The Occupy National Gathering kicks off in Philadelphia today.

Organizers call the five-day sleep-in a “gathering in one place at one time in order to put our principles of direct democracy and community into practice on a mass scale.”

They plan to declare their independence “interdependence” by befouling public facilities and sleeping in banks.

July 4th weekend is a very busy time in Philadelphia and the city will be prepared for a mass convergence on their amenities. Our “People’s Map” will direct people to restrooms, encampments, and banks for #banksleep.

Twitchy reports:

You occupy:

Who’s the 99 percent now?

Democracy in action:

Defeated? Bahahaha!

Maybe conservatives will stop hijacking when Occupiers stop raping people. Maybe.

Update: Conservatives win again:

  • Soopermexican

    And then they ran away whining and crying.. lol

  • Surfingmurph

    Those of you at #natgat #ows, try doing something constructive, like take a bath, find a job instead of leaching of of American taxpayers. MORONS !!!

    • HooMeeWorry

      You maggots should go home, take showers and find jobs, instead of sponging off your parents. They must be *so* proud of you! NOT!

  • Angie (D)

    Ha! I made it on Twitchy — I *am* somebody! :-)

  • Cynthia Douglas

    So, let me get this straight… if we occupy something the OWS crowd has occupied, does that mean we’ve occupied our own stuff?



  • Explosivo Operativo

    Obviously, Twitchy and the late, great ghost of Breitbart have won a monumental victory today by hijacking this hashtag. The ensuing restoration of peace and order, and the epiphanic face-palms which this social media coup will engender in the Occupy movement will shortly be recognized by global media outlets as the singular catalyst which allows this country to finally align all the differing voices into a singular chorus of unity. Excelsior!

  • BwBarrnone

    OWS must have investigated and figured out Philly was the soft spot. They will try to riot and make havoc. If it does not work there, they will move down to Baltimore and try try again.


    Ya’ know what always amazes me? The pic of the idiot pooping on the cop car. I bet his momma is so very proud of him. *sarcasm*

  • Chuck Long

    Time to move with the stinky hippies to #opdxlive.

  • Rebecca Leigh Randolph

    I posted that video of Breitbart on twitter!! felt like there was something (or someone) missing and that’s when I remembered the video of Breitbart!! and they actually questioned when there had been any rapes as if we made it up and they can just pretend they didn’t happen!!

  • Pat Bateman

    Wow, brave. Everyone wants to vote for the party of hijackers.

  • David Desrosiers

    I’m such a loser for not getting in on this. Damn, I luvs me some pissing off OWS

  • Guest

    #facepalm Wow, and people say American’s are stupid. So you hijacked a trending topic on twitter? congratu**inglations. Meanwhile in the real world….

  • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

    A ton of occupy apologists on that tag. Whew!
    BTW, twitter shut me down after only a few hundred tweets…

  • Sean Kitchen

    It’s pretty funny that a tea-bagging site has nothing better to do on a Sunday? Are they tweeting from their mega-churches where the pastors steal all their money?

    • tinker_thinker

      Didn’t the Occupiers have a church to sleep in and then in return rob them? Yeah.

  • Bob Nelson

    This is what Dumb-ocracy looks like. Check out some of the Occupooper tweets: “Cops just smashed their bicycles into a group of protesters and arrested someone for holding a sign.””I think its safe to say that occupy is as strong as ever.””2 arrests. One reportedly for holding a sign.””There’s something Orwellian about a government that arrests its citizens right in front of symbols of liberty””A large circle of protesters hold hands and begin chanting slowly, softly: “Om.” Tension defused immediately””Violent Pigs pushing back against @occupy in #NatGat, Occupiers continue to assert their grounds and say no to repression…””Always inspired by the passionate souls I meet through Occupy! Thank you everyone! 3…This occupation is not leaving!”