Singer and “Celebrity Apprentice 5” contestant Aubrey O’Day is known for her racy Instagram photos that leave little to the imagination. And now, her one million Twitter followers no longer need to use their imaginations to know what she thinks about American politics. (Our apologies for stretching the definition of “thinks.”)

If so, time for a new publicist.

The aspiring Meghan McCain also weighed in on President Obama and the House of Representatives.

Sigh. Aubrey, when exactly did Republicans regain control of the House? What year was that election? We’ll give you a hint. We’re thinking of a number between 2009 and 2011.

And what year did President Potential take office? We’ll wait while you do the math.

For the most part, her “Aubtourage” swooned over the political tweets while waiting for Aubrey to post her next bikini pic.

Alas, there was no Instagram of her half-naked romp on the beach. But O’Day did offer followers a brief review of “Newsroom.”

Quite an indemnification.


Update: She’s not done yet, and she has some numbers for those “nuts” questioning her timeline.

Well, at least we’ve cleared that up, right?

  • mike

    Last time I checked, haven’t seen the Tea Party destroying and burning down our cities like the OWS punks.

    • akreynin

      Totally agree.

  • Kevin

    Remember that one time when Obama had Democratic control of Congress for two years and did nothing but still blamed the Republicans?

    • JohnnaCal

      aBREAST O’Duh needs to pay more taxes I think. Go ahead honey, write a check to the IRS so we can see you put your money where your misinformed mouth is.

  • Larry Clifford

    Watch documentary 2016 at a theatre near you……..

  • JohnnaCal

    If having a balanced budget, spending less than we take in and stop printing money to prevent inflation is extreme…then I AM ALL IN.

    • akreynin

      I am with you.

  • Kava Powder

    Oh my.

  • TraveLynn

    She looks ridiculous in that shirt, unless, of course, she’s heading to the Playboy mansion. The only people listening to her are horny teens, creepy men, and females who are about as classy as she isn’t. I’m hoping they all are too high to get to the voting booths, or simply cannot locate them.

    • Grumpa Grumpus


      Unfortunately the DNC/ACORN will make sure those types have voted. Either through “assisted” voting, or absentee, or some other method.

      I did note that my second wife, (passed 1997) and her parents (1979 & 1985) were on the rolls last election. I even recieved through the mail an absentee ballot. I don’t know how *that* happened (I thought you had to request them…). It was mailed to the last house we had together & when she passed away (cancer) I sold it to friends. They forwarded it to me, in a letter with some current pictures.

      They had admired all the work I put into it. I’d rebuilt the entire house from the ground-up. I was especially happy with the kitchen.

      I owened and operated a small bakery then. I’d found that baking relaxes me, my wife used to poke fun at me b/c I’d come home after 12-15 hrs and bake something at home ? you know, to relax and unwind. Baking for yourself and your family’s different.

      When I rebuilt that kitchen I did it with professional equipment: 2 commercial ovens, range top, walk-in refrigerator & freezer, stainless steel canning station, connected finished “root cellar”, walk-in dehydration closet (canning & food preservation are a “Mormon emergency preparedness” thing) built-in proofing box, and a wood-fired brick baking/pizza oven.

      None of our children, or Ginny’s (first wife, died 1957) wanted it, and I was certain our friends would take good care of our house. It was just exactly the way she wanted it.

      Sorry. I got caught in reminiscence. I’ve been married three times. I love all three (you never stop).

      have a good day

  • Hank Williamson

    The stupids are outnumbering the smarts. Electoral Dysfunction. Elect Romney and hope he’s not a RINO.

    • akreynin

      Let’s hope so.

    • Sharon Bell Ingram

      Pray he’s not a RINO.

  • Johnny Blade

    oO… am I supposed to know who this bubblehead is?

    • akreynin

      Who needs big brains when you have big boobs?

  • David Nelson

    I guess all of those blonde jokes were true!

    • akreynin

      They are true.

    • Sharon Bell Ingram

      Hey! That’s an insult to true blondes everywhere!!

  • TJE53

    the last major election she went to the voting pole but couldn’t use it cause there was a damned flag at the top!

  • Psycho Sock Puppet

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “pair of clueless boobs”.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Is she “famous” for a sex tape? I refuse to wiki her to find out why she’s mildly famous.

    • Orangeone

      She thinks she can sing (not) and of course she strips showing off those fake impants of hers

  • Mikki Mead

    notice the age group of most of her followers? Young adults with no real life experience other than high school.

  • weRbroke

    Ehhh, another hollywierd hothouse flower who has probably “rented” out the pubic playground to anyone who would “pay” attention.

  • rivers

    Wow, boobs can talk! Who knew?

  • lazypadawan

    People who have duck lips photos of themselves in their profiles ought to be prohibited from voting.

  • Cybernetic59

    Frankly, who cares what she has to say – I certainly don’t. Normally, I’d say one more ass to boycott, but I don’t know of her – never heard of her … but definitely won’t be watching anything she’s in or on.

    • rinodino

      Sure you won’t, all you neo cons say you boycott celebs, but yet you know every movie or album that is out….. hence the batman stuff on twitchy, lol

      • Sharon Bell Ingram

        Haven’t been to a movie in years that wasn’t for family viewing.

  • TomJB

    Well she is right when she says President Obama has more potential than any President ever. At least when taken from the point of view that he is our worst President, he has more room between where he is now and an excellent rating than any of his predecessors!

  • FromNJ

    This chick will do anything to get attention. I guess she’s not in the mood to show her ass on twitter today.

  • Guest

    Look at my boobies and she says words

  • Dwayne P Theriot

    I think her brains are in her breasts, which explains everything since they’re made of silicone.

  • NCRelite


  • Ben O’Callaghan

    The only person who looks clueless here is the author of this article! Do your research and you’d know that Aubrey has a political science degree from University of California & was accepted to Columbia Law. Whatever you think about somebody or their views the least you could do is make sure you’re actually informed before belittling their views / knowledge.

  • Dref

    Whah? The auto bailout occurred in 2008 before the “stimulus” even existed. The stimulus didn’t “save” crap. Can’t even get her basic facts straight, this loon.

  • DANEgerus

    It wasn’t Trump’s business acumen that Aubrey O’day swallowed…

  • marine37

    If your intelligence was only as large as those two phony jugs.

  • ICLemmings

    I believe what she is trying to say is I need more attention and I can do this by supporting a ardent marxist socialist. This walking around with as little clothing as possible and a lot of hair weaves is getting worn out.

  • SuperstionQueen

    O’Day is a waste of space. She solidified her narcissism on Celebrity Apprentice. Only reason she went on is because she thinks she is famous and the rest of you need to know that she is darn it! Sarc She loves Obama because much like her own persona, the mirror is the best friend.

  • windywilson

    Shhhhh. If you say bad things about her tweets she’ll stop posting bikini pics, and the teens and frat boys ‘ll be disappointed.