Torrential rain from Hurricane Isaac caused water to spill over the top of a levee in Plaquemines Parish, La., Wednesday morning. Many homes are underwater and dozens of residents were in need of rescue in the parish about 50 miles southeast of New Orleans.

Parish president Billy Nungesser told reporters:

The devastation of my house is worse than Katrina aand the flooding in Woodlawn is worse than Katrina, so those things tell me that the damage on the east bank is worse than Katrina.

The National Guard has been deployed to help with rescue efforts.

And the situation could worsen later today.

Mandatory evacuations are underway.

An intentional levee breach may be necessary to relieve pressure.

Many are tweeting photos of the devastation.

The Twitterverse is praying for Plaquemines Parish residents and rescue workers.

  • ChelieinTX

    I don’t understand why they didn’t leave beforehand. Really, I don’t. Do they not have transportation? A place to go to? I’d like to know.

    • weRbroke

      many of these people do not have any spare change, no savings and no transportation other than public or friends. They also don’t have anywhere to go unless it’s already arranged and publicly funded. Many are distrustful of leaving their homes, and losing whatever they have managed to gain over the years. Hopes and prayers that everyone stays safe.

      • LeighLeigh

        These peeps should have left….there is no excuse, especially since it was a mandatory evacuation and Bobby Jindal had School Busses lined up to take whomever wanted to leave….some people are idiots, and apparently these people are.

        • weRbroke

          I agree, they should have left, but if you have ever observed farm animals, there is an odd mentality that keeps them firmly planted in harms way because they have been domesticated to the point they have no natural instincts to flee for their own lives. I am not calling these folks animals, just making an observation as to what happens when ANYONE is led to live a life that is dependant on OTHERS to provide for their existance. Couple that with a mindset that distrusts authority in general and its a recipe for disaster where more people than necessary suffer for lack of adequate rescue crews to get to them ASAP.

          Up hear in the north, the state closes roads for a winter storm and someone decides to venture out, only to need to be rescued by any government agency, WILL get a BILL for their disregard of state issued warnings and closures. It simply is too costly to have people taking off in a major blizzard and running into trouble. For those with some common sense, we already have stocked up on food and fuel, and are tucked into our homes warm by the fires.
          Short of going door to door, there is absolutely no way the government knows who has followed the directives and who hasnt . Furthermore, just how is the Government going to FORCE evactuations of thousands of non-conformists that feel it’s their right to STAY?
          What to do…damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I swear some people don’t mind suffering from their own self-inflicted stupid and somewhere there is a bleeding heart that wants to make them a the subject of a the NEWS and it’s predictiable that it will be used for political purposes.

      • Tyketto

        Well either you or Kahne are lying. You give two very different views of the same area.Either way, this is twice now this state has been unable to evacuate people who live in a KNOWN flood areas. WTH.

        • Bigfoot Steve

          Refusing to evacuate and being unable to evacuate are two different things. If the people were provided with a way to get out and they didn’t, that’s their fault, not the state’s.

        • weRbroke

          it is not the states fault if folks REFUSE to leave. I am sure that you do understand that even though its against their best interests to stay, it’s essentially their right. In simplistic terms, as I see no one in government that wishes to handcuff them and shove them onto those buses.

    • LeighLeigh

      Plaqumines Parish is a nice part of the state where many new homes have been built from the wrath of Katrina….because this is a low lying area, lower than NOLA as it is towards the mouth of the Mississippi, they have levees, but not the same levees that surround NOLA proper….these levees in Plaqumines have not been upgraded yet, as the city has been concentrated on…..the people thought a Cat 1 strom was nothing, and it would have been if it were moving at a much faster clip….Much like Katrina, this storm has been stationary and when that happens the winds keep blowing water in the form of a surge, until it passes over….it didn’t pass over and has been beating them for the last 24 hours…..thank God the hurricane went in where it did, as all my friends in Biloxi are riding this storm out with high winds and not as much surge, although there is surge along HWY 90 and the back bay…….People should NOT be living in Plaqumines Parish, it is way too low.

      • Luke Owens

        “thank God the hurricane went in where it did, as all my friends in Biloxi are riding this storm out ”

        cuz those other people dont count? i hate your god.

        • maybetoday777

          which god would that be? God already did everything He is going to do for you…why don’t you pay attention to YOUR own vile, disgusting, gross, perverted sin and don’t worry about what God is doing or anyone else for that matter. God does right everytime. You, on the other hand, do not. You’re nothing and whomever chooses you is an abomination.

        • $25552980

          What you think of God is, frankly, irrelevant. Bully for you that you hate him. What matters is what he thinks of you.

        • Nikechic619

          Your evolution science god is hateful. All this technology and science and knowledge and you can’t stop a storm? I bet you are blaming Bush.

        • Nikechic619

          It’s not that you don’t believe in God Mr atheist. It’s that you don’t like how He works. So yes you believe in God but you don’t like him.

        • Nikechic619

          You probably will pray to an unknown god when you are begging for your child to be saved from being unfit for survival, yet you curse god when things go bad.

        • Penny Robinson Fan Club

          I hate you.

    • ChelieinTX

      I just looked on the Plaquemines Parish website, and they offer transportation during mandatory evacuations (and this was also declared on the website) to shelters. So, there were accommodations available for people who didn’t have the money or transportation to evacuate. Sad.

  • DANEgerus

    Yahoo’s @DavidChalian horrified only White people are suffering but at least Obama holding up FEMA aid to blame Jindal(R)

    • NotOneoftheGoodoleboys

      President Obama Has FEMA on the ground, He just has not turned the Federal purse strings over to pay for whatever the GOP Governor decides he wants…

      • RalphyBoy

        I think you mean ‘to pay for whatever the governor of Louisiana determines the hurricane victims need’…


    Nobamas Katrina CNN NBC MSNBC make this obamas KATRINA!!

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      As well it should be. JOTUS is more concerned with answering questions on Reddit than doing ALL HE CAN for those poor souls.


    First the city is below sea level? Bushs fault

    Second the mayor gov and senators did not have a plan? Bushs fault

    Third 68% of those folks refused to evacuate and stay? Bushs fault

    Ok so water is flooding in homes now people did not evacuate? its clintons
    fault he had sex in the oval office? Or may Nobamas fault for saying the
    buisness sector is doing fine? At so point change your diaper and get off the
    donkey nipple. The DNC has enslaved blacks for more than 75 years and what have you
    got for your loyal support?

    1. Poverty at or near the same level in 20 years

    2. Education for blacks are declining but on the rise for your black
    congressmen and women check out the schools they attend you might wish the no
    child left behind act was back in effect.

    3. Black wealth for the average black has dropped more than 20% except for
    the following freed slaves:

    Oprah Winfrey Jayz Beyonce and others we reveal as leaders in the black
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    In closing continue to blame others but blacks need to look no further to
    themselves you have been enslaved mentally.

    Stop making your black and white slave owners of the DNC rich. Finally the
    Kennedy the Kerrys and the Clintons and most of the blacks in the DNC are in the
    1% and trust me do not give a rat a– about you sorry.

    Blacks4Mitt 2012

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Prayers for all in Plaquemine’s Parish.

      Beyonce’ and JayZ sold their souls to Lucifer:

  • Tami C. Elton

    Daaaa-aang. I am so sorry for this misfortune. My students and I (Palm Bay, FL) will help any way we can.