Shut the windows! Seal the doors! The air has “tea bagger” cooties!

Some celebs have threatened to move to Canada if elections don’t go their way, but that might not be far enough away for Cher. Can she ever be certain she’s not breathing air that passed through the noses and mouths of Romney and his evil puppeteers?!/cher/status/199804393862868992

Anyone else curious how Cher decides what words deserve the all caps treatment? Seems a little haphazard, but since we’re not out of our minds with ignorant RAGE, maybe we’re not seeing the method to her madness.!/cher/status/199804802899771392

She has to go before she gets “a little perturbed”? Honey, that ship has sailed so far past perturbed it’s almost made its way home again. But at least she’s going to bed … or not:!/cher/status/199810100330905601

Those tea baggers really keep her up at night. She was all tucked in and then bam! Back for one more tweet.

Honestly, if Cher is really releasing a new song inspired by her early morning meltdowns, we can’t wait to see the reactions. Twitchy gold!


Apparently Cher thinks her tweet about “Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters” was so clever, she tweeted it again at 10:42 a.m. ET:!/cher/status/199871809586348034

  • ed

    drugs are bad kids.

    • Tony Paulinsky

      thats what i thought also

    • Erick Brockway

      Yes, rather than one like Obama elected out of stupidity.

    • Brian Kelsey

      Are you sure it wasn’t the butt lift that literally caused a cranial-rectal inversion?

  • Matt

    I am Canadian, we don’t want Cher, you can keep her.

    • Stand Your Ground

      Canada might get mad and a fight started over not wanting her

      • Moving to AZ…legally

        There would go the longest running peaceful border between 2 countries.

    • WilliamS

      Would it be considered an act of war if we sent her to you?

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Thanks. You just put us at DEFCON-1 for simply mentioning that.

      • Tony Paulinsky


        • french cravings

          LOL! This is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!

      • David

        No…it would be an act of who re.

    • eagleboy

      Ive lived in Canada – its horrible. She wouldnt last 10 minutes in the cold, dark, snowy tundra. Then she would be begging to be back in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    • kiddopup

      I think like Pelosi her face is pulled to tight from all the face lifts and it might be affecting her brain if she ever had one

    • Tony Paulinsky

      no thanks, we don’t want her either

    • eagleboy

      this site is run by canadians.

    • William Patrick Bower

      If we send her to Iran, the Burka should keep her quiet.

  • Boon Companion

    Consider the source.

  • Osveta

    My goodness, this woman is a freak.

  • Joe

    Cher, I’ll buy your ticket.

    • Candyland8c

      Cher – Plastic women of the west. You don’t have a clue. Start flipping through your money and go live in a commie nation. As for the rest of the hobblewood elite that think the same way – why not follow The plastic Cher. We who love our country don’t care how you feel.

    • Scott

      I take it you’re talking about a one way ticket and not a Cher concert ticket…

  • bicentennialguy

    I used to LOVE Cher. I knew what her political leanings were, but I could tolerate it. Not anymore. NOT ONE MORE DIME TO HER, and believe me I’ve funneled plenty over the years.

  • agreewithstevens

    Tell me again, what party did Sonny belong to?

  • Texasbill

    Do you think Cher wants to SHARE THE WEALTH???? I would be happy for her to give me some of her wealth.

    • Moving to AZ…legally

      Yup, if she weren’t such a flaming hypocrite, she could save an awful lot of us from bankruptcy, help a lot of disabled kids and adults, hire a lot of folks. But, fascists like her are just interested in controlling everyone, not helping them up.

  • ravenofno

    …and I hang on every word this amalgam of botox and plastic has to ejaculate. After all, she has been an exemplary wife and mother.

    • aintthispeachy

      I am telling you I thought Chaz was in trouble when the first George Zimmerman picture came out.

      • Tony Paulinsky


        • stevmcw

          OMG that’s hilarious

  • Archer

    Uber liberals, always ultimately self destructive.

  • Campbell_Glass

    Now, Ted Nugent was investigated by the Secret Service for saying that he’d either be “dead or in jail” if Obama was reelected. Seemed that was possibly a threat on the president’s life.

    Romney is under Secret Service protection, isn’t he? Time for a little investigation of the mother of Chastity (in name only).

    • Brian Astby

      This administration never investigates where a white person is the victim.

      • Orpheus75

        or if a Conservative is the victim.

  • VetMike

    I’m certain that we can arrange for Cher to have some different air to breathe after November.

  • Marv S

    Notice the double-Satanic horned hand signs?
    Maybe she and all her race-mongering, heterophobic, God-hating, sewer-scum leftist lemmings can just hold their breath for 4 years.

    • blacknblue2

      She is probably not aware of the symbol and thinks she is giving some cool hip hand sign.

      • Michael Vahlsing

        She’s not aware of much since ’67

    • Guest

      Sorry, but I think that’s actually the sign language of deaf / mutes for “I love you”.

      • chefjim

        Yeah but only if you’re a deaf mute.

      • AffanGul

        No, it’s a “Hail Satan” “Rock N Roll” sign.

        • Al

          No, it’s not. It’s the devil sign if you tuck in the thumb. If you stick out the thumb, it’s sign language. Think about it – if the fingers are the horns, you keep the thumb away, because what would the thumb be?

    • william mcintosh

      Absolutely disturbing and telling at once-she seems like a total satanist leaving no room for doubt.

    • Thebabydoc

      that would be 8 years…

    • AffanGul

      Yeah, I forgot that. Race-mongering, Heterophobic, Christophobes! and soap-o-phobes as well!

    • Guest

      “Please don’t associate me with Cher. Kindest regards, Satan.”

    • Moving to AZ…legally

      Sure would be nice to not hear their constant inane, childish rants for a while!! I am sick of them!

    • ckirmser

      Actually, it’s a mix of the sign language signs for I, L and Y, representing “I Love You.”
      The extended thumb invalidates the horns idea.

    • rimpy

      we should deny them the choice, and suffocate them.

  • Obama_Dogeater

    Typical Hollywood moron.

    • donald

      But why shouldn’t we listen to her??? Are you saying the fact that she was a high school dropout might detract from her credibility? Just my guess but I think the average McDonalds employee has at least graduated high school.

      • sharinite

        and your point would be?

        • donald

          My point is the woman lacks what most people consider the base level of education in the US. I thought the point was fairly clear.

        • hwy505

          You really need that point explained to you? Spouts of bitterness from a woman who has no critical or analytical thought aside from being a hypocrite. Do you need me to go further? Let me know when the car wash gives you a break.

      • redtop

        I’m saying that if you asked Cher to come up with facts to back up her claims, she would look at you with a blank stare……..

        • Mike

          What are facts? You give her too much credit.

        • BajaDreamer

          A “blank stare”. Ya’ think? LOL! 😉

        • Jim Quinn

          That is not a blank stare, she is pulled up so tight from the boob and butt lifts, she looks like she is in shock

        • paperpushermj

          That because the Left emotes instead of thinks.

        • Sine Labore Nihil

          That is if you could get her to shut her mouth long enough to hear a question.

      • fedupwithmentalcases

        and has held a real job

    • Dennis

      I actually feel sort of sorry for the Hollywood people. They’re like the Hunger Games’ Capitol citizens. They are frail, out of touch and would be first to be overrun in as crisis for their resources.

      Just a symptom of a larger problem. Obama and Romney are both puppets for the money grubbers.

      Ron Paul would be the only person who’s feet we could hold to the fire. The other two will obey orders from the shareholders.

      • Lynn S.Pilcher

        Dennis is correct, we should feel sorry for people like Cher. These people are hurting inside, because all thieir fame can’t buy them happiness, so they strick out in anger.

    • Kevin Brady McLean

      You’re a moron. I presented exactly as much evidence as you, so it must be true.

    • DZicyB

      One of many: Bill Maher, Rosie O’Donnell, Susan Sarandon, Alex Baldwin and most recently Charles Barkley. Ah yes America’s lefitst intelligentsia. A collective IQ of about 14. Add Cher and it goes up to 15.

      • Deb

        I would pay attention to the opinion of the above losers, why? What credability do they have over the bum on the street corner? His opinion means as much to me.

        • gauffrette

          Actually, he’d be smarter.

        • Common Good

          So , you’re saying you buy into the hate coming from the other direction…?

          Do you REALLY BELIEVE there’s Republican “war on women” …. or could it be that is just an attempt to divide and polarize, which would benefit the side gathering the most people who can’t think for themselves?

          • Katepatate

            I’m a woman and I have been treated very well by Republicans. I even bought my own contraceptives and no one stopped me. I just didn’t expect someone else to buy them.

          • bucketstealer

            Mitt Romney is going to drone strike you!!

          • Rachel

            I used to be a Democrat woman. I find that am much happier and more positive as a Republican woman.

          • Bonnie

            How nice for you. How’s that ring in your nose working for you?

          • Rachel

            obviously not nearly as well as the ring in yours.

          • Bonnie

            Oh bully for you. Do you imind paying for your old man’s and everyone else’s Viagra then babe? No problem with that. But your daughter can take care of her own endometriosis or uterine cysts or menstraul problems herself, eh? But let’s pay for those woodies. Oh yeah! It’s a man’s world and you LOVE being controlled. And don’t mind paying for other people’s medications as long as they’re not women. And you’re a chick? Ooooh. Nice. Remind me never to have a friend like you.

          • Bonnie

            No millions of us BELIEVE it because we have seen the 1000+ bills that have come down the pike from those who want to control our bodily integrity because women are too stupid to do it themselves, which you GOPers clearly must believe. Nitwits.

        • Rachel

          Well you have certainly spent enough time with the bums at OWS to know all their well-informed opinions! Though I wouldn’t brag about it!

          • Bonnie

            Oh yes, Pete Seeger and my grandparents are SUCH bums. Get a life, tosser.

          • Rachel

            I saw your grandmother there…she was the one defecating on the police car!
            Tosser?!? You aren’t from around these parts, are ye mate. Bugger off an go occupy Britain, wanker.

      • Chief544

        Hollywood liberals have problems with identity. They live in different worlds all the time and they become confused between the characters they play and who they really are. Maybe they really aren’t that person any more and can only relate to the characters they play. Jonathon Winters thought he really was Maudie Frickert some of the time.

        • freecheese

          Your right. But Jonathon Winters sought treatment, and did more than his share of time in a mental hospital.

        • DZicyB

          Spot on. They make their living and live their lives in the world of make believe. They are make believe people.

        • BarrysHypocrisy

          The hollywood liberals actually think that they know better than the rest of us and that we should listen to what they say.

          • BarryD

            And the irony is most are High School Flunkies.

          • Bonnie

            Unlike your Ph.D. in Stupidity.

          • Boon Companion

            because they are TOLD they know better. Actors do as they’re TOLD.

          • Bonnie

            Just like right wing Faux viewers who pass on nonsensical talking points and endless memes of tripe and misinformation. Lots of class.

          • Boon Companion

            Those weren’t memes and misinformation, you poor dear. What you were listening to was civic literacy. Your ears had never been exposed to it before.

            Full Civic Literacy Exam
            “Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen? The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%. Can you do better? Questions were drawn from past ISI surveys, as well as other nationally recognized exams.”


          • Bonnie

            Oh really? No that would be your religious zealots who want to plan a campging trip into the womb of every women in America because she needs help supposedly with knowing how to take care of her own body. You BLOW.

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            I guess if you want to live your life by what Cher tells you to do, then go ahead. I realize that some people are too feeble minded to think on their own and need some c-level “celebrity” to tell them what to do. Stay in line with the rest of the sheeple……..

        • Bonnie

          Right wing people have problems with identity. They live in a confused world and become confused with who they really are, as they SAY one thing and LIVE another way. Maybe they can’t tell reality from fantasy; their political lying would indicate so. Like your own medicine, there, bub?????

      • Shepherd

        I have an electric toaster with a hight IQ that these hollywood libholes.

        • mambobananapatch

          “A hight IQ that.”

          I suspect your toaster could beat you at chess, or English.

          • willieredchief

            So you must play a lot of games with your kitchen appliances…..lots of dim bulbs in your pantry, huh??? You liberal idiot.

          • mambobananapatch

            I don’t think you can even read.

        • Guest

          Probably best to learn how to spell before insulting other peoples’ intelligence.

          • Lysol

            Just another speling troll. Don’t waste your time. The error was intentional.

          • Guest

            Intentional? You’ll defend anything woncha? No growth when one cannot admit they screwed up. Keep driving your batshit friends’ ambulances

          • Brenda

            I think it was a typeO there Mr Sauce lol…I knew what you meant Shepherd

          • Georgiagator37

            Hey A-hole you have really shown yours

          • Amen Baby

            It would be “people’s” not “peoples’ “.
            You are a liberal idiot.

          • IckyD


            A mis-placed comma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            What a dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • Jack76

          And it does something productive too.

          • bucketstealer

            HA HA, too true.

          • Rocky Mountain

            How many movies did you go see this pasts few years?

          • Buckelew

            Me? One. And it absolutely played hell on the stupid fools in Hollywood. It made centrists/socialists/fascist/”liberals” look exactly like the freaks they are (e.g., Cher).

          • CATHERINE


          • phyllisj

            I taken so many actors off my list that I’m lucky to still have teh simpsons

          • evan316

            Does Netflix count?

          • Alan Howell

            Rocky, I think the more important question is how many people PAID for movies they’ve seen the last couple of years. In my case since 2009? Zero, nada, zilch and have seen more movies in 3 years than the previous 10.

            My husband built a wonderful media room that extends outside to the pool area so thanks to him, Redbox and our neighbors we won’t be spending one thin dime on movies for the foreseeable future.

          • Mike Mathew

            We have not watched a currant movie, in two years. the flat screen is mostly blank, kids, grandkids, somtimes, while we tell them what a waste of time it is. Counterproductive, moronic, garbage.

          • Bonnie

            Well I hope you feel good in your ‘wonderful media room’ ripping off all the artists whose intellectual property you STEAL by not paying for movies you imply you watch for FREE. Unless you watch TV, which is your legal right to do. But I think you mean movies and you imply you’ve not PAID for them, so go on, break those laws and steal from those ‘actors’, who you right wing losers have all lumped together into some monolithic generality – as if! GOD I HATE THE RIGHT WING. You people are sickening TOADS and LOSERS.

          • Herman Nelson

            It’d be great if they were “artists” and not political retards who threaten to move to the UK when they don’t get their way in politics.

            Oh, just remember Bonnie, your party started the KKK. You know, deep south democrats. You’re all in the same boat. Please do some research before inserting foot.

