Paul Ryan is in The Villages, Fla., today for his first Sunshine State visit since joining the GOP presidential ticket last weekend.

The area has more people receiving social security benefits than any other ZIP code in the U.S.

Ryan opponents are keepin’ it classy on Twitter:

But the crowd was full of enthusiasm as supporters awaited Ryan’s visit.

Romney’s VP pick was joined by his mom, Betty Douglas.

Highlights from his speech:

Ryan interrupted his speech to make sure a medic was on hand for a woman who fainted.

Some ab-related swooning perhaps?

Note that Ryan called for a paramedic, not a paralegal.

So, did Ryan win anyone over with his appearance at The Villages?

  • cscape

    You can tell by the “tone” in the tweets of the LIBS here, that Ryan is really getting under their craw (can anyone say “Ryan Derangement Syndrome” ?)

    • Joe Robinson

      yeah you said the same thing about Sarah Palin. How did that work out for you? She lost.

      • Conservativeanarchist

        It worked out well. Did you not notice what happened in 2010 vote??

  • Love of Country

    The Villages love/are Republicans and they all look so safe, happy, well adjusted and even emotionally if not fiscally prosperous.

    Correlation? 100%

    It’s really sad anyone would try and denigrate such a fabulous community …. who would do such a thing?

  • Phil Hopson

    Any woman or senior is a complete fool if voting Republican because of Ryan. Check his voting record, people. His speeches/words and his voting record do not reconcile. Ultimately, when at the voting booth ready to cast their vote, the vice-president candidate matters little in the decision.

    • J. Cox

      Squawk goes the lefty parrot.Sorry,but we actually do check facts and not go by the latest oped piece in the NYT’s.Please show us your plan….oh wait,your team has no plan except to racebait,and call names.Please keep making ads showing R+R killing people…it is doing a wonderful job,for us that is.

    • Claire Adams

      If only little ole women like me had a man telling them which vote would be crazy-making, then I’d know what to do. It’s so hard to, ya know, think and all. I’ll tell all my elderly and female friends a manfolk has it all figured out for us. Let’s go get manicures and golf.

  • Joe Robinson

    Hey Ryan put your mother on the vouchers system, then come talk to us.

    • J. Cox

      Should we take 716 Billion from medicare first?Worked well for you guys didn’t it.smh

    • truebeliever101

      I’ll take a voucher that allows me to choose my doctor and my care any day over a panel of 15 bureaucrats that know nothing about me or my medical history (or anything about medicine at all) deciding what I can and cannot get. Do you not see that with the IPAB, in order to get the care you need, you will be paying in full out of pocket anyway in most cases? Obama himself said, “maybe you don’t really need that expensive surgery…maybe you’re better off just taking a pain killer.” Controlling the cost is the purpose of IPAB, not producing happy patients. You’ll have to find a way to pay for anything they do not approve for you…and that is IF you can find a qualified doctor with availability. A voucher will at least cover much of the cost it AND more importantly, put the patient in charge-not the government board assigned to control cost. Plus, if you don’t want the voucher system, you’re not forced to take it, and, once again, if you’re 55 or older, it doesn’t even apply to you at all. You keep the plan as we know it today.

  • drtee3

    Great to see a real gentleman and an intellectual be able to speak with folks at their level and to reassure them that their retirement and health care benefits will not be taken from them. The Obama regime has already done that if the “Affordable Care Act/Obamacare” is allowed to go into effect. I’m gonna vote for him and urge all thinking people who love their country and their liberty to do the same!

  • JoeCollins

    Remember Idiot Joe (possible drunk) singing “The Villages”? Here is a reminder:

    • Paul J. Citro

      Joe Biden is 2nd in charge, dear God be afraid.