Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm helped close out the last night of the Democratic National Convention with all the unhinged theatrics of Tom Cruise and the over-the-top screeching of Howard Dean. As Granholm might say, God has ways of shutting internal filters down.

The mockery was swift.

You knew it was coming. The Granholm/Dean mash-up:


Watch the actual speech here:

Bless her precious heart. The former governor is hoping to inspire an Eastwooding-style trend with her antics: Granholming.

Of course, some lapdogs thought Granholm’s wild performance was the best thing ever.

All in all, a great close to the Dem convention.

  • weRbroke

    Obama was the Cavalry that SAVED the Auto Industry…

  • webnetcity

    Jennifer Granholm wins the academy award for Best Actress in the stage play:

    “How To Destroy Michigan and Make A Fool Of Yourself In Public”

  • Markos

    Governor Granholm was incredible…passionate, fiery, explosive, and riveting. No great surprise that dumbass wingnuts would fail to approve. After all, she was aiming the energy at dems and independents, not fukktards.

    • James Atkins

      Yup, if you love speech that continues to divide everyone, it was awesome.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      So, you missed her energy too…seeings how that last word kind of describes the guy making your posts for you…

    • Larry Waddell

      Screaming like a banshee is considered high art in the progressive world of the highly literate and well turned out hipster Obama youth. Brown shirt much?

    • $30423294

      People are persuaded by a serious, thoughtful speaker. She is a professor, and would have represented democrats better by acting like one.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      She was incredibly “Unhinged”. No wonder dumbass libtards approved. After all, they are all unhinged & disturbed.

    • putthehammerdown

      But in all your platitudes you left out ‘Intelligent’,’economically educated’ or ‘remembered fondly in her previous state’.
      You want her? You and CallyFornia can have her. She did nothing of note here in Mittenland.Why do you think she moved right after she got replaced?
      This was the only case of The Smarts she Ever did display.
      We’re still waiting for her to Blow Us Away. ‘Till hell freezes over……..

    • AimToMisbehave

      You mean riveting, like a train wreck or Springer meltdown that you just can’t look away from?


      It’s difficult for leftists to get an entire post done without cursing or a gratuitous insult. There needs to be more mental health care for these people.

    • Sonya A. Willis

      Can’t you make your point without calling names and generally being rude? Someone might actually listen to you.

    • TugboatPhil

      Yeah, it was riveting alright. Much the same way that watching someone with seizures the first time is kind of riveting, until you realize there is something seriously wrong with the person.

  • MikeR

    Was she drunk?


      Or on pills.

      • Buckshot LeFonque

        Maybe it was a couple of fentanyl patches…

    • Kim Felini

      Well wouldn’t u be if u were part of the that party? I’d be sh*t faced & on the floor!

    • $23988033

      Maybe she was chooming…Obama looked pretty hyped up as well and notice how he kept licking his gums? Uh oh, maybe he never really kicked that habit

    • Buckshot LeFonque

      No she was four days into a methamphetamine and industrial ether binge, augmented with plenty of “kool aid”

  • tomincol

    It was worth a laugh (maybe)

  • Kenna Neel

    So, flip the coin on her numbers bragging. Out of how many thousands of jobs at the beginning of the bailout, 25 K were left that were “saved”. 28K were left that were “saved”. Wow, getting dizzy from all that spin! Lie to the sheep Ma’am, lie to ’em!

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    She embarrassed herself & the party. Typical dem…overacting.

  • putthehammerdown

    Please, everyone, do not forget in her many Bios she claims to have been ‘an actress’.
    She needs the work as ‘Current’ is history on 1 /22 /2013. This was just a tryout.
    Oh BTW you ‘do know’ she was on The Dating Game? Only one wart then, though.

  • Dio Heerai

    She looks like animal from the muppet show

  • weRbroke

    Intellectuals often talk of the passionate and animated speeches of a little man with a mustache. I tried to watch…but all I kept seeing was that mustache.

  • cas47

    A blond, Canadian Harvard grad dropping her g’s and sounding like a Black preacher- priceless.

    • Nixonfan

      Canadian.. I knew there was something off about her, aye?

    • detroit19

      All ‘Jenny from the Block’ was missing was her sidekick, the ‘prime minister of cool’ aka Kwame Kilpatrick…

  • Rerun

    I think I’ve seen this performance before:

  • sheffield

    She was yelling like Adolf Hitler. Obama’s starting to get louder to. Like i’m bad so believe my lies. These wanna be bully’s gotta go. American’s are the only people that don’t know Obama’s a Muslim. Did ya’ll see the pissed off Arab’s when they put God in . Vote this Obama out!!!!

    • $23988033

      You are right…

      US is now MORE dependent on Middle eastern oil thanks to Barry
      Arab Spring has replaced tyrants that liked the US with tyrants that hate the US
      Barry and Dems boo God and Israel
      Obama has refused to do anything about Iran having nuclear capabilities
      etc etc etc

  • Ryan Leslie

    I think she is on pills seriously. I am scared.

  • Robert

    Note to self. Do not hang out with Max Baucus prior to making speech of your life.

  • Wing_attack_Plan_R

    meet the typical Jennifer Granholm voter …

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    I have seen this act before!

    Then again, maybe she is auditioning to be the new Shamwow guy!

  • $30756787

    Rumor has it that she is as into herself as Obama is into himself. And they both have as much reason. LOL

  • David Gillies

    I was afraid if she went on any longer one of the diodes in her circuitry was going to blow. Nice blue suit, though. Bit risky being anywhere near Bill Clinton I would have thought.

    Anyway, being ex-Governor of the State that contains Detroit and talking about the auto industry takes alarmingly high levels of chutzpah.

  • stillinthe60s

    Well, if you had the governing record she had in Michigan you’d want to get the conversation focused on something else.
    Appears she was very successful at that, if nothing else.

  • John Hanover

    Based on my looking at all the old pics of Nazi Germany it’s not supposed to be a closed fist when you extend you arm like that. She’s reading off the numbers shouldn’t those be a fraction of what jobs WERE LOST? What an idiot, I can see why Obama and the Bourgeois administration of his carjacked GM and this lunatic probably brought coffee and donuts to them. For the media that thinks this was a impassioned and dynamic speech, it’s never too late to go to rehab your family and the rest of us would appreciate it.

  • $23988033

    Under Granholm MI could never get a balanced budget until the last minute with tax increases…
    Snyder got in and we had a budget ASAP with no tax increases

    Granholm destroyed MI and turned down endless companies who wanted to do business here because she would not budge on unions

    More people left MI under Granho’s watch than ever before…she was a disaster.
    Now she is gone things are finally turning around!
    Dems love nothing better than failure so they LOVE Granho! CA can have her!

  • Species X

    Oh my Dear Lord… She doesn’t sound like Howard Dean, she sounds like Jeremiah Wright! It’s a CULT!

  • Brett McMicken

    kinda reminds me of lucy, after she had a few belts of vitameatavegemin

  • Nixonfan

    I would say 100mg xanax and a double martini.

  • Jack_H

    Non English speaking countries will use video of the Granholm speech like the rant from “Downfall” is used here.

  • radjahshelduck

    I miss the commercials for Crazy Eddie.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Personally, I think Ms. Granholm could use an exorcism. If you slow the video down, you can see her head turn completely around and pea soup squirt from her mouth.

  • Buckshot LeFonque

    Crystal Meth is a hell of a drug. Jennifer must take the “Nazi Meth” formulation…because she’s obviously fond of the Nazi salute, Sieg Heil!