During the #NBCfail coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony, Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer gushed over the tribute to the British National Health Service. But Monday night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” a few Twitter users noticed Vieira wasn’t exactly gushing about the NHS.

Here’s what Vieira told Fallon about the surgery she had on her thumb while she was in London:

You know what was interesting? How in the opening ceremony they hyped the National Health Service, which is their public health service. And then when I had an infection they said, “Oh no no no, you’re going to a private doctor.” Which makes me wonder about the health service.”

So, all those news stories about NHS facilities swarming with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, British citizens being denied life-saving treatment and people dying while waiting for service didn’t make her “wonder,” but getting sent to a private doctor did? Typical liberal elitist: let the little people do as I say, not as I do.

One Twitter user was less than pleased with Vieira.


We suspect other defenders of socialized health care will have similar reactions.

  • John Finnerty

    Foreshadowing America?

  • Toran Rai

    NHS fails. and uk is afraid to talk about it. uk is near to third world and riots will come soon ..camroon won’t be able to stop it

  • Bui van vat

    Funny thing is, the London Times runs an NHS horror story at least once a week, but if an American even mildly criticizes it as Paul Ryan did yesterday, they bristle with indignation.

    And I can tell you, the NHS is truly, truly awful.

    • Stan Marciniak

      I’ve heard this so many times, Gerard, but for some reason the subject is avoided by media. NHS is a failure for those with chronic and life threatening health issues. It may be an acceptable program for lesser ailments where time, thoroughness and efficiency are NOT of the essence.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_INUKRTZJKUTNMNYWRCK26TO3N4 stevem

        Up until now, the uninsured have been getting a free ride. If
        they get a life threatening illness, and wait until their symptoms can
        no longer be ignored, they can go to any emergency room and not be
        turned away. And if they survive, they can either spend the rest of
        their lives paying down a monstrous medical bill OR they can declare
        bankruptcy. [Sixty percent of bankruptcy filings are for medical bills,
        driving up costs for everyone.] In essence, every uninsured American
        ALREADY has socialized catastrophic medical coverage. But the simple
        truth is, if they had preventative medical coverage, there’s a good
        chance they could have avoided that catastrophe. And the rest of us
        might have avoided being stuck with their now monstrous bill.

        • Ken08534

          I love the liberal delusion that there are countless people on America that will pay for health insurance but currently have no coverage and reportedly can’t scrape together a few dollars to pick up a generic prescription at Wal-Mary or Target when they get sick.

        • Snap N McGarrett

          Health insurance typically costs around half of what a smart phone, text and data plan cost. If you want to know what the priorities are of the uninsured, have a look at what they’re yakking on while waiting in the ER. A cell phone is worth more to some than their own health.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001585285718 Donald Yost

            Cigarettes at $5 a pack, they smoke 2 packs a day

          • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

            You forget some people cannot be insured. Like myself. However, I still am against Obamacare.

          • http://www.facebook.com/julie.l.owens.79 Julie Linder Owens

            I also am comletely uninsurable. I am against Obamascare. Doctors would gladly treat me at a discounted rate due to my indigent circumstances if they could get gov’t out of their offices.

          • codesertrat

            Can’t deny this, it is a fact. Start noticing, you’ll see.

        • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.heath.359 Aaron Heath

          Ya because certain types of cancers are preventable, like lymphoma, or pancreatic, or prostate.

          • $4750977

            Really? Prove this cancer is preventable statement! Especially pancreatic which is one of the worse ones to get! Lets see your miracle preventatives and the sources.

          • http://www.facebook.com/kymberly.parker Kymberly Parker

            All you can ever say about cancers, is that with certain lifestyle changes, there are FEWER INCIDENCES of certain types of these cancers. Almost never can you point to someone and say “You caused your own cancer” with 100% certainty.
            Please, please, educate yourself a bit better.
            Even with lung cancers, you can only say “This person caused their own cancer, with say 98% certainty.”
            And unless you are living a completely unassailably healthy life style, eating all the right things, never indulging in the wrong snack, fast and/or comfort foods, exercising just the right amount, getting enough sunlight but NEVER too much, never allowing yourself to be exposed to any radiation scatter anywhere, never getting in any random EMFs, never putting yourself in any danger anywhere…you should stick to stating probablities and not being so shrill.

