For those not familiar with Little Green Footballs’ Charles Johnson, he was once an anti-jihad blogger who returned to the progressive fold a few years ago. Since then, he’s spent his days in a series of giant green meltdowns about fascist wingnut haters.

So what did those nasty right-wingers do this time? Death threats? Hate speech? Maybe tweet someone’s home address?

No, it’s even worse in Johnson’s eyes.

Conservatives dared to mock the president using the hashtag #DescribeObamainthreewords and for that they must be silenced by the spam-block lynch mob. Dissent will not be tolerated. We imagine Johnson also didn’t care for other kids playing in the sandbox when he wanted it all to himself.

For a guy who loves to toss around the word “fascist,” Johnson sure seems to get off on not-so-subtle calls to suppress conservative speech.

While telling his followers that conservatives deserve to be suspended from Twitter for merely participating in the public forum, Johnson also pretends that no such suspensions are happening:

@Lizardoid logic: there’s no campaign to suspend conservatives, but all you right-wing nut jobs getting suspended are totally asking for it.

A month ago, Johnson characterized conservative free speech on Twitter as “spam,” hinting that followers should block and report conservatives.

Since then, he’s flip-flopped between #TwitterGulag promoter and #TwitterGulag truther.

So which one is it? Either the suspensions are happening and he’s tickled pink or conservatives are tilting at the spam-block windmill. His likely answer? “Shaddup, wingnuts! Get off my narrative!”

Ultimately, there’s only one outcome that will make Charles Johnson happy:

  • princetrumpet

    Yeah, that 1st amendment thing is a bitch, ain’t it?

  • Pat Bateman

    I love the 1st Amendment. It guarantees conservatives the right to out themselves as racist bigots for the amusement of everyone else.

    • RanierWest

      Skaught, has outed himself as having similar fascist, #LGF spam-block lynch mob brigade. Tell us your Twitter handle coward. Send Your Hater mail to @OFA_DA

    • jdkchem

      Another member of the slow learner group self identifies. Maybe some kind soul will toss you a quarter and you can buy some sense.

    • Pat Arnold

      It sounds to me as if you are easily amused and no doubt spend countless hours a day amusing yourself. Perhaps that explains the dark glasses as no doubt your mother warned you that you would go blind

      • Rosewould

        That’s a photo of John Lennon who was a closet conservative, hated Carter, and liked Reagan.

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Not wanting to give a hand out does not make one racist. Pointing out the violence in a religion is not bigoted. Refusing to treat some on special based on their gender is not sexist. How ever, giving some one a head start based on the idea that their skin color gives them a disadvantage IS racist. Refusal of dissent towards the open calls of violence and prejudice in a religion is cowardice. And finally the act of treating some one special because of their gender IS sexist.

    • Darth_Venomous

      As opposed to outing yourself as a cowardly little douchetard, Skankt?

    • operanerd1986

      We’ve been called racist numerous times for doing things that are not racist at all. You can’t shame us with the race card; it won’t work anymore. It’s a way to slam us without actually having to understand what we are saying.

  • tcbinc

    I have had 3 twitter accounts suspended in the past month I never use any profanity or threaten anyone. I never use any thing BUT the hash tag so only people that search that search term will see my post.

    They flag the posts by the conservatives until your account gets suspended and track your posts by following you My advice to my fellow conservatives is check out who follows you and every once in a while delete your account and sign up under a New user name

    I will not let that lib swine silence ME

    If you want to keep your account sign up for a account just to use to disagree withe the progressive pigs so when your account gets suspended you won’t use your main accountt

    • tcbinc

      OF COURSE WE could sink to his level and go to his account and see which hash tags he is posting to and go to that search term and flag his posts IT WILL work both ways 😉

    • jaydee36

      my second day in the gulag.
      anyone have any advice?

      • Pat Arnold

        Mine also jaydee!

        • jaydee36

          see below comments from hank.

        • jaydee36

          whoops above

      • Hank DeCat

        Only to start a new account (get a new, free email address via hotmail or gmail), start following people you used to & tweet them directly to tell them your situation — everyone is usually good about spreading the word to get you new followers/refresh your memory on who you were following. Make sure you tweet @freechrisloesch directly too — that isn’t Chris Loesch’s account, but that guy tries to keep track of all users who have been sent to Twittergulag. Meanwhile, as you set up your new account, follow the steps MM has already laid out to get your old account un-suspended. here:

        My old account was suspended almost 2 weeks ago — I did not break even ONE of the Twitter TOS. That account is still suspended (despite following above steps), but my new account is up & running fine so far.

        • Streetiebird

          What you’re advocating here is another example of something that is explicitly against the twitter rules. If you do as Hank suggests, your new account will be permanently banned. “Accounts created to replace suspended accounts will be permanently suspended.”

          Read the rules before you freak out and blame a secret twitter army for your own suspension.

          • Hank DeCat

            BS toots, my original account was *unsuspended* & I now have two twitter accounts with no problems, no “permanent banning” etc. You are the the one spreading lies denying #twittergulag.

