Ann Romney made her first late night television appearance Tuesday night on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Predictably, some desperate, venomous Romney-bashers showed their true War on Women colors by blasting Mrs. Romney’s “slutty” black leather “dominatrix” outfit. Guess families aren’t off limits after all, huh?

Odd, we thought libs were all about the biker chicks.

As always, class warriors came armed with breathless kvetching about the price of Mrs. Romney’s clothes.

But eat the riiiiiiich!!!11!

Eventually libs dropped their obnoxious sartorial policing to focus in on one terrible, no good remark.

Asked by Leno to reflect on the significance of the first Mormon president, Mrs. Romney said she hoped that if her husband were elected, “We would see more of the same, that prejudices are left behind.”

How dare Mrs. Romney even mention anti-Mormon prejudice? That’s not real prejudice, you see. That’s just completely fair and rational examination of a candidate’s background (if you’re a lib). And besides, the Romneys exhale bigotry with every breath. Or something.

Prejudice? What prejudice?

Mrs. Romney speaks out against prejudice and bigots respond with magic underwear barbs. Despicable liberal tolerance on parade.

  • James McCarthy

    You the hell cares what she, or any spouse of a candidate wears, we are not electing them. Twitchy making something out of nothing.

    • Netmilsmom

      LOL!!! We’ve listened to YEARS of how “lovely” Michelle Obama is, her great arms and her fantastic fashion sense. Now Twitchy is making something out of nothing? Yeah, right.

      • James McCarthy

        Never cared what Michelle Obama wore, it doesn’t matter. People waxed poetic about Nancy Reagan and Jackie Kennedy too. Obviously matters to some, IMHO, it shouldn’t. Cheers!

    • Tom Creamer«

      Actually James, it’s the Libs who made something out of nothing by attacking Ann Romney with such pettiness. It is the Libs who are making something out of nothing. You seem to be shooting the messenger.

      • James McCarthy

        Reading many of the posts on this site, Daily Beast, etc shows it happens on both sides. Pettiness, or any other adjective to malign a person, is not exclusive to an ideology.

        • TugboatPhil

          It is no longer exclusive to one side because we are now going to fight back in the same manner of ridicule that the left has gotten away with for years.

          Alinsky works both ways.

          • James McCarthy

            When did the left start fighting this way?

          • Kent Vig

            Come on James. This has been going on since Reagan. I happen to think your a thinking person and I agree that what the cadidates wife is wearing is a pointless conversation but don’t bury your head in the sand

          • TugboatPhil

            Thanks, Kent. Nicely stated.

          • James McCarthy

            See above.

          • TugboatPhil

            Read your history. Name calling was much more vile in the early years of our nation. The modern era of vicious attacks on family members started with Clinton’s lackeys, Carville and Begala.

            Your nobility in this arena has been noted. I however, like many others on the right, are not going to let smears go unanswered.

          • James McCarthy

            It was vitriolic then and now, and does not serve our country well. If Romney wins, nothing will change as long as we continue to the cycle of giving in to the pundits…Of note, Hillary Clinton was maligned fairly viciously as First Lady.

          • TugboatPhil

            Hillary was also the first First Lady to interject herself into the policy making arena with her health care meetings. I believe it was Bill and Hillary who often used to say, you elect one and you get both of us.

            She was not maligned merely for being First Lady, her attacks were for being an unelected and unaccountable policy maker.

            As to anything changing with personal attacks if Romney wins, it will get worse. Obama had the greatest chance ever to tone down the rhetoric. He inflamed the issue and showed his true agenda in the process.

            I now give you permission to have the last word. I am done here.

          • James McCarthy


          • James McCarthy

            I asked it this way because the the political cheap shots have been going on since the birth of our country. The Reagan years were a comparative Utopia compared to the Clinton, Bush 43, and now Obama years. Cable news, social media, blogs have only exacerbated the petty fighting we observe today.

          • Kent Vig

            Clinton kinda brought some of it on himself truthfully but there was a time when the media reported the facts and the politics and that was what people focused on but now the MSM won’t do their jobs so people are using other sources and some of the very people from both sides now can voice their racist, race baiting, anti-Semitic, ant-religion of your choice to a much wider audience. I am firmly convinced if the MSM would do their damn jobs then Fox (yes Fox is to the right) wouldn’t be killing CNN and only the crazy conspiracy theory nuts would be searching for information.

        • $30423294

          Thanks for the flashback.

          Back in the 60s, you could always count on the drug-addled left to marshal the forces of equivalence and relativism to attack decency.

          Radical thugs used to say, hey don’t be so uptight. Our LSD is just like your alcohol. Come on, we’re all the same, nobody is right and nobody is wrong. Mellow out, bro!

          Of course they watched their pop stars die by choking in their own vomit. But that didn’t deter them!

          No sir, we can always count on leftists to deceive themselves, to find equivalence in things that are utterly separate.

          This is what happens when your ideology begins by denying the existence of truth. Always note well the relativism of the left. It’s a sign they’re on defense.

          • James McCarthy

            Yes, those radical leftist that brought you, equal rights to non-whites, women, ended prohibition, ended slavery, and revolted from England. Shame on them.

          • $30423294

            Again thanks for the flashback. There has never been a shortage of arrogance on the left.

            Don’t flatter yourself.

          • Kent Vig

            The problem is it’s hard to label people now. You have extremists on the left who want to give women the right to choose but don’t want them to be able to choose to be a prostitute. You have those on the right who want to jam their religion down my throat. There are a huge group of people on both sides who want the government to go back to what it allowed to do by the Constitution but are so focused on parties that they can’t see they want the same thing. The only difference between the main stream parties is the speed in which they want to ruin our country. Obama seems to be in the fast lane and Republicans are on the service road

          • CalCon10

            Incoherent, inaccurate, dishonest. Learn some REAL; history.
            1. Equal rights to non-whites: post-Civil War Republicans. Andrew Johnson, Democrat, said the Republicans’ Civil War Amendments were wrong and “unconstitutional.” The result: Jim Crow and the KKK, both Democrat institutions.
            2. Equal rights to women: a Constitutional Amendment. I thought you libs hated the Constitution?
            3. Ended prohibition, See #2 above
            4. Ended slavery: Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, followed by the Republicans’ Civil War Amendments. Dems hated both. Lincoln was a Republican.
            5. Revolted from England. You Leftist Dems scoff at the philosophers and ideology shared by the Founders and modern Conservatives.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            James has memory problems, apparently. He’s already been schooled about making such spurious claims about his ‘party’.