          • Kackzie Wackzie

            Health care finger pointers are so prejudiced! White sugar is one of the worst things you can eat. Yet, no one jumps all over people who use white sugar, or eat foods with sugar in them. Michelle Obama is on her fat kids tirade, but how many times did she open her mouth about her cigarette smoking husband? Of course, the President, and Congress, and the Senate, and folks like them, are exempt from this stellar health plan. Long ago, Congress was not a job, but a service Americans provided. They would vote, then go back home to their businesses and LIVE UNDER THE SAME LAWS they voted on everyone else to live under. Now we have career emperors who sit on their thrones and bilk the Americans, and then exempt themselves from having to do what Americans will do. And frankly, since they elect for themselves full pensions, they will ALWAYS be able to pay top dollar for private doctors. So, they aren’t that interested in the general public, since they don’t think it wrong to collect full pensions for the rest of their lives. Repeal Obamacare and get term limits for those in Congress. Two terms, no pension, and no special privileges.

          • $2943864

            Aaron – Alright – thanks for that idiot – as a two time cancer survivor I can assure you I did NOT cause my own cancer. If you were in front of me right now – I’d punch you in the mouth.

        • Ken Alan Draper

          then again, maybe you will find healthcare hard to find, Doctors don’t work for free, & they don’t work for what the government wants to pay them. that’s why doctors who accept Medicare are hard to find. when the entire medical profession is in a medicare type system no one is going to want to practice. I’d bet that Black market medicine will become big though.

          • http://www.facebook.com/kymberly.parker Kymberly Parker

            My son-in-law works in the medical field, and his father is a doctor; he pointed out that Obamacare would require him to accept FAR less in payment, but still require him to pay all his same staff, the same wages AND still pay the same malpractice insurance. So, how in God’s name is THAT ‘fair’?
            What Dr. A calls it, is enslavement, and I think I really have to agree with him.

        • wings7

          What a load of made-up BS. No one in America needs to go without medical treatments. There are so many free or low cost clinics and even non-profit hospitals. What we had worked as best as anyone could expect considering many people just don’t believe in or want to get routine check-ups (including a large number of

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001585285718 Donald Yost

          They are too lazy and stupid to use preventative care. Its there they WON”T use it

        • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

          Your post proves ignorance. The uninsured have not been getting a free ride. I am uninsured. I was brought to the emergency room in late 2009 and when I was released, I had to go back to the hospital and work out an afforable payment plan. I didn’t have much money, but I was able to pay it off easily. The hospital will work with people so they can pay the bills off.
          Socialized medicine will up taxes and cause insured individuals to go bankrupt (as well as those using Obamacare).

        • Netmilsmom

          My nephew spent five years paying off his bill for the NICU for his son. The bill wasn’t more than his cellphone per month.
          Paying isn’t all that bad.

        • NCRelite

          So before obamacare the uninsured were victims, now the were free riders all along. Give me a break. Why should a healthy young person have to pay health insurance they will most likely not need? Besides government run healthcare sounds like an absolute nightmare –bureaucrats in charge of your health

      • W.F. DePriest

        The media is bought and told not to trash NHS ninny

    • Ron Lewenberg

      Oikophobia is part of the Political Correctness, and this a dogma of the
      leftists and controlled opposition media. However, hatred of
      conservatives trumps all, so the left-media and useful idiot right will
      temporarily resurrect ersatz nationalism, like Stalin did in WW2, to
      attack the Conservative. And then the fake nationalism will go away.
      Look what happened to Romney, when he spoke the truth about that
      incompetent Marxist propagandized Olympic games?

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    How DARE Viera be concerned for her own health and safety!! She should just do what the gubmint wants and be happy about it.

  • Pinky Escada

    read Briana Marie’s tweet feed. Her mouth is filthy. Trash

    • http://www.facebook.com/don.winzen Don Winzen

      She is definitely trash

  • jonjon_yo

    If she relied on the NHS, she’d be up to her shoulder in gangreen by now and still waiting in line for treatment. hehe sorry I had to say it.

  • Michael Z

    Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is spending around 1 million pounds ($1.6 million) in taxpayers’ money each week providing repeat abortions, the Telegraph reported.
    The figures have sparked warnings by critics of abortion legislation that many British women view abortion as just another form of contraception, according to Britain’s Daily Mail.

