Foster the People’s debut single was “Pumped Up Kicks,” an upbeat tune about a sociopathic teen fantasizing about a gun massacre. In a 2011 interview about the song, lead singer Mark Foster told KROQ:

To me the epidemic isn’t gun violence; the epidemic is lack of family, lack of love, and isolation – kids who don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to talk to and that’s what makes them snap.

Fast forward a year and change, and Foster seems to have decided that guns are indeed the problem and a gun-grabbing government is the solution.

Foster eventually worked his way up to a favorite platitude of anti-gun zealots.

As Twitchy has noted before, that would be news to sport shooters and the countless women and men who use firearms to deter violent assailants when government can’t or won’t help.

Foster’s ideas about banning guns may not be as popular as he thinks. Two hours after he launched the #reformNRA hashtag, it had only been used about a dozen times.

Foster isn’t saying “take away people’s rights.” He’s just tweeting that we should take away people’s rights.

Foster also retweeted an Australian follower’s defense of gun control.

Gee, could there be a reason the incidence of rape in Australia is three times higher than in the United States? But hey, what’s an increase in the rape rate as long as we can stick it those icky NRA bullies?

Or we can make it easier for law-abiding citizens to empower and protect themselves. As a South Carolina sheriff pointed out last year, when seconds count, the police are minutes away. After a career criminal assaulted a woman walking her dog, Sheriff Chuck Wright told the press, “Our form of justice is not making it. Carry a concealed weapon. That’ll fix it.”

Foster would rather put his faith in liberal gun-grabbing feel-goodery.

  • J.N. Ashby

    You mean to trample on our Constitution, Foster.

  • Noonespecial

    Further proof that youth is horribly wasted on the young!

  • Reuben Matthews

    purposes of my “Home Defense Weapons,” with large capacity magazines, are to
    kill as many Home invaders as possible in the shortest amount of time, so as
    not to harm me or my family. You can wait for the Police to show up, after the
    fact :) The second reason is to stop My Government from trying anything stupid,
    like taking my guns. Any questions?

    • billy86
    • Matt Kaufmann

      Reuben, I agree with your sentiments of self defense and protection from a tyrannical government. You are 100% right about the police not being there when you need them. However, I’d like to articulate that as responsible gun owners, our intention is not to “kill” as many home invaders as possible in the shortest amount of time. This verbage can get a victim into some serious legal issues.

      Our goal is simply to stop a threat to ourselves and/or our families. We are not shooting to kill, nor to injure, nor to deliver justice. This isn’t about retribution nor punishment. It’s about saving a life that is in danger, not about taking a life.

      Stay safe out there! 😀

  • Deb Best

    I believe guns are meant to defend ourselves, leave the killing to the thugs in which gun control will do no good whatsoever!

  • Sam Howard

    Look for anyone to create a song such as his an then argue for more gun control is completely asinine.

  • ClearthoughtNY

    …Foster who???…

  • ArtieThe1

    Hey kid – wipe that dirt off your upper lip. Then come back when you can grow a REAL mustache. I’d bet this punk travels with an armed body guard.

  • weRbroke

    What a tool.

  • Rebecca Leigh Randolph

    their entire song “pumped up kicks” is about guns!!!
    All the other kids with the pumped up kicks,You better run, better run, outrun my gun.All the other kids with the pumped up kicks,You better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

    • Vicioussss

      Yeah, one could argue he’s promoting gun violence through his lyrics, or at least some kids could take it that way. What about regulating lyrical content? :)

    • JoeMyGod

      More correctly, the song is a denouncement of the glamorization of gun culture and violence.

      • Joe Eschman

        I’ve heard the song and read the lyrics … I don’t hear a denouncement.

        • JoeMyGod

          Mark Foster: “I wrote the lyrics to bring attention to gun violence.” His cousin is a survivor of Columbine: “I actually flew out to be with her the day after it happened and experienced the trauma surrounding it and saw how affected she was by it. She is as close as a sister, so obviously, it affected me deeply. So to be able to have a song to create a platform to talk about this stuff has been good for us.”

          • Vicioussss

            If you have to make public announcements to explain what the song’s about, you’re a shitty artist.

  • Dave Summers

    A$$whipe clown

  • Vicioussss

    F off, hipster.

    • crawfordsrevenge

      Foster is not hip…Foster is a drip!

  • Dane Kruse

    I don’t wonder why I’ve never heard of him….

  • Wishsong

    Reform the NRA? Is this guy slow? Nevermind…

    • Vicioussss

      I think he and Billie Joe Armstrong should be invited on Celebrity Jeopardy. That’d be awesome comedy.

  • Northohio

    Just an attempt to get publicity to their otherwise unknown career.