          • James McCarthy

            You are mixing ideology with party. Today’s democratic and republican parties would reject the ideals of the parties then. Heck, republican’s today would reject Lincoln.

          • CalCon10

            Nothing but vicious libel from a troll.
            Done talking to you. You should be banned from this site for spreading lies and hate.

          • Timothy Noonan

            Ha! Ha! Here is my best Col Nathan R Jessep impersonation – You can’t handle the truth!

            You’d rather have me banned from posting than try to defend your wrong position. Who are the communists now?

            Since you are done…Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye.

          • Donna Acosta

            If what you’re mixing is legal, post the recipe. I’ll try it tonight after the kids are in bed. I could use a break from logical thinking!

          • Timothy Noonan

            Called truth serum and it tastes delicious. Try it some time. Cheers!!!

          • fivegreatkids

            lol! James my female MORMON ancestors were frequently at the national and international conventions fighting for women’s rights and votes. Officially the Women’s organization for the LDS (Mormon) church was there. They mormons were against slavery which is one of the reasons they were booted, lynched and killed. My ancestors who fought in the war of independance did NOT want the gov’t involved — that was why they fought. They were not liberals. (-:
            Definately NOT the radical leftists doing all of the above actions.

          • Timothy Noonan

            Good on your ancestors for doing what was correct. Those actions are not conservative actions, they were progressive, liberal actions against the status quo. Conservative ideology, by definition, resists change.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Didn’t we already educate you on several other threads that the party you’re claiming was responsible for those things you’re saying, wasn’t the left? Yes, it was the Republican party. I’m sure you can go back and find them. I remember them distinctly, and I’m sure LoveOfCountry would be happy to have another go-round with you on this subject.

          • James McCarthy

            Ideology and party are not the same. It was yesterday’s republican party, a liberal and progressive party, that did those things. In no way would that republican party be anything like today’s republican ideology. The republican party became a conservative party in the 1960’s, and the republican party today would reject Lincoln.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Courtesy of LoveOfCountry:

            Democrats opposed and/or filibustered:
            1.The Emancipation Proclamation
            2.The 13th Amendment
            3.The 14th Amendment
            4.The 15th Amendment
            5.The Reconstruction Act of 1867
            6.The Civil Rights of 1866
            7.The Enforcement Act of 1870
            8.The Forced Act of 1871
            9.The Ku_Klux_Klan Act of 1871
            10.The Civil Rights Act of 1875
            11.The Freeman Bureau
            12.The Civil Rights Act of 1957
            13.The Civil Rights Act of 1960
            14.The United State Civil Rights Commission

            And I think you’re mistaken about Lincoln.

          • Timothy Noonan

            As stated earlier…Party does not equal ideology over time.
            The Democratic and Republican parties have changed ideologies and it started, most recently, in the 1960s with LBJ for Democrats. Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms were Democrats and left because they believed in segregation.

            Conservative, buy definition, resists change and progress. Progressiveness has brought about the items you listed. Good debate. I will likely be banned again by this site. Seems they do not think you have thick enough skin to handle debate. Cheers!

        • Donna Acosta

          Call me what you like, but I believe it is not pettiness to expect the First Lady of the United States to manage to appear in public without a VPL or a camel toe.

          • Timothy Noonan

            Treat the stated problems like this expression said about all people, we all on our pants one leg at time. Thus, FLOTUS is no different than any other women.

    • Vikki Klask

      Warning: James McCarthy is a troll.

      • James McCarthy

        If by troll, you mean someone who offers a counter opinion or argument, then guilty. I guess the skin is not so thick here. Sad.

        • Kent Vig

          Actually the problem is the same people who are ripping Ann on her clothes were the same ones wishing her plane had crashed.

          I also could care less what a candidates spouse is wearing and I suspect you wouldn’t hear so much about Michelle if we didn’t have the MSM jamming down our throats how wonderful the current couple is. If they would actually do their jobs and be critical of stupid statements by both sides then we could argue politics. Unfortunately if took Univision to actually ask the President tough questions and not just bow down before him.

        • Kent Vig

          BTW…..I love a good counter opinion and valid argument but I’m tired of being called a racist when the person I’m arguing against runs out of facts to back up their story.

          And I am not accusing you of using this tactic. You brought up some well thought out points of which I tend to agree with

    • Jason4Breakfast

      To be fair, Twitchy was reporting more on the Twitter comments about her dress. You’re right, though: a few random tweets about a dress is a complete non-issue, but hey, you gotta generate that ad revenue somehow.

    • $30423294

      I hate to nitpick, but twitchy simply monitors the filth of your ideology and gives it a voice.

      That smell you can’t bear? It’s the stench of leftist radicals.

      Deal with it.

      • James McCarthy

        Filth, stench, of my ideology, eh. How wonderfully superior you are in your damnation.

        • $30423294

          You are a parody of 60s radicalism. “sheriff redneck thinks he’s so superior to us, beat him up, Billy Jack!”

          So old.

        • Kent Vig

          I could guess your politics are left leaning or maybe Libertarian but I didn’t find you to be a radical.

          • James McCarthy

            Yes, Kent, my ideology is liberal but I claim no party. I never truly knew what radicalism was until I took a course in college on it. Being called radical is not an insult to me, more of a compliment. There are few radicals in our country. Radical ideas, in my opinion, have propelled our country to the greatness we enjoy today.

    • Jillane Kent

      So hatred and vitriol should be ignored as long as it is used against Republican women?

  • Richard Jefferies

    I do think, personally, that Anne Romney could have picked a more appropriate outfit for Jay Leno. Both as representative of Mormonism (which I am not a practitioner) and as the potential first lady. However, the hypocrite liberals who cheer for Madonna, or someone like Kathy Griffin who hikes her skirt up to show her granny panties, just aggravate me no end in criticizing her for being a bit provocative. If anyone is intimidated by beautiful independent women, it’s the left.

