After coming under fire for a bigoted tweet about Mitt Romney’s “magic underwear”, noted religious scholar Cher finally decided to find answers to her questions about those darn secretive Mormons. Apparently she now considers herself fully qualified to fill us in on Mormon “tenants.”

Do they pay the rent on time? Are they considerate neighbors? Do they clean up after their pets? C’mon, Cher. We’ve got to know!

The incoherent diva also shared her thoughts on Paul Ryan and his supposed devotion to Ayn Rand’s “tenants” (debunked here).

We’re not really familiar with Rand’s time as a landlord, but we’re guessing she wasn’t big on the idea of rent control.

Oh, and what’s that Cher?

We’ll make a deal with you, Cher. You try writing comprehensible tweets and we’ll do our best to explain them.


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  • Linda Stauffer

    I was a Cher fan since 1965, saw her and Sonny in concert several times and saw her last 2 concerts and all her movies. Have all the Sonny and Cher albums and CDs. She must be getting senile! She is losing a lot of fans with her library rants, including me.

    • Jeanette Victoria

      No she was always a simpleton. She should only open her mouth to sing.

    • Donald Yost

      She’s a drug addict

    • larrybug

      Agreed….Maybe Cher should consider making a major contribution to the IRS without taking her legal deductions and put her money where her mouth is…Just saying!!

  • Garth Haycock

    My question to Cher is “Why do you think I care what you think?

    • Guest

      That’s a very good point, dio. All these ‘celebs’ who now pretend to be political are in this ‘one percent’ the Left professes to abhor. Cher-if you don’t want to be considered a hypocrite give all your money to the poor and open up your Malibu mansion to the indigent. Or just shut up. Either is good.

    • DaleVM14W

      She let her daughter turn into a Cousin It. That explains volumes there.

  • CBFordz

    Mom, grands is on the computer again. Cher can join Grampa Biden and Uncle Beckel in the (govt funded) retirement home for bigots.

  • Carson Lauffer

    She was a great entertainer but like so many nincompoops in that industry don’t know anything else. I wish that they would just shut up and dance or sing or act or whatever they do. It is so disheartening to discover that people you enjoyed on stage are such idiots.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Nah, she wasn’t even that great an entertainer. C’mon, you really gonna put the “Sonny & Cher Show” up with Carol Burnett?

      • michael klahn

        well,if you put it that way…….no.LOL

  • Elizabeth Cohen

    Perhaps she meant “tenets” not “tenants”, the latter are people who rent an apartment or a house, the former is what a person bases his beliefs on. Yes? She is getting old.

    • Blarney Rose

      Elizabeth, “Stupid is as stupid does,” in her case she’s still searching for that hole in the ground, thinking it’s her a**!

  • blessedkids

    pathetic….she caneven sound remotely like an adult in ANY of her tweets….

  • John Greggory Kemp

    She wants to be a Slave to the State.

    • Brother Bo

      SHE wouldn’t be a slave to the state because she is one of the “elites” who would look down on the ignorant masses who are too dumb to know how awesome she and the other left wing whackos are.

    • CavalierX

      No, she wants US to be slaves to the State… or at least its “tenants!”

    • larrybug

      I don’t see Cher making any major contributions other than she is required to to the IRS and certainly not to charitable origanizations….Why is it that liberals are charitable with other peoples money and not their own….

      • JayTee

        That’s EXACTLY what they are–liberal with the taxpayers’ money, and usually very conservative with their own. I guess it eases their consciences to think they do something good when they advocate confiscating the property of others to fill the whole they leave in the world. People need to wise up and tell these fools to shut up. Anyone with a brain can see through their asinine behavior.

  • Jonathan Deaux

    Cher had a wonderful voice…..for singing. It’s a shame to see it going to waste…

  • AmericaForever

    Cher, I would love nothing more than to escort you on a tour of the LDS Humanitarian Center in SLC so you can see where billions of dollars go around the world and here helping others. I would love to show you the perpetuation fund that is educating youth all around the world who cannot otherwise afford school. I would love to share with you how Mormon underwear are no different than other religious symbols in every religion that show commitment to your covenants made with God. Nothing mysterious.

  • Lynne Zimmermann

    she’s dumber than a box of rocks. good entertainer, but old, pathetic and dumb.

  • Jacob Albers

    Wait a minit! As a liberal there aren’t any dictators you abhor! I thought that Survival of the fittest (Darwinism) was one of foundations of liberalism. Does liberal in the dictionary have a note saying see hypocrite?

  • fuddcat

    That is right – she was always a simpleton – Just sing and keep the rest of your garbage to yourself. She has a lot to talk about – evil, slutty piece of work!!

  • Nancy Tilton

    Why is this washed-up has-been even relevant?

  • Terry C.