          • IckyD

            Bonnie, you should write a book on who and how to hate everybody different from you. It looks like you’re pretty good at that game. And you’re probably fat and ugly(no offense to decent fat and ugly people like myself). Libtard.

          • IckyD

            I haven’t been to a theater since ’06, not b/c i’m cool so much as b/c the movies aren’t worth paying for just to be insulted or bored to tears.

          • glen thompson

            One: Atlas Shrugged – my next movie will be this September: Atlas Shrugged, Part Two – Never would I pay for a movie ticket while knowing a percentage will end up in Obama’s campaign coffers.

          • phyllisj

            Now we have actors saying they would like to pay more taxes. Please, Please take them up on it!!!

          • ItsJo


          • Cate

            Put their money where their mouth’s are.

          • IckyD

            They no doubt would but their mouths are already full…

          • ItsJo

            I agree totally w/your post!

          • John Smith

            In an act of “civil obedience”, I download movies from all the off-shore sites. No money from me for the Leftists in Hollywood.

            Also, it is no coincidence that Kim DotCom (owner of MegaUpload site) was arrested by gun-runner AG Holder, just as H’wood’s campaign dollars were dropping off. Justice for sale… as in Chicago.

          • phyllisj

            Oh my I haven’t heard about this tell me more.

          • John Smith

            Google “ice films”, “mega upload” or “pirate bay”, popular Torrent download sites. The latter is in Sweden, where the government looks the other way. The irony is that most of the uploaded films are marked “SAG Evaluation Copy”. Go figure, huh?

          • Bonnie

            phyllis: This man is suggesting you commit a felony by the way. It’s called intellectual PROPERTY and he STEALS it by his own admission. Not recommended, unless you want to break the law like he’s condoning.

          • Herman Nelson

            After reading numerous replies you’ve made, I need to ask a question. Exactly how old are you? I’m guessing around 5 or 6.

          • Bonnie

            Nice – admitting you are a pirate and are feloniously downloading intellectual property. Loser!

          • Herman Nelson

            Ironic that those demanding that the US put on the rose colored glasses and go socialist/communist, become rabid dogs when it comes to those that are draining their monetary assets through piracy. Hypocrites.

          • IckyD

            “Bonnie” sounds like one of those paid propagandists who cruise the net trying to convince the world that “everybody” thinks the way the Legacy Media wants us to.

            I personally don’t d/l illegally but it’s because i respect the musicians who make the music i love, not b/c some anonymous “law” forces me to. And I don’t spend a cent i think might even possibly end up in Hollyweird’s coffers…

          • Daniel Martin Gray

            Can you just imagine how poor SOnny Bono felt, married to this shrew?
            Say, when they removed her short ribs and pulled her face back, you think they removed any other tissue?
            Like her BRAIN?

          • Bonnie

            Daniel: Cher has more class in her big toe than you will ever have, mate. TOAD.

          • Braden

            Yes. Calling people names like Toad and saying stuff like “If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if i can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters—” shows a lot of class. Only in Liberal Land.

          • Candyland8c

            Indeed! Classless Cher opens her ignorant mouth again. She really is so phony and desperate, and it shows.

        • Sine Labore Nihil

          I prefer my pet rock to Cher. The feedback is so much more enlightening…

        • Jim1937

          I have a rotten turnip with a higher IQ than their collective IQ’s.

          • Rocky Mountain

            The next question is, why do you have a rotten turnip?

          • Buckelew

            Why are you defending Cher for the sake of a rotten turnip?

          • coniljw

            If rotten turnips would vote democrat then the dems would grant them the right to vote.

        • Janet91

          Liberalism is a mental disorder. Do you need more proof?

          • ConservativePersecutionComplex

            Ted Bundy was a republican. FACT!

          • radargeek

            Hitler was a socialist; like your boy o’stupid!

          • Bonnie

            Go say that at an old folk’s home for Jewish persons, you absolute moron.

          • IckyD

            Bonnie, you silly twot, that doesn’t even make a little sense.

          • MintJulep

            I don’t believe that we are discussing the mental illness here of Ted Bundy. A mental illness is lifelong – a disorder can be controlled with meds and therapy. Cher is not mentally unstable – just runs her mouth about something she KNOWS nothing about.

          • Proud Native

            Mental illness implies one has some level of mental ability to start with … Cher had none!

          • Bonnie

            Your’e kidding? You are right wing and you are defending Cher? OMG. Stop the presses. I thought she was a terrifying dangerous denizen of “hollywood”, a place y’all think of as a version of hell, evidently. But in any event, your rationality is appreciated in the miasma of stupid zealotry here.

          • IckyD


            Using big words improperly only makes you sound more like a petulant brat in need of a spanking.

            And if you don’t like it you can kiss “miasma”…

          • Jael Mace

            obviously you’re a hollywood wanna-be…

          • Gary Studdard


          • kegan05

            John Wayne Gacy was a DemocRAT! FACT! He even had his picture taken with Roselyn Carter!

            BTW, What was your stupid point?

          • Rocky Mountain

            Your point is? That Cher is a serial killer?

          • CATHERINE

            no but THERE IS ONLY ONE PARTY THAT CARRIES ‘KILL’ SIGNS…………………the idiot liberals wanted to kill bush, cheney, palin, the hispanic, the police chief of sanford, governor walker

          • Bonnie

            Yeah; that’s right. Those hideous posters all our cretinous tea-GAGGERS held up for the whole world to be sickened by and ashamed of portrayed the President in a very respectful way – NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, you’re so amazingly ‘correct’ societally – NOT NOT NOT. You should all live in 1850, not 2012. And all you said is an utter LIE. GTWBush started a WAR with a LIE – nothing trumps that in terms of irresponsibility. Scott Walker is destorying Wisconsin. No idea what your other references mean as you make absolutely NO sense.

          • IckyD

            Bonnie, hunny, your mommy says it’s time to leave the internet to the grownups. Buh-bye :-(

          • LAKESPEED


          • mewp12

            No kidding, what is with the fright wig?

          • phyllisj

            Maybe she’s losing her hair along with her judgement

          • Bonnie

            Or maybe that’s YOU.

          • Bonnie

            Dunno mary – how’s your dye job going?

          • reachrenee

            When were her better days??

          • IckyD

            She had a hit song that topped the charts for about a week in the early ’70’s and one hit movie that Eric Stoltz did all the real acting in.

            Other than that and being a complete failure as a mother and a wife i don’t think she’s done much.

            She’d barely a D-lister, she’d sing at your ice-cream party for $20 and airfare, i hear….

          • Bonnie

            Coming from you – from the ZZZZZZZZZZZZ list of anonymity.

          • Frisco1522

            No. Her father ejaculated into an empty flower pot and raised a blooming idiot.

          • IckyD


          • IckyD

            IDK about serial killer, but she IS a serial moron.(sorry morons)…

          • Mike Mathew

            I am old enough t remember, most of these folks don’t have a clue, enlighten them. He fits, loosly most of the serial killers, in the last half of the last century. Let these morons figure it out for themselves.

          • Bonnie

            Liar and your pants are on fire.

          • ko1234

            No actually he wasn’t fact! But most people in prison vote Democrat fact!

          • Linda Siebach

            People in prison can NOT vote.

          • Allene177

            WRONG. Voting takes place in MANY prisons and jails. FACT!

          • Jay Hackett

            I would have to agree, the prison population is usually organized by a small activist group directly linked to the DNC.

          • Bonnie

            You are such a liar; that is utter b.s. Stop watching Fox and get an education.

          • Braden

            The only person who needs an education on here is you, so just stop it. You can’t make one single argument without resorting to name calling and childish behavior. A little friendly advice: acting like a child doesn’t win you any converts. It just drives people to the other side.

          • Cornbread_Noah

            By federal statute, convicted felons are not allowed to vote in federal elections. Misdemeanor convictions have no bearing and 3 states have allowed felons to vote in STATE elections, but not federal.

          • coniljw

            They did in PA as the libs/dems were video taped in 2008 sneaking out of the prisions – check it out on youtube. Voter fraud is rampant and PA just passed the Photo ID Law for Nov 2012! YES!!

          • Bonnie

            There is no voter fraud. Another Teagagger b.s. concoction to make voting more dfficult for the poor and elderly. Sickening that you support voter suppression. Stop watching Fox or cite actual statistics about voter fraud, which you cannot do, as THERE IS NONE. Another GOP attack – this one on voters, not just women.

          • IckyD

            Never stops ’em in Chicago…they vote early and often in the Illinois pens….especially Governor(former)Blagovictimofabadhairdo

          • phyllisj

            In prison they shouldn’t vote!!!

          • Bonnie

            They can’t; these yahoos are just stirring the pot and foolish uninformed Fox watchers believe this crap!

          • Bonnie

            Oh give it a rest. That’s nonsense.

          • Bonnie

            Stop watching Fox and get an education.

          • IckyD

            “Bonnie”- who is paying you to insult every poster indivually? The DNC? Or some “non-profit” org?

            Do they pay well, or were you suckered into doing it for free?

          • DZicyB

            Ding Ding Ding We have a winner. The single most inane comment in the history of commentary. And to the 34 dimwits who liked it, a hearty damn your dumb..

          • Alan Howell

            Ice cream has no bones….

          • ex-Obamunist

            So was Martin Luther King Jr…..

          • coniljw

            MLK was a conservative! JFK was too even though they were dems.

          • Frisco1522

            The Liberals from Kennedy and Truman’s time would be considered right wing radicals by today’s standards. There really is no Democratic party any more, it’s been hijacked by the Progressive/Socialist radical a$$holes. My parents were Dems, I was too as a young guy, but the party left everyone and turned into idiots.

          • Bonnie

            B.S. It’s the Republicans who bear absolutely no resemblance to any previous members of their party – NONE. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t get through one of your primaries today, nor would Nixon, or even Eisenhower. You guys are out in SPACE, and it shows.

          • Bonnie

            Were you even ALIVE When JFK was around? That is the most ridiculous assertion ever. Both these people were Democrats, obviously. Very similar to our current wonderful President.

          • Braden

            JFK also believed in tax cuts for everyone and believed in spreading freedom around the world and never apologized for it.

          • kristin

            And John Wayne Gacy was a Dem. In fact he was a Dem precinct captain.

          • IckyD

            Oh dear- i love the sound of the cockroaches scurrying from the light!

          • novellite2

            Here’s the logic, folks:

            Women are human (TB was an R)
            Humans committed the holocaust (TB was a murder)
            Therefore, women committed the holocaust. (R’s are murderers)

            Yeah, I can’t follow it either; it shows that someone doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to argue a point.

          • Fluidizer

            Martin Luther King and his father before him were both Republicans. FACT!!

          • Fluidizer
          • phyllisj

            Yes you were right to zone out this one. Stupidity rules

          • IckyD

            So was Abe Lincoln.

            What’s your point?

          • Osamas_Pajamas


            What this country needs is a truly LIBERAL president and congress and judiciary!

            And I forgive the reader for suspecting that this must be some kind of bad joke!

            But the Democrats believe in “statism” — not “liberalism.”

            Strip them naked of their fake “liberal” label and expose their ugliness for all the world to see.

            They benefit from the imprecise American political terminology —- we say “the government” here in the USA —- rather than “the state.” And that’s a dangerous problem. Famous brands of statism in recent centuries have been Nazism, socialism, fascism, communism, and welfare statism —- this last is sort of a mix of fascism and socialism.

            Liberalism, on the other hand, is a political philosophy of small, cheap government —- it is a constabulary —- and the job of a liberal government is to enforce human rights within its own jurisdiction. I speak of the unalienable and perfectly-natural and universally-valid human rights of life, liberty, private property, and the pursuit of personal happiness.

            The first article of private property is “the self” and all other rights are derivatives of and flow from these cardinal rights. These rights —- The Rights of Man —- are the gift of nature or of nature’s god —- and they belong to all human beings, everywhere.

            Show me a Democrat who subscribes to all of the above, without qualifications or weasel words. The words “liberal” and “liberalism” were hijacked by the Democrats and socialists and fascists long ago —- and it was the mistake of conservatives and libertarians to let them get away with it.

            It is long past time that liberalism be reclaimed, defined, and explained by its rightful owners —- by the champions of freedom, i.e.: not by Democrats.

            Well, how about “progressivism?” Whuzzat?! “Cancer” is “progressive,” too. Isn’t “progressivism” just another statist cancer? It chews you up, piece by piece, in the name of Da Peepul? Eat Da Rich? Moral cannibalism, anyone?

            Friends of freedom! Friends of peace-through-strength! And friends of prosperity! Declare yourselves to be “liberals,” then —- and kick over the bloody coffee tables — and overthrow and trounce the Democrats in 2012! Destroy them!

          • Buckelew

            Yes, it’s time to take the “liberal” mantel away from the socialist-fascist-statist-corporatist-progressive (read “regressive”) leftists; and return the term “liberal” to its rightful owners; those who love “liberty; those who seek “freedom” for individuals; those who embolden private property rights; those who seek to abolish government crisis construction.

          • Bonnie

            Bet you wouldn’t know a liberal thouight if it bit you in the ass.

          • Braden

            I bet you wouldn’t know a rational thought if it bit you in the ass.

          • Buckelew

            Ironic you’d say that, “lady”. Ever heard of Hayek? How ’bout Von Mises? Of course you haven’t , because you haven’t a clue regarding liberal thought.
            If you think the Hollywood crowd is liberal, you’re an idiot. The only thing they’re liberal about is giving away other people’s money; they’re hypocrites of the hightest order.
            Have many trees have you planted with your barehands, Bonnie? How many criminal dumpers have you charged, Bonnie? How many NGOs have you humilitated because they tried to exploit the poor, the humble, and the property thereof. My bet is “NOT ONE”.
            Whether you like it or not, Bonnie, ours is a nation of laws, founded on principles, that require singular accountability. With presumptive idiots like you hanging around, it’s no wonder Hollywood germinates the stupidity it does.

          • xsfsoldier

            Great comment!! Wow!! Right on!!

          • Johndad

            Funny you should write that considering the Conservatives today aren’t actually what conservatives have been historically. Conservatives voted FOR the Civil Rights act, Hell it was NIXON who formed the National Endowments for the Arts. Conservatives took their time before making changes in order to see if their steps were the correct ones.

          • Donnie Harkreader

            well said

          • novellite2

            A true, pre 1910 Liberal? I’d support that.