  • Silence Dogood

    There’s more class in Ann’s STOCKINGS than in the ENTIRE OBAMA ADMIN!

  • “G”willekkers

    The liberals who hate prejudice bashing Ann Romney… perhaps they should read back what they write before posting… seems pretty hateful and prejudice to me… how do they expect to be credible?

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      I am sorry you are ascribing a common sense approach to a situation that is dealing with Liberals where common sense is not common and makes no sense.

  • deejayaz

    LOL I have the horrid vision of MObama’s outfit in Convention and her bow legs.. Ann Romney gets my “vote”.

  • jackay

    OMG, I thought she looked gorgeous! Loved the outfit!

    • Boon Companion

      But, Planned Parenthood says “there is a little bit of slut in all of us.” Now that is classy!

      • Kent Vig

        Lucky for me I married what most men want…

        A lady in public and a slut in bed. And shes the one who says it.

        • Boon Companion

          Awesome avatar. Disturbing, yet awesome.

          • Kent Vig

            It is actually me….. My mom wanted to send a pic to my sister so I purposely fluffed my hair and put on my “insane” face

          • Boon Companion

            You achieved the desired result.

    • Sandra Thornton

      She is gorgeous especially for her age! i’M WITH u that outfit was great. I love the way she dresses!

  • govprof

    I am astonished that these liberals, who are supposedly THE party of tolerance, are so intolerant, rude, and religiously biased. They can talk about Ann’s clothes (when I don’t see them talking about Michelle’s hideous green hornet outfit she wore on The View) AND, since when did one’s choice of attire in this country make a difference in leadership anyway? These religiously intolerant and rude comments, like Harry Reid’s comments yesterday about Romney’s religion, make me think they feel threatened.
    This is our society at its worst. If they can’t afford, they blame. If they don’t understand, they blame.If the truth hurts, they blame. If they fail,they blame. If someone disagrees, they blame. But then, it’s ALL Bush’s fault, right?
    Ann looked great, some may be jealous they don’t look as great. I guess they will blame her for that.

  • conservativechick

    People DO NOT HATE GAYS just because they think “marriage” is defined as between a man and a woman. Why do gays HATE those who believe in traditional marriage? We do NOT HATE them for their beliefs? Romney has said so MANY times. He does not HATE anyone.

    • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

      what really bothers me is that the people who consider divorce a step forward are fighting against institutions that have writen in their codes what they define as marriage.
      Also, im not in favor of gay marriage but i am in favor of giving same sex couples “couple benefits”
      note: adoption is a an issue i dont count on those benefits and I dont have a position on said issue

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        The way I think about that, is you can’t call a homosexual couple heterosexual. A marriage, as has been defined, is between a man and a woman, and is USUALLY a union blessed by God. Civil unions aren’t good enough, even though they carry the same legal rights as a marriage, which kind of confuses me. Why would they want a ‘ceremony’ blessed by something they either a.) don’t believe in, or b.) they hate.

        • Ginger

          Some gays do believe in god. What I don’t get is why anyone cares what it’s called. Marriage, union, who cares? It’s semantics

        • GTFOBigGovt

          People get married through the STATE not a church. Ergo, a marriage license. Has nothing to do with blessings or churches.The church cannot confer legal rights on a civil status without a license recorded by the state.

    • Kate

      Agreed. It always comes back to gay marriage with these folks, because that’s all they have to stand on this election. It’s absurd that they care more about gay marriage, an issue that affects less than 5% of the population, than the economy (which affects all of us, even the 47%).

      And Obama is only supporting gay marriage to pander to voters. If he’s reelected (heaven forbid) he won’t do squat for the cause.

  • Chris Frederick

    You venomous libs are running scared if you have to stoop to this level. I doubt the independents will want to be associated with you! lol You are one of our best recruiters, keep up the good work.

  • grais

    This is not news. Libs are Always sneering about anything non-lib.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    and yet no trouble when Michelle pays designers (with tax money) for original and new dresses

    • louisiana_mom

      You mean someone “designs” Michelle’s clothes? OMG! I thought she got them off the sales rack at WalMart….

      • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber
        • Sheldon Cooper

          Oh, but of course.

      • Owen007

        That’s an insult to every dress-designer whose clothes are available at Wal-Mart. You’d have to go to the dump to find the “designs” Michelle wears.

        • louisiana_mom

          True! And I apologize to any designers who I may have offended.

          • Not Falling For It

            Don’t worry, all of Walmart’s clothing designers are overseas!

          • Catchance

            Ooh… bashing the companies that manufacture their products overseas so that they can sell to the average person for a much lower rate than the expensive brands, which also happen to ship their manufacturing overseas. How clever of you.

      • Junie3

        I thought her dresses were sleeveless table cloths.

    • CalCon10

      When Michelle wore $800 sneakers to a soup kitchen, we were told to shut up about it. None of our business how the First Family spends their money.

    • Catchance

      …and in which she looks like a bag lady.

      • Donna Acosta

        I’ve seen many homeless women, but I’ve not seen as many VPLs and camel toes on the street as I have in the White House these past 4 years. If Romney can dress without showing off her panty lines, I don’t care about anything else!

    • edge_of_the_sandbox

      MO is tasteless and homely. Ann is good-looking. Not a fan of that particular outfit, but it beats 3/4 of what’s stored in Michelle’s closet.

  • TugboatPhil

    Maybe Mrs Romney doesn’t like getting her clothes from Clowns-R-Us.

    • weRbroke

      thanks for the link…it helped to remind me of how far off the rocker “fashionistas” have fallen over Michelle-O.

  • Owen007

    Yeah, Ann Romney has lots of money, expensive clothes and a lot of prestige. Clearly, she knows nothing about prejudice, unlike Michelle Obama, who has… lots of money, expensive clothes and a lot of prestige. *cough*

    By the by, how many of the liberal buffoons bemoaning “she knows nothing about prejudice” know anything about prejudice? I see a lot of light skin tones from the self-proclaimed experts.

    • strat77

      Exactly. And in the same breath they are acting prejudiced against her and claiming she is not the target of it.

