This actually happened.

While the press bus was empty, Mitt Romney left a little love note for the reporters traveling with him on his bus tour. ‘Cause that’s just how libertarian extremists roll.

Okay, so it’s not quite a love note. Is Romney letting his infamous “wild and crazy man” out?

A handful of reporters tweeted pics of the note:

CNN’s Shawna Shepherd couldn’t resist getting in a dig at Romney.



    If obamination had left that note, the press would have been worshipping at his feet for his wit. We would be hearing about it (as they chuckled about it) for the next two weeks. Romney do something funny? It’s time to take a dig at him. Double standards. Double standards.

    • Brathor

      Thanks for that insight. Please go back to Fox News and the WSJ, then tell me more about how much the press worships Obama.

      • tingle007

        The man violates his oath of office this week and all CNN can say is how uncivil a reporter was to interrupt him

      • tcbinc

        Yea We The People Have ONE News Station YOU obots have at least 6 plus all of the news papers

        • SDN

          No, we have the only news station; obots prefer propaganda…


        You named two sources that Conservatives “have”. I don’t include FoxNews from my own viewing of it. I went to and did the math and found that, in America, there are 2,486 newspapers — counting weeklies and the “big guys” and we can’t have ONE NEWSPAPER out of almost 2,500?

        My aren’t you selfish? If you count the whole world, the number (in case you couldn’t figure it out yourself) is a lot larger. WE get ONE. The WSJ is supposedly OUR newspaper.

        Cry baby.

  • JeffWRidge

    A sense of humor is a great weapon. Reagan used his to disarm and defeat his political rivals and it looks like Romney might use his in much the same way against the Old Media.

    • tcbinc

      After the election We need to boycott the old media and stop buying news papers too

  • SheilaK

    I love that. Something I would not have expected from Romney

  • Right Wingin’ It

    Heh. Reminds me of how the press corps was treated by the Obama campaign in ’08:

  • $23438681

    Funny thing is that the press core needs to erase their hard drives of Obama propaganda

  • McCabe

    In these grave times, a sense of humor is very welcome.