obama…to protect his ppl,ALL his ppl,” there’s no “poetic license” involved. In her cuckoo estimation, Obama doesn’t work for the American people; they’re his property. (Sorta goes along with the whole creepy Obama cultism thing.)

But since that icky Michelle Malkin links to Twitchy from her social media accounts, you know, “poetic license.” Because that makes sense.

Ever eager to baffle her fellow Twitchy readers by denying the meaning behind her words, Barkin responded to the claim that she feels Americans “belong to” Obama.

Who’s being literal now, Ellen?

Note to Ellen: Twitter doesn’t do “bold.” Great idea, though! Cher would have a field day.

Odd. Libs know enough about Romney’s tax returns to rage about how he paid too much for their liking. Is Barkin falling behind on her Twitchy reading? The nerve!

She’s got us there with that retweet. We don’t want lapdog fact-checking to get in the way of the election.

And … it’s all about race, natch. Talk about “The New Normal.” Take another drink and have another ready.

This election’s got nothing to do with race, doll and it is about our futures. It’s about making sure the president works for us and not the other way around. And it’s about ensuring we remain free people, not “his people.”

But thanks for your loyal readership, Ellen. We hope we’ve cleared things up for you.


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  • WingedBishop

    She’s just bitter because the NFL brought the real footballs back and she’s out of a job.

  • TheAmishDude

    I disagree. This election has everything to do with race. People voting for Obama are doing so because they’re racist. Straight up.

    • arc99

      claiming that people are voting for the President based on race, is a flat out lie, striaght up.

      • Kent Vig

        How many examples do you want?

      • Shawn Smith

        If someone says, and I’ve heard it often, that the only reason someone might *not* vote for Obama is because they’re racist, then it’s not difficult to infer that they’re voting for him because of his race, especially when he’s been screwing up on so many fronts lately.

      • disqus_eric

        Yeah, it’s the free phone, dammit!

      • TocksNedlog

        Uh, so you’re saying that no one is voting for him because of race? Nobody at all?

        You do know that’s not quite true, don’t you?

        • Donna Acosta

          I know someone who voted for him because she believed he would “help the children.” Given the substantial increase in the number of families on SNAP since Obama took over, I assume she realizes she was reeeeally wrong.

      • TheAmishDude

        Of course they are. They say so. Romney was asked how African-Americans would feel if he were the one to defeat Obama. Remember the “historic election”? That’s racism. It’s paternalistic condescension, but it’s racism.

        Obama’s gotten everything wrong. He can’t even run on foreign policy.

        And now we have the soft bigotry of low expectations, where we have to accept 8% UE and millions not even looking as the new normal.

      • Kent Vig
        • Catchance

          Yup… and he’s not the only one. There are numerous videos of Obama supporters being interviewed and asked questions such as, “Are you voting for Obama because he’s pro-life?” and they all vigorously nod their heads and say, “Yes!”

      • TugboatPhil

        Other than being half-black, why did anyone vote for him in 2008? He had fewer qualifications than a guy sweeping the floor in a bus station.

        • digitalPimple

          One thing he’s good at: Handing out free #Obamaphones . Should grab himself a kiosk in a mall somewhere. He’s got that market cornered.

          • Clementhyme

            that program has been around for over a decade, lol! Lifeline is nothing new, available all through the Bush years. Typical that you only notice these things when a Dem is in office, but awww how nice when your Repubs do it

        • DaleVM14W

          The Big “O” is half honkey, but all donkey. He makes himself look like a complete a$$.

      • EastValleyConservative

        Sure it is Anthony–sure.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Uh yeah, except for the ones who have flat-out said they did.

      • VET03

        Hey dopey – 95% of the voting black demographic voted for Obama in 2008 – if the same was said about whites voting for McCain, then you would have said it was racist – you can’t have it one way – “Straight” up!

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          I wonder how many of the white demographic voted Obama in ’08 won’t be touching that with someone elses’ 10ft pole this cycle?

      • MILAN68

        according to SAMUEL L JACKSON the only reason he voted for Obama is because he’s black.. the blacks vote for him because he gives them free phones and he’s BLACK..Well he’s not really black he’s a ZEBRA.. The only reason gays vote for him is because he the first gay president.. str8 up

      • Allan Hamilton

        A “lie” is a false statement made when the truth is known to the presenter. This was no lie because the opposite is not the truth. Now, let’s look at “ignorance”…that’s when the truth is available but is castigated because of (in this case) radical ideology. You sir, are ignorant for failing to see the truth that stands before you.