  • $30423294

    The great ancient philosophers always recognized an identity among (1) the good, (2) the true, and (3) the beautiful.

    In other words, our God-made sensibilities lead us to apprehend something beautiful as pointing toward what is true and good. And what is true is apprehended with respect to its being beautiful (as physicists often attest). And the truth is the surest guide to doing what is good.

    Okay, that’s metaphysics 101.

    So look at what the left has done. They trash goodness, truth, and beauty.

    Those of us with human sensitivity see genuine beauty in Mrs. Romney. And we know that she is beautiful in part because she is good. And she is good because she is in possession of some aspect of the truth.

    The left, in contrast, elevates plastic beauty (like their pop stars). But this is not beauty — hollywood beauty is inhuman, and it is frankly hideous. And it is hideous because it reflects the spectrum of falsehood and evil.

    In a nutshell, the left responds to genuine goodness, genuine beauty, the way a demon responds to a crucifix. It riles them to know that Christ is in the world. It enrages them.

    Bless you, Mrs. Romney. You are indeed beautiful.

    • Tony0920

      Madonna and her recent outburst is a perfect example of the kind of celebrity you speak of. Crude, vulgar and unattractive.

  • Right Wired

    Madonna shows off her sagging tramp stamp, and it’s awesome.
    Ann dresses her age….and she’s a slut?

    What? Did I wake up this morning in bizarro world?

    • $30423294

      Not a bizarro world. This has been building for about 100 years. The radicals believe this is their moment in history, and they’re exploiting it for all it’s worth.

      The mask has come off, that’s all. They are hideous, aren’t they?

  • Readhed

    That outfit is gorgeous and so is she in it! Lefties have no fashion sense. Or common sense. Or de-sence-y. 😉

  • elevenhundred

    Aren’t most of the clothes Ann Romney wears from the same designers that Michelle Obama prefers? Liberals are the undisputed champions of the glass house problem.

    e.g. Romney put a dog on the roof of his car. Obama put a dog on the roof of his mouth.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    This is supremely funny from people who melted over The First Pestilence wearing $2500 clodhoppers sneakers!

    I find myself wondering about that whiner who said “what country clubs… Ann Romney doesn’t know what discrimination is!”. I wonder, b/c the venom of its own remarks actually belies their attack.

    In The United States has any other religion been treated like ours? Have Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, in America been burnt out of homes, been raped, driven with bull whips… because of their beliefs? I’ve had ancestors who lived through this — which is why I chuckle when some braindead lout tells me it’s my fault when blacks or homosexuals feel put-upon!

    When the mob broke into the jail and assassinated Joseph Smith, that was neither the beginning nor the end of the persecution that led to people being driven from their homes, on land they’d purchased, through heavy snows w/o food nor chattles. LDS women were raped, women and children driven with bull whips, men shot after surrendering (to save their families — which, it turned out it didn’t…).

    Wagons of supplies to freezing and starving women and children were waylaid and stolen — or simply burned. Anything to kill those defenseless women with their babies and children!

    One reason the Saints were driven out was because they had publicly stood against slavery, and even more vigorously against its extension to the new territories.

    They lost their homes, belongings and lives. They had to leave the United States to have peace!

    Then later, as a condition of statehood, we had to strip the right to vote from our womenfolk. That request was put to us under threat of invasion, btw.

    Our valiant womenfolk voted on whether to give up their voting rights or fight, and valiantly chose the former.

    Then there’s the time when, in contravention of The Constitution they confiscated our Temples! That was done with SCOTUS approval I’ll add — Dred Scott and Stinky!Care aren’t their only unconstitutional decisions!

    Those who feel this is irrelevant today also, to avoid hypocrisy, need to hold the same opinion towards blacks.

    Sorry about the rant. I have to go. I need to cool down.

    • Guest

      You left out that Joseph Smith, Jr. (Not senior, he died in his own bed) was persecuted by a mob of MORMONS composed of his former closest friends who decided to kill him after he excommunicated them for disagreeing with him on the economy, destroyed the town paper for disagreeing with him on polygamy, and declared martial law.

      So the Mormons were being persecuted primarily by … other Mormons? And somehow that is the rest of the country’s fault.

      I’m going to vote for Romney to vote against Obama, but all these disgusting ‘pious frauds’ that your people keep perpetuating are getting a little long in the tooth.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        Not “primarily” sir!
        Go read a book.

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          I know of no mathematical base where 2 out of a hundred is even a predominant number…

          But, then, I’m not a Progressive, so relativistic thinking of that stripe is foreign to me.

          • Guest

            Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by a member of the Mormon church in good standing provides an entirely different take on the matter.

            Here, this Mormon presents the members of the True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as the movers behind the scenes, instigating Smith, then using the secular authorities to arrest him for breaking the law.

            Of course since it is by a Mormon, he uses the fact that these people dared question the prophet as sufficient cause for all of his illegal treatment of those Mormons he had excommunicated. That doesn’t work quite so well when talking to non Mormons though, now does it?

        • Guest

          Yes, yes. The fraud continues.

          Who was the True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints again then? The Mormons who Smith excommunicated for disagreeing with him.

          What newspaper did they publish? The Nauvoo Expositor, the one Smith had forcibly shut down for calling Smith a fallen prophet. They said he was just in the religion for the polygamy, a corruption, according to them.

          What happened after they did this? Martial law then riots ensued because of Smith’s illegal tyranny, and he was killed by a mob while in jail. Sic semper tyrannis.

      • Jillane Kent

        To say that, one would have to completely ignore history.

        • Guest

          How so? Smith violated not only their property rights, but also the Illinois Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of the press in his actions suppressing criticism of himself. Those are criminal civil rights violations; Joseph Smith was a tyrannical felon just didn’t live long enough to be convicted.

      • fivegreatkids

        Mr. elevenhundred you seriously need to study your history from an unbiased source. Truly you are very mistaken sir.

    • fivegreatkids

      Everything you said was correct. Thank you. My ancestors also lived through that. My gggrandma was killed in Missouri by the mobs–and left 3 tiny children. You did forget to mention the Missouri extermination order which was recinded a whoppin 30 yrs ago–it made killing mormons legal.

