This morning the Supreme Court finally handed down a decision on the Obama administration’s challenge to SB 1070, the Arizona immigration measure signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer in April 2010. While much of the law was struck down, law enforcement officers will be able to check immigration status when people are arrested.

The Court did not share its Obamacare decision today.

There’s a bit of media disagreement about how to present the news.

Key takeaways from United States v. Arizona:

Too bad the federal government refuses to do its job.

SCOTUSblog calls this a broad win for the Obama administration.

Where do we go from here?

A few perfect morsels of snark for the occasion:

And of course, you know what time it is: time to yell “RAAAAACIST!!!111!!!”

Politicians react to the decision:

Sen. Harry Reid couldn’t contain his response to a mere 140 characters:


Is Arizona still racist? Confused lefties can’t agree on meaning of SCOTUS decision, but cry ‘racism!’ anyway

  • JD

    i don’t think c banks understands what was just upheld.
    was actually a pretty good opinion, imo(i don’t agree with striking 5c, but..well just read it). kennedy relied on vast precedent and made his choices logically. this bodes well for the ACA decision, in that the AG/SG clownshow provided no real answers to Kennedy’s questions of past precedent.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Holder vows to be watching AZ closely with regard to this ruling–oh, from where? His jail cell?

  • SuperFash

    When I am traveling to Europe I am never offended when asked for my passport. What’s the big deal @ showing papers in USA to authorities?