  • TugboatPhil

    Mark, I don’t hunt much anymore so all the weapons I own are indeed for killing people. The people they would kill are those that are going to harm me or my family. I live in a county where a police response might be 30 or 40 minutes away. Who are you to deny me the capacity I need to repel home invaders that may outnumber me 5 to 1?

    • joy

      …. same here, “Where I come from.”

    • Dale Hanna

      Same here, these folks think everyone lives in the city.

  • Vicioussss

    His crappy music needs to be regulated out of existence.

  • TugboatPhil

    Just another example of the liberal War on Women.

  • QuadGMoto

    The most basic human right is the right to life. The right to defend our lives is a direct result of that right to life. When you remove a person’s ability to defend themselves with the most effective tools possible, you are an accessory to the destruction of their most basic human right.

    England is an island nation which has tried to ban guns and self-defense. Guess what? Lowlifes still get guns. They also make use of physical superiority. As a result violent crime is skyrocketing.

    It’s said that God made men, but Samuel Colt made them equal. These destroyers of human rights are trying to make men (and women) unequal again.

  • Clay Buster

    Automobiles kill more people than guns. Lets get rid of automobiles.

    • Garth Haycock

      Tobacco kills even more than guns and automobiles combined.

  • Kevin

    Look up “Rampage Killing” on Wikipedia and see how many mass murders were performed through out history with the use of things other than guns. It’s astounding to read of some wacko killing 30 or 40 people armed only with a machete’.

  • Jim Naeve

    its as though these people get lured in by false promises then brainwashed by the Demo movement and go from rational, realistic thinkers to numbed automatons spewing reverberated rhetoric.

    • Maria

      You give them far too much credit. In order to be brainwashed, one must have a brain. They are more like zombies that can repeat information. Although I don’t wish to insult zombies.

  • ric

    I think he would like to get his back door trampled

  • Vicioussss

    I wonder what his stance on the drug war is. All these liberals that think the flow of illegal drugs across the border can’t be stopped turn 180 degrees when it comes to banning guns.

    So, end result – disarm the bourgeoisie.

    • TomJB

      and it would be “impossible” we are told to deport 20 million illegal aliens, but apparently rounding up 300 million guns is completely within the realm of possibility

      • A Willful Boy

        Don’t forget that deporting illegals would be a huge blow to the gangs that have grown rich in the drug trade, drastically reduce the murder rate, allow at-risk youths to have a future, etc.

  • Eric R. Freeman

    An assault weapons ban was tried before, and failed. All it accomplished was it forced manufacturers and distributors to change the names of the weapons. An AK-47 became a MAK-90 or an AK-74, etc. It also drove the price up. The answer is NOT to take away, or further hinder in any way, the people’s right to bear arms. The answer is to fix our society, find out WHY these people are snapping. I think if you’d do some checking, you’d find that incidents of this type increase when the economy is down, and buddy, it’s DOWN! People are losing their jobs and their homes, and there’s no relief in sight. Armed robberies, car jackings, muggings, and home invasions are on the rise. Desperate times can make even the most sane person act desperately. But, I have the God-given right to protect myself, my children, and my home in any way I have to.

    • CynicOwl

      Not to pick nits here, because I agree with your overall point about the AWB, but the AK-47 did not become the AK-74. They are two different rifles. The older model, designed in 1947, fires a 7.62mm round. The newer model came out in 1974, and uses the 5.45mm. What the AWB did was force them to make minor cosmetic changes (fixed stocks, removed bayonet lugs, etc.), and reduced mag. cap. to 10 rounds. Of course, there were still plenty of high cap. mags around, and the prices on them jumped, as well as the pre-ban rifles.

    • joy

      Eric, you would do fine in our neighborhood.

  • Melody Canterberry

    If you mean “control” by hold your weapon with both hands and in the proper stance, then THAT’S gun control I agree with. Otherwise, go work on growing a pair and maybe your voice will finally change.

  • sharon boggs

    We have a little pipsqueak “rock star” in the WH, who has proven beyond all doubt these low IQ, drugged out pimples on the rump of mankind are in no way qualified or capable of making lucid decisions.

  • John ferguson

    I hunt with an AR platform rifle, I shoot in competition, I have home defense firearms, this dweeb should worry about his own country and leave US laws and rights to US Citizens…..but look at his past, he made a boatload of cash glorifying a shooting and now he wants to see guns go away….the real problem is unstable people that cannot be committed because a liberal is worried about the civil rights of a person who may need to be committed.

    • joy

      Long live Brownings & the slim Springfield

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Hey douche bag. You want my guns? Come on and get them!

  • JoeMyGod

    Good for him. Hopefully he donated some of the millions his last hit album made to anti-NRA causes.

    • Maria

      Doubt he made millions. If he did, then there’s more whackos out there then I originally thought.