          • Streetiebird

            “Accounts created to replace suspended accounts will be permanently suspended.”

  • midnightgolfer

    The fact that LGF is so pathetic sometimes leaves me to doubt if he’s not really a “double agent” actually doing more harm than good to the left.

  • Pat Arnold

    I was suspended yesterday for participating in the evil #DescribeObamaInThreeWords campaign. Did not use any profanity just my sharp wit which I guess is not allowed. Still waiting for a determination as to the length of my suspension.

    • operanerd1986

      Sorry to hear that. I was following you on Twitter, too.

    • jaydee36

      my last tweet under said hashtag was “worse than carter”.
      and thats when i got suspended.

    • Streetiebird

      Sorry to hear that hijacking a positive-themed hashtag with offensive and negative comments got you suspended according to the Twitter TOS.

  • Cheryl Herin

    Unlike others, I’ve never been particularly angry about Charles Johnson’s change from right to left; I am more sad and disappointed than anything else. He used to be a powerful voice against jihad; now he barely mentions it, it’s all about smearing all conservatives as white supremacists and neo-Nazis. In fact, he seems to be against laws preventing Sharia to be used in American courts. I can’t understand why someone who says they care about the rights of women and gays would want Sharia to be practiced anywhere in this country. I used to read LGF every day. Now, it is just a shadow of its former self. And a fading one at that.

  • Elizabeth

    Will Charles Johnson be defending Mitt Romney from Twitter attacks when he becomes the president in January? Seems like the the 1st ammendment only applies for liberals if it’s something they like or agree with!

  • LauraE

    Yep, got suspended during the #DescribeObamaInThreeWords

    Liberal’s tweets are the same old fawning lines for Obama. While Conservatives are quite clever with words and ideas to tweet about. Liberals should blame Obama for this. Without him, we would not have the endless supply of political material to tweet about

    • Pat Arnold

      I think the only acceptable answer to #DescribeObamaInThreeWords was “Lord and Savior” sorry, but that just wasn’t happening

      • LauraE

        I believe they would like Obama to be referred to as (snarc)”Our majestic leader” “king of all” “Wise beyond words” “kiss his hand” “bow before him” “Greatest leader ever” /snarc

  • Marty Luther

    If this keeps up, twitter will become @msnbc of the social network world. Basically an internet mirror that liberals can stare into during the week and a pornbot playpen on weekends.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Whole I don’t actually see him advocating the suspension, I do see him defending it. But I’ve always been a strong believer in the principle of those who tolerate wrongdoing are deserving of the same punishment of those who commit it. When is twitter going to start keeping track of these frivolous and fake accusations of spam and start holing offenders responsible? My guess is never. So, just make another account. Show these hacks you wont be kept down, that a slap to the face wont silence you. Keep going.

    give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great
    or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor
    and good sense” ~ Winston Churchill.

  • yestradamous

    He actually thinks a hashtag game about Obama should get peoples’s twitter accounts suspended?

    I find that unbelievable. Maybe he wants to ban bumper stickers and campaign flyers that are less than complimentary to the president, too. Why not go all the way and do what China is doing on twitter now, and only “allow” nice things to be said about the government? What on earth is wrong with this guy?

    • Streetiebird

      Yeah, what’s wrong with this guy? He thinks simply hijacking a hashtag and ruining it with negative spam comments means you can get suspended?? What a lunatic, he thinks they enforce the TOC over at Twitter.

      • yestradamous

        How do you hijack a hashtag? Who owns a hashtag? How do you know if it’s meant to be sincere or ironic?

        • Streetiebird

          Ask Michelle herself, she seems to be the orchestrator of various “hijacks”.

          And it’s all subjective anyway, it doesn’t matter if it’s sincere or ironic, if it pisses someone off and they flag it as spam then it’s up to Twitter to gather the context and make the call, which they’ve done.

          Maybe you missed some of these “innocent” accounts being reinstated only to see that they were flooding hash-tags like the DescribeObamaInThreeWords repeatedly with viciously negative posts just prior to being suspended.

      • yestradamous

        There have been suspensions when the number of posts hae exceeded some algorithm, but there have also been suspensions over one negative post. One. He calls anybody who disagrees with him ” spam ” which is ridiculous and control- freakish.

        • Streetiebird

          Can you show me where there was a suspension over a single negative post? I find that hard to believe. And Charles Johnson is not some kind of evil mastermind, no matter how much Michelle admires him.


    #DescribeObamainthreewords Socialist, Marxist, Alinskyite

  • FlatFoot

    Charles Johnson was ever so slightly relevant — once — and got his 15 minutes of fame during the Rathergate Memo fiasco 8 years ago. Since then he’s been a useless irrelevant turd that has sworn off his psych meds in a bid to use his pathological psychosis as some kind of lightning rod to attract fellow irrelevant turds badly in need of their own psych meds and then desperately begging them to click on his Amazon(dot)com links so he can rake in those pennies on each purchase made when they’re not oohing and ahhing at his comic book collection postings.

