The good news is the U.S. added 163,000 jobs in July. But as Ed Morrissey points out, there’s “more bad news than good” in today’s jobs report. Unemployment rose to 8.3 percent, the broader U-6 unemployment measure rose to 15 percent and number of working Americans dropped by 195,000.

Nancy Pelosi is thrilled, but also blames Republicans, natch. We’re moving “forward,” but just in case you think we’re not, Pelosi want you to know that Obama didn’t build that.

Hey, Dems said they were rooting for America to plunge off the fiscal cliff. Rising unemployment? 195,000 more Americans not working? Hush now. We’re doin’ fine.

Or not.


But keep it up, former Speaker Pelosi!

Hope you can see November from the House.

  • Sam Howard

    This woman is just batsh*t crazy.

  • Marty Luther

    I applaud Nancy Pelosi for having the foresight and dedication to have had her skin pulled so tight that she can lie for Obama with a perpetually straight face.

    • Nadine Faber

      Yes, she does have the ability to “lie” so easily. I don’t know how these people can look at themselves in the mirror, let alone look at the American People when they lie. Maybe the fact that they do this so often, their consequences doesn’t bother them anymore.

  • Rick Stones

    Daily math lesson for the dumbest person ever to hoist the gavel: Unemployment numbers are kinda like golf scorecards… Lower is better.

    Now stop straining your tiny brain so much and just run along to your Botox appointment.

    • Barbara Taylor Burke

      I LOVE the wit here. . . my daily dose away from boring politics. Great way for N. P. to remember when the direction is BAD.

  • Justin Levesque

    She doesn’t care about her constituants. She sit’s on a pile of money made from investments (many overseas investments), and rips Romney for the doing the same thing. The hipocracy of the Democrats continues. She’s another politician I’d like to meet. I’d refuse to shake her hand, look her right in the eye, and say “I don’t care about what you have to say about ANYTHING. You are willfully blind to objective reality, like most marxists, and are thererfore irrelevant.” I’d then walk away without giving her a chance to respond. Pelosi and her whole party can sit and spin.

    • bicentennialguy

      That’s nicer than what I would have to say to Elphaba.

    • J. Cox

      Dems new party name will officially be changed to hypocrats.After all…bad is good in bizarro world right?

    • Larry Baron

      Better simplify it. Too many big words.

  • WJGBalderama

    When your head is in the sand, and you see figures on a chart when you come up for air, of course, a chart would incorrectly appear as right side up.

    • Barbara Taylor Burke

      Oh, dear. It’s a difficult job I’m having to give the #1 prize for sharpest wit in this discussion. Yours is one of the best.

  • Randall Stokes

    Is Nancy still high on her own suppy,get off the damn weed pelosi nothing has gone any where..

  • Randall Stokes

    Like your post Rick : )

  • Barbara Taylor Burke

    She’s so used to saying everything that happens in this administration is “a step in the right direction, it just rolls off her tongue without running it through her brain.

    • Hal Fassett

      You’re assuming she has a brain. I really can’t believe it. Really. :)

  • John Hanover

    A step in the right direction if your shoe laces are tied. Oh sorry, Dems boot laces tied together in their constant War Against Reality.

  • Barbara Andrews

    OK, Nancy. Your boss agrees. The democrats DID BUILD that unemployment rate.

  • frankie

    pass the bill so we can see what is in it, another ignorant comment from this idiot

  • ChickOK

    In deference to the odds-makers that need the practice, the over/under on how many will support her statement is 13.5.

    • Dennis Lohouse

      Actually it’s, 13.245

  • John W.

    In the immortal words of The Alaskan Goddess, “Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat”.

  • Terry Dougherty

    What color is the sun in your world Nancy?

  • foramerica

    From Pelosi’s (and Reid and Obama’s) point of view she is right. If we think the collapse of America is the way we should go and higher unemployment with more dependency on our government (like what is happening in some EU states), then yes, we are moving in the right direction. But, if on the other hand, we would like to see people put back to work and a smaller government, then Pelosi is dead wrong.

  • Donald Koller

    this is the backwards democrats for ya.

  • Hal Fassett

    Poor poor little old Nancy, either can’t count, or can’t figure percentages, or just plain beyond senile. Maybe signs of Alzheimers?

    • Larry Baron

      Just stupid.

  • Hal Fassett

    Yes we are going the Obummer direction, so according to Nancy, that is a good thing. :)

  • captaingrumpy

    Don’t you realize that the Dems want America to fail so that their “friends” in Muslim land will gain a bigger foothold in the country.

  • Paul_Mcgrath

    The day that Nancy actually says something intelligible is the day… ahhh forget it, that day will never come.

  • Paul J. Citro

    I think she needs a laxative, it’s starting to affect her thought process.