    • http://www.facebook.com/erin.pedersen.50 Erin Pedersen

      That is truly heartbreaking. I will never understand why someone would intentionally kill one of God’s greatest gifts.

    • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

      The whole meaning of contraception is to prevent conception. Abortion is not a form of contraception by the very definition of the word, but a form of murder (except in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother). I cannot believe women are doing this repeatedly! Maybe they should just be sterilized and save the taxpayer’s money.

  • Shi

    So Libturd Meridith I thought your Teleprompter Jebus was the best thing since sliced bread especially since Obozocare but now NHS is not good enough for you. Come on Meri…take one for the team…Hypocritical liberal trash

  • D. Ray Morton

    Rich person told not to mingle with the hoi polloi when going to seek treatment. Yeah, I guess that means that a public health care system is a bad idea. Irrefutable proof that regular folk should go poor seeking care.

  • jeffkb

    When I lived there most of my friends had private insurance even thought they payed a huge amount in taxes… The told me the same thing, “You are either dead or well before you can see a doctor”. Interesting

  • Larry Knight

    Liberals love universal healthcare for everyone but them!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_INUKRTZJKUTNMNYWRCK26TO3N4 stevem

      Correction, RICH liberals might, but poor liberals would be getting preventative treatment they otherwise wouldn’t get, saving EVERYONE, rich and poor alike, money.

      • Ken Alan Draper

        you think so, there are a lot of Brits & canadians who would disagree. you can meet a few of the canadians in waiting rooms of doctors offices in the states that border canada.

        • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria


        • http://www.facebook.com/kymberly.parker Kymberly Parker

          Doesn’t even have to be border states. My parents live in Texas and have met quite a few Canadian (middle, lower class) families that travel to Texas, to take someone to MD Anderson hospital (I know, not preventative, still..) because “If we had waited until our government health care would have allowed him/her/me to receive treatement for the cancer, he/she/I would be DEAD. So by going to MD Anderson, he/she/I have actually got a chance, AND the doctors really try to help with the costs!”
          All the Canadians my parents have met, are disgusted with their own health care and THRILLED with American health care and are the first and the loudest to SCREAM in horror, when the subject of Obamacare comes up.

        • EMTgoneNUTZ

          Here in FL we have Canadian Care clinics on practically every street corner! Right along with CVS & Walgreens.

      • Desiree

        Aside from standard vaccinations (which can be accessed through Medicaid and at most clinics, etc.) what the heck is preventable treatment — living in a bubble?

      • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

        Look up the cost of a routine X-Ray and CAT Scan and then do a conversion between Canadian dollar to American dollar to see REAL cost of HIP ( Canada’s system ). HIP Canadians retiring to FL, AZ, and other states would have US doctors and hospitals send the bill back to Canada and sometimes Canadian government and province double, triple, even quadruple billing paid no questions asked for decades and they wonder why it’s broke. Look up as well the cost of cigarettes and see why Canadians gleefully come to US to stock up on those as more than 50% of your income for a failed system is tough enough. Universal Health Care in any other universe please.

    • celsma

      I think someone missed the point here. “preventative treatment” in a system where the waiting list for necessary treatments can go well beyond 12 months? I wonder if liberals lack some brain matter that allows them to remember 1 fact while talking about a different one, or whatever it takes to combine them to form a rational opinion.

    • jennfire

      Preventative treatment is a farce. There is no such thing.

  • ken

    nhs is a failure it dose nothin g good

  • http://www.cavalierx.com CavalierX

    Don’t worry, Meredith; I’m sure ABC, NBC and CBS will get waivers so you won’t have to deal with the horrors of Obamacare like the rest of us.

  • Morven Duncan

    Only uk citizens are entitled to free treatment on the nhs so it was right for her to seek private health treatment. why should i pay thru my taxes for her treatment.

    • http://www.cavalierx.com CavalierX

      Indeed; why should you pay through your taxes for anyone’s treatment? That’s the question you should be asking. But wait… does that mean patients are asked to prove their citizenship before receiving treatment? Oh, the horror.

      • Morven Duncan

        im more than happy to pay my taxes for the nhs, i may not need it yet but in the future it will be there for me as it is for others now. if we were all ‘what’s mine is mine’ the uk would be in the same horrible situation as the USA where ill people either dont have healthcare or even worse – having to cope with the merrygoround of health companies denying claims and adding stress to an already unwell person.

