Oh no she di’n’t!

Oh yes she did.

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz outed herself as a full-blown Bain truther on MSNBC today. Not that there was really any question about that.

Like a good little Democrat soldier, she repeated the Obama campaign’s dishonest and thoroughly debunked smear that Mitt Romney might have committed a felony by misrepresenting his position at Bain Capital.

Oh, and speaking of felonies committed by presidential candidates …

Republicans who did nothing wrong are felons. Democrats who broke the law engaged in delightful youthful indiscretions.

Even Dem hack Lanny Davis is appalled by the “Romney is a felon” attacks.

But, hey, if the felon smear fizzles out, the DNC chair is a two-trick pony: Bain truther and tax return hypocrite.

It almost seems unfair to state the obvious. It’s too easy.


Again, there’s one standard for Democrats, another for Republicans.

Whatcha hiding, Debbie?


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  • SCP

    Show us the Money Willard!!! I bet those tax returns are full of links to Bain for all the years he says not. I’d suggest the “long form” returns.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Smear and no evidence….Mr Axelrod…is that you??

    • Dencal26

      Of course he had income from Bain. He does not deny he was still an owner.

    • James Atkins

      Romney having a job in the private sector is good for me. Why not you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/gppsofla Gene Phillips

    I liken the request for Romney’s missing tax records to the ‘birther’s’ claims about The President’s Birth Certificate. Except, the President has nothing to hide, and Romney has 11years of unseemly tidbits in his tax records…..

    • TomJB

      Well, considering IRS authority on auditing only goes back from 3 years for normal returns to a max of 7 years when considering write-offs for a worthless stock, why does anyone need to keep them for 11 years? I keep 7 years and when I send in my return each year, I go to my files and shred the oldest one.

      You do know, also, that 2010 has been released and 2011 will be when it is completed? If I were Gov Romney, I’d offer release of 2005-09 once The Transparent One releases all his missing documentation (no, not bc)

    • Botzilla

      Keep grasping…lol

    • weRbroke

      do you have D-loser tattooed on your forehead?

    • Dencal26

      Supplying 11 years of tax returns is not a requirement of being President, being a natural born citizen is.

    • James Atkins

      Oh, you have seen those tax returns? What are those unseemly tidbits? I’m sure you would be paid quite well by all the liberal press for that information!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NAXLBAJCU5BUZZCCCLFU67KK4I william jenkins

      Hey Donk , if he has nothing to hide , Why has he spent 2 million dollars to hide it all

      • David Bernstein

        internet message board discussions like this make me want to hit my head against a wall. wtf, guys? grow up!

  • rinodino

    Neo cons are clueless, the reason why they keep attacking Romney on Bain is because the polls SHOW IT’S WORKING, when it doesn’t show it’s working, they won’t talk about it anymore….. It’s politics, Romney has to put on his BIG BOY pants and stop whining

    • James Atkins

      The polls I monitor still show pretty much a dead heat, not sure “working” is the correct term to use.

    • James Atkins

      Oh, can you post your tax returns so we can make sure you are not committing any crimes? And why did you beat your wife last night??

    • Flyover_Country

      I am going to propose this one more time. I heard that Barack Obama and DWS kidnap, rape, torture and kill little children. That is what I heard today. And that is different than the debunked (by libs) BS on Bain in what way? Oh, yeah I know – what I heard hasn’t been debunked by anybody.

  • Dencal26

    We have seen many nasty vile negative campaigns however this one launched by Obama is unique for a few reasons. First of all he is a sitting President. Secondly it is ONLY JULY. Usually campaigns polling badly by late September you see this not in July. This tells me Obama internal pollsters are worried.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NMU5FOSXEBV27LG4Q2NAAQ3PFE John

    I’m pretty sure snorting cocaine is a FELONY in the State of Hawaii. I’m sure there are a number of felonies involved in using the property of the United States for political purposes. By the way, is it Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s mother or father who is in the penitentiary, or both?