Liberal commentator Sally Kohn isn’t just peeing on our legs while bemoaning the sudden rainstorm. She’s vomiting on our shoes and calling it a tsunami.

This afternoon, Kohn joined noted political genius Alec Baldwin in claiming that GOP focus on election integrity is part of an eeeevil voter suppression plot.

Riiiight. And conservative voter registration drives are just a clever cover for anti-voter participation initiatives.

Earlier, Kohn insisted that voter fraud is the GOP’s imaginary friend.

Does Sally Kohn actually believe this stuff? Of course not. It’s all part of the Left’s exaggerated circus routine designed to maintain the “right” to vote early, vote often, and vote whether or not you’re legally eligible. Voter purges must be demonized as “roadblocks for legitimate voters,”  election integrity be damned.

Kohn and her clown car of comrades want to scare voters into believing the democratic process itself is under assault by Republicans (and not by the Democrats who want to increase votes by any means necessary). She thinks she’s smarter than you and that voters are dumb enough to be distracted by her honking nose, rainbow wig, and squirting flower.

Sally, honey, your clown paint is smeared.

We’d especially love to see Sally Kohn answer this Twitter user’s questions:

  • SuperstionQueen

    Sally Kohn is a joke and a victim-class activist. I first noticed her when her goofy mug showed up at one of the first OWS protests. She is one of the round table goons that amped it up and spoke for them. She has zero credibility of course, but if she insists on playing victim and spewing Dem talking points, then no problem, we shall shine a light on the little cockroach that she is.

  • CHHR

    check out the #votefraud timeline – all about Holder refusing to allow states to access federal databases to verify rolls as the law requires.

    I read the NVRA of ’93 – seems that there’s intentional fraud built into the law?
    – when people register by mail they are not required to provide any form of identification;
    – when people register in person at a Department of Motor Vehicles or a Social
    Services office, the government workers who handle their cases are not permitted
    to challenge their applications.

    But the law does require states to verify their rolls – and Holder said no…

  • SideshowJon36

    119% turnout in Madison. ‘Nuff said

    • A Willful Boy

      Come on now… it’s entirely feasible that all of those government workers and professional activists were participating for the very first time and didn’t bother to register until the day of the election, right? Right? Anyone…? 😀

  • BeeKaaay

    Comparing democrats to clowns is an insult to clowns. Compare them to cockroaches. Shine the light on them and they scatter.


    Sally Kohn slogan, “More! More! More!” said properly it sounds rather sensuous. Too bad it’s just about cheating — and not on your “significant other”.

  • TrueCenturian

    I would like someone in the press to ask Obama and Eric Holder,Yes or No, if they think its legal for a non-US citizen to vote in our country. Then ask the appropriate follow up question.