Surprise, surprise. After little fallout following his revolting comments about women, Bill Maher is attacking Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol again. Since Maher is a big time contributor to Barack Obama’s super PAC, we have a question for the president:

Remember when you said this?

“People’s families are off limits. People’s children are especially off limits.”

Sorry, President Obama, did we fail to let you be clear again? Because obviously what you really meant was, “Children are off limits, unless you’re a bitter misogynist who donated a million bucks to get me reelected.”

Sandra Fluke gets her widdle feelings hurt and the president puts her on speed dial. Bristol Palin weathers repeated attacks from an Obama donor? Crickets.

Once again, we see the real war on American women being waged by the Left. Bill Maher’s vile attacks on women and his particular creepy fixation on Bristol Palin and her child are ignored and even embraced by liberals. Conservative women, especially conservative moms, are fair game.

Does NOW President Terry O’Neill, self-appointed arbiter of what’s good for all women, still think Obama should keep Bill Maher’s donation? Since his past comments failed to convince her that calling out misogyny trumps Obama’s reelection effort, the answer is likely a big ol’ bootlicking “YES!”

Here’s a reminder from ShePAC of Bill Maher’s disgusting history—a history Barack Obama and Terry O’Neill are clearly okay with:

  • John

    Pig Maher is someone that needs the crap beat out of him,which would probably take weeks of constant nonstop beatings to get the first 50 lbs out

  • Hiraghm

    Maybe in her next life, instead of hugging hags and bemoaning non-existent “glass ceilings”, Sarah Palin will pay more attention to raising her daughter.

    • Chris

      you do realize that none of what you say is true and all you do is expose just how decrepit you are yourself? You could only wish to be lucky enough to be half the person any of the Palin’s are

    • BB

      LOL. Liberals complain when Ann Romney stays home to raise her kids. And then they complain that Sarah Palin didn’t stay home.

  • $22022212

    i remember when maher use to be funny versus just funny to look at. maher won’t quit what he is doing – it gives him what he wants – attention and he hopes more viewers to see what he will say next. best policy – ignore him.

  • Cornbread_Noah

    I’d like to confess that I’m responsible for Bill. I used to take his lunch money and drub him in the dirt when he was a little whining bed wetter.

    I’m sorry.

    • Guest

      Ooooh, internet tough guy! Brags about being a bully. How apropos

    • Sine Labore Nihil

      Hey Doc,
      Be careful, you are making us all look like big bullies, FrankieBSF is going to tell on you.

    • BeeKaaay

      Yes, it is your fault because you stopped :)

      If you didn’t stop, you’d have the million dollars instead of Obama :)

  • Sue Lynn

    The video has over 489,000 views…Hmmm I bet is goes over a 1,000,000 now! Another Bill Maher BACKFIRE… winning hearts and minds 100,000 at a time!!!!

    • Guest

      Yet they’re afraid to allow comments. Cowards

  • kateorjane

    I wonder if the libs are as nasty to Brian Williams daughter who is doing quasi-porn as they are to the Palin daughter? Maybe if Brian had spent a little more time at home instead of working she would be a little less slutty?

  • John

    The wife and i could have retired years ago in luxury if we just had Pig Mahers nose full of nickels

  • Richard

    Is there no other way that Maher can pretend to be funny?

  • Guest

    At the least Maher doesn’t secretly donate to this SuperPac unlike the many racist, misogynistic, and other vile humans who contribute to the Romney campaign.

    • V.L.

      OK, Cher, you’re just being silly now!

      • Guest

        Explain? V ile L oser

        • V.L.

          Don’t need to, you just did.
          You’re a bully.

          • Guest

            Maybe it’s because of your lack of knowledge about SuperPacs you have to put people down. And you call me a bully.

  • V.L.

    I’m surprised that instead of “having baby” he did not say that she was “punished with a baby,” like his buddy BO said.

  • regmgr

    Once a slime ball always a slime ball. It’s too bad that this sorry excuse of a human being continues to attract attention. If you watch this guy you deserve what you get from him. Nothing but slime

    • Guest

      Isnt that what you are doing now by attracting more attention to him with your hypocritical gripe.

  • irishalaman

    Hell does exist and I pray for Mr. Maher before it is too late.

  • blueniner

    “The little fella” as Sarah Palin once called him is at it again. Geta life Bill your not funny anymore!