    Hollywood liberals are like jellyfish..brainless nuisances! Sonny was smart to divorce her!

    • larrybug

      AGREED….He had the brains….Cher has straw between her ears…

  • ric

    Cher call Rosanne she may have a cabinet position for you, and I have it good authority that she has some killer Kronic

  • Ace Smith

    Wasn’t she going to leave the US permanently if Bush was elected for a second term? Why is she still here spouting off her inane drivel?

    • larrybug

      Hopefully she will leave now and move to the “Middle East” and see how tolerant they are of her insane comments and dressing like a lady of the night….Signed a former fan…

  • Norma T, Brown

    Cher, please stop pretending you are an intellectual and get back yo what you do best singing and showing off your belly button !!!

  • Bill Gordon

    This from a woman that has had so many plastic surgerys that when she blinks her boobs bounce. I think the tighter her skin gets the less her brain works. In this picture her skin looks like leather. Go Cher and mind your own business.

  • Brother Bo

    She forgot to mention that Romney is actually the anti-Christ and that the world will collapse if communism isn’t allowed to flourish in America. (note that America starts with a capital “A”) I’m sorry to see that Cher, with so much former talent, is now just a lunatic liberal. Too bad Sonny’s political beliefs didn’t rub off on her. Cheryl Sarkisian should go back to El Centro, California where she came from and stay away from all cameras, microphones and social media. What a maroon.

    • Joe DiGennaro

      Love the Bugs Bunny reference!


    why did I just read #cher s tweets Duh I’m stupid

  • Ron Blaise

    Well, I guess the “worst” thing I could do is pray for her. God loves her same as me, she just ignorant, as I once was. No, I don’t like the person she has become either, but God can change anyone’s heart, pray for that!

  • Dae Powell

    aye. Cher has lost me, a Mormon, as a fan. May God bless her with some intelligence in the near future and quiet her disturbed soul.

  • Dan SweetTea Gaines

    She, like the rest of the wealthy in entertainment, will support Obama until they realize it is THEIR money that will support his programs.

  • Chad

    Hey Cher, if you plan to have a comeback record, it’s not a good idea to tick off a large portion of consumers.

  • oldenough2remember

    Typical liberal…with no rational arguments to back up their beliefs they resort to name calling and hate. Very pathetic and ignorant, but please keep ranting Cher. It shows in vivid terms just how out of touch and bigoted you really are.
    And btw……you may think you’re all that, but we really don’t care what you and the rest of show biz think ;o)

  • maclogo

    It’s too bad Cher decided to turn “ugly” in her old age.

  • Mary Leonesio

    The left wants us to believe that they’re intellectually superior. She and Roseanne have proven that false. Let them keep talking and ranting. Soon even the left will tell them to be quiet.

  • Larry Miller

    Cher rags on like magpie to keep people from asking if she has male & female body parts…….it’s kinda iffy.

  • Marsha England

    Celebrities seem to have a false sense of their intelligence! All left wing celebs think they are more qualified to speak into world politics then the rest of us. I ask you…just how smart do you have to be to be a performer…its just the job you chose…that’s all…Most of you are extremely stupid about life. “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares”!!!

    • brianmouland

      Many have only a high school education or less proof positive that having money does not make you smarter

  • Larry Miller

    Don’t forget,………Liberals have given over 30 billion dollars in subsidies to the entertainment groups. That would be worth a lot of food stamps.

    • CavalierX

      Yeah… Liberals give money to entertainers, Conservatives give money to charities.

  • Carl-Tony Bralick

    Someone needs to take away Cher’s Internet connection…

    • MaryLee Johnson Rounds

      AHA, she does have one! I thought she was just doing this through mind control.
      Are you sure? LOL

  • CavalierX

    She would have made more sense had she just hit keys at random.

  • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

    What has Cher ever done that would make people think her opinion is valuable? She went through men and relationships like I change my socks. She didn’t appear to be an outstanding mother / wife / human being. Her daughter looks awfully confused to me. So she can sing and act a bit. Big deal those are talents we are born with – gifts from God. She is nothing but another elitist liberal who thinks she’s more important than she really is. Come to think of it when was the last time I saw her in the slums handing out meals or building shelters for those in need. Another irrelevant, over the hill hypocrite trying to stay relevant in today’s world.

  • $21590057

    Cher is an unintelligent person, as proven by the words she types. I had the hardest time figuring out that she meant ‘tenets’, not ‘tenants’. I thought maybe she had a few rentals and, therefore, was talking about her experiences there. I do think that some of the Mormon tenet of faith are rather wacky and decidedly not Biblical, but it’s not a Christian religion. I don’t go around criticizing Hindus for not adhering to the Bible, that’s their choice in life. But, since theirs is a peaceful religion, no jihad, it really doesn’t affect me.