        • http://twitter.com/Brian_BB_ Brian B

          That is crap, if you are sick in America you wont be turned away from a hospital. And what good is a health care system being there for you, if its just going to let you die while waiting for treatment. Its not about whats mine is mine, its about personal responsibility and taking care of ones self and family. As bad as it is in America, Im sure if your life was on the line you would be much better off here than there!

        • http://www.facebook.com/owoodu Bryan Wood

          If your more than happy to pay your taxes for healthcare for everyone, why must you deny healthcare to non citizens that is not only unfair, but downright morally wrong! Shame on you Morven Duncan

        • DebEast

          My relative’s British parents had NHS — both DIED way too young –doctor’s appointments were far between. They got lots of morphine though.

        • http://www.cavalierx.com CavalierX

          You should probably find out the truth before spouting off in ignorance, Morven. No one in America is denied life-saving care. Almost every citizen of the US has health insurance, and almost every one of them is satisfied with it. If it’s a “horrible situation” in which I can call my doctor and see him in a couple of hours, and get nearly any surgical procedure scheduled within a coupld of weeks, then I’ll take it. I’m perfectly happy to let those who want government health care have it. Why won’t they let me have private health care if I want it? Oh, right; it’s because they need to force me to pay for their insurance. One more thing: the government (medicare, for instance) denies more claims than all of the private insurance companies together ever did. But when the government tells you no, there’s nowhere else to turn.

          • Holden

            @cavalierx:disqus First of all… The Patient Protection and Affordable Care act is NOT universal health care…. Obamacare was written to work within the system United States already has. It is designed to get more uninsured people insured. Spreading the cost to all. Is it perfect? no but what have the “Conservatives” put forth to solve the rising US medical costs? Absolutely nothing… Oh except TORT reform so you as a consumer have no rights to sue the malpractice of doctors… That should help keep costs down… I am sure the doctors with lower insurance premiums will pass the savings on to you the customer.. LOL.

            The law is requiring people to buy insurance to cover their health needs. I know it is not the same? But every State in the union has laws requiring motorists to have insurance to protect others from you.. not a lot different. Why is Obamacare bad?

            One more point…. Again not the same but for those that want less government…. Remember in late 1800’s and early 1900’s most fire departments were private. You had to pre-buy their services and put the emblem in your window for them to fight your house fire. Having government take over this or manage this was a bad thing????

          • Kackzie Wackzie

            No one HAS to drive. If you disagree with the insurance, or don’t want to pay it, you can walk, run, ride a bike, take a bus, train, or plane, helicopter, jet, boat, horseback. See how many options I have without PAYING INSURANCE. The government is MAKING you pay something because you are alive. Your choice to get out of paying is to die. That is called slavery. You have no choice but to stop breathing in order to not pay for something. So let’s be fair. Give people a petition to sign that they will NEVER try to get the government to pay for their treatment. Log it into the computer system. As free men, they should have that right. I don’t need the government to make me do things “for my own good”. A government tried to do that before. It became the birth of a new nation: America. If you really believe the government will not look for ways to decrease the expenses once they start piling up, you are sadly mistaken. Every country with nationalized health care has proven that, unless it’s minor, or a check up (and even some countries have that spread out), you may wait or get no treatment at all. I hope you will remain healthy until you die, because if you don’t think old people, who make up a huge chunk of all medical treatment and procedures, will get the shaft, they will. The government will not pay for a 90 year old to get costly life saving treatment. Or do you not remember the revision the health care bill had to make when people found out about the end of life counseling for old people? Words may be gone, but they did that because they know there will be more red tape, and painkillers, for what ails the old and chronic. I also think we will see a decrease in doctors and nurses, especially the ones that you want: seasoned and excellent. Then you take away a person’s incentive to prosper, they will give a rat’s ass, and ready to clock out after their shift (as one poster already said of their experience under NHS).

        • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

          I am uninsured in the U.S.A., but got all my health care needs taken care of and paid off. :)
          I don’t want someone else paying for my healthcare. That is embarrassing!

