Really? Really?

We haven’t seen Thursday’s episode of “The Five” yet, but according to some Twitterers, Bob Beckel had the staggering lack of self-awareness to slam comedian Jon Lovitz as a “fat jerk.” Evidently The King of All Jerks wasn’t ridiculed enough when he used the same line back in April.

Pot, kettle, we trust you need no introductions.

Greg Gutfeld didn’t let the absurd dig slide.

But here’s the best part: Lovitz responded on Twitter:

And … Boom!

The Twitterverse was happy to answer Lovitz’s question.

  • Love of Country

    Bob Beckel ……… LMFAO!

  • radjahshelduck

    Ever see one of those moments on “The Five” when the camera catches Kimberly Guilfoyle’s beautiful face and she has an expression like Beckel just farted?

    • Lucid_American

      …that is because he did! There is a reason why that man has to pay for sex…. LOL

    • Robert M. Finklea

      Yes and it’s one of many reasons people watch the five =D.

    • lisabebee

      She is always looking at Beckel like that…..I feel sorry for him. He pouts like a 3 year old who just had his binky thrown in the trash. Like his momma pissed in his cheerios…’s hard to watch.

      • prlgrl

        I watched the first couple of episodes, but Beckel is just to much of a Jackhole for me to keep watching. I get they want to balance it somewhat, but there are better choices than Beckel.

    • CindyLyn4

      Yeah, he’s disgusting, I don’t know why they keep him. I guess he makes a good punching bag though…..

    • Derek Webb

      — I’ve never heard or seen the show, I am not intrigued for this one reason.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    I love watching the Five. =)

  • Lucid_American

    I love lovitz, the man is brilliant. Who is Beckel…exactly right!!!

  • Bill Gordon

    Bob Beckel called somebody a fat jerk, and he was talking through his third chin. How can somebody that big and ugly talk about somebody being fat when he cant wear a belt because of his gut?

  • rinodino

    Lol Michelle just mad because beckel rips far righties like herself on FOX of all places. Beckel is the only reason to watch the five unless your lonely and want to watch women in short skirts which is basically the fox news audience

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Bob! Glad you could join the conversation!

    • LM Shed

      You’re right Dave, Beckel is a good reason to watch The Five, especially if you need a good laugh since the stuff that comes out of his mouth is so ridiculous, such as this gem…

    • Owen007

      The only thing that Beckel is capable of ripping is a pair of pants.

      Oh, by the way, next time you want to try and sound clever, I suggest you learn spelling and punctuation. That way I might actually be able to take you seriously and not have to wonder how a toddler got a hold of a keyboard or Internet access.

      • J Frazier

        Or breaking a chair.

    • CindyLyn4

      Well, at least their women are attractive, unlike the washed up old hags on CBS, NBC, &ABC. Liberal women look ugly all the time. In fact over all, liberals are just flat out ugly.

  • Faunette Stocker

    Bob called someone fat? That is priceless he need to look in the mirror honestly! Such a liberal tactic, ad homenum attacks is all they are good at using.

  • birdlover11

    Hilarious! Bob Beckel is A BIG FAT JERK

  • Owen007

    1) Beckel called someone else fat? I’d listen to a sumo wrestler about weight before hearing out FOX’s resident hippo.

    2) He’s calling out Lovitz now? Proof positive Beckel’s a gutless coward, waiting until the story dies down to mouth off.

    3) Beckel just proves Lovitz’s recent point about liberals not exactly being welcoming of different points-of-view.

  • J Frazier

    Beckel calling anyone else “fat”? Fatty Macquarter Pounder Bobby needs to get his own a$$ on a treadmill before calling anyone else out.

  • Randall Stokes

    Bob Beckel what can you say it’s that libral brain disease that so many other americans have every one I have seen are vulger hateful and want to be smarter than you but they fail all the time. Look at Harry Reid and Pelosi have you ever seen a more hateful two people.What amaze me is there people keep them in office in NV his state is very high in unemployement but yet he keep’s getting voted back in…Pelosi well she keep’s getting HIGH on her own suppy in San-Fran. These are the devil’s that keep america in poverty.

  • Paul J. Citro

    Fox has to be balanced weight wise so on the Five 4 and 1 Beckel balance out

  • Tanuki Man

    I think “bloated lying gasbag” is more accurate than “fat jerk” but Beckel lives up to both monikers.

  • Tanuki Man

    I think “bloated lying gasbag” is more accurate than “fat jerk” but Beckel lives up to both monikers.

  • CindyLyn4

    I can’t stand Beckel. He’t the fat jerk. He is a rude, ignorant person.

  • Gwyn

    Next time the term “3 way” comes to mind it would behove Bobby boy to think mirror …..instead of his usual fantasy. What a narcissist!

  • Ken Watson

    Before Beckel calls anyone…. um, ANYthing he needs to consult a mirror, a scale, the seismic records around his residences, the criminal records, the divorce records, the civil records, his wikipedia (if any) and slap his momma while he is at it. Beckel is a pig, never saw a naked woman without paying for it and is in a rapid decline from his low, depraved and ignorant state. Why oh why is he inflicted on a gasping world by Fox News of all things? I’ll tell ya, he’s still the best man they could find who would admit to being a “liberal”.

  • Chip

    It’s no surprise considering all the Obaloney he eats.