As a special Mother’s Day gift to Michelle Obama, her husband’s campaign would like to harvest your email address.

So don’t forget to sign!

Or not:!/bigdave0908/status/201352398013349888!/Travesham/status/201350351323013121

  • Taxpayer1234

    Michelle Obama can kiss my motherly #ss.
    Moms who rock:
    My mom: raised 2 kids and told the Mafia to go to hell.
    My mother-in-law (really): raised 2 kids and taught hundreds of others.
    My stepmom: raised 6 kids, cared for two terminally ill husbands, dotes on 15 grandkids.
    My sister: raised 2 kids on her own while getting a chemistry degree.

  • Kevin

    Always knew she was a mother

  • Furrystoat

    Just what I need….another sixty million metric tons of spam from every hard-Left, communist-front and anti-American PAC on the planet.

    Dems REALLY think everyone is as stupid as Dems are.