Earlier this week, actor Drake Bell claimed a hacker used his Twitter account to send out a series of tweets knocking pop singer Katy Perry. He explained that while he would never slam Perry, teen pop idol Justin Bieber was fair game.

Fast forward a few days, and here’s what appeared on Bell’s Twitter feed this morning.



When hordes of Beliebers took offense, Bell played the “hacked” card again.


Hacked! Is the toaster still loyal?

Here’s what he tweeted next:

Also a hacker? Hmm?

These tweets were retweeted from Bell’s account shortly after he cried hacker:

Most Bieber fans find Bell’s hacking defense about as believable as Anthony Weiner’s.


True, what man doesn’t pine for “relativity”?



Some even wished for his death.



Sheesh, guys. Take up yoga or something.

But some Justin Bieber fans accepted the hacking explanation. They just can’t fathom that anyone would intentionally commit the career-ruining mistake of bashing The Biebs.




  • http://www.facebook.com/sashay.laing Sashay Laing

    wow you even wanna kill the guy… he just made his point and what if he was really hacked we dont know

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000165542081 Amir Said

    Drake Bell>Justin Bieber
    All I gotta say.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michellerebecca.lee Michelle Rebecca

    I Grew up watching Drake & Josh But now its gone i’m growing up with Justin bieber… To be honest i think if Drake was really Hacked then he should make a video to prove it or something i dunno… I’m a belieber and i don’t find what he tweeted affiance at all cause i don’t have twitter and only found out about this just now so i personally think this needs to stop!! Of course i’m on bieber’s side but I’m also on Bell’s Side Because Some Belieber’s do go to far by death threats.. I mean i get it we are all angry but i don’t see why we need to threaten Drake Because our fan base is suppose to be a good fan base But look… I’m A belieber & a Drakesters And i think we both need to stop the hate… #NoHate

  • Becca Dorman

    If my mom had caught me sending death threats over the internet I’m fairly certain that I never would have been allowed on AOL again (yep, that’s how long ago I was this age). Where are these preteens’ parents?

  • Artagan Zessan

    ehm sending death treats because he doesnt like bieber…that is kind of retarted–‘ even if he doesnt like justin ..so EFFing what?!if they think saying that they are going to kill a person will make beliebers(the retarted kind) less ..well dumbass they are pretty wrong.:p