    • Andrew Bunch

      Don’t need to be a UK citizen, just employed in the UK with an NI number. And yes, it would’ve taken Meredith a few hours of her precious time to get treated. There are some patients that practically live at the hospital waiting room because that’s all they know how to live or the system ignores their ailments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

    Kind of like Canada’s system only slightly worse as they can’t go south to the USA for better providers and routine procedures, and did I mention open clinics.

  • http://twitter.com/dougfoot Doug Foote

    Socialized healthcare is great… until you need it!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S76XIS53F7LSF4SGCB4GQ4HH4Q rifleman

    Liberal defenders of socialized medicine: “You can’t handle the truth!”

  • Dayal Krsna Das

    Did we not fight for independence from the British over government intrusion in our lives? Now we want our government to run our healthcare like theirs does?

  • MikeAT_ACW

    When I visited London in 06 I contracted a virus. The friend I was with immediately drove me to a private clinic and I was scene by a doctor within 30 minutes. I was examined, diagnosed and given my prescription in less than 90 minutes. Total cost was around 150 bucks. I wonder if I tried the NHS would I have ever be scene by a nurse before I left.

  • George Hardy

    socialist spin – it all looks and sounds good until….you need it; then you find out what it`s really like, but then, it`s too late

  • http://www.facebook.com/cscamardo Charles Scamardo

    libturds say “socialized healthcare” it the nervana of all things. like we dont know that is not true. Just as the libturds know as well, but are liars and deceivers.

  • JeffreyFuller

    The ideology of the left, the liberal cause, progressivism, is severely tainted with hypocrisy, because all they are after is power and control. It’s not about the people, it’s not even about the poor people. It’s about staying in power, and they rely on the ignorance of their followers to believe in their lies and false hopes to gain votes. If we continue to follow the progressive agenda, then the progressive agenda will put into place a system of absolute authority, where all power is concentrated within a small select group who will control everything. Sure, the poor may have a little something after it’s all said and done, but that’s all they will ever have. The middle class will join them in their socioeconomic position. There will truly be no middle class, it will be the haves and have-nots cut and dry, no question, no chance of ever climbing out of the have-not class. Because people will come to rely on the government for what little they can get, no one will have a desire to create, to build, to make things better, to innovate. Why bother, they will not earn any more than anyone else because the socialist government will make everyone equal, that is unless you are one of the select few within the power circle. The government, with no other choice, will have to force people into production, WORK CAMPS! SLAVERY! All in order to survive and continue to exist as a sovereign nation.

    • Kackzie Wackzie

      You have brought us back to the real issue. Power. Communist Russia was a prime example. Those in power had it, whatever they wanted, with no one to question them. They did NOT become wonderful saints, bringing about the better way of life. When Gorbachev presented his wife with a $10,000 watch, people were still standing in grocery lines to shop in half stocked stores. I had a friend from that wonderful region of the world who said you get things by bribery. Bribery was one of the worst problems. If you think politics stink now, just wait until they can control your life. By then, it will be too late. Read or reread the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, to see a chilling representation of what is happening in our country now.

      • teresa

        “Animal Farm”: I love that book by the way. It’s a great commentary on socialism/communism.

    • teresa

      Progressivism is a misnomer. The irony is, the reason I became a conservative is because I want to see progress.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004024808185 Jean Capitelli

    thank goodness i am old and don’t have to wait wait wait for appointments to get health care i had a canadian friend who was told there was a 3 month wait for appointment so she paid under the table to see doctor this was also true to get into hospital – paid under the table = discusting – i am 85 and would not wait that long for apptments (it would also be too late) and would leave this earth sick but happy as i would not be exposed to this type of treatment –

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4JJ4D4UHM3OWETOHS3DLAHDJHQ Showoff

    There are two sides to every story, so Meredith we need to hear their side to decide what really was said to you…..You have insurance so you should go to see a private Doctor. So what is your problem?

  • wings7

    Had a devastating experience with national health care in Austria… resulting in death. No one works on weekends… the laboratory closes so you get no lab tests… Doctors & nurses don’t work nights & weekends – just skeleton crews. They are very unmotivated and if you don’t get better within a specified amount of time they send you home to die!

  • wings7

    It’s well reported that 27,000 elderly people are allowed to die in the UK due to their national health care policies and lack of doctors and funds!

    • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

      Soylent Green is coming faster then we think. Elders allowed to die off..

