After boldly speaking out about his views on the economy and entrepreneurship, liberal comedian Jon Lovitz was pilloried by progressive tolerance bullies who told him to “STFU.” Meanwhile, conservatives cheered him for his candor.

Now the “Saturday Night Live” alum is doing a little political soul-searching and thinks he might just be a libertarian. Could it be he’s ready to move over to the right side of the aisle?

The Left’s continued insistence that Lovitz march in lockstep with Hollywood progressives appears to be pushing him in that direction. Last night Lovitz tweeted about his annoyance with the Huffington Post’s derisive, misleading coverage of his guest hosting stint on “The Dennis Miller Show.”

Humorless liberals? Say it ain’t so, Jon!

Yeah, it’s tough out there for a comic under our dog-eating, mom jeans-wearing, teleprompter-dependent president who wants all Austrian-speaking asthmatics to have Breathalyzers. Luckily Lovitz seems tuned in to the comic fodder.

We’re here when you’re ready, Jon.

  • lazypadawan

    We have cookies, Jon.

    • The Monster

      Come on over to the Dark Side, Jon. We also have really tasty chicken sandwiches.

      • Randy Schumacher

        waffles we have waffles!

      • rAudiOne

        How racist..talking about chicken and must be bigoted conservatives..

        • Richard Dupriest


      • rAudiOne

        How racist..talking about chicken and must be bigoted conservatives..

    • ChelieinTX

      And chikn sammies!!

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      Lol. And common sense, as well.

  • Flagramma

    They can dish it out those liberals when its to a conservative but they can not take it. If you oppose they them come after you with the wrath of ,well I was going to say God but God would not approve the hate the so called loving left spews forth. Take this Chick Filet thing its America last time I looked the owner expressed his opinion get over it . Free speech libs you remember what that is. If you do not like it do not eat chick fliet we do not care. You go Jon come over to the right side of the tracks you can make fun of Romney all you want when he wins and takes our country back to work and prosperity.

    • CaptainWhitebread

      Don’t say “God”; you’ll tick off the liberal atheists! #caring

  • joedu

    I believe most Americans are inherently libertarian, they just don’t
    know it. A basic definition is “socially liberal and fiscally
    conservative”. Hence, Libertarians are neither left nor right, but
    thanks to liberal extremism these days, likely identify more with the

    • Debra Mcdaniel

      That is true,I have always been conservative,but I am now identifying with Libertarians views,extremists really scares the hell out of me.

    • SabrinaHornung

      I like that. I think you’re right Joe, many Americans are libertarian-leaning and don’t know it…unfortunately the rest are socialists and don’t know it.

    • Ron McGregor

      WELL SAID!

    • Kdiity

      Isn’t it impossible to be socially liberal and fisically conservative….. Think about it ???

    • Michele Russell

      i call myself a ” conservatarian”

  • carmijok

    To me, the perfect Saturday Night Live parody would be to have Obama dragging his teleprompter everywhere he went…every time they do Obama…someone needs to be setting up his teleprompter or have it attached to his leg dragging behind him. Or have him promote his new Cookbook ‘Chow-hounds’ (with real chow dogs on the cover). You know they used to make fun of Clinton…and they loved him! Now it’s like they’re afraid.

  • Bill Gordon

    Good man Jon!!

  • Ro Baht

    Now he is wearing the liberal cloak of invincibility, but if he decides
    he is not a liberal then he will instantly be called a racist for his
    comments about mocking Obama. :rolleyes:

  • peteee363

    if john was to move over here, even on a temporary basis, we will not spew hate his way if he decides to leave. we will wish him well, and remind him he is always welcome over here. the right is not full of hate, as the left is.

    • LightSabre

      I notice that more and more. And 40-50 years ago, it was the opposite. As Reagan said, the Democratic Party left us.

  • Debra Mcdaniel

    We get it a joke is just that a joke,liberals want to hate on everything that conservative do are say,most are tolerant of all,I for one believe in 1 man,1 women marriage but if you don’t that’s your business,who I am,I am not on this earth to judge anyone I will leave that to the man upstairs,but I will say what’s in the Bible puts gays in a bad light,so if I truly am a child of God I will believe what it states.That does not mean I hate gays,I am not a gay basher,it’s just means I tolerant gays,like I would tolerant anyone else that has a differences of opinion.

  • NCR Elite

    Better a Libertarian than a Liberal.

    • Kdiity

      And better a Mormon than a Moron

  • Ken Dixon

    I saw Letterman tell a Obama joke recently and it was funny, then he got this guilty look on his face as if he got caught kicking a puppy.

    • OB2012

      Is Letterman still on?

  • somethingfishie

    I have a theory about why comedians don’t make fun of Obama very often. We get there first.

  • MovingToNevada

    Because liberals have no sense of humor…

    • $2943864

      We just have a different definition for what they call “humor”. We call it ridicule. Think Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The formula is to cherry pick whatever you can twist Michael Moore style and then roll your eyes at those “stupid/hypocritical” conservatives. It is one step above bodily function “humor” and only appeals to adolescents (and arrested adolescents).

    • Rena

      Because they get offended by everything… its like… can’t do this or this group gets offended or cant do that because you will offend someone…. might as well be robots if left up to the left…

    • Wendy

      Liberals have no sense of humor because they are too busy being victims.

  • allenbarr

    Michele can you tell us what is agenda 21 in the UN as it relates to a new world order. That’s the buzz going on here. Please enlighten us.

