That. Was. Beautiful.

“Saturday Night Live” alum Jon Lovitz joined conservatives in slamming President Obama for telling American entrepreneurs, “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Lovitz may still identify as a liberal, but conservative fans can’t get enough.


Conservatives support Jon Lovitz as liberal trolls renew vile attacks

Introducing the “Lovitz Curve”

Obama critic Jon Lovitz debates “fair share” and tax lies w/Twitter followers; plus: new vid of his remarks

  • Ukisociety Jones


  • Hildy Krish

    Love it and is soooooo true!

  • Mary Healy

    If more people would listen to the man speak and see this guy for who he is (not), maybe we could end up with a real leader at the end of this election…

    • Joe White

      We need to at least continue to make them expose this traitor too free Americans. Never to let what we learn be buried!

    • Tom Clampitt

      That could only happen if we had real leaders running.

      • Nick Riley

        Ron Paul 2012.. The only man talking about changing monetary policy, foreign policy, and Austrian economics. That’s the leader.

  • QuadGMoto

    That is such a beautiful burn that Obama needs to head to the intensive care unit!

    • Orangeone

      Right after he signs up for ObamaTaxes

  • Cyborg0012

    This made my day.

  • SuperstionQueen

    He may be identify as a liberal, but he sure doesn’t think like one! Conservative he is not, but free thinking and willing to go off talking point and say it like it is makes him anything but a lockstep liberal! Kudos to him.

  • Orpheus75


  • Beeta

    Wow !! I love it… I bet this kicks his ego in the butt. And for sure he DID NOT earn this. The novel peace prize is just trash anymore and means NOTHING!

  • OSW

    My husband is in a 140 degree attic fixing someone’s air conditioning as I type this. We need some of those people who “make it happen”- no one has shown up yet, and its been 26 years! We want our fair share of people who make it happen!

  • fidlin1

    Obamas Teleprompter just imploded.

    • Adeline B. Chappell

      You people are nuts!

      • fidlin1

        Well Adeline, we didn’t earn it.It was handed to us by this Imposter of a President.

        • lainer51

          Awesome Reply to the real nut – AdeLINE.

      • Candy Shaddox

        Oh really?? And pray tell, why do you say that??

  • Laurie Davis

    Seems to me Obama hasn’t built anything either, even with all the billions of taxpayers money he was unable to build a thing..

    • JusticeJuice

      He didn’t get genital warts all by himself, he had some help.

    • ked5

      obithegreatwon isn’t about building. he’s about implementing cloward-piven (re: overwhelm and collapse the economy). in that sense – his economic policies HAVE worked. (well, that and getting kickbacks from his donors)

  • joedeegan

    I thought he earned it by doing nothing.

  • linda


  • meemstar

    Nobel Peace Prize lost my respect when BO didn’t earn this distinction. They just got caught up in his rock star status like millions of other sheep, when this least vetted public offical ran for president in ’08.

    • A Willful Boy

      Just then? What about Arafat, Annan, Carter, and Gore?

  • mark

    Yes, it’s because hes a commie.

  • koolinAmerica

    Ya gotta Lovitz!

  • Joe White

    I truly believe that odamnUSA got his from Government’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Candy Shaddox

    I love Jon Lovitz! Enough to forgive him for being liberal! Maybe he’s seeing the light?

  • Maria Perez

    I would love to hear Gene Simmons (Kiss) opinion regarding this topic!

  • BeeKaaay

    Getting elected to the PRESENTdency? You didn’t do that! :)

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Well, at least we know Lovitz isn’t a partisan hack because with Obama’s record the only the people who defend and will vote for him again are nothing more than partisan hacks!

  • JusticeJuice

    If barry earned a peace prize, then his back-fat wife must be a supermodel!

  • JohnOz1

    John from Australia.
    I would encourage everyone to read the book “Animal Farm”, in which the animals take over the farm and kick the farmer out.
    The pigs manage to take control and live in the farmhouse sleeping in beds, the rest of the animals are left out in the cold, the pigs change the Animals’ constitution to suit their needs better, they even have animals killed, which is against their laws.
    Does anyone see the similarity to the present Obama govenment?
    Americans stand tall and get your country back from the Socialists, the World needs you to be strony economically and military.

  • Jose S

    Funny. The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Obomber was a joke. He’s right, though. Working on a business is not enough. Try starting a business in, say, Haiti. You need a working economy, infrastructure, people with buying power, etc.

  • Rationalize

    Democrats claim that he writes his own speeches. Well, this is what happens when you have no experience and think others are fools. You can’t fool all the people, all the time.

  • mrlibra63

    “Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals.”-Oscar Wilde

  • Tralbry

    Wow. What an amazing display of ignorance and sheep-like repetition of the Fox line on what Obama said. What Obama ACTUALLY said, the *that* in “you didn’t build *that*” was that the infrastructure and other innovations that came *before* you started your business. Example: the roads that lead to the building where your store is. The electricity that runs to that neighborhood. The phone lines that make your credit card terminals use work. If you look at the whole statement, and what he said seconds earlier, that the parents and teachers who guided also were partly responsible for your education, what you know and your ultimate success. And Obama is correct. There are a lot of people who came before that paved the way to help foster any success people have now.

    P.S. You can find videotape of Romney expressing that very same thing. You can find the same idea in Romney’s book “No Apology”, that I’m reading, too. If you’re so dumb as to mindlessly believe the Fox meme, then yes, I guess we can say that Fox is also partly responsible for the ignorance you display – but you are certainly responsible, too.

    Yes, Obama did not deserve the Nobel and based on his recent actions with drones and such it should be taken away – but that’s no excuse for the absurdly ill-informed comments below.

  • Tralbry

    Oh, and, yes. Jon Lovitz is an idiot, on taxation issues too, no matter what label he or you assign him. The wealthy are paying less than they ever have so that is no way a “fair share”. Under Eisenhower we had a fair share, and not since. It’s grown progressively worse for 50 years. This is an easily verifiable fact. All you have to do is look at the official numbers.

    Why do you think even some billionaires like Warren Buffet have been saying the taxation is unfair and the wealthy should be taxed more? Lovitz is a tool.

  • Larry Watkins

    It is a wonderful thing we live in a country that fuktards can say any thing they want and not be put in jail for it. Jon don’t you feel safe and suckured