      • JoeMyGod

        The RIAA has granted his album quadruple-platinum status. Four million copies at, say, $10 each, do the math.

        • A Willful Boy

          I’d say the band might see 5% of sales. Split three ways, less federal and California taxes, he probably took home about 350k. Still comfortably in the 1%, but not a millionaire. Of course, he’s not interested in donating HIS money to causes; he’d prefer to have outside interests ‘reform’ a private organization. So tell me, what’s your plan for bully-boycotting a group that is already 100% funded by non-liberals? 😀

          • JoeMyGod

            Actually, no. Since the advent of the digital age, musical acts retain a far higher percentage of sales revenue. Top acts now keep as much as 50%, which in dollar terms is about what they got for physical albums that sold for twice as much as digital releases now do. Not to mention that FTP headlined a tour last summer that grossed over $40M in the US alone.

          • A Willful Boy

            Very well. Of course, he’s not interested in donating HIS money to causes; he’d prefer to have outside interests ‘reform’ a private organization. So tell me, what’s your plan for bully-boycotting a group that is already 100% funded by non-liberals? 😀

          • JoeMyGod

            I’ll concede that the NRA itself is, pardon the expression, bullet-proof. But we can and do support candidates they haven’t yet bought with their literal blood money and oppose the ones they do.

  • californa red

    He thinks gun laws will stop people from using guns. Just like drug laws stop people from smoking pot.

  • Matt Kaufmann

    Hey Foster! That weed you’re smoking… It’s regulated. And, the regulation didn’t work. You’re still smoking it. So guns are different?

    Passing laws eliminate the possibility of criminal acts apparently. Kind of like how there hasn’t been a single murder since they made murder illegal?

  • Julie G.

    Are you kidding me? This guy makes a song about a kid going on a killing spree at his school then shooting his father, and I AM THE BAD GUY because I own guns? Give it a rest. Has anyone even listed to the lyrics of “pumped up kicks?” MY Ar15 ISNT for hunting and that is NOT what the second amendment is about. Oh well, you can kiss your singing career goodby once us gun owners boycot you, and yes, there are MANY more younger gun owners now who used to listen to you.

    I love guns and Jesus would want me to have all these guns.

  • Sonny Nelson

    Twice in my life, a hand gun has kept me from being injured or killed, and in both incidences, kept the attaker from being injured or killed but, in both cases, both men probably had to change clothes when the got home. Neither was expecting me to be armed, I weighed at most 125 pounds on a good day and looked liked a pretty easy mark for someone to mug or hit on. Merely showing the weapon, whichc I had a liscense to carry, averted a nasty situation , the bad guys ran and that was it. Had I not had a weapon, I would have been hurt, maybe killed. did not pull the trigger, did not say I will kill you, said bothing, but just pointed the weapon at them, they ran. End of argument.

    • Robert Stone II

      You are right. There are no statistics on how many times guns prevent crime.

  • Timothy Austin

    It doesn’t matter if it’s an assault style rifle or a glock pistol. It also doesn’t matter if it holds a 7 round magazine or 30. A magazine can be replaced in seconds or just carry multiple guns. More gun control laws are not the answer. Criminals and crazies don’t care about gun laws. Citizens able to defend themselves is the answer.It would REALLY be nice, if the people calling for Gun Control did a little research on the statistics, RATHER than be TOLD by politicians who bear agendas.
    Since we all know that Obama , and Holder are GUN CONTROL freaks – Look at the statistics they are conveniently IGNORING.
    70 Million Americans Own Guns
    Incidences a year, where a citizen carrying a gun, drew their gun to stop a crime – 2.5 MILLION TIMES.
    That is 1 time EVERY 13 seconds.
    Incidences a year, where someone carrying, drew their gun, because they thought someone’s life was IN DANGER.
    1/3 of ALL incidences, 750,000 times a year.
    That is 1 time EVERY 39 seconds.
    The crimes were all STOPPED.
    Number of times where someone had to fire the gun to STOP the crime – 275,000
    That is 1 time EVERY 90 seconds.
    The Police are more likely to kill innocent bystander over a citizen with a gun, by MORE THAN 6 to 1.
    National Self Defense Survey – Conducted by Florida State University criminologists. Clinton wanted to disprove this, to further his OWN gun control agenda.
    The commission he set up to disprove these statistics, INSTEAD, substantiated them!!!
    When you disarm law abiding citizens, ONLY ONLY ONLY the Criminals will have guns, because they do NOT use the stores to buy their guns!!!

    • joy

      Good fire of information bullets (pun intended). The way I predict it, liberals would welcome martial law and gun confiscation. I lived under martial law for a week. It was scary to see military in such control.

  • Patrick Lasso

    Maybe he should foster a brain….and his bands songs suck.

