Thursday morning lapdog media hack James Rainey tweeted out a link to his ridiculous new Los Angeles Times anti-conservative hit piece.

Like many of his lapdog media littermates, Rainey thinks he’s quite the clever one. Clearly he overestimates himself.

In promoting his misleading slam on conservatives who balked at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s 2009 report on “rightwing extremism,” Rainey sought to draw in readers by mentioning Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh.

But of course, Rainey saw no reason to actually link to Malkin’s post that spelled out why the DHS report was ” a sweeping indictment of conservatives.” He’s a “real journalist” and she’s “just a blogger.”

Rainey also didn’t bother quoting relevant passages from the DHS report. That would mean readers could judge for themselves whether the agency targeted conservatives. Can’t have that, can we?

Unfortunately for Rainey, Malkin called him out on Twitter:

Links are hard when you’re a partisan hack.

Boom! Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned public shaming, especially when the target is so deserving (and easy to hit).

Pathetically, Rainey tried to get away with simply tweeting a link to Malkin’s post.

Obviously Rainey didn’t realize Malkin fights like a girl.

And … this round goes to Michelle Malkin.

The dreaded hyperlink of shame! Will Rainey ever recover?

  • John Finnerty

    Yet another example of “REAL” journalists upholding the standards of “Journalistic Integrity”, “Unbiased” & “Objective” reporting we’ve come to expect from the MSM!
    Way to fight, MM!

  • Cyborg0012

    That was nicely done.

  • DjWeideman

    Glad Michelle’s on our side.

    • Orangeone

      And she will hold Mitt’s feet to the fire too when he is sworn in as our President in January 2013!

  • $6539006

    Keep fighting like a girl!! You did great! (I’m being serious not sarcastic).

    • TugboatPhil

      The men in the GOP need to fight like our “girls!” Way to go, Michelle!

      • Larry Baron

        Wish Romney would take her advice!

        • Matt Etheredge

          Romney is an establishment hack. Other than appearance, he’s no different than Obama. We are living in the end times, of America, probably not the world, yet.

          • Leo Williams

            Get a grip Matt!

          • Gary DeLong

            Leo, your right, Matt is foolish to believe that Obama and he are the same.

          • Matt Etheredge

            Care to elaborate? While claiming they are different, you failed to show an example. Name ONE area of politics where they contrast. Just one. I’m waiting…

          • Matt Etheredge

            Watch the video above and tell me how they are different.

          • Matt Etheredge

            I hope you two are right. I just don’t see the difference. Watch this and comment after.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    I love Michelle!

  • Chip

    Way to chase down that “Squirrel!” Michelle!!!

  • Phil E. Buster

    Way to go, Michelle! We all thank you!

  • Soopermexican

    Lol! That is awesome…

  • rinodino

    Whatever the case, when you read the whole article that MM wrote, any sane person would say YEP MICHELLE is an extreme right winger, lol, not going to change anything with a link or no link at all

    • Dana Parker

      Anyone who is coherent and uses facts and reason is an “extreme right winger” to left wing kooks. Being called an “extreme right winger” by a kook is a compliment.

    • vino veritas

      So since you read the whole article, ‘of course’, then you can specifically point out what is was so extreme about what she wrote… hmm? Oh that’s right… the only thing extreme about it was the extremely factual smackdown she slammed your wussy hero hobama with! What you lying libtards are really saying with this dishonest claptrap is anytime a conservative, and a woman (even worse right?), points out the unfair and illegal exercise of power used against political critics of your beloved obozo’s empire then they have automatically become traitors to your ‘global village’ and rebellious kooks who must be stamped out by any means necessary, which of course includes outright lying by you filthy libtards in your efforts to obfuscate the truth and spread disinformation an your attempts to keep your usurper leader in power. Considering the fact that, from when she wrote that article and up to now, Michelle gets thousands of times more traffic to her site than poor little jamey rainey does and its done through sheer honest work and journalistic integrity without having to resort to cheap blindside smear attacks. It is therefore fair to say the overwhelming majority of sane people have spoken in favor of Michelle Malkin and obviously know a fraudulent hack when they see one in Rainey. Congrats on being part of the kooky minority, dave!