  • Polly Esther

    Her clothes were beautiful.

  • JonInVa

    She looks great. And of course, the snotty remarks pretty much all come from the 47%’ers, sitting in their parents basement, wearing sweats and old Madonna t-shirts, and eating Captain Crunch.

    • Aaron O J

      And staring at faded posters of Obama.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Really? I would be considered one of those ‘47%’ers, through no fault of my own, other than the fact that I file my taxes and the gov’t decides I didn’t make enough income to be taxable. I also happen to be conservative, and I don’t particularly care for Obama. Stop painting us all the same, otherwise, you’re just an asshole.

      • Kent Vig

        Its funny how both the left and the right are mis quoting Romney on this. He said that 47% don’t pay income taxes so his message about cutting income taxes won’t mean anything to them. I don’t income taxes either. I do pay an assload of other taxes and fees tho.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Yeah Kent, I totally understood Romney’s remarks regarding that ‘47%’. It’s kinda like telling people about Jesus. You know that there will be a certain % of people that will not be receptive to Jesus’ message. At the point, prayer is the only thing that you can do.

          Romney’s not stupid, he knows there’s a section of people that won’t vote for him, no matter what he does. I agree, I certainly wouldn’t want to waste my time trying to convince them. Even Jesus told the disciples that if they went to a town, and no-one would hear their message, not to worry, and to just shake the dust off their shoes and continue on. There are those ‘vessels’ that have been made for God’s wrath, after all.

  • Paul C.

    She makes a great 1st lady unlike the spender we have now.

  • Chip

    The neglected item to take away from this interview is that she was applauded several times during the show. In fact, it seemed, more than once, that Leno tried to keep the applause from lasting. It was not the content of what she said that is under attack here. She spoke beautifully. Mrs. Romney will be a wonderful First Lady.

  • Aestro

    The takeaway I got here is that people do, in fact, still watch Leno. Wow.

  • Timothy Crenshaw

    I find it very interesting that all of the liberals here bashing Miss Romney about her dress are doing the exact opposite for Michelle Obama when the same comments can be made about both of their dresses. Miss Obama’s dress is made of silk so do you really think it cost less than Miss Romney’s leather one? Oscar de la Renta and Tracy Reece are both ethnic designers but because Oscar is successful and a minority all you hear from the left is how hateful he is and how horrible that Miss Romney would wear his clothes. Michelle Obama wears sleeveless and sundresses to everything in order to make her appear younger and that her clothes might seem less expensive when in fact they are not. Miss Romney dresses in clothing that might be called age inappropriate but at least she has enough class to dress in a suit or something that covers the shoulders when she is making an appearance.

    So funny how the left is hating Miss Romney for doing exactly what Michelle Obama does. Expensive, age inappropriate dress to appeal to younger voters. Oh wait. The left is also declaring that Miss Romney is racist and not does not know what prejudice is because prejudice against Mormon’s isn’t real. Riddle me this leftist hate speakers. If there is no prejudice against Mormons than how is that a bi-racial man who self-identifies as a black, African American got elected to the Presidency of the United States of America before a Mormon did? Last time I checked most Mormons are white because their church like a few others used to have racist views so how is it that they are behind men of color in the bid for the Presidency? Prejudice much?

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Church statistics are posted, and announced at each World Conference in the Spring. These conferences are broadcast on many cable/sat.sys., and internet. They are archived on the Churches’ website and avail. to all… except me. I can’t get the videoplayer that came with my phone to work for anything…

      We’re a world wide church, only Islam and Catholicism growing faster. They have a leg-up, though, since though we count births we don’t count members unless actually baptized, which occurs at age 8 — but isn’t automatic. I have a son who wasn’t baptized until 19. He wasn’t counted in the membership numbers until then.

      I believe it was the early 1990s when membership outside the U.S.A. surpassed that within.

      As far as I can remember, generally, the fastest growth is in Asia, 2nd fastest Africa, then So. America, India sub-continent, U.S. & Canada, lastly Europe.

      I’m too lazy to go look at the most current numbers, and my phone’s browser stinks-on-ice, too. Sorry.

    • Guest

      No, actually the Mormons received a memo in 1978 from God that people with dark skin were OK from now on. But before God changed his mind …

      2 Nephi 5:21-23
      “And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore
      cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their
      hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as
      they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not
      be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to
      come upon them.”

      “And thus saith the Lord God: I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy
      people, save they shall repent of their iniquities.”

      “And cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed; for they shall
      be cursed even with the same cursing. And the Lord spake it, and it was done.”

      “And because of their cursing which was upon them they did become an idle people,
      full of mischief and subtlety, and did seek in the wilderness for beasts of

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Ham’s son Cush was black. You know, Noah’s grandson.

        • Guest

          The Bible only says that he was the father of the Cushite people. What is your point?

          Does the Bible say anywhere that his skin was made black because he was evil?

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Ham was cursed by God, when he copulated with his wife on the ark. In biblical teachings, Cushite was synonymous with black skin.

          • Guest

            So if Ham was cursed by God, where does it say the color of Cush’s skin was a part of that curse?

            After all, if Ham were cursed and you’re vaguely asserting this curse applies to all of his children in some manner, you’d have to explain in what sense Egypt/Mizraim was also cursed when he fathered the most powerful, advanced, and rich civilization in the entire area for thousands of years.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            My apologies, it was Canaan, Ham’s son that was cursed, Cush being Canaan’s son. Mizraim was Canaan’s brother.

            Num12:1 And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.

            King James translates Ethiopian as Cushite.

          • Guest

            Actually Cush was Ham’s son as well. Ham’s sons were Cush, Mizraim (Egypt), Put, and Canaan.

            Cush would have been Canaan’s brother. Not his son.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            You’re right, I read the passage wrong. So many kids going through those generations. However, Cush, in that case, being Ham’s firstborn, was conceived on the ark, against the will of God. Ham was blessed already, in Gen. 9:10, so God, through Noah, cursed Canaan instead. Sorry, it’s been a while since I read Genesis.

          • Guest

            “However, Cush, in that case, being Ham’s firstborn, was conceived on the ark, against the will of God.”

