The nerve! Like many Packers fans and at least one player, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dared to tweet about the “painful” calls made by NFL replacement refs. Shocker: he’d like to see some decent refereeing.

Lefty translation: he’s a union-loving hypocrite who simply hates teachers and firefighters. Oh, and he’s gone off the Koch-approved message. Really.

Walker didn’t express sympathy for the part-time refs’ cushy pension demands. He didn’t propose a beer summit. He just cringed at the bad calls that have the rest of the country cringing. But according to the Left’s union fetishists, dreaded karma has shown him the light about the value of Big Labor … when football is involved.

The predictable spewing of hate and cries of “hypocrite” began immediately.

Meet any demand? Gov. Walker didn’t offer to meet the union refs’ demands; he merely tweeted his disappointment in a crappy game. Leave it to the foul-mouthed, unhinged Left to see hypocrisy in that.

At least the death threats we saw after the recall election haven’t started. Yet.

  • SpaceRacer423

    The people attacking Gov Walker are idiots. The “Real Refs” are part of the problem. They are PART TIME employees demanding a pension plan not offered to FULL TIME NFL employees. The pensions that they are asking for would give the REFS more job security than the guys who put their bodies at risk and PLAY THE GAME.

    Goodell needs to pull his head out of his ass, tell the Refs their will be no pension plan, but offer the refs a raise. They can take the extra money and invest it as they see fit. Most of the refs are lawyers and accountants anyway, I’m sure they can find a way to make that work.

  • Joe W.

    So the refs blew some calls. The Pack lost. Big deal, gang. I love MY football team as well, but not to the point of insanity like these knuckleheads. Priorities are a bitch, eh??

    • Donna Acosta

      The refs have been blowing calls all over the country. I’m not a rabid football fan, but it’s a drag to watch a good game go awry over bad calls.

      • Joe W.

        I do not disagree, but taking it to the absurd level that union lovers have is ridiculous…

  • NWFL Conservative

    Well call me pragmatic but I honestly can’t see how some people’s existence can revolve around a game where men run in uniforms up and down a field carrying a funny looking ball and try to knock each other down. How utterly empty their lives must be.

    Two key points from my pragmatic point of view:

    1) it is a game, That is all it has ever been or all it will EVER will be. The outcome does not alter whether the sun will rise or set, nor will it change the rotation and alignment of the planets, Repeat after me……..IT IS JUST A FREAKIN GAME, IT DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING IN THE BIG SCHEME OF THINGS. It is entertainment. Go get a freakin life of your own and stop living vicariously through other people’s lives.

    2) if you are so freakin STUPID that with everything else going on in our country and abroad right now, that a F’N FOOTBALL GAME OR REFEREES even registers on your radar screen then you should have your privilege (it is NOT A RIGHT) to vote taken away because you are completely incapable of making an informed decision and therefore a liability to the entire system!

    Oh and by the way the vulgar and vitriolic comments from these straw for brains morons are living proof that liberalism is both a social and mental disease and also living proof that some people apparently never quite made that jump from monkeys to homo sapien in the evolutionary process,

    • Ginger

      Uh, while I’m quite conservative, and maybe one could make an argument that it shouldn’t be, voting is actually a right, granted by the constitution.

      • EastValleyConservative

        I agree that the right to vote should never be gambled with. Which is why the left needs to quit trying to extend that right to people who ARE NOT granted that right under the Constitution. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember any election in which I didn’t have to show ID. It only became a problem recently because Obama needs voter fraud to make it. Furthermore, I am shocked at how many people do not vote, many of them on the left-let’s hope they are too lazy to get up on election day.

        • NWFL Conservative

          As have I, It is all well and good that you have a voter registration card, but they have ALWAYS asked me for a picture ID in Florida, Washington state and North Carolina. Driver’s license, military ID, etc. But it had to have your name and your photo on it. The DL was preferred because it also had your address on it, so they could verify that it was actually THAT precinct in which you were registered to vote. Honestly I can’t see why people get their panties all in a wad over it. You have to show an ID to cash a check or sometimes pay by credit card, to get a drink or smokes if you are close the age limits, hell you need it to get Sudafed in a drug store now etc. No one really bitches about that, it is just the way it is. On something as important as VOTING, it seems like a no brainer that you should prove you are who you say you are. The only people who should worry are the ones who HAVE SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

      • Donna Acosta

        It’s a right…with certain restrictions.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)


    • Seola

      So, first you rant about how empty the lives of people who enjoy their work must be then make incomparable comparisons? They are part of a private business. If they want to do this for a living and people want to “consume” the product, that is free market so shame on you for knocking anyone who wants to make a living doing what they love while people clamor to buy the “product”. That is actually far more liberal in thinking than all the insults you’ve hurled. They are working hard, practicing and making money – we’re sitting here on a comments board – whose life appears more empty now?

      Your “two key points” – 1.) Then nothing matters. Murder won’t stop the sun or the planets so you won’t mind if I do that right? Robbing you blind doesn’t stop nature from working so I can take your money right? Obama can be voted in for the next 50 years – because it won’t change the sunset or the planets, won’t hurt anything, right?