    • Jason A Rusty Brooks

      Bev, I love you because I am taught by my religion {LDS} to love all people involved in this epic struggle to be human for such lengthy lifetimes on this big green marble, but I also pray that you will educate yourself more thoroughly concerning the actual precepts and principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are so obviously intelligent that it’s almost a sure thing that if you do your homework, with an open heart, you will soon thereafter have an entirely different attitude toward a bunch of people that I would stake my life have never done you personally any wrong.

      • Maria

        The term is “big blue marble”. lol

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Jeebus effin Xmas, she is like her meds or something!

  • John Hanover

    I’m thinking it took Gregg Allman 18 days to sober up and realize what kind of a nut job he married. How is she even relevant to anything? she can no longer sing without studio tricks and I don’t see movies coming around as much as they used to. Poor Plastic Princess.

  • dio heerai

    Did you all know Cher is worth 305 million, 50 million more than Romney . Yet she always calls him “Richie Rich”. Romney has given almost 200 million in charity in his lifetime according to Forbes Cher less tan 10 million, because she cares for the poor “so very very much”

    • Tony Palombella

      Did You People Know;The Rich Hollywood Socialist. Like Cher. The More They Speak Out, In Favor Of Their Socialist Party. The More Tax break They Get.

  • OrganicGirl

    Professing themselves to be wise they become fools….

  • Herb Bates

    Although I am not one, I have lived among the Mormons most of my life and found them to be honest, moral, patriotic, hard working people. I am wondering what this pathetic, dried up old mudhen is basing her view of Mormonism on. She has not been out of the Hollywood bubble for decades

    • Paula Noakes

      Thanks, Herb! As a Mormon, I am baffled by folks like Cher who just don’t seem to have a clue what we really are about. We love our country, our God, our Savior Jesus Christ. We love our families and believe we can be with them forever. We pay tithing which goes to charity as well as to building church buildings and temples. We give “fast offerings,” which go to a fund to feed people in need. We have massive storehouses where people who need help can go and get food and necessities (I have personal experience with this; we needed some help from the storehouse a few months ago and were treated with love and compassion by everyone there). Mormons have been in the forefront of humanitarian aid all over the world after earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires. Honestly, if Cher could pull her head out of the sand long enough to actually talk to a Mormon, she might not come across as so … batty? Looney? Mind-blowingly insane?

  • 101st Airborne

    It is always amusing when “stars” voice opinions..their words contradict how they live…go figure

  • Red

    Uhmmmm, Ok Cher…. Never liked any of your plastic performances. You call out Ryan as “fake”. Hypocrite. In reviewing the history of our great country, we’ve had 2 Quakers and 1 Jehovah’s Witness as president. Morman? As opposed to Quakers and Jehovah’s Witness? Really? You want us to be “ascared” of a Morman based on his religious beliefs…… Sad and pathetic as always, Cher.

  • Warren Forren

    Cher: Great voice, wonderful singer. Not smart. Sony: Not a great voice, great songwriter, smart politician.

  • Beeta

    Cher we do not take your word on anything.. You or anyone else in Hollywood . So get over yourself you are not a spokesman for anything or anyone… We would rather believe Howdy Doody!!!!

  • allenbarr

    Cher Obama

  • Kenneth Jones

    This is the genious who thought “Mt. Rushmore” was a natural phenominon.

  • Daniel Buckner

    Ayn really believed in a narrow purpose for morality. Still she was far more moral than liberals.

  • Marc

    ok, Cher is old now, has alot of time on her hands, and nothing to fall back on but what she hears from those around her. She is poorly educated, to put it mildly, her claim to fame was one-liners written for her, scripts, written by people who did make it thru their junior year in HS…she is dressed, made up, be-wigged, told where to stand or sit, she is then lit with maximum diffusers, photoshoped untill every wrinkle, age spot, crease and cravass are removed, and then we are allowed to see ‘her.’ Or are we seeing a construct of make believe? Then we hear tweets, are we sure they are her? Or perhaps the gay guy who answers her phone? or the gay man who brushes her eyebrows? Or the gay man who injects her lips daily? Its so hard to tell, isnt it?Alot ‘depends’ on this..[cue the Cher laugh at ‘depends’]

  • Alan

    This is becoming an obsession with her! Does she really have so much free time? I suppose since she hasn’t had a hit record in 14 years…

  • Vic Johns

    Dear Cher, “The Beat Goes On” was a crappy song with silly lyrics. I see not much has changed in the last 60 years or so of your life. And that video deal where you straddled a gun on that navy ship….remarks cannot express how sad and disgusting that was. Please grow old gracefully and show some love to ALL people, regardless if you agree with them or not.
    Your friend, Vic

  • EastValleyConservative

    Her attempt to be more relevant made her even more irrelevant.

