The Twitter death toll rose again today after a CNN parody account with over 20,000 followers announced the death of singer Mariah Carey.

Carey is very much alive and won’t be 43 until next year. Some fans caught on right away:

But many didn’t realize the age was wrong and failed to read the bio on the fake CNN account: “Parody account not affiliated with cnn.”

When CNN editorial director Richard Griffiths discovered the rumor was circulating, he quickly put it to rest.

RIP Mariah Carey death hoax.

  • FishyGov

    Ronald Reagan said “Trust but verify.” I say, verify and then trust. It just takes a couple of clicks to verify a story.

  • Sheldon The Nerd™

    Hey follow me on twitter!

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Maybe they were referring to her career. That did die a while ago.

  • Ariana A.

    I like how it says “click this link” and the link brings you to Spiderman clothing #EpicFail

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    RIP Mariah Carey… or was it Mubarak that died? I can’t keep up with all these twitter deaths.

  • HOneyz

    Mariah Carey is the victim of a major death hoax spreading rapidly thanks to a number of prank Twitter messages.
    The singer was falsely said to have been “found dead” in tweets attributed to @BET, @TMZ, @CNN__TV and other outlets.
    It is 100% false.
    Carey is alive and well.
    In the case of the supposed “CNN” report, the Twitter alert was sent via a totally fake account that’s not affiliated with the real CNN — and has since been deactivated.
    The @BET and @TMZ “tweets” were neveractually sent by those organizations.
    In actuality, random users just falsely “retweeted” messages made to look like they came from those legit sources.
    It’s a sick, completely bogus story.
    Gossip Cop hopes these death hoaxes die out soon.