  • Will Winn

    Thanks for being candid and truthful, Meredith. I hope your personal experience extends to your commentary and reporting in the U.S,

  • Egah66

    Duh Meredith – they sent you to a private doc because you don’t have an NHS number, because you are not a British or European Citizen! Even at an NHS hospital you would have had to pay for your treatment because you don’t contribute to the NHS!

    • Kackzie Wackzie

      Am I the only person who would STILL see a problem with a hospital that will send foreigners to a private doctor instead of treating them because they had not paid into the system?! If you were paying attention to the article, this had NOTHING TO DO WITH HER ABILITY TO PAY. Since they speak English in London, I’m sure Meredith was able to make clear she could PAY for her finger? DUH!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dorfmont Linda Dorfmont

    I iknow someone who ripped her son off the operating table when the foreign trained surgeon asked for instruction on how to perform a simple appendectomy. she took him to a private doctor. At least they still have private doctors over there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/JE-DeLoach/765970261 J.E. DeLoach

    I lived under NHS while stationed in the UK. She was well-advised to go to a private doc. While we lived there the local papers were filled (daily) with health care horror stories (botched jobs with no recourse since you cant sue, healthcare denied, etc). Then we went to the ER in a crisis and they nearly killed my unborn baby trying to force my immensely pregnant wife to suck down nitrous oxide (“it’ll make you feel drunk – dont worry about the baby…”) and nearly lost the ability to run and play sports (“…oh a girl playing footy – no you wont run again but probably walk without a limp…”). We called for a rescue van from the base ASAP and they did us right.

    Bottom line – NHS is worse than TriCare…thats saying a lot.

  • PDGer49er

    Sounds to me that SHE didn’t trash Britain’s socialized medicine network. The British powers-in-charge did, by insisting she go to a REAL doctor! So their flagrant propaganda segment of the opening ceremonies is a big, fat lie! They let the “expendable” common people go to NHS and their elite class (and yes, all socialist nations still maintain an elitist class) go to private facilities for real medical treatment! (And yes, socialist medicine DOES make life/death decisions for the patient based on cost of treatment vs. social value of patient after treatment, meaning if patient will be an invalid after treatment, let them die; or if a baby is born damaged, treatment is withheld because it won’t grow up to be a contributing member of society.) So now, do ya STILL want OBAMACARE?

  • Jill Berkley-Mcnamara

    Loived in London in the 80s. Only went to private doctors. One thing I wish I had…The UK had government issue prescription eye glasses…in 4 colors. They were so ugly, they would be cool today… :)

  • nyrker

    An American can not go to a NHS doctor what an idiotic story. I have been to a doctor in London. I was taken immediately but I paid and was reimbursed by my health insurance this is an unreliable

    • Kackzie Wackzie

      Read this again. She was told by Londoners NOT to go to the NHS, but a private physician. She said this made her wonder about the kind of care she would have received had she gone to the NHS. Some have posted here that they have reports of infections, long waiting times, etc., but that is the discussion, not the article.

  • Kdiity

    Good thing Meridith had the money to pay for her visit !! Or was it a freebie because of who she is ?? If ALL those idiots inside the beltway sobscribe to oBOZOcare, then we have no reason to argue… Right???

  • Cynyster

    There is sooo much mis-information out there. They only regulation I would like to see is a standardized way to compare this vs that. Then we can make up our own mind. So the question is .. who is benefiting from all this non-sense.. It’s not the doctors and nurses.. and certainly not the patients. Find out who is benefiting the most out of this chaos and remove them from the equation.

  • maydemia

    All you have to do to see if national health care works is to look at
    countries like Canada and Germany. I have met people from those
    countries who were extremely satisfied with their national health care
    systems. Oregon has a similar system already in place. When I lived in
    Oregon I was encouraged to go on the Oregon health plan. I had dental
    (studies have found that overall health is greatly affected by dental
    health) vision, prescription, medical, and psychiatric. I utilized
    almost all those services. I have asthma so I used it a lot. I may have
    died if it were not for the health coverage I had. I couldn’t have been
    able to afford the medications otherwise. The United states has one of
    the highest child poverty rates in the developed world. Out of 35
    countries only Romania has a higher child poverty rate (that puts us as
    the second highest). Think about all the children growing up in this country whose parents desperately need treatment for drug addiction but can’t get it…national health care would cover it.
    Or how about those with mental health issues? National health care
    would provide services, counseling and medications to help stabilize
    these people.