        • Catchance

          Okay, I had to read that through a couple of times, but you’re right… he’s not telling the truth, but it’s through ignorance, not deliberately lying.

      • Donna Acosta

        Really? How do you explain that I was told, again and again, that not voting for Obama is racist? Are you suggesting I had multiple visual and auditory hallucinations? smh!!

      • Michael Rice

        Wrong….I knew a few who voted for him simply because he was black…by their own admission..

      • Citizen Geary

        Have you not been listening? Samuel Jackson, Jay-Z for starters say they are and how many followers do they have I wonder?

    • [email protected]

      That is a great point. Everyone who votes for him is a racist

    • mrbill59

      Like sam and ci li lo voting for him JUST because hes black. Thats racist.
      That is all

  • Brian Sprouse

    Ofcourse it’s about race, Obama couldn’t win if it were about Jobs or foreign policy.

  • Brian Sprouse

    Funny how the dems are so eager to read Romney’s taxes but had no intention at all about reading Obamacare before they voted for it.

    • Paul C.

      Don’t forget the handouts for votes.

    • Jay Stevens

      Nope. Had to pass it to see what was in it.

  • Lg

    Vile: Ellen Barkin mocks Andrew Breitbart’s death; calls Right ‘pro-murder,’ ‘evil assholes’ and ‘scary ugly’
    I think she may have stated in that second part of the statement there while she looking in the mirror

    How did all these rejected liberal types ever get into a position like that to begin with?
    I mean I remember back in school and in High School when we used the beat the crap of these types of idiots.

    • Brian Sprouse

      lol, maybe the problem is that we stopped. hahaha

      • TheCH00|/|M0BILE

        The problem is libs never truly grow up.

        • Catchance

          Yes… aren’t you ready for an adult in the White House again?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Affirmative action.

    • Clementhyme

      Wow, you admit to committing hate crimes against those whose opinions differ from your own, lol! You are a perfect example of why the conservative right are being seen as anti-American and are quite literally a bunch of narrow-minded zealots. You align yourselves with the modern Nazi’s by your own accidental admissions. Although I really couldn’t care less about Ellen B or her opinions, she apparently had you in mind when describing the Right.

  • no_more_deceit

    How is she barking before the crack of noon and why is she using abbreviations?

  • Conservativeanarchist

    To Liberal Obama Cultists: Yes, we saw Mitt’s returns. They are real, unforged and there is nothing wrong with them.

  • Autumn Leavesleaves

    Barkin was on “Watch What Happens Live” Thursday night with one of her true lapdogs, Andy Cohen. She looked a hot mess. She behaved crazier than usual. She puts a face on “The Left”. I’d like to see Barkin’s tax returns. I’d like to know how many times she’s stepped forward to pay an extra million.

    • Thomas Baranowski

      They don’t Autumn, they like preaching that everyone should pay more but forget at anytime the IRS will gladly accept more than you owe and never do they pay it.

  • Jack Offelday

    Certainly nothing “poetic” about Barkin’s tweets. Twitchy may be guilty of “idiotic licence” regarding Barkin though.

  • John Hanover

    We can’t read…but at least we are able to spell correctly. Now that she will soon be unemployed since her show is a joke expect more from her soon.

  • Paul C.

    Barkin and Cher ought to tweet each other as they are both ready to start digging the hole.

  • Brian Folks

    Always amazes me that Jews like her choose to back the Administration that cares the least about the continued existence of Israel.

    • arc99

      Always amazes me how people lie about the President’s record on Israel. Naturally, there are no facts to support the argument, just some pronouncement as to what the President “cares” about as if they had psychic ability.

      Fortunately, the people whose opinions actually matter on this subject are more honest. Here are a few facts. You Obama-haters should try them sometime. I caution you though, they seldom reflect anything you folks express in your opinions.

      Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak said Monday that when it comes to his nation’s security, the Obama administration is doing “more than anything that I can remember in the past.”

      Read more:

      • Kent Vig

        I’m glad your posting links to the unbiased Politico. I’ve totally changed my mind now. FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        ……to the edge of the cliff

        • TugboatPhil

          Kent, you took my thoughts and wrote them down! Maybe he could source Wiki or TMZ next time.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Well, yeah, just greatsy-waitsy, except for that business of helping overthrow the only other government in the region that actually recognized them as a legitimate nation and had a peace treaty with them. Tanks to Gaza and — FORWARD!!!

        And of course, Ehud Barak is going rogue on the PM anyway.

