If you were hoping Google would pay tribute to the sacrifices of Americans who died for their country with an elaborate Google doodle, too bad. You’ll have to settle for a pathetically small 42 by 42 pixel image of a yellow ribbon overlaid on an American flag. And unlike the Google doodles for obscure birthdays and anniversaries, the itty bitty flag sits below the search box.

Not surprising from a company that celebrated the invention of Tetris on the anniversary of D-Day:

Here’s a look at Google’s priorities:


Google execs may not find it important to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom, but millions of Americans do.

America’s fallen heroes have our endless respect and gratitude. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten.

  • dennis poulsen

    God bless America save us from obama

  • Cyborg0012

    *sigh* Not surprised about Google; they’re hateful leftist. There is Dogpile and Bing.

  • Talkback

    First, what does this have to do with Obama?

    Second what does it have to do with them being “leftist”?

    Just because someone has a different political view than you do it doesn’t make them unpatriotic.

    I am a “crazy liberal” and we probably wouldn’t agree on much but I too noticed Google’s lack of attention to holidays of the patriotic variety. However, I wouldn’t venture to say a lot of people truly care about the meanings behind those Holidays as some individuals tweeted. The same is true for most holidays really.

    I do think Google does things on some of the more obscure days to bring awareness to the world about something we may not know, most of the people they recognize contributed greatly to our society, and some of the more nerdy things are because Google is run by a bunch of nerds.

    Do I think it would hurt them to show a little bit more recognition to patriotic days? no. Do I think they will do it? no. Do I think it matters to Google what we say about it? no, they are still probably the new Skynet anyway and will rule us all.