          • phyllisj

            Liberal and libertarian are two different things guys. Careful

          • IckyD

            Maybe in current grammatical terms the two are similar, but in the “classic”, or even “classical” sense, liberals and libertarians WERE the ideological and philosophical guardians of man’s God-given rights to exist in freedom and to pursue his own joy without interference of the rights of others. All the hero’s from Classical writing protected Truth and Justice and the Rights of Men(and, of course, women) to live Righteously and as he sees fit.

          • Bonnie

            moron. you must be male. thank you, toad, for wishing to remove one-half of the voting population. News Flash!!!!! Women have the vote and you are so out of date it’s SAD, man, SAD.

          • novellite2

            There were plenty of states that had women’s suffrage prior to August, 1920, when the 19th amendment was ratified. That amendment did not “give” women the right to vote, but prohibited anyone from not letting women vote. It’s a subtle difference, but one that should be noted. Prior to the Progressive Era, people were essentially taught to take care of themselves, their family, their neighborhood, their state, and their country. With the Progressive mindset, one gets “saved” by using other peoples money to save others. To me, that is not only evil, it’s Satanic.
            And for the record, I am very much pro-women’s suffrage, as I have four very conservative daughters, and an even more conservative wife.

          • Bonnie

            Your diatribe is ridiculous.

          • IckyD

            Remarkably well said.

            Bravo, sir. Bravo.

        • ConservativePersecutionComplex

          You should ask that toaster to teach you how to write a cohesive sentence. OBAMA 2012! CORY BOOKER 2016!

          • IckyD

            Cory Booker in ’16?


            He hasn’t done too well as a mayor, but I’ll admit he seems to actually WANT to do right.

            I’m open: tell me what Booker could accomplish as President?

        • Mather

          LOL.. they’re so insulated from the real world, they need a reality check. Her brain, imo, is fried.

        • reachrenee

          Judging by Cher’s hair, I think she stuck a fork in your toaster while it was plugged in.

          • Bonnie

            Why do I think you HAVE NO HAIR? Betcha it’s true. Iwinki wink)

          • Braden

            Why do you even care if someone on here has no hair? Is this what you’ve reduced yourself too since you can’t make a rational argument?

          • reachrenee

            Do you even have the slightest idea what your comment means? No one else does. But, no one cares either.

      • alnga


        • rosalina9877


        • DZicyB

          My bad. I stand corrected. What was I thinking?

      • rosalina9877

        If you add in Cher, it actually goes down to 3.

        • Common Good

          She’s full of hate

          • Guest

            Yeah, unlike any of the commenters here.

          • rosalina9877

            I was talking about IQ, lol

          • spock56

            All Liberals are full of Hate, Racism, and Sexism!! They dispise the truth, liberty and happiness!!
            They lie so much she will not leave here!!
            Truthfully if these rich liberal movie stars really believed in what they say then they would buy a small house in a city and eat cheap food and donate the rest of their income to the rest of the country, but they dont becasue they DO NOT believe in what they say they just want to keep everyone else down Under the Messiah more people are on food stamps, on disabilty becasue their unemployment ran out (thus they are not counted in numbers) Grandmas are dying, and/or eating Dog food, more racism exists now then ever before becasue libs only survive from a split electorate and lies!

          • bucketstealer

            At least Johnny Depp put his money where his mouth is and moved to France. I can actually respect the man for walking the walk, even if I think he is wrong.

          • sara56

            He’ll be gone when the socialist gov. takes over and taxes him out of there.

          • Sine Labore Nihil

            Unless he is thinking of being another blood sucker like the OWS’rs expect here.

          • MintJulep


          • kegan05

            heh, heh! You beat me to it! When Johnny “DIPP” has to fork over 75% of his income, he’ll come whining back to the good old USA and Mitt Romney as President! Poetic JUSTICE!

          • Bonnie

            You don’t know anything about Europe at all, do you? Have you ever BEEN to the EU or France? No. Thought not.

          • sara56

            What’s your point? Kegan knows France just elected a socialist president and will tax 75% of the wealth there. Also that said wealthy residents are getting ready to clear out. That will leave the dependent class. So who is going to foot the bill when that happens? You don’t know anything about basic economics do you? Thought not.

          • Bonnie

            No I doubt that. And that is b.s. What is it with your people and taxes? Do you not all realize you’ve had your taxes LOWERED in recent years (since 09)??? Or has that small fact escaped your notice while you were too busy whining and complaining? I think so. Grow up unless you’re gazillionaires, in which case you would NEVER be on here making such ridiculously naive and stupid comments, a you’d be way too busy minding your money and working on getting you people to vote against your own self-interests.

          • IckyD

            You obviously don’t pay your own bills “Bonnie”. If you DID, you’d know:

            1. The cost of heating and cooling our homes has nearly doubled since ’08

            2. Do you ever pump your own gas? What do you think makes gasoline so expensive? Taxes.

            3. Obama has done everything possible to stop American coal and natural gas production.

            4. Fica is nearly TRIPLE what it was in ’07.

            5. FOOD, simple groceries, have skyrocketed in price during this presidency as a direct result of continuous pressure of EPA “regulation”(taxation in sheep’s clothing).

            I could go on, and on, and on etc. ad infintum….

            Are you even remotely capable of a thoughtful, logical response? Or do you just stick your fingers in your ears and scream “NANANANA! I can’t hear you!”

          • Dewdrop99

            Well lets see how much Johnny Depp likes the new socialist president that is now elected in France who is going to spread the wealth, seriously increase taxes and has a war on against the rich! I think he would qualify as one of the rich.

          • StevenBall

            He might have to move to one of his private islands.

          • Bonnie

            Oh really? And you know this how? Are you on former President Sarkowsky’s payroll or something? WTF do you know about France and its politics anyway? Nada. Then, I’ll thank you to keep your nonsensical misinformation to yourself.

          • IckyD

            What do YOU know about French politics?

            Huh, Bonnie??

            You just yell “Huh-uh!” and point fingers while failing to prove even a modicum of awareness of the very issues you claim the Right soesn’t “understand”.

          • scot

            Yeah. Once that 75% socialist tax gets close, the only thing France will see of Depp is his backside sprinting away fast.

          • Bonnie

            What – did you idiots get this talking point in today’s briefing? You have no idea what you are talking about and know nothing about France at all – long way from Iowa or wherever you’re at.

          • Boon Companion

            Tell us how you do. Try not to cheat.

            Full Civic Literacy Exam

          • IckyD


            But I’ll bet “Bonnie” knows faaar more than me…

          • Boon Companion

            Notice how the Mussolini Forward drones all scram when you hold a civics test up to them. It’s like holding up a cross to a vampire.

          • Sine Labore Nihil

            Wow, France? Good move Johnny D. I imagine you can retire there and suck off the teat of the rich until their $$’s run dry then, you can move to another new Socialist society to suck off their teat until it runs dry just like France is doing. Nice job Johnny D.

          • Bonnie


          • Sine Labore Nihil

            Very enlightening.

          • Dustoff

            Wait till his taxes go up 75%. Bet you see him beating on our door real quick.

          • Rachel

            Once the new French socialist govt sticks him with 75% taxation, I have a feeling Johnny will be moving back to the good ol’ USA.

          • Aimee Vee

            I’m sure with that 75% tax rate he’ll want to move back…..hehehe

          • Bonnie

            WTF are you talking about? Mr. Depp lives in France as his wife is French and he preferred to raise his children in France rather than America. He is a Democrat btw – does that change your opinon? What claptrap anyway you spout.

          • Harry Jismsm

            You are exactly right, spock56! They all live in over sized mansions and opulence, but then chastise us commoners because we don’t give enough. But they spend all their “hard earned” money on large estates, fancy cars, expensive vacations, plastic surgery, and on and on. They are despicable animal that in life only pretent to be somebody else.

          • coniljw

            Remember Rosie O’D. was against gun ownership but her body guards all had guns? Cher & Rosie would make a great couple. Can’t believe Greg Allman ever slept with her . Is he a lib nut too?

          • MintJulep

            Why did you capitalize the word messiah in your statement – obama is not my messiah. Regardless, all these hollywood stars that you and I have made rich because we have bought their music and paid to see their movies should just shut up and dole out their funds to all those who truly need help. If they were as righteous as they try to lead us to believe, they would do exactly this. They are so ready to have obama spread our wealth, lets begin with theirs!!!!!

          • Bonnie

            No, let’s begin with yours. What gives you the right to make such a judgment about people you know absolutely NOTHING about?????? Look at the average income of the average actor and speak again, intelligently. Too hard? Yeah, thought so. And I bet you paid zilch toward anyone’s success but your own.

          • sara56

            Nobody has to be an actor, Bonnie. It’s their choice to be in that line of work. They are not curing cancer. And why would Mintjulep pay for anybody else’s success? The point Mint was making was that successful entertainers do not want to pay any money towards helping others. If Cher was really concerned about the poor, she can give a couple million towards helping them. Like that will ever happen.

          • Bonnie

            Such bulloney. You people are all clearly delusional. Wtf site is this anyway? Some division of Faux? Good lord. Crap b.s. from crap idiots.

      • Rich

        When their collective IQ’s hit 20 they should sell!

        • Common Good

          It must be nice, sitting up on that lofty tower of moral and intellectual high ground snidely tossing out insults about your “them” who repugnantly stereotype other human beings…. while you mimic the behavior you find so abhorrent in them..

      • Liz771

        Add Cher and the number goes down. Cher has never been known for her intelligence. One of the reason’s she has always had to resort to sleaze.

        • Bonnie

          So full of it. Cher is a very bright woman who has accomplished more in the average week than most people do in a lifetime. She has NEVER been sleazy; what are you? A nun in a time warp? What sleaze do you think you refer to? B. effing S. anyway.

      • fivestring_assassin

        good analysis all around except for your math
        adding cher to the mix takes their collective IQ to about 3
        otherwise spot on

        • Bonnie

          Well she’s up on you three whole points then since yours is a big fat ZERO.

      • Katepatate

        Actually, it goes down.

      • Keith Narz

        You might want to spell Sarandon’s name correctly, as well as intelligentsia. Your bad spelling doesn’t reflect well on your own I. Q.

        • DZicyB

          If that’s the best you got, it ain’t makin it.

        • Harry Jismsm

          Who cares how the sluts name is spelled. She is still a useless, pretending POS!

        • DZicyB

          Happy? Now care to comment on the substance of the post? No? Didn’t think so. You’re clearly a form over substance type of guy. Most unimpressive.

      • cmdr-buzz-corey

        Add Cher and it goes down a few points.


        THANK GOD they picked the dumbest president in history – NOW THEY ALL HAVE TO SHUT UP AND GO HOME……………I have waited 40 years for the HATE HOODIES TO BE PULLED OFF THESE FREAKS……………it is fun to watch

      • Ibulena

        Or down to 13!

      • Charles Hogan

        Wrong. When you add Cherry it takes them to a -17.

      • Charles Hogan

        They whole group has a total talent of ZERO. No talent and I mean NONE.

        • Bonnie

          The group here? I so agree. No discernible intellect in the room at all.

      • Michael OConnor

        Here here…you nailed it.

        • DZicyB

          Thanks. Keep the faith November is coming.

      • 2BFree2B

        15…aren’t you giving them more credit than they have due?

      • GClooney2012

        Oh man you’ve got to be kidding me. Cher subtracts IQ points from any group she’s included in, liberals included. This has been a well-known actuarial fact for at least a decade now. They base insurance policies on the calculation: “How many degrees of separation are you from Cher?”

      • Ron

        You’re being too kind, giving each of them a FULL POINT? Um, I wouldn’t go that high.

      • HillaryWasHere

        I think you over estimate the opposition…

      • Johndad

        It goes up?

      • William

        Actually, if you add Cher I think it would go down to 12.

      • judy

        Add your IQ and it goes down 15.

        • DZicyB

          Add yours and it goes down by a factor of 10.

      • Matt Lopez

        Actually, if you add Cher to the IQ mix it drops to 13!

      • JYOPO

        You give her to much credit, wouldn’t move the average.

      • Jay Hackett

        Given them a score of 14 was very nice of you, but I would have to argue that Cher would not make their total bounce to your value, it would be more like 14.01

      • phyllisj

        And all in make believe world. Not a scholar among htem even if they did go to college. Attendance doesn’t count for learning

        • Bonnie

          WTF are you talking about?

      • Alice Polarbear

        And an emotional age of about 13!

        • Bonnie

          Really? I thought you were maybe 4.

      • Mike Mathew

        For a native American native, she has gone a long way from her roots.

      • Bonnie

        You clearly must associate with Foster Friess, Rush Limbaugh, and other leading lights (NOT!) from your celebrated stable of r w losers rather than the enlightened folks you diss. Figures.

        • DZicyB

          Did you actually use the word “enlightened” to describe the likes of the Rosie O’Donnell or Cher? That would be some dim enlightenment indeed. Holy simplemindedness Batman.

      • $23736229

        No Cher takes the IQ downward to 12–talentless idiot has a negative IQ

    • M

      She’s showing her ignorance from the very first tweet; Romney is not controlled in any way by the Tea Party. In fact, they tried very, very, very hard to nominate anyone else BUT him, but he will be the nominee anyway, and will not be beholden to them in any way. She’s an utter moron to think what she thinks.

      • roger

        Why should she inform herself, after all, she is Cher. Looks like Sonny was the brains in that outfit!

        • Heartland Patriot

          He was the brains…look him up. Sonny Bono was a Republican Congressman. He died in a ski accident; his wife, Mary Bono Mack, ended up with the seat.

          • Bonnie

            While Sonny had his accomplishments, you are very misinformed about Sonny & Cher. I would stop making these judgments if I were you – you just look stupid as you are SO uninformed.

      • Moving to AZ…legally

        That was my first thought. Romney, a TEA PARTIER!!!!????? Hahahahahahahaha…he is a big government RINO, nothing like anyone any of us Taxed Enough Already supporters wanted. But, we will vote for him cuz he is a hell of a lot better than the alternative, esp. if we can take back the Senate and strengthen the House to help Romney cut the damn spending!

        • Sine Labore Nihil

          We need to make sure we vote in as many true conservatives into both houses as possible. That is our only way to stop the insanity. Then we need to remember why we wanted a conservative government in the next 2 and 4 year elections. You know the socialist media will scream on every dollar cut or not increased on future budgets. It is going to take some major gonads and spine to follow through and stay the course to save this country. Otherwise, next stop, my friends, is France.

