Today Donald Trump wished longtime nemesis Rosie O’Donnell a speedy recovery from her heart attack. Does he miss her or opportunities to call her a “failure” and a “big fat pig“?

O’Donnell responded right away.

Could there be a ceasefire in their ongoing war? Courtney Love weighed in.

Making Twitter love? Ick. We kinda wish we were still asleep.

  • TomJB

    Lovely. Rosie’s surprise at a “get well” tweet from Trump beautifully shows were the tables turned, she would not be hoping that he “get well soon”. Yet another difference between the right and left. A more obvious example is to see the reaction on the right to Christopher Hitchens’ death and the left reaction to Andrew Breitbart’s death.

  • Love of Country

    My question is …. which “god” is Courtney Love thanking ….. the only one I know is spelled “God”, not “god”.

    Show me a blogger who finds my post a tedious exercise in semantics and I’ll show you a Godless liberal, lol.