            Where does that idea come from? There is no mention of it in the entire passage on the Flood.

          • meru

            It never happened, that’s why.

      • GreenEyedGal

        @elevenhundred:disqus I am an evangelical Christian. I do not believe Joseph Smith received anything from any angel because what the supposed angel said was against biblical teaching. Having said that, I don’t understand your hostility toward Mormons.

        History shows they were mistreated. History also shows there was some disarray within the Mormon church. Do they believe some strange things? Like their undergarments? So what?

        Here’s what I know about Romney: He’s never had a drink of alcohol. He’s never smoked a cigarette or a joint. He’s married to his first wife and has five children. He gave away his inheritance from his father and made his own fortune. He has saved many, many people their jobs. He closed a business down to search for the missing daughter of one of his colleagues. He used to be pro-abortion. As he has grown and matured, his view has changed. He worked and supported his family so his wife would be blessed to be able to stay home and raise their children. He was an excellent student. He turned around the Olympics. He gives more to charity than most millionaires do.

        I could go on and on with examples of what a nice man Romney is. It’s not just that he’s nice, it’s that he’s a man of character. My Bible says that “Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.” God knows what kind of man Romney is, and that’s between God and Romney.

        You may not like Mormonism, but there’s a reason it’s appealing to so many people. They live straight lives and they take care of their own. They are generous and patriotic. Do they get it all right? No. But then again, most Biblically based churches have their problems, too.

        So why don’t you put away the hostility and let’s talk about the things that really matter: the safety of the US, the economy, US leadership status around the world, national debt, unemployment, illegal immigration, and on and on and on.

        I’m just thankful we have a man who is capable of leading running for office. Why can’t you be?

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Amen Gal, we’re only human, and certainly not perfect. That’s why we have Christ, and through Him, the gift of God’s grace. Peace on you, my sister in Christ, and God bless.

        • Guest

          It’s just history. There’s no reason to get so wound up about it. This is what is wrong with public schools. They teach people that the verified, true facts are worth getting flustered over because it might conflict with someone’s current worldview.

          Notice how what I mentioned was not some jibe about magic underwear. I took an entire quote with all the relevant context out of their scripture and made it available to everyone.

          I’m voting for Romney that doesn’t mean though that I should suppress the truth when it becomes relevant.

          • GreenEyedGal

            It is just history. I’m not wound up about history. I’m wound up about your repeated attempts to shine a light on the negative aspects of Mormonism. You say you’re only telling the truth when it becomes relevant. How is this relevant to Mitt Romney running for president? If a Jew ran for president, would you insist on shining a negative light on Judaism? Is the character of the man not more important? Let’s talk about the things that matter.

            It wasn’t just this post of yours that prompted me to comment. It was the ones before in addition to this one. You may not like the Mormon religion, but that doesn’t negate or disprove what Grampa Grumpus said. Nor does Joseph Smith Jr. justify the treatment the Mormons received.

            I never said you made a jibe about magic underwear. I asked if they believe things that people consider strange and used the undergarments as an example.

            What does public school have to do with our conversation? I’m not flustered by your quoting from the book of Mormon. I’m concerned that you seem to go out of your way to denigrate Mormons. Not once in these posts have you said anything that could be considered even mildly charitable towards Mormons or Mormonism. And that’s not even the subject! This particular Twitchy post is about Ann Romney and how the left are vile in their treatment of her, including the way she dresses AND her religion. And instead of weighing in on how the behavior of the left is disgusting, you pile on the negativity toward the religion and justify it by saying because you’re using facts it’s okay.

            I’m saying to you that it is not okay. The bad things some Mormons have done in our history is not relevant here. What is relevant is the character of the man who is running for office. The character of his wife is also important.

            And for the record, I may have been educated in a public school, but even then I could run circles around most of my classmates. My parents taught me how to read at a young age and since then, I have consumed the written word voraciously. My parents also did a good job of teaching me how to research, how to use logic and reason and not to blindly accept things as fact. In college, I majored in Applied Mathematics and aced my classes, which is an excellent indicator of my ability to think and reason. And by the way, I homeschool my children because as far as that goes, I agree with you that public schools do a lousy job and they do it that way intentionally. So you can come down off your high horse.

          • Guest

            No, just a light that isn’t rose colored. He was telling an incredibly deceitful sob story. My reply was in response to his post. Not the story.

            What I pointed out was that the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith Jr., and his compatriots engaged in threats of violence and intimidation, destruction of property (printing presses), and censorship against a group of non-polygamist Mormons before his Mormons were driven out of that town by the secular authorities for committing multiple state felonies. But first, Joseph Smith, Jr. was killed by a mob lead by his fellow Mormons!

            There was still a peaceful Mormon population living in Nauvoo after these events for at least 50 years. It wasn’t religious persecution at all.

            He painted a one sided picture … I think it’d be fair to call it simply a lie. I just filled in the rest of the story. Joseph Smith Jr. actually describes what he did in his letters so you may go read those if you’re still in doubt.

            It’s not “some Mormons”. It’s their most revered leaders. The people who wrote the things which Mormons must obey. Joseph Smith is to Mormonism what Muhammad is to the Muslims.

            If you don’t want a balanced conversation based on the undeniable historical facts established by the records of both sides, you may elect to not read my posts.

          • GreenEyedGal

            A couple of observations about this: Smith seems to me to be power hungry, no doubt about it. Yet, every time mormons were driven from their homes, it wasn’t because they were out inciting others to violence or committing crimes against their neighbors. It was always because neighboring communities felt threatened by their unity, which included their wealth and voting bloc.

            YOU have painted a one sided picture. You don’t like Mormonism. We all get that. The founder and leader was a flawed man. Throughout history, there is only one man who wasn’t. I do NOT believe they believe in the word of God as Christians do, because so much has been added to it. But the same can be said for Catholicism, which is full of extra-biblical text and man made rules. They even pray to the mother of Jesus, who is certainly blessed among women, but is not God. Our current Vice President and the man running for VP on the Republican side are both Catholic, but you don’t smear their religion. And we all know what problems the Catholics have had through the years.