          • Bonnie

            Francs? Really? We’re changing currency? I didn’t know. Good lord you people are as dumb as planks. Do you want it to be 1954 rather than 2012 or something? Are you Rip Van Winkle? No? Well, stop fantasizing. America is NOT a Tea Party country; you are outliers who are embarrasing and stupid. The world knows it. When will you?

          • Sine Labore Nihil

            Bonnie, I’m sorry for your naivete, we cannot help you there. Just take a look at what happened in the primaries yesterday. There is a real storm raging and it is not lacking of conservatives. Maybe you might be able to explain a little better what you tried to say earlier without the name calling and insults. It would help us to understand what the position is that you are trying to stake out.

          • Sine Labore Nihil

            Bone head, I just figured out what you were referring to on my post “our next stop, my friends, is Francs!”
            LOL, I made a typo, not that I don’t know how to spell France but, you keyed in on that as if it was a federal offence. It’s a friggin typo! That’s all. Now if you liberals would pull your heads out of your asses and stop looking for polyps, you could research the truth on your beloved POTUS and see the big picture versus little insignificant typos like the polyps where your head resides.
            I have some questions for you that I’m sure you will not be able to truthfully answer but, I love having fun with you liberals.
            1. Do you believe the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land?
            2. Do you believe America is a nation of laws, and everyone should be held to the same standard, regardless of class, race or religion? Or, do you believe some in our society deserve special treatment under the law because they’re rich, poor, politically connected, black, white, Hispanic, etc?
            3. Do you believe as our founders did that our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness come from our creator? Or, do you believe our rights come from the government?
            4. Do you believe as our founders did that the purpose of the government is limited to the preservation of the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the other powers granted to it by the people in the constitution? Or, do you believe the government can vote itself any power it deems appropriate no matter what the constitution says?
            5. Do you believe the money you earn from your job or business belongs to you, as well as the property you buy with the money you earn? Or, do you believe the government has the right to your money and property, and someone in Washington should decide how much of it you should keep based on the adage made famous by Karl Marx, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need?
            6. Do you believe that as long as you earn your money honestly and break no laws, there should be no limit on the amount of money you make? Or, do you believe as President Obama said, “at some point, you’ve made enough money?”
            7. Do you believe all Americans should have an equal opportunity to succeed or fail based on their individual ability, intellect and work ethic? Or, do you believe all Americans should have equal outcomes regardless of their ability, intellect or work ethic, and the government should redistribute the wealth of those who succeed to those who don’t in order to level the playing field?
            8. Do you believe America is a sovereign nation with borders, and we as a nation should decide which foreign nationals to let in and who we deny access? Or, do you believe there should be no borders and anyone who wants to enter our country is welcome, with or without permission?
            9. Do you believe the government should spend no more money than it takes in? Or do you believe we can just continue to borrow money from other countries without worrying about the National Debt?
            10. Do you believe the government spends too much money? Or, do you believe Americans are taxed too little?

      • paperpushermj

        Silly Rabbit their’s no explaining her chest beating hair pulling emotional meltdown

      • Larry Olson

        You expect one of her type to know that? These people run on misbegotten feelings, they have no idea what their politicians or our politicians actually do.

      • Redfray

        We know Romney doesn’t have goals to guide him. He wants to be free to follow the wind.

      • Common Good

        she’s just participating in the divisive hate baiting tactics. It has nothing to do with reality.

      • bucketstealer

        That’s the best part of the whole thing. She is obviously clueless. Mitt Romney will be another disaster, granted a DIFFERENT disaster, but a disaster nonetheless. Unless some miracle happens between now and January, which you would have to be an outright idiot to believe.

        • Sine Labore Nihil

          I wish I had the liberals crystal ball to tell the future. The only thing we can count on is the way the liberal media will bash Romney or any conservative on whatever they do to try and save our country.
          That is a guarantee I can bet my years pay on without a doubt.

      • Bonnie

        The Tea Party gaggers have shown all the American ignorance required in this century to the rest of the world. So shameful and idiotic other countries cannot BELIEVE you all ARE Americans (TPers).

    • Eric Scott

      To think I ever went to one of her concerts? I had to breathe the same racist liberal air she breathed. I feel sick

      • Peter Rockbend

        you went to one of her concerts? so you support her with your money? voluntarily? why?

      • Common Good

        No need to worry though it is a mental infection, it’s not contagious if you are a person who can think.

      • Sine Labore Nihil

        I would get to the closest ER. You may have the L.H.U.Y.A. syndrome.

    • d2lv

      Shut up and sing.

      • nomonkeydreams

        She could never sing!

        • JWales

          she suffers from Man Voice Disorder

    • Common Good

      yes, she took the Republican “war on women” thing hook line and sinker…

    • bjsguess

      There is nothing better than a millionaire living in the comforts of a mansion in Malibu accusing Romney of not caring about the poor. I had incredibly little respect for her before this so I can’t say that anything has changed. Cher, like most in Hollywood, proves once again that financial success through acting or singing does not bestow an ounce of common sense or intelligence.

    • sara56

      Is she this stupid? She’s already breathing the same air.

    • Knowsbettah

      Maybe she’ll go skiing and find the same tree Sonny did.
      I think after so much Botox the brain just kind of starts to shrivel….resulting in the moronic outrageous things these circus freaks utter. Anyone who listens is more f’ed up than they are.

    • Boon Companion

      From each according to their Cher.

    • jude944

      So very true! After all, she doesn’t HAVE to breathe and by not doing so might offset some global warming touted by the Leftists! Gotta’ LOVE Hollyweird folks….just don’t support them w/$$$!

    • Allene177

      Typical Hollywood HASBEEN!

    • etecs

      Okay…. Do us a favor Cher.. Just keep holding your breath….. That works for me…

    • mewp12

      Liberal haters are always going to leave the country. they never do. Alec Baldwin was leaving in 2000 and he is still here being hateful.

    • Mather

      Who in their right mind can take Cher seriously. Time for her to move to Europe where they’ll being 75% of her income.

    • Fluidizer

      We can and must help this old woman. Simply encapsulate Obama’s lower regions in an impermeable bag. Apply a vacuum to capture his gases and odors, bottle them, and then feed it to her via respirator when Romney is elected. Further, you could sell the stuff to people like Chris Matthews, frizzy Wasserman, some of the people posting here, and Liberals everywhere for $1,000 a huff and give the money to Romney’s Campaign.

    • ItsJo

      Exactly- Cher is a has been dumb Holly-woodhead, who actually thought that Mt.Rushmore was a “natural phenomenon”……yes, she’s the one we should all listen to. As for her ‘teabagging” remark, she Should know ALL about that homo act!

  • mitch_Pawl

    Then jump off the golden gate bridge or get a sudden case of lead poising.

  • RightStuff

    In ancient Rome, the entertainers (court jesters) were executed when they had the audacity to become involved in governmental issues. I sure long for the old days.

    • $17917288

      They live their lives pretending to be someone else and then want to tell the rest of us how to live. This is one reason I don’t go to movie or concerts anymore.

      • fake

        Me neither. I don’t buy their music, movies, or anything else they peddle. I cancelled HBO years ago because of that midget that has that hateful ‘ talk show ‘. Besides, I haven’t seen a movie out of Hollywood in the last 10 years worth watching.

        • Moving to AZ…legally

          John Carter was worth it. First movie in years where I actually didn’t want it to end every time I thought it was going to.

    • Tony Paulinsky

      pls bring them back

  • Miguel526

    As a one-time CA democrat who’s seen the light, none of us gives a sh_t what this has-been, low quality, pandering Hollywood fake has to say. Cher leaving the US would be a big-time plus!

    • Tony Paulinsky

      congrats on waking up!!!

    • Baloneycheck

      The problem is, they always SAY they’re going to leave the US, but the never keep their promises.’
      Typical lib.

      • AceTrace

        Methinks France would be a good relocation spot for her. They will gladly take 75% of her income and she can feel extra-special about sacrificing for the greater good 😉

        • bullamakanka

          And now that France has taken a hard turn left, it’ll be the perfect environment for her and her ilk.

        • Matt

          Nope, that is all window dressing. They don’t want to give more of their money away, anymore than I do. They talk the talk, but liberals are statistically less charitable than conservatives. Not only are they less charitable, they are more likely to pay only the amount required in taxes. There is a line on everyone’s tax returns that allows you to give more money to the Govt. Liberals should have this line check and amount taken from them every year. I’m betting that none of them take advantage of the opportunity to pay more of their “fair share”.

        • Peter Rockbend

          france has johnny depp. good for them. seen “rango” ? piddle in their own cornflakes, these whackos.

        • Common Good

          Indeed, it would be the perfect test to see how genuine her or any fake, plastic Hollywood celebrities. Would they still be “liberal” if they were forced to “share” their assets with others to the point that it affected the luxurious lifestyle they live….?

      • accordn17

        thats cause most of these entertainers/actors dont even know who they really are.. they been to caught up in yessing everyone to death and acting like someone else all the time.. they are walking reckless individuals, who just say whatever they feel the majority of there people say, they are totally clueless as to what american is really all about.. they are frauds.. they live in one constant movie.. only problem is life isnt a movie.. theres an actual world that needs to be handled the proper way and not by some inexperienced dopey entertainer.. these morons should be humble enough that they are rich beyond belief for always trying to be someone else and not themselves.. i mean hell that alone would keep myself quiet and many others.. but no, they see there pal george clooney, the brave little lad, with obama and they cheer it on, whatever it is.. doesnt matter what it is.. as long as theres compassion involved thats one thing they can relate to cause they are emotional people that have never truly been grounded within themselves..

        • redtop

          I agree, and they want to show their compassion by you spending YOUR money, theirs is well sheltered by their accountants………

        • Common Good

          Since the majority of the people who go to movies are “younger” they want to politically align themselves with that demographic so as not to jeopardize a drop in the income that allows them to live fat, high on the hog, while they rally against the “rich, greedy republicans…”

    • Moving to AZ…legally

      I was, too… a near socialist. Right at home with France’s way. Until I woke up, saw the light, gained a brain, learned history, saw what was happening in modern socialist countries and what the results were of our own socialist/regulatory policies…
      No more. Proud Conservative. Still in California, but trying to get out.

  • HillaryWasHere

    Her hair and all that stuff she uses trying not to look like the old bat that she is has gone to her man hating brain.
    I’m not supporting Romney, but this nation will not survive four more years of the Kenyan Comunnity Organizer in Chief.
    Pinheads like Cher are buffered from reality by their wealth and in her case, her hair. She is still ignorant and money has not made her any smarter.

    • Derek

      Not voting at all is a vote for Obama.

    • Moving to AZ…legally

      Please, it isn’t about supporting Romney, it is about supporting the future for our kids. A slow turn of the Titanic, brushing against the iceberg, ( Romney and full Conservative control of the House) is better than a full-on crash into the iceberg ( 4 more Obama years).
      Please, America begs you..VOTE for Romney and every conservative you can!

    • JBSPuddintane

      She wants us to Cher and Cher alike.

  • Wmn04Ken07

    Haven’t we heard this threat before? Do you notice their default response is “I’m moving.” The conservative response is “I’m not giving up without a fight.” She might want to do some research on Canada. I think their government is now what our government used to be. Conservative.

  • Jimini0212

    Who is cher? and further more why would anyone give a rats nut sack what she thinks?

  • Chris Humphreys

    Maybe Cher and Miss Fonda can go to North Vietnam instead. They can entertain over there in the prison camps.

    • mrcyberdoc

      Better yet, how about sending them to North Korea. It would show the world what some would do not to breath Romney’s air

  • patriot4life

    Cher you can Kiss my White Tax Paying A$$!!… You piece of Trash!!.

    • Brian Astby

      She is not a piece of trash. Trash does have some value.

      • Orpheus75

        LOL…yes, even seagulls and crows get something from trash.

      • JBSPuddintane

        Now now, she’s at least $20-a-Cher.

  • Mike Wilsin

    It was no accident that Sonny ran himself into a tree.

  • Kevin

    I am 65 and stop listening to this has been, when I was old enough to vote.

  • eagleboy

    ive lived in Canada – its horrible.

  • Tomas Cruz

    Just imagine the national main stream media’s outrage if a racist, sheet wearing, Nazi, astroturfing tea bagger dared speak ill of Obama. So far I haven’t heard a peep about this!

  • Kevin MacDougall

    Cher, you hero to crossdressers everywhere. I’m sure your fan base would know quite a bit about tea bagging. That’s all that come to your shows now. You are irrelevant.

  • christomlin

    Can you believe she was actually married to the late Republican Congressman Sonny Bono? Okay, not while he was actually IN Congress but… damn! Ran into him at the mall once. Nice guy. You hear stuff like this and you wonder if his death really was an accident… or if HE did it on purpose!

    • 4BlueStars

      You must be young. He wasn’t married to Cher when he died. Cher had already married, divorced and had a child with Greg Alman when Sonny died.

    • Medaton

      Sonny was no longer married to Cher. He had re-married. His wife at the time of his death later won his congressional seat. She is now married to Connie Mack.

    • LTodd

      I lived in his congressional district. Sonny Bono was a hard-working guy who was LOVED and respected.

  • i’m Batman

    well she could do the world a favor and stop breathing

  • Aeffesstoo

    In trying to link romney to the tea party, cher loses all credibility. I can’t think of anyone that has less in common with the tea party than romney (other than obama of course).

    cher should spend more time trying to not look like the old hag she is and less time demonstrating her great “intellect”

  • D

    So, it is the right wingers that are intolerant and hate filled? Just want to make sure that I have this correct.

    • Brian Astby

      I believe this article is about the intolerent Cher.

    • Orpheus75

      Amazing isn’t it? The derogatory words coming from such a “tolerant” Left Wing Progressive, but it’s the Right that are intolerant…. Amazing.

      • Moving to AZ…legally

        It is called “projection”, where we accuse others of what we can’t stand to see in ourselves.

        Leftism is a mental disorder, and this is one of its symptoms. Some others are an inability to see reality, an inability to connect the dots, chronic rage, chronic guilt, and a low IQ.

  • decmocratsrcommunits

    What is a cher? Is it an actual person? It appears to be some sort of japanese animated plastic mannequin with extremely limited intelligence and bad hair

  • taco2002

    She must a great leader. She was obviously a very successful mother. Lets listen to her.

  • KansasPatriot

    Sonny is rolling over in his grave…

  • Mark Burns

    Hey Cher, WGAF, your 15 minutes are over. Take you and your son Chub and move to Meh E Co.

