#awsum, indeed. Time for a quick Twitter search to see how many brave souls are out there fighting the good fight against homophones.


  • thtroll

    I’m guessing the use of homophones is ignorance of homophobe? Trying to be funny?

  • thtroll

    Homophone is a transgender phone? Cross dressing phone? A male phone that thinks it girl or vice versa. Iphones are female, female sounding voice anyway

  • http://twitter.com/iowanews1 Gary Barrett

    The whirled would be sew much better if whee didn’t halve homophones, don’t yew think?

    • http://www.thewayofanimals.com/ Gail Black

      Your words are a perfect example of ‘Homophone’:
      A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning. The words may be spelled the same, such as rose (flower) and rose (past tense of “rise”), or differently, such as carat, caret, and carrot, orto, two, and too. Homophones that are spelled the same are also both homographs and homonyms.[1] Homophones that are spelled differently are also called heterographs. The term “homophone” may also apply to units longer or shorter than words, such as phrases, letters or groups of letters that are pronounced the same as another phrase, letter or group of letters.

  • http://wingedpanther.wordpress.com/ WingedPanther73

    Who knew homosexuality and words that sound the same were so closely related? Not I! And they can vote?

  • BorderLine Guy

    Maybe we DO need more money for education…kidding!

    • http://www.thewayofanimals.com/ Gail Black

      Why would you ‘kid’ about needing more money for education!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1710926877 Jeff Farmer

    Apple announces the release of their new iHomophone.

  • http://twitter.com/HLong135 Halei Long

    One day and he already has apparel on the market? The Chinatown sweatshop must have been working triple overtime!


    • Cyborg0012

      Goes to show libs have no shame.

    • thetroll01

      95 bucks for those things????? Are they serious?

  • SuperstionQueen

    These are the same people that celebrate ValentiMes Day.

    • Pablo

      Every Febuary!

      • http://twitter.com/dblomqu1 Dan Blomquist

        At the Libary

        • SuperstionQueen

          Pablo and Don….hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the tears streaming down my face! Still smiling…

    • lainer51

      and — I would like to wrap up my saMWITCH – please pass the aluNinum foil

      • $1718659

        Excuse me – it SAMMICH. Thank you vera much…

      • DreadPirateStarbucks

        Supposibly some people call it sangwich

  • Lauren

    How can that many people screw up a word THEY came up with??????? Oh my…. It doesn’t even make sense! Do they not even know the root of the word? Phobia=fear, Homophobia–>Homophobic–>slang=homophobe. HELLO. REALLY?
    The complete lack of common and simple understanding makes my brain hurt.

    • http://www.thewayofanimals.com/ Gail Black

      I so agree!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TAINTUKJ5Z3NT4G6GECXSBGEDQ sojourner

      It’s actually translated : “homo” mankind, “phobia” fear of and means ‘fear of mankind’ ….has nothing whatsoever to do with sexuality preferences!! Just another made up connotation (like rainbows and earrings) that lefties made up to be able to call people they don’t like important sounding names…gotta chuckle

    • HWGood

      “Homo” can be Man, Same, or slang for gay. Homosexual derives from “Same” + “Sex”.
      Homophone means the same sound. Also, homographs are words of different meanings, with different derivations, that have the same spelling.
      “Homer” is a round trip in baseball or an ancient Hebrew unit of dry measure.

      • Spookybuscus

        Homo in Greek is “same”, homophones = same sounds. homo in Latin means “man” as in “ecce homo” Behold the Man.

        • HWGood

          And as in “homo sapiens”, man and sapiens, derived from “sapere”, to taste or know. Etymology is fascinating, isn’t it?

  • http://profiles.google.com/dminnich6062 David Minnich

    Bwaa haa haa,,, betcha these are the same liberals who congratulate themselves on being so much smarter than conservatives!

  • HWGood

    And the homographs will be voting for Bam-Bam. Over and over and over again.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Meanwhile, the number of Obamaphobes continues to grow and grow and grow exponentially.

  • $1718659

    “Homophone” Hmmm is that sort of like a new Apple phone for gays?

  • BeeKaaay

    OOPS! Obama caught talking without a teleprompter, sticks foot in mouth. LSM buries the story again.

  • Delroy_Monjo

    NO! NO! NO! Homophone is when you call that guy on the 1 (900) number for gay sex. Isn’t it?