  • steve

    You mean Bristol, the innocent born again virgin reality star who’s about to move in with her new boyfriend while remaining a spokesperson for abstinence? The provocateur who made a public plead for Obama to “call me.” That sweet innocent? The one who took zero responsibility for getting pregnant but, instead, published a rape scenario? That pure as snow opportunist? Just because she doesn’t own a high school diploma doesn’t mean she’s a child. Boy, the Palin women love to fling the mud but they sure don’t like to be called out on their
    ridiculous fabrications.

    • Kelli

      You are just jealous because you wish someone would even have sex with you. HAHA

      • steve

        Projection, Kelli? And, no, I won’t discuss sex with you no matter how many comments you leave me. Sorry. Phew, did I hit a nerve!

  • VanessaEsther

    Bill Maher is obvioulsy full of hatred and since he can’t validate his ridiculous views he attacks good decent people instead.

    • steve

      Bristol claimed it wasn’t her fault she had sex it was Levy and the wine coolers’ fault. Bill is making fun of Bristol’s ridiculous lies. That’s his validation. ps good decent people don’t falsely cry rape.

      • hrh40

        Stop lying.

        Thanks a bunch.

        • steve

          Read Bristol’s book and get back to me. She, of course, started backpedaling when confronted by reporters. She claimed it was true she didn’t even know she’d had sex because she had wine coolers. Sex without consent is called rape, my friend.
          But, only an idiot would believe her. Stop commenting on Bristol’s book that you haven’t read. Thanks a bunch.

      • VanessaEsther

        You’re ridiculous.

        • steve

          Read her book. Those are Bristol’s claims, not mine. And, of course, her claims are ridiculous. The fact that you can acknowledge the blatantly obvious, unlike the rest of the cult here, means there still might be hope for you.

          • VanessaEsther

            S Myers you’re an idiot. Get a life.

  • anjullyn

    What a sad, pathetic, self-hating man.

  • Botzilla

    You could go after Maher’s kids…if he weren’t sterile and could actually procreate… which nobody wants anyway, I could just imagine the ugly little trolls this creature would produce.

  • Darcy

    Limbaugh talks about Pres. Obamas girls all the time, as does Glenn Beck. He even discusses what their school had for lunch, as if they have ant control over that. So sad, watching Conservatives heads explode. Its not too messy, though since they are basically empty.Call that 4 yr. old janitor, he can clean it up in a jiffy.

  • Sailing J

    Bill Maher continues to add up all that bad karma he’s got coming to him. I’m going to enjoy watching it knock him silly one day.

  • Tim L

    Last I checked: Bristol is an adult, Sarah is not running for office, and Bill makes fun of people for a living.

  • Michael

    wow a whole million dollars, donated to a super-pac that Obama has no legal control over? Yes That certain make everything Maher says exactly the same as if Obama himself said it! of course since the Koch brothers just raised $100 million for Romney, and turnabout is fair play, anything THEY say are automatically planks in this years’s GOP platform right? Call me when Obama apologizes to Maher for disagreeing with hi as John Boehner was forced to do with Limbaugh. Then we might have an equivalency

  • Equinsu Ocha

    Bill has to lash out to overcome the thoughts of having sex with animals and his mom…at the same time.

  • Jim Jones

    A Malkin hack enterprise upset at something Bill Maher said? The Rightwing neo-baggers all butthurt after Malkin tells them to be?
    I am shocked……..

  • Dominofrost

    He is a comedian. Jay Leno also tells political jokes. It isn’t like he is a Fox News host that is either ignorant or evil.

  • VanessaEsther

    Bill Maher is obvioulsy full of hatred and since he can’t validate his ridiculous views he attacks good decent people instead.

  • Kellly Chalmers

    Hey sorry Twitchy, I didn’t know Barack Obama kept 24/7 dibs on everyone he’s associated with, and didn’t immediately jump on this.


    i think bristol should challange bill to a boxing match.i am positive she could slap the angry bitch out of the punk.

  • Darcy

    Bristol is talking about Pres. Obamas daughters. She is THE LAST one to give advice.Jealous, Bristol? No WH for you, ever?

  • Miss Hill

    “children off limits” then Bristol needs to keep “Malia and Sasha” names out of her mouth! happy mother’s day beotches!