Just remember, the Right calls out, marginalizes, and rejects their “crazies.” The Right’s “crazies” are an anomaly. The Left embraces, defends, and supports their “crazies.”

Brandon Darby

Brandon Darby is a freedom fighter, a former leftist activist who went undercover for the FBI to bring down domestic terrorists who targeted the 2008 Republican National Convention.  His background gives him exceptional insight into domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin and the Left’s “well funded and organized shock troops whose goal is to destroy anyone who challenges their masters.”

The gist is that the people we call “far Left crazies” are actually very well organized and calculated and they operate on behalf of, with the support of, and to the benefit of more mainstream and moderate left-of-center political players.

To get a sense of the full extent of the potentially deadly tactics associated with these “far Left crazies,” read Patterico’s posts on the anniversary of his SWAT-ting experience here and here.

This week conservatives on Twitter dealt with one of the crazies on the Right.

Brooks Bayne is a self-proclaimed Tea Party conservative and blogger whose anti-Semitic rants are the antithesis of conservatism. His foul-mouthed attacks on Jews, women and gays have only escalated since Twitchy first reported on his vile tweets.

Bayne has spent the last several several days waging jihad against Brandon Darby and others in the conservative Twittersphere who won’t parrot his every word about everything from the Obamacare ruling to the Kimberlin saga. His attacks are strikingly similar to some of the silencing tactics used by serial harasser Kimberlin and his band of thugs.

On Sunday, Bayne changed his Twitter avatar to an image of Riad Hamad, a radical Palestinian activist who killed himself during an FBI investigation Darby took part in.

And hey, look who else thinks Riad Hamad avatars are the bee’s knees.

@OccupyRebellion is an enthusiastic Kimberlin supporter who engages in vile Twitter attacks on anyone who dares to mention Kimberlin in a negative way.

In response to critics, Bayne offered some background information on Riad Hamad.


The article he linked was written by Lisa Fithian, a virulently anti-Israel agitator and influential Occupy Wall Street organizer.

But the harassment didn’t end there. In an echo of of the tactics used by Brett Kimberlin’s thug squad, Bayne posted Darby’s personal information on Twitter.

Bayne has repeatedly invoked the late Andrew Breitbart’s name to smear Darby and his radio co-host Lee Stranahan as “leftists.”



Breitbart.com’s Mandy Nagy reminds us of an October tweet from Andrew Breitbart:

Or as Bayne would call them, “snitches.”

Is all this the True Conservative™ way to treat a hero whose information helped foil a terrorist attack?

Naturally, conservatives on Twitter were thoroughly repulsed by Bayne’s despicable leftist attacks on Darby.




And Darby wasn’t the only one Bayne went after.

From intimidation to false accusations, the parallels between Brooks Bayne and Brett Kimberlin are screamingly obvious.

And the difference between Bayne and Darby could not be clearer.


Brett Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser has accused Brandon Darby of carrying out SWAT-ting attacks on bloggers. The National Bloggers Club announced today that Darby has its full support.

Brooks Bayne’s support? Not so much.


  • http://potbateman.tumblr.com/ Pat Bateman

    ROTFL this is like a grade school playground! You should all grow up.

    “Just remember, the Right calls out, marginalizes, and rejects their
    “crazies.” The Right’s “crazies” are an anomaly. The Left embraces,
    defends, and supports their “crazies.””

    Except that 99% of leftists don’t know who Brett Kimberlin is or care at all about him. DERP. YOU’RE ALL FEEDING THE TROLL. You just let Brooks Bayne win. All he wants is attention, and you’re all working together for him.

    • Pablo

      Concern troll is concerned…

  • Waynester

    I blocked Brooks Bayne some time ago; don’t remember what for but apparently it was a good move. If everyone else did too he would have no oxygen at all…just his own demented choir.

  • Peter Gibbons

    Wow, disgusting. I’m of course talking about Katie Pavlich. Why does she have a mustache? Any when will Brandon come out of the closet? Anderson Cooper did and he appears to be doing just fine.

    • Scott Jacobs

      Spoken like a guy that’s trying to convince himself he’s NOT actually gay, and thus should not be worried that he isn’t attracted to her…

    • https://twitter.com/#!/sarahbellumd sarahbellumd

      stay classy. jerk.

    • http://www.greenvilledragnet.com/ RobTaylor

      Typical of the left – pretending to support a gay while implying there’s something wrong with being gay. But I guess when you have no real argument lame insults and childishness becomes the only fall back.

      I mean, if you’re not going to get out the house, find a job etc.

  • BeeKaaay

    More proof that leftwingwackoism is a mental disease.

  • P-G Matuszak

    Wow, I finally made Twitchy.

    To stick to topic, Brooks and his sycophants started targeting me as well. Yes, the tactics are exactly like Neal’s “Beandogs”. Brooks, Swift, and the rest of the droogies are revealing themselves to be as conservative as Tolstoy.

    I stand by Brandon, Lee, Mandy, Ali, Aaron, and Stacy. They have already stood and continue to stand by me.

  • Bradley S. Rees

    Hey, look kids! Twitchy left out about 200 of Brooks’ own tweets on this topic. Why is that? Maybe it would disrupt the narrative? Brooks explained his use of that avatar, *not* with a link to Fithian’s piece, as is claimed here, but by stating that it was done for shock value, to bring attention to a piece that was getting ready to drop on his site: TheTrenches.us Can you say, “sensationalism”? Don’t many of you laud Limbaugh and Hannity (or Breitbart, for that matter) for doing the same?

    This article from Twitchy also attempts to set up two other false narratives. First, that Brooks “twisted” Andrew Breitbart’s words. Like it or not, it is a fact that Andrew *did* refer to both Lee Stranahan AND Brandon Darby as “these two leftists” at CPAC 2012. And Stranahan even tweeted that he “came out” as a conservative *after* Andrew died. –
    So, who “twisted” Andrew’s words?

    Second, that Brooks somehow violated Brandon Darby’s privacy (and Twitter’s TOS) by putting up a link which contained Brandon’s cell phone number, unredacted. Sorry, Twitchy Team, but Brandon had already posted that number himself, almost 3 weeks earlier:
    Oops! Point #3 in the Twitchy narrative – destroyed.
    How about you people do some damn research, instead of trying (and failing miserably) to smear one of the actual good guys?

    One last point: and a pretty darn interesting one, coming from the guy who calls Brooks a “bully,” and look at the time stamp, too. His “best friend” Andrew had not even been buried yet. But Brooks is a bully. K.

    But, yes, Brooks is JUST like a terrorist who planted bombs in a small town. Funny, I don’t ever seeing ANYTHING truthful from Kimberlin. But Brooks cites facts, and you all assume a fetal position in the corner crying.

    • Bradley S. Rees

      1 “dislike”? It appears someone doesn’t like challenges to the echo-chamber. Or just has an aversion to facts. But, forgive my redundancy.

  • Johnny Horton

    A lot of people sure do take @brandondarby ‘s word straight from his mouth without question. Do you really think that he just decided not to be a leftist anymore and that they are all terrorists? That’s a childish and simplistic narrative. I don’t love the left, but since he started riding on our fallen hero Breitbart’s coat tails I have smelled a rat. I don’t know what he’s up to, but he seems at the least opportunistic and at the most sinister. As for @brooksbayne he seems totally out there. I can’t believe we have let him go on like this for as long as we have.

    Both of these guys seems to have giant egos and little brains and in my opinion are bad for conservatives.

  • Johnny Horton

    Let’s Get these numbnuts out of our movement. Their egos and lies are filling up Twitter, wasting our time and giving Lefties ammo. Both of em’ should get time out.