  • adriaperez

    They are going to have to take my weapons from my dead cold hands. I have the right to bear arms and Obama needs to go , he is a communist that if re-elected will turn this country into a living hell.

  • Rob Stevely


  • James Walker

    Pathetic, metrosexual boy band boy tweets and bleats.He has been psychologically emasculated and now insists on people control.Disarmed people are more easily controlled people. This is why leftist control freaks lust to disarm the people.

  • TexasGirl

    Wow, so all you have to do these days is start a band, put out crappy music, and then start tweeting wildly to everyone all your advice on what needs to be done in the world? Fantastic, sounds easy enough!

  • Donna Marie

    ~~Go away Foster… You want to take away our rights to bear arms and protect ourselves, making the innocent law biden citizen defenseless, because of the actions of a few. These are our rights, and NO ONE has the right to take them away. WHAT WILL GOVT. TAKE AWAY NEXT? OUR RIGHT TO EAT OR DRINK? OH WAIT A MINUTE, NEW YOUR’S MAYOR IS TRYING TO DO THAT. What happened to, ” the people who would harm others with no reason, are people who have social issues, no one to talk with, or guide them through tough times.” They all claim “insanity” when they go before a judge…. Go away……………………..NRA forever,,,,this is OUR RIGHT!!!!

  • lazypadawan

    Again, nobody makes this kind of big deal about stabbings and beatings.

  • Diane Stephan

    Who are these people?

  • joy

    Our CONSTITUTIONAL right to keep and bear arms is not just another right an American possess, but a right which is actually the lynchpin holding all the other natural rights in their proper place. Attempts to infringe our right to keep and bear arms affects ALL other rights which will then depend only on the benevolence of the state.
    More citizens have been victims of gun shots by police than weirdos, ergo- shall we ban police? Americans need tougher judges and severe penalties when crimes involve firing of a weapon OR use of a blade.
    The unsettling sick-os react to failure in this entitlement society in which weaklings do not know how to handle any failure- look at the toddler teams where the coach says “everyone wins”!
    The dissolved family values contribute to the unrest. I have lost 2 homes, lost a great job, still paid off my university loan, moved 3 x in one year, and raised 2 boys without child support. And, am a first generation legal immigrant from Europe. We are not on a killing spree!
    Eat right & less. Rely on G-d, not a gun to solve problems “out there”. If your home is invaded, load, lock, aim…. is the way I raised my boys.

  • Garth Haycock

    I’ve never understood why the gun grabbers in this country don’t leave the US. Foster is free to live in a country where owning a gun is illegal. Wouldn’t that be a much simpler solution than to deny citizens to exercise the freedom to be armed?

  • Maria

    I have never even heard of this hippie boy before. His type of music sounds drab and boring at most. Also, making money off of a tragedy? How low can you get? HE’S what’s wrong with America..him and his Libby peers.


    Hey Mark, you’re a wuss; also, shut your ignorant mouth.

  • pmiller683

    This guy is an idiot! Facts:

    34 Americans are murdered each day with a gun
    2,191 Americans use guns each day in self-defense or to stop
    a crime being committed.

    GUN CONTROL – a policy based on an idea that criminally
    minded people will not use guns in a crime – because criminals will obey gun laws &
    a theory that becoming a victim is somehow morally superior to defending yourself
    or your family.

    They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold and dead

  • Ars21689

    Who are these people?

  • Skull cove

    What an a-hole !! He pulls figures out his ass………compare knife deaths in other countrys as copared to us ?? People will find a way to kill. Period !! This turd sells a few CD’s and of course now he thinks he is a f’ing expert on the NRA. Listen you lame excuse for a metro wuss band………stick to your fashion and hair gel !! Don’t F with our RIGHT’s…………Thats right !!!! IT’S A RIGHT, Not a privilege !!! Can’t wait till these clowns are on the “where are they now” episode. I swear I will punch this wussy boy in his lip gloss if I ever see him !!!! Mark Foster can blow me !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Whitefield

    Pop culture who?

  • Todd Nolin

    The 2nd Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting.

  • Thomas Duensing

    The kid refers to a magazine as a “clip”!?…LOL He needs to read up a bit more on gun control and get some facts…

  • $22639970

    Where do these no talent, brainless girls come from? Has anyone heard of this group? And can we convince her to arrange for electrolysis to take care of that mustache?

  • TDS

    Isn’t funny that if it wasn’t for guns, nobody would even know who this one-hit-wonder was?

  • $22639970

    Does anyone know who this girl is, or why I should care about her opinions? And does anyone else think that she should look into electrolysis if she’s going to try for a show business career?

  • Jay Bienvenu (I)

    Apparently the cause of gun violence changes in an election year.