Mitt Romney welcomed Rep. Paul Ryan to the GOP ticket at the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia this morning.

Twitchy will bring you live updates as Romney introduces his running mate.

Some reporters are covering the scene at Ryan’s house in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Oops. Is Romney reconsidering his spot at the top of the ticket?

Yes, yes he did.

Romney caught his mistake quickly and played it off with humor and class as he put his arm around Ryan.

The crowd is wild for Ryan.

And … attack dog mode!

Huge applause for this line:

Ryan on what makes our country great:

And the crowd goes wild for a strong closing:

  • Jim Humbert

    Alrighty Let’s go defeat Obama and get our Country moving in the right direction !

  • Liars Never Win

    Ryan: Equal Opportunity not Equal Outcomes. Words liberals hate to hear.

  • Carolyn McIntosh

    Romney/Ryan2012 should come up with short term answers to every Obama attack.
    They want to cut programs that help,the poor. Answer: Cowboy Poets Society
    They want to give tax cuts to the Rich. Answer: Fairness, 60% don’t pay any taxes.
    They have no experience. Answer: Community Activism and one term in Senate.
    No dialogue, just a simple answer…..

    • Jim Humbert

      Help on inslave them ? huh And the rich AKA the 1 % are the ones who pay for everything to begin with and are taxed at the highest rate .Experience to be the most poweful person in the free world ??

    • Elaine

      IF they try to attack his plan with LIES.. send them here to actually READ IT. FACTS, they won’t know what to do with them! :)

  • Darenda Anastazi

    Romney Ryan…Let it Be!

    • Jim Humbert

      and your point ?

  • WashingtonDCTea

    RT: OK Y’ALL Media True Colors Will Be Getting WORST. TRUTH Is How We Beat Them. Attack With Full Metal Truth! #TeaParty™

  • WashingtonDCTea

    RT @PaulRyanVp is my running mate. Donate $15 today to help restore America’s greatness. @MittRomney

  • WashingtonDCTea

    RT: @PaulRyanVP Our rights come from nature and God not GOVERNMENT. >Money BOMB!!! … #FL