After former Vice President Dick Cheney dissed Sarah Palin on Sunday, his eldest daughter Liz took to Twitter to voice her disagreement.

It wasn’t long before the Left’s Cheney Derangement Syndrome was on full display. And since the target was a conservative woman, it was served up with a heaping side of condescending, dismissive sexism.

What qualifications does Liz Cheney have? How about former State Department official, political analyst and co-founder of a national security organization?

Of course. The dumb wingnut broad is only successful because of her dad.

Nothing enrages the Left like an accomplished conservative woman. Better teach her a lesson about speaking up:

A conservative woman defends another conservative woman’s record and the Left responds with unhinged vitriol. But it’s the Right that’s waging a War on Women?

  • Deesaster

    Liz Cheney is a smart, accomplished conservative. The fact that she’s driving the left crazy proves it.

    • Citizen_Jerry

      It’s not a drive. It’s a short putt. The left is becoming increasingly unhinged as the campaign rolls along. With every post, the left gives more proof to the fact they never grew up.

      • LightSabre

        Their tweets show they are so full of unadulterated HATRED. And they’re the ones (led by Pres. Obama) that always call for CIVILITY???

  • Nina Salmon Hickox

    I hope the right never never stoops as low as the left. I would never call liberals the names they have called Liz. God help us all.

    • LightSabre

      EXACTLY the point I was trying to make (above). Thanks.

  • MikeD0722

    The left in America is by definition a collection of the most disgusting pieces of trash ever assembled in one place. Notice how they dwell on their vulgar talking points and completely ignore the putrid records of the power hungry career politicians they worship.

  • Wishsong

    I can’t wait to watch the tears flow when Dear Leader and entourage get thrown out of the White House in November. Every one of these posts I read makes me look forward to it more.

  • John Gallagher

    In general I like Liz Cheney – but her saying that aplin is more qualified then Obama and Biden – that’s a bit much – if anything Biden blows the other 2 away in experience (if not joke making) – Neither Obama nor Palin finished off even their 1st terms as Governor/Senator.

    As Palin stands on Conservative issues – she is no different from any other right wing leaning (as opposed to centerist) Republican so to hold her up as some kind of shining example is idiotic – she was a bad choice for VP in an election that Senator McCain knew he was going to lose – he knew it because no matter who the Democrats ran the Republicans were going to lose because of Bush and his shenanigans in Iraq- but made a go off it by nominating a woman for VP. The Democrats could have run a ticket of Charlie Rangle and that other knucklehead Sharpton and won.

    This debate after the fact about Palin’s fitness to be VP is pointless and stupid.

    This entire election cycle has turned into nothing more than kids running to their respective mommies to complain about that the other side said – it’s childish and moronic and while I like Michelle Malkin – this site is just another example of this silliness.

    • Romans 8:39

      You’re entitled to your opinion no matter how foolish it is. Have a good day.

      • Ryan k

        How dare you call someone a name that disagrees with you! That is something liberals do! :). These comments are funny when you do the same think you are commenting against.

        • Romans 8:39

          Reread my post I didn’t call anybody a nasty name. I believe his opinion is foolish and misguided and I stand by it. Now go pound sand.

        • Romans 8:39

          Reread my post I didn’t call anybody a nasty name. I believe his opinion is foolish and misguided and I stand by it. Now go pound sand.

  • kateorjane

    It never ceases to amaze me the number of people on the Left who are ugly nasty & vile. Where does all that slime breed?

    • Jennifer Hall

      I don’t know but I am sure they’ll honor that place like the Kenyans are honoring the birthplace of Barak.

    • burl

      in NYC,Miami, Boston,Chicago,LA etc,etc

    • freeinaz

      Maybe there is something to this contraception stuff after all.

  • Naomi Nomi Roy

    wow. Just wow… Amazing how angry and full of hate the left is. Wow.

  • Bonnie Pike

    Not surprising how the left resorts to nastiness and name calling instead of sticking to the facts.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Liberals = scum of the earth – and they prove they are everyday on twitter.

    • Ryan k

      So what do you call this statement? Isn’t it the pot calling the kettle black?

      • Cruz2016!!!

        NO…not at all. I guess you fail to listen and read the vile, filthy comments liberals have for anyone who disagrees with them…those liberals are scum…period. Nice try though.

        • Ryan k

          I couldn’t have crafted a more perfect response that illustrates my point even if I tried. Are you not also using vile, filthy comments against people that disagree with you. The irony is thick.

          • Cruz2016!!!

            Wrong, none disagreed with me, I am responding to their vile, filthy remarks when they don’t like what someone has to say, this instance it’s Liz Cheney for having an opinion they don’t like. They hate Sarah Palin and I have seen time and time again there filthy, vile, disgusting remarks directed at her or anyone who defends her, that makes them scum of the earth. Sorry to burst your little bubble.

  • Joe Messana

    It is amazing how tolerant the left is of everybody but their fellow conservative americans.

    • burl

      About as tolerant as der fueher

  • The Monster

    Resigning her job as Governor, after the Left abused the AK ethics law trying to drive her and the state to bankruptcy defending against endless baseless charges, is seen by them as a disqualifier for picking her as VP, but had McCain won, she’d have resigned even sooner, not unlike Obama, who barely got his seat in the Senate warm before starting his POTUS campaign, and served less time in that job before resigning than Palin did.