        • PennyRobinsonFanClub

          Blaming Israel First
          Jonathan S. Tobin — January 2012
          (From Commentary Magazine)The Obama administration began the month of December with two startling statements in relation to Israel. First, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta claimed the increasing isolation of the Jewish state, caused by both the growth of Islamism in both Turkey and Egypt and the rejection of negotiations by the Palestinian Authority, is Israel’s fault—rather than the result of its neighbors’ drift toward hatred and extremism.Although he pledged American support for Israel’s security, Panetta stated that passivity on the part of Israel’s government accounted for its solitary condition, and he demanded that it make gestures to appease Ankara and Cairo—even though both the Turkish government and the newly ascendant Muslim Brotherhood have demonstrated their lack of interest in warmer relations with the Jewish state. Panetta also demanded that Israel “just get to the damn table” even though it is the Palestinians who have refused numerous Israeli offers of direct negotiations.

      • John Kerry’s Forehead

        Credibilty shot as soon as I saw the link you cite as reference for your argument. Next thing you’ll tell us is MSNBC is a fair & balanced NEWS outlet with ethical journalists.

      • Johnny Banco

        Did you also know that Obama has never told a lie in his life, knew nothing about F&F as it was being executed, did everything within his power to protect our embassies on Sept. 11, isn’t a narcissist, and that he hasn’t had the time to do proper debate prep because he has been working too hard doing his job governing?

        You blind Obama zombie cultists are a hoot!

  • Shawn Smith

    “Loss of their futures”? Treasury Secretary Geithner knows the CBO projects that U.S. debt will implode our economy by 2027 and admits having *NO PLAN* to fix it. Is that a future? 15 years and down the drain with no plan otherwise?

    If so, I’d rather not go “Forward!”

  • DANEgerus

    She’s got to keep up… “out of context” is the official excuse for LibRule asshattery

    • Laura Thompson

      …LibRule asshattery….fun…kind of rolls around in your mouth like a fine cabernet…too good a term to fling at some, but awesome wordsmithing!!!

  • peteee363

    barkin want to not be seen here, stop tweeting, okay? if you keep tweeting, we will poke as much fun as we can at your liberal drone mindset.

  • Tammie

    Only in America can people who make a fortune out of pretending to be somebody else think their political opinion is relevant.

  • TocksNedlog

    Perhaps Ellen is right. When she tweeted “his ppl” perhaps she was referring to just “HIS people”; know what I mean, Vern?

  • digitalPimple

    What a crack-pot.

  • Scarlett O Richardson

    Ellen is right this time, it’s all about race. If it were any white man in the office right now he would be already be gone. Nixon was removed from the White House for lying. How many lies can Obama get away with?

    • Jay Stevens

      All of them.

  • EastValleyConservative

    This woman is insane and has convinced herself she can do no wrong. Despite her own words, Twitter is forever, especially in screen capture. Never said that? Let’s look again. Hope The New Normal tanks like it should. The ONLY reason she took to Twitter is because of that show. She must fear “the little people” are too dumb to know her character who is supposed to be a bigot, gay basher and racist is just a character. Hence her need to tweet all day long about how open minded and diverse she is. Oddly though, much like the crowd she caters to-their only so-called proof of their “diversity” is displayed in vile tweets towards anyone they perceive as not towing the multi-culti line, sight (and proof) unseen.

  • digitalPimple

    Obama cares so much for HIS people, that he let them die in a terrorist attack on Sept 11th then lied.

  • mkreider

    Barkin is such a tool. Nobody wanted the first black president to fail. He has failed miserably and the time has come to replace him. Not everything is about race, this is about the economy stupid. BTW: the internet is not anonymous. You tweet, it will be seen.

  • VET03

    Twitchy is giving this loser more publicity than she has had in 25-years. Instead of implied comments she should be thanking you, and Twitchy should ignore this dolt – there are bigger idiots in Hollywood that tweet dumber things than this has-been!

  • jdog

    Glad we have this cuckoobird to continually deride. She makes it so easy. Suitable replacement for Babs Streisand, who seems to keep to herself more lately. But there is the question of fairness in matching wits with the unarmed.

  • Virginia Mintanciyan Benemio

    Hey Ellen, why don’t you just shut up and act, or hustle another billionaire so you can pawn off their gifts. PUHLEEZE go away!

  • sierra skier

    Ellen Barkin is a washed-up-old-hag trying to stay relevant (like Madonna). They are both irrelevant and gross…things that make you go ….Buuuhhh! And I was a fan of both of those women at one time. Why would ANYONE want to keep a Pres in office that has killed many, MANY women and children with his MANY drones? They can’t possibly know what this guy is about because anyone with a mind can see where this guy’s taking the country and our foreign policies. The ignorance is disgusting!!

