Some Twitter users are prescient — prescient!

Indeed they are.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has spent days pounding Mitt Romney for keeping money in a Swiss bank account. She tweeted attacks on his “secret offshore” accounts, slammed his “secretive investments” on Fox News Sunday and just last night, she joined Rep. Donna Edwards in pushing the failed Democrat hashtag #WheresYourBank.


Disclosure forms reveal that Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Florida, previously held funds with investments in Swiss banks, foreign drug companies, and the state bank of India. This revelation comes mere days after the Democratic chair attacked presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for holding money in Swiss bank accounts in the past.

Swiss investments? By her own standards, that makes Little Debbie out of touch and secretive, doesn’t it?

Next you’ll tell us she’s demanding Romney release more tax returns while refusing to release her own!

How ’bout that?

  • Im_Rick_James

    Once again, manbearpig gets called out…

  • jonathanzacharias


  • Stephanie S

    DWS’s husband is the typical guy a woman like her marries for money–I knew that with one look at the shlub. He may have been the one handling these investments and she possibly didn’t know about the Swiss account, pharma stocks, etc. Not to make excuses, but that’s how this type of marriage is typically run, just ask Ruth Madoff.

    • Guest

      no proof but I would not be surprised to find that Ruth Madoff knew a hell of a lot more than she let on

  • Me the People



  • Tman95

    If I was Mitt, I’d tell Barry that I will release the rest of my tax forms when Obama releases his college transcripts.

    • Guest

      win goes to David Thiemann!

    • Ellen K

      Tweeted the same exact thing yesterday. Quid pro quo. Romney releases something then Obama has to as well.

      • Solaratov

        Obama first. Otherwise, he’ll cheat.

    • Ed Wood

      Yeah, Obama faked his Magna cum laude from Havard. Mittens should take his fathers advice and release his records. What are you RetroWingers scared of?

      • Richard Easbey

        Well, little Eddie, if it’s no big deal why won’t PRESIDENT DOWNGRADE release the transcripts? What’s he hiding?

  • Flyoverman

    Debbie and Biden. What could be better…….

  • Marc

    This is stupid. I dislike DWS as much as the next conservative, but having money in a swiss bank account is a very different thing than owning mutual funds that own shares of swiss banks. I have no problem with swiss bank accounts, would like one myself. But attacks like these make conservatives look stupid.

    • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

      Marc, you excelled in missing the point. Swiss bank accounts are not evil.
      DWS attacks are. Did you get brainwashed by OWS crowd ? It makes
      you look stupid.

      • Marc

        Wow. Did you miss the part where I said I have no problem with swiss bank accounts and wish I had the money to have one myself? The entire article misses the point. The disclosure said she ‘held funds with investment in…’ meaning mutual funds or other investment funds owned shares of UBS, CS, Bank of India, etc. It doesn’t mean she personally held money in a swiss bank account. She might, I have no idea, and if she does, more power to her, she should, although it would be hypocritical. However, owning shares in swiss banks is not something anyone is concerned about, nor should they be.

        • Pendulumswings

          You are exactly right Marc…this is two different things. Investments offshore/abroad in comparison to personal Swiss bank accounts with your monies is indeed apples to oranges. I’m with you on this one, it makes us conservatives look stupid to attack so quickly by either not knowing the difference or take the time to realize this is not apples to apples.

  • joe blow

    this compares apples and oranges. mitt keeps cash and assets in Switzerland. Wasserman-Schultz had shares of a mutual fund that invested in some foreign entities. Not even comparable.

    • $1718659

      Only to koolaid drinkers.

  • Clancy Adams

    Are they really considering hiding funds in offshore accounts to be the same thing as investing in foreign companies? Best part, I’ll be their voter base will buy it.

  • rmccl54

    As previously stated, having money in mutual funds that includes investments in Swiss banks is not the same as having money in a Swiss bank account! But even more important is that DWS is not running for president! But the presumptive repub candidate has money in Swiss bank accounts, it is quite appropriate for anyone to ask how much and why.

    • Solaratov

      It’s a small step from “shares in a mutual fund” to “numbered Swiss account”. People want to know if Debbie has a secret account and how much is she hiding there? Why won’t she release her tax forms?
      What is she hiding from America?

    • wabansia

      Robert McClain: Wrong. One has an obligation to know where one’s funds are being invested. How do you explain all of the mutual funds that are peddled only to those interested in ‘green energy’ and ‘sustaining the environment’? And how do you explain the Bank of India and several foreign drug companies?

    • $1718659

      It’s your business to know how much if any money he has deposited in Swiss accounts why? There is nothing illegal about Swiss accounts – thousands of rich people do. What do you do with lots of money – put it in hundreds of banks because the FDIC only insures up to $200k? No – you put it in accounts where it is safe. If I had the money I would too, and so would you. Of course if your point is you’re jealous of his having earned his money I can see your point. Wonder if you want to have your Dear Leader reveal all the history he has spent millions keeping out of the public eye. I guess you think THAT is “different” too?

  • ellen

    Well.well. The hypocritical Debbie W.Shultz had money in a and Swiss bank, Bank of India,etc. Why are we surprised? The Dems never practice what they preach. The rules, the law,and the Constitution don’t apply to them. Yet they’ll chastise Romney! Lil’ Deb, where are your tax returns? And where are all of Obama’s records? Romney’s are out there, nothing to hide.

  • HWGood

    Paperwork from Mitt, none from DWS. What a shock. What a surprise.
    This is the reason I was signed on with the birthers.
    Any reason, at any time to try to force any liberal to prove anything.
    And once you get one piece of paper, ask for the next.

    • Ed Wood

      Yes, show us zee papers. Damn birthers are an ignorant lot.

      • HWGood

        Yes. Mr., Mrs., Ms. Liberal Politician, show us any papers. Prove anything you are questioned on.
        At present no liberal accused of anything has to do anything but laugh it off.
        The truth might eventually come out, but how long will it take.
        How long did it take for the truth about John Edward’s illegitimate son?
        Meanwhile, the false story about McCain having an affair went all over, due to his being photographed at a business lunch.
        So yes, show us the papers.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    I would love to see someone on tv call Debbie out on that info! That would be priceless!

    • lillymckim

      Well, she would have to come on Fox to be called out on her hypocrisy because no one on the state run news comedy shows will ask her.
      By now she is heading to the bunkers again where she will hide out until November when she will come back to clean out her desk!

  • Ed Wood

    Bahahaha. What dupes. Claiming Wasserman having an investment group invest a few shekels in a Swiss firm is the same as Robme’s.

    • Richard Easbey

      As if we needed proof that if it weren’t for DOUBLE STANDARDS, the fascist left would have none at all.

  • $1718659

    It’s past time for Mitt to start going after these leftist scum – playing “nice” will get him the same as it did McCain.

  • Ronald Larson

    Little Debby and Mr OB will be headed to Chicago soon so we will not have to see their faces anymore. And then we the people will have the fun of getting this wonderful country of OURS back on thack. Then OB’S wife can again not be happy to be a American.

  • Rude Eddie

    You guys are idiots, having a fund which has different foreign investments and having a offshore bank account is different. Mutual funds and bank accounts are not the same thing.LOL.