There may have been a speech or two at the USS Wisconsin when Mitt Romney welcomed Paul Ryan as his VP pick, but actress Mia Farrow was too focused on racial bean counting to notice.

Gee, any guesses which candidate Ms. Farrow supports?

Oddly, she deleted that tweet. Maybe she’s having second thoughts?


She’s even all in for vice president of pallor Uncle Joe.

Hey, Mia, since you brought it up, you know where else we’ve seen a “whole bunch of white people”? Obama HQ:

  • lisalake

    See deleted the tweet? Must have remembered she is white!

    • borninamerica

      That and gave a second thought regarding public opinion! How hateful these liberals are!

  • GatorKW

    She just has a “Woody” for Obama. Oh wait…

  • Owen007

    Ah, good, another white person complaining about white people. What’s next; complain about people with lots of money?

    • borninamerica

      If she does, won’t that be the “oxymoron” of the day!

  • Joseph Maloney

    This idiot counts the amount of white’s the crowd.She should be counting how the number of “Americans” are now in poverty, thanks to her beloved obama and joe biden.

  • FlatFoot

    Vapid Hollywood limousine liberal and irrelevant gadfly Mia Farrow doesn’t care about Obama HQ being all whitey all the time. That’s a totally different thing.

  •  Tainted Luv 

    Mia: those happen to be the people Gov. has always shoved the bill to for every giveaway for the last 100 years. And then they’re expected to also pay the tip.

  • Don Kenner

    The last I saw, Biden was white with the most fake white teeth ever.

  • Garth Haycock

    How revolting must someone be that Woody Allen cheats on her? I mean, Woody Allen?


    i saw one of those once

  • TugboatPhil

    Mia, you’re still living in that glass house. Should you be doing this?

  • John Hanover

    The real question is : How many pedophiles did she see in the house she used to live in with Woody? Maybe some self awareness on her part or at least a bit part in someone’s movie would help her.

  • PennyBeach

    Seems like a lot of caucasians are unhappy being born that way.Mia Farrow, what about the big white chicklet ”teeth” Biden sports, doesn’t that offend you?

  • Larry Baron

    And JOE!!!!!!! Doesn’t Joe Biden look GREAT #ObamaBiden2012
    WOW, she seriously needs glasses!

  • Hello Jerry (D)


  • David maley

    the crowd is less white than Obama re elect campaign staff

  • borninamerica

    I used to like Mia Farrow! Now that I know she is a racist by her “white speech”, I have a much different opinion of her!

  • borninamerica

    If you’re for Mitt Romney, just say “I-AM”! Why? Because IT’S ABOUT AMERICA” like the governor said!

  • Vicioussss

    Democrat campaign theme: Cracka Ass Cracka 2012.

  • Wishsong

    Hey, Skeletor: You’re more than welcome to donate every dime you have to charity and move into the New Orleans projects if we offend you so much.

  • DorothyGrissom

    Mia sees white people? Hold the presses, Mia. Soon you will see black people leaving the White House.

  • Chip

    Gore – Liberman, Clinton – Gore, Kerry – Edwards…… white enough for ya? Pot, meet kettle.

  • CFBerndt

    Mia Farrow looks in mirror…sees white person

  • Carl Heffner

    I’m sorry…what’s Mia’s claim to fame?? A couple bad movies and being dumped by Woody Allen for their 17 year old adopted daughter??

    • AZRGR

      She also got dumped by Frank Sinatra. Which would be kind of impressive except for the whole woody allen thing. You are correct.

    • bret robertson

      she was 15 when woody dumped mia but thats semantics


    So she is a racist, don’t care.

  • Tel-Jonah Stern

    But unlike Obama’s bunch of white people, Romney’s bunch of white people doesn’t include PLO supporters. pic: lower left

  • Guest

    I want to shout OBAMA too…the way Kirk shouted ‘KHAAAAANNN!!!!’

  • allenbarr

    WHY? bringing up race. WHY? GOD open the peoples eyes up to only see the person not the color. AMEN.

  • bret robertson

    when I see Mia all I see is dumb people

  • Jupiter C.

    White guilt, on her part. I take exception when people denigrate my people. No more double standards.

  • Paul J. Citro

    What do you expect from fantasy land.

  • linkay42

    considering about 80% of Americans are white…well, you do the math, Mia. Wait…you probably can’t.

  • Mike


  • CJKage65

    @MiaFarrow you should like BHO only half of the time. After all his mother was white.

  • MrCrashHappy

    OMG! I yawned so hard I hurt myself!

  • weRbroke

    She really comes off as a bitter old shrew.

  • Mom Of three

    So skin color is not what you shouldn’t matter unless it’s white?