  • Sharpshooter

    After seeing and hearing of Cher’s convoluted life style over the years, you would think that the last thing that she would want to comment on would be religion, which is something that she has absolutely no knowledge of!
    Obviously she is still delusional from all the drugs, booze and the young boys, and girls!

  • Rick Nelson

    I think she suffers from having been under anasthesia for too long due to all the cosmetic surgeries.I always look to Hollywood for political advice.Not!!

  • weRbroke

    We shouldn’t make fun of Cher’s wandering rants and mis-information, she is dyslexic and that can affect how she reads, writes and comprehends.

  • Gordon McCauley

    It’s not her fault — it’s all the drugs that killed her brain cells.

  • AlmaAlma

    I remember there was a bit of a ruckus about Cher not being invited to some awards night for the movie with Christina Aguilera. At the time I thought, it seems she is probably being a bit of a Diva and they didn’t want her there. Christina was taking her spotlight away from her. When I saw the movie, it confirmed it for me. Cher, was like a plastic version of herself. No soul, no character. Nothing like she was in Mask. Something is happening to her, I don’t know whether her life decisions are catching up with her but I actually feel sorry for her. When you base your life around superficial things like beauty and fame, you don’t end up with much fulfillment. Cher, do an about face in your life.

    • Maria

      It’s called overdoing the drugs and alcohol.

  • wayne warden

    where do good people go? well its pretty simple, if those good people trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior then they go to be with Him in “His” dwelling place! why would He let someone in that He does not know??? And no He does not have an intimate relationship with everyone. some people want nothing to do with Him but are “good” people. By who’s definition are they “good people”? by God’s or by mans? morman, jew or catholic makes no difference, do they have the spirit of the Living God living in them? thats who goes. not my rules! they are His rules and He gets to make them, not you or anyone. AMEN

  • Mark Cooper

    I used to like Cher. I don’t really know why. She can sing pretty fair. She act pretty fair. But she isn’t all that good at either one. Now she’s getting old and desperate for attention. She should just stay in California and enjoy the weather. Leave the politics to people that are smart enough to understand them and not talk like a total racist while ranting out in public.

  • s.p. johnson

    What a waste of oxygen.

  • Maria

    My husband used to be Mormon and says he didn’t have magical underwear and all that. lol Cher is an idiot. Catholics are Christian. Personally, I believe Mormons are too (even though I don’t believe Jesus went to the Americas and dropped magical plates). And also Jews are the chosen people and will go to Heaven.

  • MikeRios

    Somebody needs to give this dinosaur high school dropout a dictionary, oops, my bad, she has to know how to read first. Well any way, someone needs to tell this living mummy that “tenants” are people who pay rent for property owned by someone else.
    “Tenets” are religious doctrines and beliefs held by someone that are not readily proven. I still think if we sat her down and told her that it wouldn’t sink anywhere past her 7th grade education.
    I guess you don’t need much intellect to do what she does whatever that is.

  • Cris Allen

    My landlord has Mormon tenants. It’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of religion.

  • Blarney Rose

    Cher, you are one of the “fools we have to suffer gladly,” then laugh our arses off when you eat crow in November! “I got you, Babe,” and you ain’t worth havin’!

  • Anna Pacheco

    These ageing Celebrities love to keep their name in the headlines. They can say anything that they want. No one has to agree with them. What about separation of Church and State. Just because Romney is a Morman does not mean that he will try to make all of us Mormans. Cher needs to stop ranting.Personally I am concerned about all of muslims in the white house.

  • Stephanie Warren

    Makes me sad since ‘song for the lonely” is one of my favorite songs…

  • ritamweep

    That’s not Cher….that’s Yoko Ono.

  • JayTee

    Every once in awhile some celebrity or other well-known person goes out of their way to prove that they’re a genuine shithead. Then, some compound it by doing it over and over. This goofball seems to be particularly proficient at it.

  • John W. Kerr

    I always hang on every word some old morally bankrupt urban marxist white woman with no magic underwear has to say…..phfst…tee..hee…phfst…LOL!

  • DaleVM14W

    Do the liberal Hollywood daffodils have any kind of education above a high school level? Acting school or “community college” doesn’t cut it.

  • Paul J. Citro

    Is she starting to dig the hole yet??

  • Paul D Walters

    It’s Cher ranting! WHO CARES!!

  • terrisarten

    Wonder what Cher thinks religious freedom is, exactly. Does it mean the world is free from religion or that the government doesn’t make her join a religion. She clearly is a loon.

  • Mike Meyer

    Since when is a Catholic not a Christian? This is news to me

  • BwBarrnone

    Blaaaahhhhhh – who is cher and why do we care about a singer that is……Blaaaahhhhh

  • J.N. Ashby

    To be fair to Cher, she probably met Joseph Smith at some point.