    • $12209827

      democratsagainstunagenda21 dot com

  • $2943864

    I’m surprised Mr Lovitz doesn’t see the comic angle. The President, just like the rest of the left, is consistent in that he does exactly what Huffin’some Blow is doing to Jon. i.e. – regardless of reality they can deny it. They can literally, straight faced, say black is white and visa versa. This can lead to major hilarity or annoyance depending on the presentation.

  • Booker T.

    Somebody get the Rock on the phone! This guy needs support!

  • Debbeth

    Think he’s ready to grow up. Well done.

  • LM Shed

    True liberalism, ie. the extreme left, should be classified in the DSM as a mental illness. They act like spoiled children, have aggressive tempers, and do not live in reality.

  • towerclimber37

    liberals have little mirth and less understanding when you mock their God-King.

  • Alan Drucker

    sounds like the SNL alumni are growing up

  • heynorm48

    Liberals have evolved into the most humorless group of people I’ve ever met! The Democrat Party is now the Party of Indignation! Constantly getting upset at each and every little thing. It’s not that I as a conservative don’t care; I CAN’T CARE. I just can’t.
    It takes too much energy and is exhausting to be constantly looking for the smallest slight.

  • Gerald deGroot

    What’s wrong with Libertarians?

    • Ol’greySurfDude

      hmm…well…they think….they make their own decisions…you can see the problem here, right?

    • Bristel

      Oh great., which is only good for anything linguistic, and not political. I love Mark Rosenfelder’s sense of “humor” when it comes to hyperbole. -Bristel from ZBB

  • Toni Parker

    I’ll pray for Jon Lovitz as now he’s opened himself up to antagonism and bullying from the left for not towing the party line and thinking for himself… Good for you Jon.

  • GibsonLP

    Liberals are morons. Nothing more to say. They’re all idiots who vote with their emotions. They think the Presidential Election is the Super Bowl; as long as “they” win, that’s all that matters. They can’t think past their emotions or past tomorrow. Obama has been the most disastrous President in history and the retards on the left are still licking his shoes. That says it all.

  • Stranded in Sonoma

    I find it so odd that I’m a liberal and yet only the conservatives get I’m joking. And the liberals take everything literally.

    The money quote.
    Liberals think that comedy should be some kind of politically correct, antiseptic, unfunny, tip-toe through the tulips. Unless they’re using their entire vocabulary, which consists of nothing but the F word, and insulting conservatives.

  • voorhee

    The liberal’s idea of humor is just s series of crude insults directed at conservatives.

  • Sam Cairo

    LO am not pc and I make Obama and black jokes. They are funny. Wtf.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Liberal humor isn’t funny. It’s hateful. Take Kathy Griffin for example, who thinks calling a seventeen year old girl (Willow Palin who has done nothing wrong) a whore and a future porn star is funny. They have no limits, and absolutely nothing is below them. They’re disgusting human beings. Woman, gays, blacks, hispanics, etc. They’re all nothing but voting blocs for the left. Liberals are what our founding fathers were afraid of. Liberals are the threat they had in mind when they wrote the constitution. Liberals have lost touch, if they ever were in touch, with their country’s history, and are trying to destroy what makes it so great. They’re sick people, and I wish they would just move to Cuba and let the rest of us live free.

  • david christoph

    Dana Carvey and John Lovitz satirize Obama (on Dennis Miller show)

  • righthook38

    I’m kind of enjoying this. Liberals will quickly turn on their own if they dare go against Obama. It seems to make much more of an impact when they turn on their own than when they just go after us….after all, attacking conservatives is expected. Turning on Lovitz is going to turn off moderate Democrats and Independents.

  • Craig Schwarzbek

    I’ve been exposing the things that this administration has done. Now I have several Obamanites questioning whether they should vote for Romney. Not saying that they support BO. The truth shall set us free. Jon Lovitz just questioned the president and his desire to accomplish the things he ran on. May Dems now do that. The hate that these ‘hollywood types’ spew is causing many Dems to question whether the party is committed to being the party trying to help the small guy ( that’s what many Dems believed the small guy was what the party was all about) Now they show that they are the party of hate and intolerance, and only interested in special interest groups. Many of these liberals are calling themselves that to feel like they belong. That they are fighting for the little guy. That they are fighting the corporate machine. Expose the money trail and the story changes for them. Look at the largest donors to this administration, to Harry Reid, To Nancy Pelosi. When you expose that information they see that they have been sold a wet paper bag full of dog doo. Let these people expose what the Dem party is truly about, keeping people angry with each other. Let them try to sell the hate. Let’s expose them for who they are. The party bought by the insurance companies. In 2008 The dems received most of the donations from Wall Street. People like Jon Lovitz scare them. He can question. Go Jon!

  • Norman Ursusmaritimus

    But he’ll still vote Obama in November, because he won’t want to be labeled a racist.

  • Guest

    Read about the French Revolution-they turned on themselves for real or imagined offences. The leaders of the were eventully killed by their own. It was really a Left Revolution. We see it here how the left are reacting to jon’s veering off of their group think.

  • aqua1957

    Read about the French Revolution-they turned on themselves for real or imagined offences. The leaders were eventually killed by their own. It was really a Left Revolution. We see it here how the left are reacting to jon’s veering off of their group think

  • BigDogJunction

    He was a liberal in name only. To make it in Hollywood, have to be lock step in with the liberal mantra: Deflect, Dismiss, Belittle, Ignore.

    Lovitz questions. He’s much smarter than a liberal.