            Finally, for you to compare Joseph Smith and Mormonism to Islam and Muhammad is quite a stretch. Yes, both religions were founded by men; they both believed they were the beneficiaries of extra-biblical material. They were both corrupt in their quest for power. But while Smith practiced polygamy, his wives were of an age to decide whether to participate or not, unlike Muhammad, who married a six year old girl and waited until she was nine to consummate it (wasn’t he kind?!) Smith’s writings do not call for the death of those who do not believe. Nor do they state that lying to people is okay as long as it furthers your agenda. And Mormonism doesn’t call for the beheading of anyone who doesn’t believe. Muhammad was murderous and blood thirsty. These two religions are galaxies apart from each other in what they believe and how they behave.

            I enjoy balanced conversation based on undeniable historical facts established by the records of both sides. This seems difficult for you to accomplish. Perhaps you should refrain from posting until you are able to do this.

          • Donna Acosta

            Biden, like Pelosi, is a Catholic…in his own mind.

          • fivegreatkids

            wow, elevenhundred, its usually best to ignore the mormon bashers but you are seriously mistaken in much of your LDS history. If Obama is allowed to write the history books for 1970-2020 do you seriously think it will reflect what was really going on or what was solely going on in the minds of some of his peers? So it is with Mormonism. It might be wise to confirm your info with a number of different sources. You may be quite surprised at the fables you have been fed.

          • Guest

            You did see that my sources were all current Mormons in good standing writing about Mormonism, right? The whole “Mormon basher” theory really falls apart there, doesn’t it? Perhaps you could read what I wrote instead of responding with canned responses.

        • Ginger

          Very well put

        • Donna Acosta

          Agreed. I can’t wrap my mind around Mormonism. However, I’ve lived in predominantly Mormon communities, and they made excellent neighbors. Romney’s Mormonism is considerably less worrisome than Obama’s “Christianity.”

          • GreenEyedGal

            @facebook-1845556423:disqus Exactly! Give me Romney’s Mormonism any day over Obama’s “Christianity.” And the truth is, except that someone should be Muslim or atheist, I don’t think I would have a problem with any candidate who was in favor of reigning in spending, repealing job killing regulations, lowering taxes and so on, so long as he (or she) is a man (or woman) of high moral character, who believes life begins at conception and will defend the defenseless, loves this country and is a leader.

            The strange thing about this whole argument with @elevenhundred:disqus is that I’ve read many of his(?) comments and agree with almost all of them. He is not the only person I’ve spoken with who is upset about Romney’s religion. It’s like these Ron Paul people who say they’re not going to cross the aisle to vote for Romney because Romney is just like Obama. Only he’s not. He’s not as conservative as I would like, but if I’m in a car with no brakes and headed for a cliff, I’d rather be going 35 MPH than 70 MPH. More time to save myself, you know?

    • JettieG

      I can play the libbie game. If anyone dresses more un-first-lady-like, it’s Michelle. With her linebacker arms, built-in bustle butt, and Cruella eyebrow archs, she’d be better in a burka.

  • txsoutherngrace

    Ann looks fabulous!! Her outfit, like her, is classy, tasteful and just slightly edgy….simple elegance perfection.

    I really had to laugh at the “hate” comments. We Republican women don’t walk around frumpy, dowdy and ugly!! How they twisted “biker chick” out of that just shows the haters are twisted like a pretzel over her panache and aplomb.

    “Age appropriate” ? Pleeeease !! Most women her age would love to look in the mirror and see how she carries her age in all respects at 15 years younger …they’re just jealous she is beautiful and gracious…..the epitome of a 1st Lady. She’ll be the new millenium “Jackie O” ….driving fashion from the WH.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Jealousy runs very deep through democrat veins….they are all taught it at a very young age and it eats at them all their life.

  • CalCon10

    What awful people liberals are. Truly.

    Limbaugh was right in saying that liberalism is the religion that trumps all else. What a wicked, hateful “faith,” this Church of Liberalism.

  • ctmom

    Of course! We all know our First Lady should be wearing something that looks like a table cloth or the kitchen curtains!

    • JettieG

      You mean like what Michelle Obama wears? :)

  • mkreider

    I cannot get over the petty jealousy. Mitt Romney is rich – get over it. The left just doesn’t get politics is not a snarky little bitch session. Most of the “girls” that had the acidic remarks should hope to look as good as Ann Romney does at any point in their life. If their only agenda is a voice for gay marriage when the rest of the country is falling apart, then they will feel oh so much better in the unemployment line.

    • redheadgrl

      I know, right? Like the Obamas aren’t rich?

  • EastValleyConservative

    Isn’t it amazing how women are the most vicious to other women? They essentially give the green light to others to be nasty. And the funniest? They immediately call her fat. Seriously? Not seeing fat.

    • redheadgrl

      You are right. Women are so harsh on other women. And I that we denigrate ourselves instead of lifting each other up.

  • JesLHW

    Crying and whining about how prejudiced the Romneys are, and how the Romneys don’t have to deal with “real” prejudice, and then typing comments that are clearly prejudiced and insulting to both the Romneys’ wealth and religion. Really classy.

    So yes, prejudice against Mormons is real, as this election continues to show us.

  • TocksNedlog

    It will be interesting to see if these “there is no prejudice against Mormons” tweeters, all of whom probably have no quibbles whatsoever with Lawrence ‘king of the Mormon haters’ O’Donnell’s show on MSNBC, have the same attitude come Nov. 7th; or sooner, if they think their guy is gonna lose.

  • rivers

    All those tweets are from the 47 percent losers. Anybody who is still in the tank for Obama at this point is severely mentally challenged. Or a lazy-a** d-bag.

    • pjcostello

      The last sentence described nearly every liberal on Twitter, if you hadn’t noticed. :-)

  • Thread_Zeppelin

    Lol…the same people who endorse the “Rock the Slut” vote.

  • RIChris

    Ann Romney has been shown prejudice because of her gender, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, and race/ethnicity with regularity by the left. Showing prejudice is pretty much the only way liberals can relate to it.