  • Christopher White

    Cher can save herself by simply overdosing on the abundant supply of illicit drugs that she can easily procure from her fellow leftist-ellitist pals.

  • Denny Craneftw

    Remember when Cher was politically relevant? No? Me, either.

  • Sarasota_Pete

    Used to like her. Now perhaps it’s time for her to stop breathing air all together.

  • Maverick

    I wouldn’t mind if she stopped breathing our air either. What has she done for the poor and sick and old and the children. How much of her fortune does she use to help those in need??

  • jmr012

    Romney really is a plastic, robotic, mannequin-like, out-of-touch vulture capitalist that can’t go off-script to save his life. Romney cannot even inspire people in his own party! He’s one of the weakest Republican presidential candidates in decades. He got his money through inheritance and firing people, and he has ZERO core values. The only people who will be voting Romney will be Fox News/Hate Radio zombies and/or racists. There are absolutely NO good reasons to vote for Romney. People who vote for Romney will simply be voting against President Obama and NOT for Romney. Is that what this nation needs? A president elected for spite?

  • DJH

    I always knew she was an ignorant skank who dresses like a $2 street walker – but my goodness this woman is an idiot.
    Buh bye, cher – you wont be missed, take that moron baldwin with you and don’t let the door hit you where football team, every band from her to the 70’s, the roadies, the promoters and anyone with a $10 spot split you!
    Silly whore.

  • TantohadGPS

    She could just hold her breath for a very long time. Problem solved!

    • Carl Beckman

      Holding her breath would be my suggestion,
      but I imagine the rarefied air where cher-baby lives is pretty expensive.

  • Silence Dogood

    Hey Cher… If YOU really care that much, how about donating YOUR wealth to charity? Didn’t think so hypocrite loser.

  • honeysweet15452

    Try some duct tape Cher. Over your whole face would be perfect placement.

  • aspenguy

    I did’t know she could write, seriously, I thought she was dyslexic, maybe she was dictating.

    • W8forIt

      Dragon Speak does wonders for the illiterate

  • $17917288

    Your usual name calling left wing liberal. It’s becoming clearer why her daughter got so mixed up she had a sex change operation.


      Very true. Strange how the group(DNC) that are the only party to own slaves try to Scream down any other view point.Typical ACORN-HOLING mutant ghoul…translated………… HOLLYWOOD.

  • BobH

    She is nothing but an entertainer. Had she any intelligence she may have done something more. You don’t take tax (or any other) advice from the clown lighting his farts for the amusement of others…

  • bigjohn767

    Does she honestly believe this stuff? Wow! I like Cher and her music. I can’t believe that someone actually believes that the Tea Party (not the gay term she uses) wants to do what she says! Yes, we are against GOVERNMENT giving away the farm but we are for individual charity. Conservatives have ALWAYS given more to charity than liberals.

    • LTodd

      “Does she honestly believe this stuff?”
      Probably not, but it sounds good to all those little pills rattling around in her head.

  • imlyn

    Right wing and racist? That’s crazy. She lives in a gated community, is sheltered from the real world, rich, doesn’t know anything about middle class. Her capitalization is atrocious. Guess she doesn’t look at how the secret service of this current admin treats women? Their birth control costs a $100. a condom and then the man can’t pay up the $40. for the woman’s services. Who is treating who bad?

  • zk

    Liberalism is a mental disease. .. Cher, take your hair with you and try N Korea. I hear they are “going green” and no Tea Party there.

    • Fischball

      You don’t have to go that far. Like him or not, they steamrolled ted Nugent. Or at least tried to.

  • strawnman

    Then stop breathing, Cher.

  • $22336956

    So what is she advertising?

  • handsmcml

    This country would be a lot better off if all these people who threatened to leave actually did. Maybe we could get back to work and the constitution. Bye bye already.

  • Liberalitis

    I thought you died Cher? Hmm, guess not since you’re such a Twitterer. How old are you now? I thought you would have realized that most people don’t truly care about you or your opinions by now. Take a look at yourself and where you went wrong with your family.

  • Big Ed

    You know, I can’t think of one conservative that said they would move to another country if Obama was elected.
    We know for sure, this is just lip service though… Alex Baldwin, Barbra Steisand et never left like they promised when Bush was elected.
    Big Hollywood liberal blowhards

  • First

    Oh good, Cher spoke. I wsnt sure how to vote before, but now that I have her insight, Im ready.

  • FourleafTayback

    How can her brain function properly when it is deprived of oxygen from having her face pulled over her a ss? Looks like the people at Crayola do her make up.

  • SlimWich

    C’mon Cher! When will you Share? Huh, Cher? Share your wealth with me Cher. You owe all of us your riches because we’ve had to deal with your nonsense since the 70’s. Enough already – go away! But, please Share first, won’t you Cher?

  • Chris Bergas

    Guess what, Cher? It’s not us “homophobes” that hate women. It’s homo’s. They don’t like women. They just want to be LIKE women (appropriate use of all caps?)

  • oldhickory49

    LOL.. She’s not sounding optimistic at all about Obama’s chances. That’s a good thing.. :)

  • Just Another Stupid American

    My bet. Is she will be the next pill popping junkie to be “celebrated” by the masses.

  • Michael Hembree

    She can do us a favor and stop breathing, then.

  • Robert

    If we had any mistaken ideas that Cher was immune to all the crap she has done since the 1960’s, she just removed it, althogh her gender-challenged kid may have already done that for most of us.

  • Im_Rick_James

    Perfect. Romney gets elected – we get the keystone pipeline, and Canada gets our “celebrities” – thinkin’ we come out ahead on that deal…

  • eaglesnest410

    I knew it would not take long for the left-wing lunatics to label a nice, likeable, vanilla, virtually non-controversial, middle-of-the-road guy like Mitt Romney as a racist, hating, homophobic monster. It is their standard playbook. They would do the same thing to Jesus Christ himself if he came back to run as a republican, absurdity aside.

  • LTodd

    Headline grabbing desperation.
    And to think I used to buy her records.
    50 YEARS AGO.
    I guess it’s true. Sonny was the brains of the outfit.

  • salharmonic

    good, put a plastic bag over your heads and do us all a favor

  • harleyxx

    No one gives a damn what this washed up skank thinks.

  • 1DICK

    Share is a clown, with stupid hair. She is fugly also…

  • Dan

    I’d rather listen to a yodeler.

  • Brother!

    I didn’t know that you were allowed to have a computer inside a padded cell.

  • JOCB

    Just another example of of an “open minded” and “tolerant” liberal. I have been called more vile names and had more generalized statements made at and about me than I can count by liberals once they find out that I dont want this country to spends itself into oblivion. If we were getting good results for all that debt I would be the first in line to pay more taxes, but were are going broke AND ruining the lives of our fellow citizens through restrictive economic policies and welfare dollars that only benefit the Govt workers that dispense them. Let the name calling begin again.

  • Guest

    Cher … now you know how I feel. I’ve been sucking it up for four years … while your “hero” is doing his best to destroy our country. So now that he has sufficiently mucked up America you want to leave? Then Go! Please.
    Then Romney and the rest of us true American patriots can stand our ground, roll up our sleeves and get back to work fixing the mess he’s left us.

  • George

    Put your wrinkly ass to bed! You will leave nothing worthwhile in the world after you die. Romneys father did!

  • GoldenRudy

    I though Alex Baldwin promised to move to France if “W” Bush was re-elected. Of course he lied. Seems like Capital One enticed him to stay in the US. Maybe he can take Cher with him when Romney wins. Let’s hope!

  • David

    No wonder Chastity…I mean Chaz is so screwed up. Look what she…I mean he had for a mother!!

  • mrcyberdoc

    Well if you Canadians won’t take Cher, I’m sure we can pawn her off on San Francisco. Just one more crazy to add to the bunch. Since we all share the same air, perhaps she’ll just put herself out of her own misery so we won’t have to share air with her.

  • ali3nation

    Cher, who cares if you breath any air at all. Your opinion ranks up there with Pitt, Behar, Madonna, oh I could go on ad nauseam. What makes you think that your assessment of any candidate is of value to the voting public? You are uneducated and naive, you have little talent and I wonder how you even became the “star” that you are. Be content with having reached a level that you are not worthy of having attained and sit back and relax. ( a nice way of saying SHUT UP)

  • James Bailey

    Congratulations to this woman of conscience and courage. Too bad that is not understood, as evidenced by the replies.

    • Chris Bergas

      Yes, if only the Jews had had the courage and good conscience to tweet, maybe we could have avoided the holocaust. Idiot.

    • Wretchedjules

      It’s not courageous to parrot the same liberal garbage over and over. Not to mention how classless her comments were.

  • LEL

    Hmmm. Seems Hollywood is lining up behind obama.

  • bjcass1

    It’s sad that Cher’s life is a train wreck.. She is a woman in pain and her rage and ranting is the evidence.

  • stopgovtbondage

    These hollywood people are worthless….especially these old hippies. Smart people – or even those with a nodding aquaintence with reality – can see through this constant screaming about racism and hating women and the poor. Celebrities are hypocrits and not worth listening to.

  • chicodon

    Unhinged much?

  • WV Proud

    “Half Breed” should be “Half Wit”
    Chere is quite the )*(

  • George

    Romneys left in the world a smart and well to do son and five grandchildren! What Cher will leave behind?

  • ExDemInMich

    Cher who?

  • Charles_Miller

    Face it, Cher, nobody CARES what a has-been 1970s celebrity thinks about politics, society, or life in general. So you don’t want to breathe the same air as Romney? Stop breathing.

  • WilliamS

    Cher really sounds like a nut case. She’s free to stop breathing whenever she wants.

  • Mark Hallenberg

    Part parrot – part lemming – all nuts.

  • chicodon

    Rush Limbaugh has dusted off her old song “Half Breed” as the official Elizabeth Warren theme song. So somebody is listening to her sing.

  • wxboy

    If she only had a clue what she is talking about. Too much glue sniffing, Cher. See a hairdresser or something. Just don’t talk.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Surprised to hear her so full of rage (well, ok, not really…). She’s had her people “fundamentally transforming” the US into a totalitarian third-world dungpit with her own burqa on order and she has a daughter who can write her name in the snow. You’d think she’d be happier with things…

  • Michael Howard

    Who would want to breathe the same air as this disease ridden MONSTER? She is just repulsive!

  • TGrade1

    Well then, don’t breathe the air.

  • [email protected]

    Every so often Cher has to reinvent herself. Now she’s reinvented herself as a lunatic and exposes her ignorance. What gives these so-called stars the audacity to make such remarks? Why don’t they just keep their mouths shut and play their music?

  • rch46

    No wonder Sonny divorced her.

  • Pat

    Pyew! Let’s clear the air, Cher! All that stinky bellowing has ME gasping for air…. Cher.

  • Cameron North

    Sonny was the brains of that group. Obviously.

  • Chris Bergas

    You know what’s funny? Liberals love homosexuals. They always come to their defense. Yet they use the term teabaggers, something homo’s are known to do, as an insult. Go figger.

    • LTodd

      “Liberals love homosexuals.”
      Liberals love fashionable causes.
      Not people.

  • caligula

    That’s too bad cher, because he’s about to be your next preezy.

  • Matthew

    Goodbye and good riddance. Why is that if we don’t believe in gay people because we believe what the bible says then we are homophobic. It gets a little old. I don’t have a problem with gay people.

  • tgcrawford

    Desperate and Old
    She WILL do anything for attention
    And, of course, she has
    How do you spell Booooooorrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnggggg?

  • snowworld3

    Quit paying attention to this gasbag. Seeking attention because she is over. Hey cher baby, here is a lesson on democrats and their platform, they keep the poor on the government plantation with welfare and they support killing future taxpayers in the womb. Go away. Better yet, spend some time in the hood and see what 40 plus years of welfare and poverty programs have accomplished…

  • ritonmom

    The only thing Cher did right was to marry Sony Bono! Let’s not forget, when Chastity came out of the closet, Sonny embraced her and CHER was the homophobe! What a disgrace she is.

  • sirandrew

    Gee,I don’t want to breath the same are as Obama because of his spending this country into financial oblivion .
    Why am I not interviewed to express my feelings and a has been singer/actress gets the limelight

  • Hiraghm

    She was an idiot in the 70s and she’s an idiot today. I’d suggest Sonny committed suicide, if he’d still been married to her when he had his accident.
    No wonder her daughter turned out twisted…

  • astralweeks

    This from the woman who once thought that the moon was the other side of the sun.


    so we’re to assume that Cher has no fans of her music or movies that happen to vote Republican since she has no problem alienating a chunk of her fan base…

  • jamie campbell

    The only one who can truly prosper us in the right way is Jesus Christ. He prospers my soul and blesses me daily. Put your hope in God.

  • Jonathan777

    Poor Sonny. Can you imagine having this thing like Cher as an ex? I now understand why he died with a smile on his face.

  • blacknblue2

    Cher, I’ll gladly take your money. The amount you’ve spent on cosmetic surgery would keep me alive for a long time.

    As a session guitar player in the late 60’s I met far to many elite Hollywood types. They would stomp their feet to get very, very lucrative contracts; contracts that most normal people could live their remaining lives on the funds. Not the Hollywood types….they would waste that money in a year. Then they would crave more and these self centered, egotistical people have the nerve to talk about tea party people. Just like democratic middle class, most tea party people are working class people.

    I am sooooo glad I am retired and far away from the est coast!!

  • ApplyCS

    The Doctor just ran the Botox head shot in way to far.
    Here is a wanna be under dressed transvestite look alike trying to tell us her life is a shinig example of the good socialist, share the wealth, way EX-entertainer…

  • greyfox

    Celebrity is celebrity not intellect, particularly Political intellect. Cher, stay with what you know or used to know, of all the people in this world, Chere is the last person to listen to about anything.

    • Black Prince

      Boy THAT is the truth. She has FAILED at everything she has done outside of singing and acting. Her personal life is a mess and now she wants to tell us what to do? Gimmie a break!!!

  • Mike Barnett

    Cher, take a really deep breath. Hold it in until I tell you to let it out. Hang on now. Just a few more days.

  • Sharon

    I am really tired of celebrities with little or no education even though a lot of talent, tryng to tell me how to think and what to believe. I really don’t care what she and the rest of them think. What an ego! Ignorance reigns!

  • fake


  • Spartacus

    Has she considered putting a plastic bag over her head?

    • Black Prince

      I love it and I’ll buy enough bags for all of Hollywood to put over their heads.

  • libwithIQ

    Let’s face it…Cher has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact she’s barely smarter than a bag of rocks. So this is to be expected from a big time Hollywood Lib.