  • Guest

    Ellen can say what ever she want’s and not have to worry bout her carrier.. because she doesn’t have one..


    The willful ignorance of liberals is still shocking to me. I’m surprised they can even involuntarily breath without some master mind telling them how to do so.

    • Orpheus75

      man, you got that right! It really is a mental illness is it not?

  • dave lewis

    I wonder how Obama got elected the 1st time if everthing is about race?

    if individuals voted for Obama in 2008 they weren’t racist, but if they change their minds this time and don’t vote for him that proves they are racist?

    If down the road Bobby Jindal decides to run for president and the people who didn’t want Obama this election vote for him, they are racist?

    Jindal is more of a minority in the US than Obama, and he aint’ white.

    If Jindal runs (and is a minority) and blacks don’t vote for Jindal, would their non-votes for him be racist or they don’t like what he stands for?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      He got elected, because McCain was such an unpromising candidate. He got elected, because he had ACORN working on his behalf, and on behalf of dead people on the voter rolls.

      If Jindal runs, and blacks who voted for Obama don’t vote for him, it will most likely be because they just didn’t go and vote at all.

      • dave lewis

        Not voting when there is a minority candidate on the ballot would therefore be racist.

        What if there are 2 non-whites vying for the same office. Not voting for 1 of them is racist.

        • Johnny Banco

          You are 100% correct! :)

  • rivers

    Drunkin Barkin strikes again! Lay off the sauce, old woman!

  • Mark Krieg

    Well, the Liberals do have a tiny winy problem with the truth. They don’t know what it is. I love being a right wing F**** Moron. Call me what ya like, I can bury you with facts all day long !!

  • Orpheus75

    Hey Ellen, genius… look up the word “verbatim”, then look at “poetic license”. But hey, keep on tweeting, you give us more entertainment here than in the movies.

    • philomena

      Agreed. I’m having some great laughs.

  • kssturgis62

    Notice how she didn’t get upset with me for calling her a communist, she got upset with me for saying “BELONG”. She then proceeded to call me a sir, and said I typed in Bold. We are his people, is Belonging. I don’t belong to anyone but God.

  • 1irishdell

    Nasty, idiotic, ignorant old hag.

  • Wulfheard

    Washed up actress try to make a career for herself on Twitter, lol.

  • Travis Busbar

    Ellen’s always barking about incomprehensible rubbish. She’s really not worth the bother to follow.

  • Joey Cosentino

    Of course she believes it’s about race… she a liberal! They can’t see anything BEYOND race… they ignore Obama’s failed presidency JUST because he’s half black.

  • Michael Rice

    Actually, I would like to read Obama’s college transcripts….but…

  • Clementhyme

    This entire page made me truly disgusted. Whoever has the best “burn” must be the most factual? Twitchy may be clever and witty, but that simply doesn’t make it so, people.

    • Catchance

      No… it’s whoever has the most FACTS makes it so. Because, duh.

      • Clementhyme

        Are you mentally challenged? Duh? That was the point… I see how you ppl are so confused now, you are not capable of inferring sarcasm much less reality.

        • Johnny Banco


          You, like Ellen Barkin, are humor-challenged yourself, and quite the brain trust! :)

          • Clementhyme

            Really? Many would find your statement quite ironic. BTW, why are you responding to my comment meant for Cathy Chancellor Wright in the first place?

          • Johnny Banco

            Why am I responding? Because you are such a pompous, humor-impaired, clueless ninny, and because it’s rationally indisputable that I am a racist simply for believing that Obama is a complete dolt, I felt like it?

            How do you like them apples, you enabling twit? :)

  • Mr. Fever Head

    Barkin Mad

  • fivestring_assassin

    Miss Barkin is a certified idiot

  • mrbill59

    Who is this hag? Oh I dont care.
    That is all

  • Jedd McHead

    Ellen, you are a clueless twit and your arrogantly ignorant rantings are eroding what little fan base you had, you pathetic half-talent. I’m boycotting certain Hollyweird losers like you and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Would that all conservatives would do the same — Hollyweird would certainly feel the pinch!

  • Scooby_Doooo

    If she doesn’t want to sound stupid , maybe she should shut her stupid mouth. If she is going to make ignorant stupid comments, she is going to be held to those comments.

  • Zefal

    I told Ellen to direct her anger and disgust at her plastic surgeon on Twitter and she blocked me. I offer her some sage advice and that”s the thanks I get.

  • DaleVM14W

    Remember, her name is Ellen Barking, not Ellen Barkin. And all the canines go “Woof!”.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Barking- Rode hard and put away wet… one too many times!