  • NVPatriot

    Michelle Malkin has balls of steel. She should be Romney’s new campaign manager.

    • timzank

      I’d rather have her as the candidate, ha!

    • Memphomaniac

      God knows Mr. Romney needs a new campaign manager. I simply don’t understand why the Romney camp is not going on the offensive. They allow Mr. Obama, and the “Move-on” folks to do everything to distract from what should be the number one issue in this campaign, the ECONOMY. We desperately need a James Carville type to wrap up this campaign. Instead, Mr. Romneys folks allow the campaign left to attack…The Boy Scouts! (for Gawd sakes!!!!) Get on message people.

    • Isabella1709

      That’s for sure. Here in Tampa/Clearwater I’ve been screaming at our staffers in the campaign office, hell I could do a better job on offense than they do and I’m just a volunteer! I said If that Saul idiot and her Romneycare comment yesterday is what they think is acceptable we will be losing this competition. Didn’t show up today, too darn mad.

    • bret robertson

      manager nothin make her vp

  • Molly S White

    I’ll bet on Michele to defend the heavy weight of truth every time. You go girl! KO!

  • Steven Ranting

    Shes the BEST part of the Hannity show every time shes on. Wish Hannity would take some tips from her.

  • Conshirtative

    Get ’em Malkin!

  • Seattlesciren

    It’s nice to see another woman show her ire and anger publicly at the hypocrisy of all these liberals and their antics! Keep up the good work and keep them backed into corners!! I am getting sick of all these quiet, meek conservative women who don’t call these idiots on their statements!! Good job!




    Great job MM, keep fighting the good fight and try to keep the media honest. Also good job James Rainey for eventually doing the right thing and linking to you citation/source to provide context. Many would not have had that level of intellectual integrity.

  • Norbit Peters

    Are you watching and listening Mitt?
    Don’t just stand there, let them spit in your face, and do (close to) nothing!

    We had a Democratic Doormat running in the last election!

  • Moejj

    ha ha haa haaaaa haaaa!!

  • Kelltothayes

    love love love it!

  • Louise Paquette

    Romney would be wise to take the advice of both Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh!

  • Matt Etheredge

    On FB, Michelle wrote,”They don’t get to control the media narratives anymore.” Finally, somebody gets it. Grow a set and ATTACK!!! Conservatives are never on the offensive, they’re always defending. This disallows the conservative ideas from ever being revealed. Too busy defending = not enough air time explaining the logic and reasoning behind the free market and conservative ideals.

  • Patrick Lasso

    Without Michelle Malkin as his new campaign manager to attack Obama this election is ..i’m very sad to say lost. Mr. Romney may as well say he ran twice and lost once as our party’s candidate.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    You tell them Michelle!

  • DoubleTap45

    All liberal journalists are pussies and Rainey is their KING.

    Ray from Bloombergia

  • Dale Belcher

    All that refer to neo-nazies as rightwingers forget that Hitler was a liberal statist.

    • Orangeone

      And the KKK were/are democrats!

  • dzobels

    Another thing Rainey and others like him overlook is that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League already compiles a list of hate groups (including the white supremacy bands of which the shooter was a member) and tracks their activities. Homeland Security, and a number of other government agencies use the ADL’s publication as a valuable source of information. The government doesn’t need to “track” hate groups. In fact, it would be a duplication of effort, and likely less accurate and thorough as the ADL’s.

  • art zeikle

    Another pussy LA Times reporter, Who even reads that crap anyhow. I live in L.A and would not even use that paper to wipe my ass let alone get any news from it.

  • Sherry Shillenn

    Michelle Malkin for VIce President.

  • Guest

    Woohoo! Kick some MSM butt!

  • Leo Williams

    Well handled Michelle!

  • DorothyGrissom

    Wasn’t the Left Coast California, LA in particular, supposed to fall off into the Pacific Ocean sometime soon? #JustAskin’

  • emjem24

    Michelle Malkin FTW!!! Bwahhhhhhhhhh….

  • Orangeone

    MM fights like girls should fight! She stands up for what she believes in, in direct contrast to that F*uke chit that lays down to prove her point.

  • John W. Kerr

    Another gutless lying marxist liberal passing themselves off as a journalist….why is it so “common” to be mindless?