    Whether it’s Daylight Time or not, it’s always DOUBLE Standard Time for the Left.

    Of course, Obama resigned to take a higher office, and Palin resigned for the good of the AK people, because her administration was getting bogged down with the ethics complaints, and getting herself out of the way allowed Parnell and the rest of her team to get back to work. In the Leftist mindset, no one ever resigns an elected office for any reason other than taking a higher office (or to avoid being removed due to scandal), so they projected onto her that she resigned to get rich off the redneck rubes. The talking points memo on that says to use the word “grifter”. Of course, Obama hasn’t made ANY money at all for his family as a result of being POTUS. He hasn’t sold any more copies of his autobiographies or anything like that. His cronies to whom his administration has funneled endless sweetheart deals won’t return the favor when he leaves office by paying him speaking and/or consulting fees, oh no!

    • freeinaz

      Mr. “vote present” or “never take a stand” wasn’t much of a representative for his people. With Obama it is, and always will be, all about him. Compare that to Sarah Palin who thinks of the greater and bigger picture, her fellow Americans, and isn’t afraid to take a stand for what’s right and principled.

  • johnnycab23513

    The left wishes they had a woan half as smart as Liz on their side.

    • burl

      Lol, they have Nancy and Debbie!

  • johnnycab23513

    A man stating that, in his personal opinion, marrage is between a man and a woman is not hate. These responses to Liz’s tweet; now that is real hate.

  • Scott Green

    Ahh, the tolerant rational left is at it still… I’m afraid a new civil war may be inevitable. We haven’t tried playing cowboys and lefties yet, but I have a good idea how it would turn out. 😀

  • William D Worstell

    163 days in the senate of Il. Thats less than half bo term. No forien policy experience, no business savvy, kiss ass apologies to forien heads of state. Every solar co. he gave money to went down the tube 878 + billion down the drain, cost us our credit rating. Yay to the o . Palin would of done a better job without McCain. Kuddos to Liz Cheney

  • zahbudda

    I love to use Sarah Palins name when talking to Progressives.. ie.. Marxists… drives them crazy as hell…. apolectic…. Bristol is gorgeous these days… drives them nuts as well…. they are already mentally ill! LOL

  • Donald Koller

    This is no surprise at all. We all know the left is full of hate and intolerance. Common sense now.

  • Todd Melcher

    Liz Cheyney and Shara Paylin have more smarts in their little fingers than one million of you stupid kool-aid drinking librerals have combined.

  • allenbarr

    A real decent person can not come up with the proper amont of praise Sara Palin deservers.

  • Ariel Dyer

    Yikes. Not okay to treat anyone like that. But, let’s remember this is twitter, and the internet is full of people who like to go over the top with hateful words- left AND right. Mass-labeling this as an attack by the “left” really serves no purpose except to dehumanize and alienate.

    • Ryan k

      Thanks for your voice of reason in here.

  • burl

    It is always amazing, the compassionate, loving left , always, always resort to vulgarities,libel and slander to drive their insane point of view

  • s.p. johnson

    I don’t see how you dumbass demotards dress yourselves.

  • EastValleyConservative

    I still have yet to hear ANY of these idiots present their proof that Palin is dumb, incompetent, hateful, etc. The media ran that narrative and like good little hypnotized sheep they have been spewing the same vile rhetoric word for word about Palin ever since. How easily they fall for this crap and then they have the stones to call anyone else names. Citizen Jerry is correct, they prove how unhinged they are every day.

  • CrashFroelich

    These silly reactions to Liz’s comment are why I love Palin. The mere mention of her name makes liberals bleed from the eyes. That’s also why I still have a Sarahcuda sticker on my car.

  • MaryEllen Smith

    YUP, more experience than mccain.obummer and biden put together

  • jdkchem

    If congress ever repealed laws making dueling illegal how long would these turds last?

  • [email protected]

    I couldn’t read all of the left wing nut job posts, they just get me too pissed off. I can’t believe how delusional they are. I know that Obumbler has them brain washed to love him, but to hate Sarah Palin and Liz Cheney so much is just rediculous. They must really be afraid of those two women.

  • Ryan k

    I could write the same exact article that involves republicans saying just as negative things about someone on the left if I take random samples from twitter. This article is such a joke and typical of the right trying to drum up outrage over nothing.

  • michael s

    divide and conquer isnt so good now is it? sarah was grinning like a chesire cat when cory booker made his bain statement. i hope it continues. should a website stating I STAND WITH CHENEY AND ZIEGLER be supported? YOU BETCHA!!!!!

  • nam_vet6869

    The Tweets above are vile and uncalled for. I am not judging, they will all be judged by a much higher power in the future.

  • nam_vet6869

    The Tweets above are vile and uncalled for. I am not judging, they will all be judged by a much higher power in the future.

  • Bryan Page

    So glad lib were able to finally advance some reasonable, logical thoughts here by many of their more intelligent pundits…

  • freeinaz

    There will be a prime spot for Liz Cheney in the Romney administration. She is very, very, smart when it comes to foreign policy and a whole lot of other conservative ideas.

  • Rick Nelson

    I guess this is part of that civility the left is talking Biden in Congress for 35 years is certainly no qualification for President,any more than the 6 weeks B.O. spent in the Senate before announcing his run for President.After all he was a community organizer in Chicago.That should qualify him for… nothing.