President Obama isn’t big on taking questions from the White House press corps. But when the hosts of New Mexico’s “Morning Mayhem” radio program wanted to ask him some hard-hitting questions, he was so there!

Warning: you might not be able to handle this much mayhem.

Naturally, there was discussion of New Mexico’s cuisine.

And finally, we have an answer to the question reporters have been waiting weeks to ask the president: Red chiles or green?

Gutsy call! But fair enough. He was speaking to a New Mexico station. The other softballs weren’t quite so geographically-oriented.

He also mentioned Nas — at least we think that’s who he was talking about.

This one might be our favorite.

Is that the lamest superpower anyone has ever wished for? The superhuman ability to be … multilingual?

And now for some musical mayhem.

Evidently Obama hasn’t heard the original, but the narcissist in chief has seen the mashup that features him.

And now for a real tough one. Don’t sit too far forward on the edge of your seat.

His answer? “Be persistent” and disciplined. Too bad that was the last question. There was so much more to cover!

Wait … was that another food question?

The interview ended on a professional note.

Keep your clothes on, doll. November is right around the corner.

  • Chad

    This man will do anything to avoid the serious questions…. Orchestrated Town Hall meetings, elementary school journalist doing stunt interviews, and going on a safe music FM radio show. I hope the WH Press Corp. rip him a new one the next time he does a press conference.

    • David Bradley

      “Let’s talk about green chiles and red chiles… But we will skip the subject of the economy… Because quite frankly I am clueless…” I am Barack Obama and I approve of this message.

      • Sammy Hains

        The irony is that 0bama blew this softball question big time.

        New Mexico is KNOWN as the land of GREEN chilies.
        They may be split between red and blue, but NOT between red and green!

        0bama should have known this, but didn’t. It’s basic retail politics to have
        at least a little interest in the local culture when asking people for their vote.

  • $21367552

    The stupid soft questions notwithstanding I think being able to speak any language would be a cool superpower. Would be great to be able to speak with anyone and especially as a president to read news or other documents from any country. But I guess for semi-literate shlubs who are only interested in speaking in their own no doubt rudimentary grasp of their first and only language with people exactly like them (and no interest at all in reading literature or news from other countries) then this would seem ridiculous.

    • Randy Mickiewicz

      Speaking every language would come in handy when he achieves his goal of becoming President of the world.

    • TugboatPhil

      I think a great super power would be condescending pomposity. How has it worked out for you so far?

    • J. Cox

      When you can not defend,deflect and call people names,and insult one’s intelligence.That has to be a superpower,right?

    • Larry Baron

      you seem ridiculous.

    • Liz

      It was a really great answer to that question. But his lib followers won’t understand it. They think the President is the Messiah and he already speaks and understands all languages. They will be very disappointed.

    • Maria

      Obama already has a superpower: Mind control over idiots.

  • weRbroke

    I wonder if they ever floated the idea to put out a D-onkey DWTS? Put Botox Nan, Harry Mormon Reid, against Billary and Biteme…and of course the final episode to feature Oblamo stuggling to float the FLOTUS and winning a landslide.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    “Mr President, just how awesome do you rate yourself?”

  • rinodino

    lol, twitchy doing what they do best, jock-riding the president….. Obama is doing all the fluffy interviews this week, like ET and others, WHY?? because that’s what Americans watch and listen to, and he can reach the most people to vote for him…. Reason why Romeny doesn’t do it? because it would turn more people off of him than before, lol

    • weRbroke

      I hate to think how much mush is between the ears of those who find their “info” out on ET.

    • TugboatPhil

      The jock-riding, throne-sniffing and rump-swabbing of Baraka Soetoro are the expertise of the left.

    • Larry Baron

      Who in the world gets their news from entertainment shows? And if anyone really did wouldn’t this be even more reason to ask serious questions?

    • David Bradley

      First of all why do you have to use the term “jock-riding the riding the president”? Somehow that paints a ugly picture when your referring to the Marxist president… And Second, if you going to attack Romeny (incorrect spelling) with a pathetic argument, how come you can’t spell his name right… No wonder you and your fellow libs don’t have a clue as to the facts… Would you like some more koolaid?

    • Maria

      Your beloved Obama is an idiot, I don’t mean it as an insult, I mean seriously by the definition he is an idiot. He doesn’t know math very well, he cannot form any intelligent thoughts on his own without a teleprompter, he doesn’t know how many states are in the U.S., he didn’t know that Hawaii wasn’t in Asia. Romney knows all that and how to save our country from going further into the toilet. Also, he was born in the U.S. and can prove it. Not to mention Romney’s running mate, Ryan, is 100% smarter than old man Joe. Face it–your ticket is literally stupid and, well, not much to look at..

  • radjahshelduck

    I want the following question asked of the President: “Mr. President, you favor increasing taxes on the rich as a means of trying to insure a fair share for all Americans. And yet even though you personally are a millionaire, you are not in any way helping your brother, who lives in squalor in Kenya. Can you explain why you feel you are a good spokesman for the idea of helping the poor in America when you don’t embrace compassion for the less fortunate in your own family?”

  • Guest

    Someone should let Obama know that the contemporary hip hop supposedly on his iPod is pronounced “NOSS” not “NASS,” even though it’s spelled Nas. I thought he was supposed to be such a rockstar??

  • lainer51

    How about – how can the rest of us trolls harness your greatness?
    What a narcissist on steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Mr. President, if you could give the dog you ate a name, what would it be?
    Much better question, IMO.

  • mhojai

    If you’re an American and NOT embarrased, I’m afraid you’re too stupid to live.

  • Paul J. Citro

    This is what our school systems are turning out left wing idiots. A bunch of lemmings.

  • ClassicFilm

    “Mr. President, is it difficult waking up each morning and realizing just how totally awesome you are?”

  • ClassicFilm

    “Mr. President, are the rumors true that you’re considering replacing Joe Biden with Kim Kardashian?”

  • ClassicFilm

    “Mr. President, about that dog you ate as a boy – did you prefer it with ranch or with thousand island dressing?”

  • ClassicFilm

    One final #HardQsforObama:
    “Mr. President, can you name all 57 states?”

    • Maria

      You get much kudos for that. 😀 Oh man, wouldn’t it be funny if he was asked that and he came up with the other 7??

  • Maria

    He is a joke. A sad unfunny joke.

  • Andrewpalandrew

    Obama is toast, with red chile, come November. #RomneyRyan2012, Mr. President, do you prefer Red or Green Chile with your dog dinner? Vote Obama out in November, lets save this Country from this mad man socialist idiot.