  • Tony Paulinsky

    go take your meds and lie down, your getting exhausted

    • Black Prince

      She was exhausted about 40 years ago.

  • jb80538

    How many celebs have threatened to leave if their candidate loses an election? Personally, I’ve lost count. How many have actually left? ZERO! Personally, I wish they’d follow through with that threat. We’d be better off without them!

    • Black Prince


  • IdgaradLyracant

    I’m still confused how less federal government & lower taxes = racist…

  • Terry

    Good I hope she moves. I will help her with the bottom of my boot.

  • WI Native

    The old b!tch is just losing her mind.

  • rtwngr

    I think Cher should be investigated for child abuse. I’d like to know what happened to that cute little blonde girl they used to have on their show. Horrific child abuse i bet.

  • Mark Lindsey

    Ever read a non-fiction book Cher? How about taking a law class, or economics class? Your IGNORANCE SHOWS!

  • morgan.c.frank

    excellent. i recommend she stop breathing immediately.

    • Black Prince

      Good one Frank!! And I agree.

  • David

    Cher is moot and as irrelevant as ever.

  • RobertMN

    Isn’t it interesting how a “woman” who “cares” so much about homosexuals uses a derogatory slam against gays to demonize conservatives who “don’t care about the poor”? Hey, Cher, you’re the bigot and the homophobe. And if you cared about the poor, you wouldn’t vote for a president who is working overtime to ruin the economy and the future of America.

    • Black Prince

      Chill out people. She is just another Hollywood lib doing the expected Holloywood thing that no one outside of Hollywood cares about. It’s a big thing for them, but the rest of the nation could care less. We are too busy chomping at the bits to go vote this socialist/communist president of hers out of office on November 6. Now if Cher will just take Alex Badwin with her and move to ANYWHERE else, we woluld all support her on that.

  • William Patrick Bower

    I can tell she’s a lover..No hate there.

  • Ge0ffrey

    I hate to break it to Cher, but most of her fans are “teabaggers.”

  • CountFunkula

    Cher, you are gross. Please take your 3-foot-long thong sporting ass and leave here already. And stop trying to act like you’re hip and involved in pop culture. I wouldn’t wish you on Canada. I think you should go to China. Obama has cut benefits to veterans twice. Obama has cut $500 billion from medacare. Obama has told women they’re too stupid to buy birth control. Not Romney. If I could turn back time I’d put you in a burka and leave you there.

  • Golfendude


    The future does not belong to the faint hearted it belongs to the BRAVE RWR 40.

    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over their has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

  • People Corporation

    Doesn’t want to breath the same air as Romney? Then hold your breath for 8 years..


    Cher WHO??? You are in the past…get OVER yourself…this is the only way you have of trying to stay in the public eye..could not do it with NOW THIS?

  • BIll T

    She’s a joke! Go dance with CHAZie,

  • Ruby Bruce

    New song: “I got Crazy Babe.”

  • David

    WTF is that on her head??!!! aaaaaahhhhh!

  • Tony Paulinsky

    I have not read any positive comments about this freakish woman

  • Grace656

    This perpetual teenager will never grow up. She bares her stupidity like she bares her aging body. It’s safer to just look away.

  • James Morris

    She has more plastic in here than a credit card.

  • mrcobaltblue

    Cher’s net worth is $600 million. Now – if SHE really cared about the
    poor, why is she accumulating all of the WEALTH for HERSELF. Liberal
    are the BIGGEST hypocrites ever.

  • $5044056

    She’s been smoking too much botox.

  • hueychief


  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Hey Cher – here’s hoping you can find some other air. Moron.
    ps – great job bringing up that kid of yours too

  • Mark Sochor

    Stupid liberal showbiz has beens have threatened to move out if elections don’t go their way for years as if we give a damn. I just wish some actually would. “Go to France and get taxed to death by the new socialist government there Cher”. You won’t be missed.


    Same question I ask all rich elite liberals…why are you not giving more to the “poor”? That’s what I thought.

  • James Morris

    Yes, despite the fact I do not use profanity and my comments in most cases are more humorous I get blocked. Why?

  • ReallyReally

    Wasn’t this the same tolerant liberal who hated her daughter Chasity for wanting to be a man…oh, sorry….that’s right, the left hate men. Never mind…

  • WendyinOK

    Then hold your breath darlin’.

  • Sicks5

    Hollyweird hard at work. Stop spending your hard earned money on these fools.

  • ElPolacko

    I cannot think of a better endorsement than “Trailor Trash Cher” not wanting to breath the same air as Romney. This sleazy jerk has shared her celebrity as America’s SLUT for too long. She has had more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers and just wont give it up. You are a pathetic old woman Cher. It’s time for you to disappear.
    We miss Sonny!!!!!

  • bill stanley

    I was in the “undecided” category until now. With Cher clearly opposed to Romney, that’s all the endorsement I need, I’m voting for ROMNEY!! Thanks, Cher.

  • irishalaman

    Canada is even more FREE than America!
    She will have to go to Venezuala to scratch that itch.
    BUTT….Chavez is about to die so that will end that tragedy in Marxist experimentation/power/ death to the masses. SO…where left..Hmm…China? Definitely a place that takes care of the babies…They don’t have a problem taking care of the blind or their families either…
    I SAY TO CHINA with Cher!
    Brush up on your Mandarin!
    Cher and her family are headed to
    Mao’s Paradise!

  • Conservative Victory 2012

    Brain dead freak…Is she not the bigot who would not accept her son Chaz?

  • DJ

    Cher – We wish you would stop breathing air all together.

  • $335215

    Dear Cher, all the empathy in the world for the number 5, doesn’t change the fact that 2+2=4. Conversely, knowing that 2+2=4 doesn’t mean you hate the number 5.
    Knowing that we can’t spend $1,000,000 per person on health care doesn’t mean I hate the sick, it means I know we can’t spend more than the gross income of everyone in the country.
    But, then I know that CO2 ranged from 900-3,300 ppm for the 145 Million years before our recent global freeze, so the MMGW nuts crying that 560ppm is drop dead for life believe I hate all life too.
    Knowledge goes a long way Cher, Get Some.

  • Big Daddy

    Cher, take your meds. You are delusional again.

  • Mitchell

    Lol, seriously, what evidence is there that Tea Partiers are racist? One Obama as Hitler sign at a rally? A Black Congressman claiming someone shouted racist words at him that apparently no one but him heard or recorded?

    That’s it? I could spout proof of Liberal Racism by page after page. Isn’t racism defined by treating members of a race differently just because of their race? Who does that more than Liberals?

    Liberals love labels and hate facts. There are simply no facts to back up Cher’s idiotic rantings here.

  • Dennis Shumaker

    She has absolutely no idea what she is talking about and sadly, she doesn’t even care otherwise.

    I have no respect for this uncivilized, hysterical, delusional, and hypocritical woman !

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Is this Julia at 95 after she goes senile? …and somehow dodges the Death Panels?

  • Greg

    Doesn’t Cher realize that she is actually making fun of a homosexual practice by calling Conservative Americans Tea baggers?
    Cher is a typical Hollywood hater. Hollywood has now waged war on America. Maybe it is time to hate them back with our wallets.

    • CountFunkula

      You said it. Every time we go see an $80 movie or buy one of these jackass’ albums we are donating to the DNC and inflating the egos of the ignorant.

    • seenbetterdaze

      We stopped going to the movies years ago. Why support people who HATE America and Americans?
      They are all a bunch of Communists, Socialsts, and maybe even SATANISTS! FREAKS!

  • Big Daddy

    Celebrities all vowed to move to Canada if Bush was elected again and they failed to follow through on their promise when he was reelected in 2004. If Romney is elected, Cher I want you to promise that you will follow through on your word. We all know that you drug addicts always stick to your words.

  • msb204

    Good riddance you washed up plastic looking hippie. Who gives a crap what you do or think. As a matter of fact who gives a crap what any of you Hollywood types think.

  • HansJurgen

    Hope she either stops breathing or moves to the Middle East and enjoy the life those women deal with. Besides, we don’t need FOLLYWOOD and their kind of hypocritical mind-set. So, I hope Romney wins and Cher leaves. That will be a major fix for America!

  • JohnnyTremain

    …how bout if she just holds her breath for his term?

  • tayloralexander


  • Mitchell

    I firmly believe that Cher could make this all so much better by just surrendering her millions to provide single hard-working mothers with affordable daycare.

    I won’t hold my breath as I am not suicidal.

  • tubaman

    sounds like all that botox finally went to her brain,whatever brain she had, that is

  • georgewashlincoln

    please leave our country immediately you old washed up hasbeen ill buy you a ticket to anywhere you want to go provided you never come back.

  • TruthPolice60

    Somebody send Cher a case of Rush Limbaugh’s Two if By Tea ! !

  • irishalaman

    Share the wealth Cher!
    Her and Thunderbolt Warren (NOT THE INJUN) Buffet
    can save all humanity by donating their incredible wealth
    to the Community Organizer.
    WOnder how long those billions would last helping the poor on the South Side of Chicago?
    Axelrod, Obama, Thee Honorable Mayor would be the first POOR in line….

  • $25864354

    Cher…you truly are a moron.

  • Clover11111

    She is almost 66 and not in the best of health, perhaps she’s telling us something?

  • People Corporation

    Cher is a self designated ‘Half Breed, thats all I’ll ever be…” so any negatives comments on Cher are automatically racist.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Hmmm, maybe the plastic-freak, One Percenter ought to fork over all her wealth to the old, the poor and the sick.

  • mediazorba

    She is welcome to quit breathing for all I care.

  • Mitchell

    And who has suffered more than “the POOR The OLD The SICK
    The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better LIFE” under Obama? Meanwhile Wall Street bundlers and Union Bosses have prospered.

  • Marty Luther

    CHER is THE most amaZING lyricist EVer. inSPIREd. the creative PROCESS is maGical. I got YOU babe.! // burp..

  • nvrat

    Somebody let the PIG out of the pen again.

  • fake

    You can put a wig and lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

  • kurtmudgeon

    Poor Cher, hasn’t been the same since Sonny said, “I gotta get away from this.”

  • PJParks

    How is it that anyone should care what she thinks?

  • W8forIt

    Works for me, I don’t want her breathing the same air as Romney, (or me, or the rest of America).

  • Tex Taylor

    In the world of idiot savant misfits of Hollywood, Cher never even obtained the savant part.

    Chaz’ mother? LOL. Exactly what qualifies this insufferable woman to be an authority of anything but abysmal failure, including the most basic of roles?

  • Constance

    What an ugly, old woman. Inside and out.

  • Busman

    Who cares what Cher thinks? She should stick to music.

  • Liz Cummings Litterello

    can someone make her go away? thanks….

  • $24111360

    I bet this ” Bride of Frankenstein ” ,liberal loon ,wishes she could “Turn back time ” .She cannot ,so she gets a Facelift once a month. Cher is a sick ,pedo-pervert,who ,in her 30’s undressed in front of a 12 year old Anthony Keidis of the Chili Peppers ,and got into bed with him in a see through nighty. Typical liberalism

  • TonyR

    Cher and Chaz look like members of the Addams family, so there’s little room for them to hurl criticism at others.

  • Guest

    Cher without her hair = Darth Vader without his mask.

  • Ru Al

    Why do most “New” Liberal Democrats spew hate all the time. Just because someone has a different view than them they are automatically called all these bad names?

    Can’t they just say we don’t agree with the other side and act civilized, like Republicans. You seldom see Republicans on TV shouting hate or making a secne on TV.

    Fox is the only station that we can allow our children to watch. They have standards.

    The Democrat Party is dead, The New Democrat Party is something we don’t recognize anymore. There are no more great Democrat Senators like the late Hon. Sen. Claiborne Pell. I knew Sen Pell very well and he would have never allowed Reid to not pass a budget in 3 years.

    There are no mathematicians in the Democrat Party anymore, Tax, Spend, Print. ( TSP).

    The New Democrat Party is TSP , Tax, Spend, Print.

    • 4BlueStars

      Because they really don’t care about doing what’s right for the country, only maintaining power. And they use all this “hate-speech” (their own term) because once you have demonized your opponent you no longer have to defend your own positions. Pity is, so many of them don’t even realize how they have been used.

  • SuzyQue

    These comments are a black hole of stupidity and bigotry. They suck in any random good impulses like, logic, reason, knowledge, fairness and honesty. I didn’t think Cher was a genius, but I had no idea how bad it actually is.

  • mkshill

    The woman is seriously insane. Just look at how/what she named her children.

  • Pebsmom

    I understand Cher being upset with “women haters”, her “daughter” is now a “man”, and her “son” is a transvestite! I think Cher is just very confused about what a man and women are and who are the “haters”! I’d take Romney air anyday over Obama crap!

  • roughman

    There is an obvious remedy…

  • Scarface13

    Succubus…….Satan’s handmaiden!

  • borninmombasa

    Reagan said it best. “It’s not that their stupid it just what they believe isn’t true ” in this case it’s both stupid and untrue

  • Marty Luther

    CHER is THE most amaZING lyricist EVer. inSPIREd. the creative PROCESS is maGical. I got YOU babe.! // burp..

  • jhardworker2

    maybe the old washed up skank will move to say, north korea?

  • PD3450

    how about a bag over your head so you don’t have to breathe the air that you share with Romney. I guarantee you one thing… he’s done more for women than that stupid president of yours.

  • Scott

    Another reason to vote for Romney…. to rid ourselves of these Marxist liberals… let them move to their beloved utopian societies such as Russia or China or perhaps North Korea.

  • tecumseh

    Can we find her a home in South Africa or perhaps Paris and she can be happy and we can be happy. Before you leave would you share your fortune with Americas poor?

  • Thomas Kramer

    She is angry because she “Can’t turn back time” LOL

  • Pebsmom

    I remember when Alec “I think I’m still a star” Baldwin was going to move if Bush got re-elected! Guess he figured out no one in France would pay him big bucks to be in a stupid sit-com, so he stayed!

  • Zonadoc

    Cher is still alive. I thought by her age she would be residing in assisted living, pushing a walker. She wasn’t too bright back in the 60’s and at least Sonny was smart enough to give her the boot. Her and traitor Jane Fondu need to be burried face down so they can see where they will spend eternity.

  • Summer

    And this is news? It never ends with these people.
    Mitt 2012

  • Thomas Kramer

    Cher maybe you are better suited to mop the floor, barefoot and pregnant and subservient to your man. #waronwomen

  • Steven

    Why is Cher obsessed with homosexual acts?