  • rinodino

    BWWWHAAAAA!!! Of all the racist coded words about Mrs. Obama that I have heard on so many righty sites for 4 YEARS GOING ON STRONG, the twitchy audience has the NERVE to be up and arms???? PLEASE spare most Americans your fake outrage

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Grow up. There IS such a thing as disliking another individual based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Derp.

    • Madelyn Martine

      How old are you? 12? I know you are but what am I. So you’ve “heard” racist coded words (I’d like to know how you do that) on so many righty sites about FLOTUS…therefore it makes it A-OK to treat other conservative women with disrespect. Isn’t that always the way libs justify their disgusting behavior.

    • redheadgrl

      Please, provide the list of “racist coded words” so i will know not to use them in the future.

      • Johnny Banco

        I know that “black hole” was declared racist a few years ago, so watch out for your usage of that hateful/bigoted science term. Oh, and here’s another important one: “master” and “slave”, regarding computers’ hard drives, was discovered about a decade ago to be unacceptably offensive, so mind your usage there, too…

    • Rick Bowser

      Dude, GTFU! The Obamas consider ANYTHING and EVERYTHING critical of them, as ” Racist coded words”!

  • Pennmom

    I thought her outfit was gorgeous….now this, this is slutt, and tasteless….

  • redheadgrl

    Sad so few know the meaning of prejudice.

  • Rick Bowser

    Ann Romney slutty?…really?..This from the people who had Sandra Fluke speak at their convention and worship pop trolls like Madonna with her Obamba tramp stamp?!

    • Johnny Banco

      C’mon, get with the Left’s program: Dems calling Repubs sluts/whores, even if they are in loving, monogamous relationships=ALWAYS acceptable; Repubs calling others sluts/whores, even when they fit the definition=ALWAYS wrong!

  • digitalPimple

    I jumped back when I seen it in a clip. I’m a “younger” guy but I was like wow… Hot. I really like Ann a lot.

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    I didn’t realize it was leather from all the pictures. I simply thought she looked elegant! But then, I am sure being just a SAHM like me, she really couldn’t have any fashion sense, right? I mean, women who stay at home and care for house and children can’t be anything other than bare-foot, pregnant and stupid! /sarc.

    • Donna Acosta


  • pjcostello

    Liberals are simply dirtbag hypocrites. Nothing new here, move along. They whine if she wears a blouse (‘too expensive’) or a dress (‘too expensive’), it doesn’t matter. They’re just too stupid to think for themselves and too vapid to form their own opinions.

  • Michael Suba

    How many kids has Mrs Romney had? How many grandchildren? And she survived what horrible illnesses? And SHE STILL LOOKS THAT AMAZING!!?? No wonder the leftards and doing a hissy-fit-rain-dance.

  • Streetiebird

    Don’t like Ann Romney’s dress? You’re a “lib” automatically, even if you’re not.

  • Michael Self

    Liberal tweeting is the leading cause of illiteracy. Honestly, who can understand half of what they type anymore. Must be some kind of liberal twitter ebonics.

  • anna4sarah

    OMG She looks great wow is all I can say..

  • Johnny Banco

    Superficial, hateful, hypocritical, vulgar Leftists, once AGAIN showing how little they value Christian ethics – is anyone surprised to see such vileness being expressed by them towards someone as undeserving/meek as Ann Romney?

    What a bunch of helpless, anti-intellectual, COMPLETE losers – no wonder they feel they need society/government to help them get through life…

  • May Urso

    People are just jealous! Ann Romney looks elegant! Michelle Obama looks hot wearing this skinned tight jeggings.

  • Jedd McHead

    Okay, let me get this straight — leftloons say Ann Romney “looks” slutty but they hold in esteem Sandra Fluke? That bimbo not only IS a slut but is SUCH a slut she could teach a graduate course in “sluttery”, ferchristsake!

    This verifies something about liberals I’ve known for some time and it is this: liberals only truly care about how things appear than how they really are.

    Of course, this explains why libs love Odrama (EMPTY suit) and Hollyweird where flash is prized over substance.

  • brianmouland

    Most of the lard ass,mouthy couch potato skanks could not fit into the dress

  • Anna

    Ann looks great in the clothes she wears. That is more than I can say for the umbrella-like-dresses that Michelle can be seen wearing in some of her photos… wtf does THAT woman wear? Gods… not only are the liberals blind to politics, but they’re blind to fashion too. Haters gonna hate.

  • nc

    I can’t imagine how difficult her life has been this past year, physically and emotionally taxing. I heard her say in an interview once that with her MS she has no “reserve tank” so when she runs out of energy she literally stops functioning. But look at her! You’d never know it.

    We should all look so good. People are jealous.

  • Randall Stokes

    What a beautiful woman Mr. Romney must be proud of his love……would make a great #1 lady.

  • [email protected]

    The libs are unacustome to seeing a feminine women as 1st lady. They are yousta a linebacker in a dress. You know Michelle Obama

  • Junie3

    Has any of these clueless trolls seen Obama’s mama nude or fetish/bondage outfits that Frank M Davis took of her?

  • Junie3
  • Obama Lies

    It wouldn’t matter if she wore the outfit she did, an elegant ball gown, or a pair of worn jeans and an Obama-Biden 2012 t-shirt, these f-stains would find SOMETHING to whine about…

  • Junie3

    Have the trolls seen Obama’s mothers nude and fettish/bondage pictures.

  • Paul C.

    She is beautiful in and out can the Obummer’s make that statement.

  • Gmama

    Wow the left is vicious. Mrs. Romney looked great. What a bunch of haters. Mrs. Obama wears costly designer clothing and some of it is not horribly flattering.

    Mormons are the object of prejudice. A mormon friend of mine had her daughter denied entry to a private school in the area. Although her daughter had better grades, community service and participated on an award winning cheer team she was denied, and some students she knew with lesser credentials were admitted. She later found out several of the kids at her church had the same experience.

  • ICLemmings

    Could make more then a few one liners out of this tweet (standing behind ! )

    [email protected]@AnnDRomney the only way to prove you and your husband are not prejudice is to stand behind gay marriage.

  • Donna

    She looked gorgeous..they are just jealous!

  • Linda Knoll

    She looks a lot classier than FLOTUS did at the Kids’ Choice Awards show! At least her clothes fit!