Former WWE executive Linda McMahon trounced former U.S. Rep. Chris Shays in Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary in Connecticut. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee lashed out immediately:

Linda McMahon is a greedy CEO who made millions marketing sex and violence to little kids, all at the expense of the health and safety of her own employees.

Wrestling fans, however, are clamoring for more sex and violence.

Starting in late 2008, the WWE began to tone down programming from TV-14 to PG levels to attract a younger audience. But in some corners of wrestling fandom, the theory is that McMahon neutered WWE programming to benefit her eeeevil Republican political career.

Now that McMahon has won her primary bid, some viewers fear the PG rating could be — gasp! — permanent!

Other fans suspect McMahon’s primary win will make the programming even tamer.

At least one WWE superstar doesn’t seem too concerned about McMahon damaging the company:

  • Elizabeth Cohen

    I can not believe that these people actually want little kids to watch this crap. Remember the 12 year old boy who killed his little friend by using a wrestling choke hold. Paleeeeze. Watch this crap on PPV and leave our babies alone.

    • Bill Brackett

      Do you remember the Power Rangers and how they “influenced violence” or how about the kids who hurt themselves in the 80’s trying to fly like superman? Blaming the wwe or any other wrestling program for what a child dose is ignorant at best. It is the parents job to stop there kids from seeing these things not the people who run a show.

      • Elizabeth Cohen

        Yes I do remember the power rangers and the ninja turtles. You can not compare them with actual grown men in a ring stomping on each other’s heads, groins, neck etc, etc. Or the fact that a 12 year old boy killed his little friend trying out a wrestling move on her. I guess steroid use is up in the gold old US of A when people compare a “cartoonish” show and a “Cartoon” with real life grown men. Oh my god, I figured it out, these grown men are “Cartoons”.

    • SpaceRacer423

      Dear Elizabeth,

      Please watch your own stupid kid and leave the rest of us alone.

      Everyone Else in the Universe

      • Eliza

        I did watch my kids, all four of them and they are all grown, married and with children of their own. They are hard working American men and women who have values, morals and great work ethics. WWE does not show anything but big huge men (on steroids????) just like the wrestler who murdered his beautiful son and wife. How about the 12 year old who murdered his little friend when he tried a wrestling move on her; he is sitting in a jail cell in Florida with adult men who can hurt him. All because wrestling is what, educational. Please. I will leave YOU alone, sir, since you approve of murder.

  • Bill Brackett

    I am a wrestling fan and I am a fan of this web site and Michel Malkin (even if I cant spell her name correctly) I do not think we want “more sex and violence” we want more believability. 2 grown men talking about how there going to kick each others butts isnt believable. Also some of it is no worse then Saturday morning cartoons which to most adults isn’t entertaining.

  • Sig

    Linda’s bid for the senate is noble, but she doesn’t have a shot in hell of getting elected. CT is a liberal utopia, and the moron majority would never vote for somebody who wants to lower taxes and show fiscal restraint.

  • Peacelanese

    Its very surprising that Linda body slammed Chris Shays. 76% vs 24% This tells me the a major tenet of the Tea Party- which is ‘get rid of the career politicians’ is alive here in CT. I think that means she does have a chance at the senate seat. I watched her opponent Chris Murphy (D) victory speech last night and he comes off like a dork.

    • SlimWich

      Murphy is a dork.

    • Bob Richards

      It’s “tenant” not “tenet”. Just ask Cher.

  • Brother Bo

    I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 50 years. My father’s friend was the local promoter and he would get us into the shows and back stage weekly. These are people who make a living telling a somewhat violent story line. I knew that backstage, they were mostly friends and co-workers, but had to hate each other in the ring. I always loved the art of choreographed violence, but have been dismayed about all the sex and silly story lines now shown in today’s wrestling shows. So many times, they spend more time running their story lines that we only get a little of the wrestling we paid to see. I like the wrestling more that the silly sexual story lines, so if Linda getting the seat means less sex and more wrestling, I’ll be a happy fan again. GO, LINDA, GO!!!

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Huh? Are leftards really pretending to take a moral stance against sex n violence on TV, or am I misunderstanding something?

  • brianmouland

    Actually think Lindas son-in-law is in charge of WWE creative department but lefties omitted that detail of course HHH is not running

    • Bill Brackett

      Yeah the 3 headed dragon in charge of creative atm is Vince Steph and HHH

  • Ntr

    WWE started losing it’s “edge”, at the earliest, around 2002 (post Attitude era) and it had nothing to do with politics. Someone should tell the idiotic lefties that.

    • Bill Brackett

      It was because they had no competition. Im still hoping for TNA to become competition for them someday….

  • radjahshelduck

    Let me tell you something, other Twitchy posters. Not one of you has the guts to get into that squared circle with me. If any of you did, I’d pick you up and throw you out of the ring. Then I’d go out after you, whack you over the head with a folding chair, and throw you back into the ring. Then I’d climb up on the top rope and come crashing down on you and the ref would count one-two-three and I’d still be the reigning Twitchy Heavyweight Champion! What you gonna do when the shelduck smashes you?

    • Bill Brackett

      You VS me opening match @ Wrestlemania for the Belt lol