    Why are Liberals so creepy?

  • Bob Jones

    Cher who?

  • jpm006

    Well, obviously she is an idiot… wasn’t she supposed to move out of the country when W was elected the 2nd time?

  • Bob Jones

    Talk about irrelevancy rearing its ugly head!

  • Slam1263

    Because Cher has done what for the kids.
    I suggest a plastic bag hood to keep the “germs” out.
    Hurry before the LA ban goes into effect.

  • Sky

    Then stop breathing and do us all a favor.

  • Mstrmac711

    If I could turn back time… I would turn the TV off everytime this hate breathing b-witch opened her piehole. I would have avoided any company that advertised on any show she was in. Fortunately I don’t have to empty my ipod or clean out my DVD collection. She’s just not there. How laughingly sick that the same people who support killing babies are somehow worried about the ones they can’t get to. hypocrites all

  • J. Edward Miller

    Living inside Cher’s head, rent free. Come and join us, lot’s of room.

  • Bob Jones

    God, I LOVE being conservative.

  • Gary

    And, anyone thinks Cher’s opinion is relevant because…?

  • pappadave

    I say, let this no-talent witch move to Canada. It’ll raise the average IQ of BOTH countries.

  • randall22000

    Cows stand up when they sleep don’t they? So I double if she (it) made it to bed. She makes stupid look like a term of brilliance. If I had one of her pieces of crap music, I would take it to the rifle range for target practice.

  • tankette

    Wow…she is even more stupid than I thought.

  • Ge0ffrey

    Most of Cher’s fans are “teabaggers.”

  • Cranios

    PERSONALLY, I would be JUST FINE with Cher stopping breathing the same air we all breathe!

    • HappyAsALark

      and the sooner the better.

  • Bob Jones

    Only Cher could give birth to a daughter that looks exactly like George Zimmerman.

  • Manuel Nunez

    the worst singer. who cares what she says .

  • laurel77

    Surprised she doesn’t have a permanent kool-aid mustache.

  • MayIseeyour Id

    Feel free to drop dead November 5th, whack job.

  • DixieRecht

    I find it humorous the Occupy folks, BHO, Pelosi and the others that LIbs support don’t keep her up at night and don’t give her concern.

    Let’s not forget the violence of the Left.

    Recent Occupy folks in Ohio have been arrested for attempts to blow up a bridge! (Never saw violence like that from TEA Party folks)

    The Occupy movements have had public defecation, rape, drug use, trespass, etc., none of which seem to concern the Left. But OMG! IF anyone has a Conservative stance, like lower taxes, personal responsibility, less government interference with day-to-day living, less regulation, less union pandering, it is somehow “racist” or “mean” or “hate” or whatever adjective they choose to hurl.

    Cher, that was a great butterfly you had tattooed on your butt. Very classy.

  • Brian Astby

    I think Cher is projecting – Tea Party for Democrat Party. Barrak Obama for Romney. Because every description of Romney/Tea Party is really only applicable to Obama/Democrats.

  • James

    Hey Cher,
    Here’s an easy solution for your problem of not wanting to breathe the same air as President Romney…
    Problem solved.

  • Guy Stawker

    I’d be more than happy to supply her with duct tape she can use to prevent herself from breathing the same air as Romney.

  • Jim K

    Cher is a hypocrite. I don’t see her giving away her money to the 99%’s? Why isn’t she spreading the wealth? All she is doing is hoarding her wealth in her million dollar mansion. Words are cheap Cher, lets see the money!

  • The Bog

    Shut up and sing. Sheesh…

    • HappyAsALark

      hell’s bells…no, do NOT sing. just shut up.

  • pomoc

    She’s been locked away in her little Sta world she has no idea whats going on the world and Wat makes it work but shes jollywoods little princes . Now some one go wake her up with the truth.

  • trigger

    i wonder how much her home cost? i wont take any of them serious about whining about the poor until they reduce their own personal wealth to at least the average American.

  • Meta

    what a lost soul, a reptilian has entered her body, she is a walk in.. so full of hate for humanity

  • ccpony

    Poor thing. Kool-aid drinking moron.

  • notalib

    Wow! What medication is she on now that she forgot to take. I always knew she was a little whacky but she went from whacky to over the cliff. By Cher. She sure got off on the tea bagging stuff.

  • mike d

    go on and go! why she was ever famous in the first place is beyond me…she really cant sing…shes never been beautiful..why does it matter what some has been celebrity thinks..or any celebrity..oh yea what what her real name again?

  • CTSadler

    I don’t either, smells too much like rot and old people.

  • Chukkal

    No government will ever be big enough to cure Cher’s issues!

  • iMarcusCicero

    What’s the half life of plastic?

  • Gene

    She’s an idiot,she didn’t even get past the 7’th or 8’th grade.Like anyone should listen to what spews out of her vile mouth.

  • AZTom

    ……and who cares???

  • Jim K

    Cher is sitting by her private pool in her multi-million dollar mansion, sending tweets about the evil Repubicans and Tea Party. Talk is cheap Cher! Do something about it, if this Socialist BS is what you believe in. Spread YOUR wealth to the other 99%. Stop “Tweeting” and start “Spreading”, and I do not mean spreading your legs, nobody wants that.

  • Vinny Papagiorgio

    Who is cher?

  • Frank_ D

    Cher- please go away- you too are no longer relevent in our society these days- you made your millions entertaining- that does not make you better then the rest nor does it mean we should think you smarter then the rest of us & now you talk like a spoiled child.. please go away,,

  • Bob Jones

    Is there a reason that she presents herself as a complete psychopath?

  • chilly willy

    that is fine… you don’t have to share the same air.

  • Ken Watson

    Does she pay her #FairCher? I wonder

  • SurfinUSA

    Who cares what Cher thinks?

    Does Cher think?

  • Snarflerator

    Haha that’s pretty funny.

  • libwithIQ

    Just goes to show that botox does rot the brain. If there ever was a brain.

  • Kevin4

    I understand Cher – Please move out of the USA immediately – I don’t want to see you suffer.

  • Chukkal

    Hey, Cher! Use duct tape!!!

  • William

    She should go on the campaign trail with Obama. Maybe a 2016 VP pick for Biden.

  • Bob Jones

    Honestly, she is not deserving of the same air as the rest of us. So she can stop breathing anytime.

  • yokohlman

    Is Cher still alive after they transplanted her brain into Biden?? Then tranplanted a “abinormal” brain into Cher??

  • Leopardeyes

    Her success as a parent is enough for me. Moronic kool-aid drinker. She has millions and can give out all of it if she feels bad for the poor. Verbal flatulence from behind the mansion gates! Irrelevant.

  • Ed

    Who is this “Cher” person, and why should we care what she says? Wait, wasn’t there some talentless, scary-looking tramp that might have had a half hour of popularity like fifty years ago, and squeezed out a defect of indeterminate gender? I don’t think the problem in the air is coming from Romney. That foul cloud around you is the dust from your long-dead career (and womb).

  • goldtoad55

    Is Cher still on her farewell tour?

  • nana3015

    I suspect that her Botox overdose has affected her brain. Is it possible that she is suffering from tertiary syphilis of the brain? Although I cant imagine who would sleep with this ugly and disgusting woman except an paid escort.

  • Houstonian

    And what did Romney do to this Cher? Has she ever met Romney? I am no Romney guy but compared to Mr. Hussein I am all in…
    My views are – If a Letist Liberal like Clinton can campaign for Barry Hussein Obama then I think a Democrat in his last term George Bush can campaign for Romeny. There must be an alternative for these Rhino’s. Either way Texas did not have a say in the selection process.

  • Greg Legakis

    Cranky 65 year old comes to mind.

  • DonS

    Good; that’ll protect Romney from having to encounter that old hag Cher.

  • MrCrashHappy

    Laura Ingraham put it well: Shut up and sing.

  • darrylsee

    Maybe Cher can just indefinitely hold her breath. Problem solved!

  • ItsMe_IsThatYou

    I’m now gonna vote for Romney just to see some of these pampered hollywood bafoons leave the country. Talk about a one percenter…Cher hasn’t wiped her own a ss in decades and we should listen to her ?? ha ha

  • jnsesq

    Then move to France.

  • RittmanPatriot

    Was that a bleating lamb?
    It’s the new Cher record.

  • MaxSaxon

    Both Stupid and Satanic —
    What can you say about people who pander to criminals and who strut around on a stage inm public dressed like sex-toys.
    Cher is sick, twisted and too old to have gotten so far with no real talent other than exhibitionism.

  • Orpheus75

    Didn’t her and a number of other luney liberals threaten to leave years ago Just before Bush’s re-election? Why are they still here? Why don’t they just go already? Oh, that’s right, because they enjoy the fruits of Capitalism, but hate the suppliers. Go already Cher, and take the rest with you to Europe or wherever.

  • Tiger184

    Sounds like her panties and wig are in a wad. Or perhaps she got the two mixed up..?

  • JohnGaltDurham

    Here we go again. Alec Baldwin and all those haters claimed they would leave if Bush got elected, and yet the douchebags are still here. Another empty threat from another empty headed “star”.
    Why do these people even get air time in articles like this. They have nothing to say except messages of hate.

  • darrylsee

    Well, Johnny Depp left the US for France because of his hatred for President Bush. Now that Hollande want’s 75% of everything Depp makes, I wonder if he’s reconsidering.

  • MadCharles

    What a shame. These celebs think they know best and all they do is turn off the box office sales. They’re so busy being the champions of the poor yet the poor haven’t moved up for fifty years. Perhaps they’re so busy playing someone else for the big screen they forgot who they are.

  • Discochip

    Well, we don’t want to breathe the same air as her son/daughter/confuse-o-bot thing.

  • AussieGirl

    They are threatening to leave the U.S. if the elections don’t go their way? Please leave, leave now and take “your” guy with you!

  • Rock

    Gypsies, TRAMPS and thieves…..

  • preacherteach

    Cher is a normal American mom, just look at her offspring.

  • William

    Our little, jeweled, music box from the 60’s..
    I’m not going to hold it against you for your uneducated political opinions.
    But I’d like to.

  • Rearden_Metal

    Well, I never liked her singing anyway. …too nasely.

    We conservatives are blessed that people this stupid are not on our side.

  • Obsidiandog

    It sounds like some of Cher’s spare parts are starting to wear out and she’s getting cranky. Perhaps Sonny is haunting her from beyond the grave. I can’t remember one thing Cher has ever done for anyone but herself. She’s the butt of jokes. Go away, hag.

  • B

    We should listen to this washed up bag of bones….She is a well-rounded individual. After all, look at what a good job she did raising her daughter….errr….son.

  • marine37

    What a complete moron! Move to France and give them 75% of your income, you Hollywood freak.

  • NoParty

    I thought she was going to leave the Country when W was elected. Cher,….you have got to carry out your promises, honor your word, or else people will think you have no integrity.

  • Heretic2011

    We’ve heard all this before. The Baldwins promised to leave when Bush was elected, but they didn’t, did they.

  • equinoxranch

    Tragic…., these lying, elitist, hallucinatory Hollywood bafoons so imbibing on the Kool Aid and Hypocrisy cocktails .

  • AceTrace

    I do hope these celebrity loons keep this up — they’ll virtually guarantee a Romney victory. They sound batshyt crazy.

  • goodgold

    She first lost her voice and now has lost her mind. And her philosophy always was wacky the way she brought up her boy/girl?

  • toofast4u69

    So take your milions and leave the USA. Who gives a crap what a washed up old hag has to say. Maybe she needs another toy boy to keep her feeble mind occupied.

  • vejer

    so,,,whatever,,let ’em move,,,don’t let the door bump your rear on the way out

  • W P

    What a hollywood liberal (or any liberal) thinks is not important. Haven’t they destroyed enough in the last 4 years? We should bring our military home and turn them loose on them.

  • AZ Schumi

    You’re relevant HOW?

    You were relevant WHEN?

    Were you EVER relevant?

    Guess what: YOU AREN’T RELEVANT

  • Ed


  • psalm 14:1

    if a conservative made equivalent comments about oobooboo and his administration, the lame stream media would be all over them.

  • spaceman99

    I don’t want you breathing the same air either, so drop off the planet.

  • Booko Ninjiin

    If you don’t want to breath the same air, hold you breath. Freak.

  • R J

    Honey, feel free to stop breathing at any time…

  • Bill

    hey Cher, then go croak on some homosexual lesbo sitcking a dildo down your perverted throat. you suck , your music sucks and the only person I felt sorry for was Sonny Bono, who once marrried a flake like you.

  • Get_Over_Yourselves

    Love to see her hold her breath… permanently.

  • yoshimoto

    Another wacked-out phony celeb feels as though she now has the expertise to tell all of America how to vote. Not all Republicans are homophobes, I say give gays all rights. That’s the idiotic far-right that’s pushing their agenda. But I would suggest we ignore these stupid arguments over gay rights and focus on restoring our economy because we are broke, unemployed and continue to lose ground to China.

  • Obsidiandog

    If Cher goes out in public won’t she run afoul of L.A.’s new ‘plastic bag’ ban?

  • sharinite

    I truly they would all just move away…create their own little island in the extreme southern portion of the planet and just stayed away for ever. Hags like Cher in particular.

  • maynardb50

    What you would expect from a high school drop out.

  • M.

    Too bad there isn’t a functioning brain underneath that rat’s nest she calls a hairdo. In any event, here’s hoping this ugly, over-paid, no-talent drain clog doesn’t wait ’til November to follow through.

  • ExAAstew

    Cher who…She’s become so irrelevant.

  • Gramera

    Wow! what an extraordinary display of intelligence. NOT! Scary looking too! She’s gone 100% lunatic.

  • Thebabydoc

    Nothing more needs to be said. She and her fans are no threat to the electorate of this country.

  • trigon400

    If Cher has another facelift, she’ll have pubic hair as a goatee!
    Cher was the one who had problems accepting Chastity’s lesbianism, but Sonny “the evil republican” readily accepted her!

  • CountFunkula

    People like Cher are one of the biggest contributors to the destruction on the United States. Does anyone ever think that if Obama and Hollywood had their way they would be the only ones left standing. And these are the same people talking about “fairness.”

  • Realright

    Go ‘f’ yourself Cher, you kool-aid drinking moronic fool!

  • Martolt

    Ah, the magic n-word for white
    people, “RAY-sis” (sic). Once used, the person throwing the
    epithet no longer has to make a rational response or discuss differences of opinion civilly.