    Although, the Round Mound of BeClowned, Charles “Chucklehead” Johnson, can be a riot to watch and laugh at from time to time. From the moment he wakes up to his last tweet for relevance at night, watching Chucklehead Johnson trying to be relevant once again provides an endless source of entertainment. The Vortex of Irrelevance can be mocked from almost any angle on virtually any day of the week.

    Charles Johnson’s so deranged that he’s even still pathologically jealous and envious of Andrew Breitbart in death.

    Honestly — Charles Johnson even makes Orly Taitz look sane and respectable.

    • Taxpayer1234

      LOL! Well said!

    • Streetiebird

      If he’s so irrelevant and turd-like, then why is Michelle so obsessed with him? And if he’s just some useless psychotic, then why does Michelle give him so much credit, and think that he could mastermind a months long conspiracy worldwide to persecute a tiny group of people using covert insiders who work at Twitter and can cover their tracks like seasoned hackers? Sounds like Michelle is the one off her meds again.

      • FlatFoot

        If you are incapable of answering your own questions there — then there is no need to try to explain it to you. You haven’t the modicum of basic intelligence and/or common sense required to comprehend it — or you’re just a troll — or both.

        • Streetiebird

          Good, I’m glad you agree that he does NOT have an army of twitter followers who have the power to ban specific accounts, bypassing the actual method of suspending accounts. And you agree that he’s simply a blogger that has angered conservatives so much that they lose all power of reason and logic and turn him into a bigger-than-life super-villain.

          • FlatFoot

            Uh — okay — sure. I rest my case.

            Can I call em — or what!?

          • Streetiebird

            No you can’t, you still believe Charles is some kind of mastermind, you think he’s a bumbling fool and a puppet-master at the same time…

          • FlatFoot

            Since when can’t a Bumbling Fool whom is a legend in his own mind be the puppet-master of — ever more bumbling fools? After all — as one of his sycophantic bumbling fools — you’re here defending him aren’t you?

          • Streetiebird

            I’m not defending anyone, because the only person who did anything wrong was Michelle. She incited people to hijack a hashtag which led to people being suspended, but they’re mad at someone who had nothing to do with it. You’re the one defending the person getting users banned: Michelle Malkin

          • FlatFoot

            Oh — this is about Michelle Malkin is it? Even though it is quite clear that the article is about Charles Johnson — and the proof in the pudding is right there before your very eyes — still this is all about Michelle Malkin?

            Well then — shucks — you must be a racist.

          • Streetiebird

            And Charles Johnson became the focus of this deranged witch hunt because of people like Michelle pushing the meme so hard. So really this is about conservatives being annoying on twitter, getting their accounts banned, and then projecting their failure onto some sinister conspiracy.

            It’s similar to how some conservatives think Google is anti-conservative because of their daily doodles. It’s making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

            But please, keep it up, it makes you all look very silly and childish 😀

  • ECM

    Does anyone at all have a semi-plausible explanation for what happened to this guy? Anyone?

    • Streetiebird

      Yeah, he pissed off conservatives and has followers on twitter. Then when a conservative gets banned, the easiest explanation is apparently: It MUST have been Charles Johnson and an army of Twitter followers working hand in hand with super-hackers and insiders at Twitter so they can cover their own tracks, not get fired, and target only the least well-known twitter users like Michelle “Creepy Hair” Malkin

  • Tex Taylor

    Stephen Kruiser has it absolutely right. Johnson, who once ran an interesting blog but that was five years and at least a thousand banned users ago, is an insecure man with delusions of grandeur. He’s a nothing and frankly was always a nothing. What gave Johnson his 15 minutes of fame was serendipity – he was in the right place, right time, right people.

    My only criticism of exposing Charlie Johnson’s thuggish nature, is that what little remains relevant of Johnson would fade if we simply ignored him and let he and his feckless blog die an ignominious death. It’s long overdue.

    • Streetiebird

      You can’t have it both ways, either he’s an irrelevant has-been, OR he’s a hyper-intelligent super-hacker with the power to influence insiders at Twitter and an army of followers with the power to hide in plain sight and get only conservative accounts banned using backdoors in the Twitter code planted years ago in a clandestine attempt to silence… Michelle Malkin? LOL

  • Pat Arnold

    It’s my third day doing hard time in the Twitter slammer. Check out the whys and where’s

  • azaz_ovedya

    I was right in the middle of posting to the HT when my account was suspended. Day 3 in the gulag. wonder what this douche would feel like taking a dose of his own medicine?

  • Streetiebird

    Come on Michelle, this just makes you look silly and spiteful towards Charles. And you making fun of his ponytail seems like 3rd grade jealousy to me. Getting banned on twitter happens for a reason, stop pretending it doesn’t. He’s laughing all the way to the bank, you’re adding to his traffic if anything.

    So, LGF thanks you for your support Michelle :)

  • Angel

    Iwas recently suspended when asked why this is the response

    Twitter has automated systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk. Unfortunately, it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake.
    I’ve restored your account; sorry for the inconvenience.
    Please note that it may take an hour or so for your follower and following numbers to return to normal.