      2.) How DARE anyone take a moment to enjoy themselves! I HATE, LOATHE and am TIRED of hearing that if I care about any one given subject, I can’t possibly care about anything else or take a few moments to enjoy myself. That’s like saying “How dare you comment on a website when there’s WARS being fought!”. Heck, the Armed Forces Network broadcasts NFL games, NASCAR races, etc. because it brings up morale. It gives us a few fleeting moments to take a breather from the worst of the world. I assume you will be sitting in a dark room for the rest of your life, because how dare anyone enjoy a vacation, sunshine, TV, computers, etc. when there’s so much going on in the world!!!

      Like the others mentioned it IS a right until you do something to take it away by breaking the law in a felonious manner or tampering with that right of others. When you are convicted, you are not a law abiding citizen and therefore lose some of your rights to gain entry into society – you no longer have freedom of movement, freedom from say drug tests or the freedom to do a plethora of other things, including voting, but that’s on YOU to screw it up. If you commit no crime, you CANNOT be stopped from voting.

      • Guest

        It sounds to me like you’re wound pretty tight, over tightened even. You need to switch to decaf and go taka a Valium and lay down, you’ll be fine in the morning.

      • NWFL Conservative

        It sounds to me like Mary needs a nap; you are just a bit overtightened. I might suggest you switch to decaf. Now go take one of your valium and lie down, you’ll be fine in a few hours

        Out of curiosity, you’re probably a big NASCAR and WWF fan too, am I right?

        • Seola

          Seriously post as yourself twice to reinforce yourself? Pretty sad and far more narrative about how empty someone’s life is. So what if I am a NASCAR fan or a WWF fan? That’s called freedom right? WWF isn’t my cup of tea, but I’m not the one griping about other people’s freedoms and what their personal choices are for employment and entertainment in giant CAPS SENTENCES OMGZORZ(!) then ranting and blathering about the very people you are part of apparently. Your entire OP was attacking the game, the people who play it, and complaining about people who spend any moment in time not in action or deep thought over what YOU deem important. Sounds pretty lib to me. If “you must be a NASCAR/WWF fan” is the best you have, you have nothing. You just jumped into a personal attack (pretty surprised you didn’t pull out some sort of “you must watch Fox News” bit – it was pretty close though) because you know what I say is exactly right. You spent an entire tirade BEING a lib, then complaining about them, get called on it and do exactly what a lib does. Oh, the irony! Masquerading much? All three of your posts are rooted in liberalism… and you are so far into it, you don’t even realize it!

          “Wah wah wah, they don’t do what *I* want them to do, wah wah wah how dare they make money doing something I don’t like”. It’s faux conservatives like you, CINO, that worry me by far. Your philosophies line up with the left, your demands line up with the left and when called on it you act like the left.

          • NWFL Conservative

            It looks to me like Mary has a serious anger management problem, you should seek help for that.

            And you think I am a lib? To quote Larry the Cable Guy…..“Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there! My dear, the only thing I am left of in my politics is Jesse Helms, and then just by a hair. I suggest you look over my posting history if you need confirmation. Now go get take a valium and lie down and you will be fine in the morning.

      • Mark A Fahrenholz

        Yes, Mary, you can be stopped from voting. Does your state allow 12 year olds to vote? You cannot be prevented from voting on the basis of race, sex, literacy, or if you are at least 18 years old. You have a “right” to vote, but you must also be eligible to vote in the state in which you reside. So your “right”, as you put it, is not absolute.

  • Michael Hampton

    So you are for hypocrisy and his staff coming out today wearing headdresses and whooping like Native Americans? Just wanted to make sure.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Unbelievable. These morons still haven’t grasped the difference between a public union and a private one. They ignore the benefits and lavish salaries these people get on the taxpayer’s back while the private sector languishes. They equally are moronic enough to think you can just print more money and all will be okay.

  • Chris Frederick

    Those tweets make me ashamed of my home state!

    • Donna Acosta

      I could only wonder if these represented the filthiness of Leftists, or if these were selectively chosen. I lean toward the former, as the majority of left-leaning people I know find it hard to get through a sentence without using profanity or sexual content. But I’m hoping for the latter…for my children’s sake.

  • kbielefe

    Union wants the strike. Gov. Walker does not want the strike. Therefore, Gov. Walker is pro-union.

    • Pete Futz

      I’m assuming that is sarcasm?

      • kbielefe

        Isn’t it sad that people can’t tell?

        • Pete Futz

          Yeah, I couldn’t believe the down votes.

  • ClassicFilm

    ROFL – And these clueless people actually know how to tie their shoelaces and vote… Walker said nothing about unions. That doesn’t stop liberals, who will dig and dig like rabid mangy gophers to find SOMETHING to whine and gnash about, while demonstrating their prowess with four-letter words. They especially like the “D-word,” of course.

  • doustoi

    Taxpayers don’t get stuck with the bill for the NFL refs union demands.

  • Seola

    Actually to me, this looks like he doesn’t support unions. It looks like he’s telling the refs to get back to work (if I were to read anything into a simple tweet about football in the first place).

  • LochGates44

    What are a bunch of OWS people doing watching millionaire 1 percenters play football?

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    I like cheese.

  • hotcocco

    Walker: You just opened a can of of whoop ass on your administration. Keep out of this mess. When was the last time a Packer sent you a happy Birthday Card ??? Its only a game . GET OVER IT !!!! Yes your people are upset but Football and Politics mean nothing, they have no relation to one another. Hear that Ed Randell ?????

  • lainer51

    Morons abound~