    Finally I’d like to address Regan’s unsubsidized health care mandate.
    In the 80’s Regan passed a law that no hospital could refuse service to
    anyone despite inability to pay. After that you had poor people with no
    medical coverage going to the hospital and running up a bill. Who pays
    for those services? You may think our taxes do but your wrong. You see,
    there was no provision in Regan’s law to cover the costs if people
    didn’t pay. So the hospitals passed the cost on to those with health
    insurance by charging higher prices for services and medical instruments
    (cost of syringes, laundering sheets, medications etc. goes up because
    so many people aren’t paying for them). What happens when the insurance
    is charged more? They charge you more. Now insurance costs more so less
    people can afford to pay and they drop their insurance. Now they too are
    utilizing medical services they cannot pay for and the cycle continues.
    By mandating health care we bring everyone under the umbrella and all
    services are paid for. The hospitals get their money and they don’t have
    to raise the cost for procedures.

    Problem solved.

    • Kackzie Wackzie

      Your sharing only reinforced one thing…if we can’t afford to pay for those who couldn’t afford it, how will we pay for EVERYONE who will now be covered. Since no one will be turned away, HOW will you make doctors and nurses continue in a profession where they will make less and less, but still have to cover themselves for millions of dollars in insurance. Is the government going to pay for the doctor’s insurance, so they can treat people without the possibility of losing their shirts? And since this ISN’T communism, how will me MAKE doctors accept medicare. Will we see more doctors going into the kind of practice where they will screen their patients before accepting them to treat? Since I don’t live in Oregon, I will not comment, but I would like to see their budget for healthcare. Is their budget solvent, or are they in hock like some states that offer huge “benefits” without the money for it.

      I would like someone to list one state that will not treat children for free? Medicaid covers children for those of low income. Many states also offer a health care with a copay, for those who can pay a little (BC/BS and others), which usually includes dental and medical. So, why do we need this huge government takeover?

      • maydemia

        You don’t seem to understand, you see, right now we are paying for those who can’t afford it. The healthcare mandate will MANDATE that everyone pay something. It will also make it more affordable so that everyone can pay something. Don’t people who can’t afford care deserve it too? Furthermore, those who have more money can get better plans and get their money’s worth. And you are incorrect stating that most states offer dental. Most states Don’t offer dental though they all offer medical through medicare. And, while most states do offer medical for children there are still 49.9 million uninsured Americans who are getting medical care and not paying for it right now. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could afford care too?

  • lettylane

    I was on a comment board on a UK news sight. I asked why are there ads on here for private insurance? One British gentleman explained it like this > NHS is like your Medicaid only the destitute use it. Most people have their own plan for health insurance..so in plain English your taxed to death for something you will not use plus the cost of a “Private” Heath Insurance…makes one wonder eh

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.rodriguez.142 Jim Rodriguez

    One of the many things I love about America is the freedom to choose. We don’t have to spend billions of dollars to find out if Obama Care will be better for all Americans. Just move to England or Canada for a few years and see if their health care works for you! Nuff said

    • maydemia

      I met people from Canada, They LOVE their health care system. Not to mention that they don’t have to pay $50 a pill like here in the USA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.suzadail.3 John Suzadail

    Should’ve of flew back to Massachusetts where she could get it for free.

  • maplebob23

    It is like Rush noted, the whole NHS thing during the opening ceremony was for Prince Incompetent’s benefit. A kind of political ad from a foreign national.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dadforfour Bar Jr K

    Not only is their NHS a horror story their life is a horror story always under the cam’s as UK watches it’s robotic people move about.

  • Scott Grigg

    Gotta love it. The libs LOVE this kind of health care…until THEY need it. This is absolutely funny. Totally exposes the hypocrisy they have.

  • jnstrawn

    Socialism, along with socialist adjuncts like universal healthcare, fail everywhere they are tried, everytime they are tried.

    • maydemia

      False, look at Canada

      • jnstrawn

        Uninformed response. I lived in Canada for almost two years; they have a healthcare system similar to what we had in the U.S. in the mid-60’s. A favorite, and most descriptive term, that encapsulates the quality of their healthcare is their term “orphan patient”. 80% of the population of Canada live within 50 miles of the Canada/U.S. border – that is for a reason.