  • accordn17

    cher, stick to singing toots… when you have a profession thats all about goofing off and entertainment, while being showered with millions of dollars…. theres no way for you to be able to relate or ever understand how this country works and what really has made it great.. you are a mislead, lsd abusing fraud. your immaturity and lack of intelligence still doesnt justify saying something so far out there like this.. how does it feel cher to be one of many to be the real reason this country is crashing fast, ur logic and pathetic analytical skills along with these washed up dopey liberal professors, have poisened you and many others minds.. and when in doubt.. hit them with compassion.. thats the hook line and sinker for you liberals.. make them feel they have a heart and twist that into making you a liberal.. liberals are irrational emotional thinkers, were as conservatives are rational, logical, realistic thinkers, that still use emotion to balance some decisions out.. when you are in the game of leading the world, you cant choose with emotion and expect it all to work.. it just cant.. communism doesnt work.. use your head like a conservative and good things will come, like oppurtunity to take us out of this control the liberal left has us under. do you want to live a life poppin pain killers on the govt dole with no job, left to wonder what life could really be, or would you rather have the oppurtunity to earn and really make a difference.. thats what you liberals just cant grasp.. if its not right for you, than its not right for anyone and thats what makes you so out of touch and compassion will never ever be able to be the final say.. when the country is gone and theres nothing left, saying well i tried and i cared so much just doesnt cut it.. especially if you could have got out of the way now… in order to save this nation..

  • patriot_5245

    Hey, isn’t that the former Mrs. Sonny Bono? What is her name again? I forgot, boy that Sonny was funny wasn’t he.

  • jrobert365

    FLASH: Woman with composite face supports President with composite background.

  • John

    Leftist wing nuts run amok in Hollywood. It must be the air they breath.

  • Wallythedog

    It’s kind of sad the way these old hollywood types have to say something outrageous and stupid just to get some buzz. I guess she thinks she’s not getting enough buzz discussing the plight of the poor with the staff at the spa.

  • chefjim

    Man! When is Cher going to go away?? I’ve been looking at her much too long. Sonny & Cher was cool but that was a LONNNNNGGGGG time ago.

  • Erin McKinney

    She should give all her money to charity, do some volunteer work in some American barrios, and then move to some poverty stricken nation and volunteer there permanently! She raves because it gets her attn, but she certainly has not shown personal humility and charity. Who cares what she says!

  • bondmen

    Not really surprised Cher has had another severe break with reality. The leftist, liberal progressive mind degenerates not only the person but the world around it. Save US from Cher, please!

  • Reginald Winthorp

    Speaking of hate…

  • blancojoe

    Gee … a true to life Hollyweird moron. I am awe struck that this pimple can use an electronic device.

  • IAmTheMob

    In the first place – who cares what she thinks!
    In the second place – Move – please, and take all your wacked lefty friends with you.
    OUR air will be cleaner with out all the vile purtid air spewing from you pie hole!

  • nysparkie

    Of course she can continue to inhale helium which helps her get that terribly annoying voice of hers. Otherwise shut the F@@@ up or lay down 6 feet under with Sonny.

  • McHebrew

    Funny how tea bag is always used as derogatory description usually coming out the same mouths that perfected the act.

    I chuckle every time Anderson Cooper used it. You sly devil ! ( That’s why you skip the dip after Anderson has doubled dipped in the buffet line.)
    Oh Please do leave Cher and take your fellow sister of the Cherokee nation Elizabeth with you.

  • JamesOnThePotomac

    I care as much about Cher’s Opinion as much as she cares about mine. “The Beat is Gone”file://localhost/Users/jrkeim/Desktop/Images/blinking_eye.gif

  • AingealCaithim

    Cher, we don’t want to hear what anyone from Hollywood thinks. IT’s ok to have abortions according to the left. Killing innocent babies because they are a inconvenience.
    You people actually think we want to know what your drug ladden broken mind thinks? Nope. Your just a pinple on Obamas butt.

  • spinolio

    Apparently she has hate for anyone that doesn’t agree with her “beliefs”. What a sad way to live.

  • TAMjeanee

    That’s funny, didn’t she wig out when her daughter told her she was gay? I think she protests too much, I think she has the problem with the gay. Go ahead Cher, cut that check for 75% of your wealth, keep the spirit of the O going, put all your money where your mouth is, you can do it!!!!

  • SandCop

    Cher is about as qualified to comment on politics as Rham Emanuel is to give birth ! Cher who ?

  • nevada_geon

    If Romney gets elected, does that mean you’ll be leaving us? Don’t let the door hit you in your silicone/callogen on the way out, twit.
    Like most Hollywood PC progressive lemmings, you’re about as sharp as a bowling ball. Go away.

  • Michael Lynes

    ahh Cher-honey STFU thanks…

  • Lilli Carlsen

    Oh yes, please DO leave. You no longer sing well, and your face is a fright from so much cosmetic surgery! We won’t even KNOW you are gone, so it’s all good!

  • JJ

    Cher, C’mon. Take us back to the Cherokee People days.

  • BenDoverPls

    There’s always France.

    But I cannot guarantee the air in the immediate vicinity of Mitt Romney’s respiratory system doesn’t drift across the Atlantic to France.

    And don’t you just love the tolerance of the liberals?

  • redtop

    Ok, so now the Hollywood high school dropouts have gone from Bush derangement syndrome to Romney derangement syndrome. I wonder if the Treasury has cashed her check yet for all the additional money I am sure she sent in above her legitimate tax bill so the government could spent more on the poor and women……sure, yeah, I’m sure she did. Another liberal hypocrite disregarding the facts for “feelings”…….

  • Kbuzz

    Ahh Crap!!
    I always liked Cher as an Entertainer.
    Then again, her track record does substantiate her credibility for Political decision making. Ahhahahaha…

  • AffanGul

    Another obsolete Hippie Douche~bague. At least in the old days the wizened Hollywood Hags would have the decency to become recluses, but, clueless as ever, the idiotic, filthy, drug-addled, adolescent-minded windbags of the 60’s refuse to blow away. Lord how much better off the Earth will be when the last hippie takes the dirt-nap. Go away Cher, I loved Moonstruck, so I’ll give you a pass, but please shut the f*ck up.

  • Jasonn

    Put a plastic bag over your head, Honey.

  • Brian Drummond

    Good leave CHER go someone else and steal there oxygen.

  • AZDavid

    Is she still relevant? Go away already!

  • rightofcenter

    I loved her song “Half-wit”.

  • H J

    The sad reality is that the Democrats care about the poor even less. They need to poor to obtain and stay in power. Without the poor, the Democrats would not even exist. Every conservative in America believes that what makes America great is the ability to get up each day and do something productive, earn a living, be responsible for yourself, your family, your community. The Democrats have sold this utopian dream to so many unfortunate people, they believe in this crap and sit around and wait for the government to deliver. Cher is a rich hollywood liberal living a life so many of us will never experience and she says stuff like this. Put up or shutup Cher, give up your vast wealth and do what you want others to do on your behalf.

  • Spungi

    Is she still alive ? WOW she must be 100 by now ! Dimentia has set in for shure

  • rellimnj

    Why is it the left always spouts hatespeech to accuse the right of hating old people, woman, the poor and minorities. Perhaps they just can’t come up with a rational argument. Where’s the beef???

  • HML

    I have to wonder,(not really) how much is Cher doing without to provide the poor these things she obviously wants the poor to have………………….Hypocrite

  • Dug FmJamul

    Cher is the perfect example of why most liberal ‘women’ are way too irrational for logical political thought and discussion. Liberal women like Cher believe its just fine the American tax payer pick up the tab for their irrational sexual behavior. In Cher’s world there is no such thing as ‘personal responsibility’ for one’s actions, so OWS gets a pass while the patriotic movement known as the ‘Tea Party’ is condemn.

    It’s stupid liberal women like Cher that keeps seditious progressive democrats in power.

  • Kile

    Such an open minded liberal she is.

  • Lisa Thornton Whittaker

    If she only knew how many women and poor persons he has helped through his positions in church. She would feel a bit dippy.

  • stargirl

    and i dont want to breathe the same air as cher and her ignorant, intolerant, elitist, hypocritical cronies!

  • Mr_Rancor

    Geez Cher, PMS or what? (actually I’m guessing that ship has sailed). I agree Romney is pretty much and empty suit, but c’mon, isn’t it time that both sides tone down the rhetoric? It adds nothing to the debate.

  • lukuj

    If Cher had a brain she would be dangerous. Since she doesn’t, she is just amusing and pitiful

  • $6461868

    How about you Cher giving up all those trips to the plastic surgeon and donate the money to the poor, homeless, women and starving children in America. You can also help your transgender daughter/son go on a diet. He she is getting more than their fair share of food.

  • Lets_look_at_the_facts

    Has Been – Why do we even care what she spouts! France is waiting for her – Go Cher!

  • Cancel_NPR

    Ignore the botox’d moron…
    Perfect Hollywood example

  • bb333

    The much better half

  • George Roberts

    Oh that’s just great! Cher has all the money, fame, and fortune she’ll ever need for the rest of her spoiled, self indulgent life. She doesn’t give a rats ass about the poor, unemployed, and struggling masses of people. To her, they’re just more suckers buying her CDs. Totalitarian socialist elite bitch. That’s her in a nutshell.

  • Aranhas

    who is Cher?

  • Antoninus

    Sonny Bono was the only sane one in that family, and Cher kicked him to the curb when she felt he couldn’t help her anymore. Sonny went on to bigger and better things while Cher continues to slide into irrelevancy. Cher is so stupid she doesn’t even realize she’s already breathing the same air as Romney and everyone else she castigates. Whatever happened to live and let live? After all, this is America and we should be free to be as conservative as we want while she’s free to be the flaming leftist idiot she is.

  • Manrice

    Please God, take this woman and her plasticized face to France after Romney wins. Let her pay 75% of her income in taxes; I’m sure she won’t mind. Clooney is already in Italy, maybe he can coax Damon, Affleck and Pitt to leave the US.

  • GD

    Hollywood idiot

  • Reagan80

    In most families the bearded daughter that looks like a Sumo wrestler would be the odd one.

  • GrandMe

    I hope she gets her wish and ceases to breath the same air as Romney and the TEA party people. This can be accomplished in several different ways………………

  • Garr Obo

    I wouldn’t want to breathe the air around this old has-been if she had her pants off.

  • Allan

    If she doesn’t like the air, she can just leave.

  • sartec

    Interestingly, Cher already has a special song for the Dems…”Gypsies, tramps and thieves…”

  • keann

    When Cher and her other Hollywood cohorts tear down their mansions to build homes for the poor and live in the same neighborhood, donate the $ they spend on “medical treatments”, give up their jets to take the train or ocean liner — just maybe they will gain some credibility, doubt it but maybe

  • Carol

    That’s funny…..
    and she supports the Marxist in the WH? Hey Obama, Cher wants to give you all her money!!! Good idea, let’s pay off the national debt with Hollywood dollars!

  • Nautius

    Ask yourself, “Does it really matter what Cher thinks?”. She (and other Hollywood elite) has a flock of sycophants telling her she can do no wrong. He self importance is so elevated that she believes people will actually act on what she blathers about. She, and the other elitists, are irrelevant. They are the ones who are out of touch.

  • dietsch

    These hypocritical morons in the entertainment business ALWAYS say they’re going to leave – BUT THEY NEVER DO! Please LEAVE, Cher – we don’t need your hate!

  • Jim

    Dear Cher,
    IF the POOR and all those other people need help, where is DEAR LEADER HEER OBAMA, hasn’t helped them in 3 years with his constant vacations.

  • christinahb

    Another reason to vote for Romney.

  • uisignorant

    And yet with all her compassion, she is still a millionaire.

  • Patriot

    This woman is truly an idiot. Talk about a pathetic waste of human life. She and her “son” are perfect for each other. PLEASE CHER, move away to another country.

  • BobP

    Hey Cher – have you looked in a mirror lately? You look like a train wreck and you talk like a moron. A couple good reasons to crawl under a rock for a couple years to think things over.

  • twinspeedr

    So Cher, you really are an ignorant Hollywood elite buffoon aren’t you? Ad-Hominem attacks are so 3rd grade.

    History has repeatedly shown that your ideas about government inevitably leads to tyranny and most often millions of dead. America used to be smart enough to recognize this stuff when evil repackaged it and tried to sell it again. But now we spend out time worried about botox, streaked hair, skinny jeans, our house, our cars and tanning. Why don’t you stick to something you WERE good at; Acting. Politics doesn’t need another ignorant shill spouting off the lies of liberal boilerplate, we already have the Unions, ACORN, and the rest of the boobs that voted for Obama for that, But thanks.

  • Piggly Winks

    Nobody cared when she was on a thong in that video, nor care now.

    Her 30 minutes are up. Nice career, now move along get your Depends coupons out Cher.

  • stocks100

    Full of yourself is a disease, Cher.

  • NetShark

    Intolerant hateful lib – do they not even have a basic sense of irony and self-reflection? It’s funny to watch them flail around unhinged attacking others for having different views.

  • .

    She’s still alive?

    Cher, I’ll help buy you a one way ticket to North Korea. There you can see what Obama’s policies will eventually be.

  • Mike Christopher

    Cher who?

  • Anonymous

    so cher is a nasty pig? who would have ever guessed? i loathe all of hollywood. someone should start targeting these morons and killing them off one by one.

  • Dick Grace

    Who cares what this over the hill no talent slut has to say?

  • JamesKromer

    A very talented woman but, a true dolt!

  • uisignorant

    If you do not like the air, feel free not to breathe.

  • pdikeman

    Come on people….coming from Cher?…think about it!

  • Christopher Gadsden

    Break the false left/right control paradigm. The only difference between Obama and Romney is the lies they tell. Both bankster stooges. For some, the lies are enough – just like a abused spouse.

  • jonbatt1

    All those Hollywood Political experts keep throwing money at folks like Obama who has so far put us in a hole.
    Even more money from all the Kings men ,Damon,Clooney,Streisand,Cher,Reiner, Hanks cant put this country together again.. It will take a man like Romney who has made the hard decisions to put us back on track. Not another 4 years of Humpty Dumpty..

  • Patrick

    Here ya go libs. It’s very easy to pay down the debt. Brad Pitt, Angelina, Kardashits, Opra, Clooney, Mike Farrell, Susan Sarandumb, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Ed Asner, Tim Robbins, Ashley Judd, Belafonte, Roseanne Barr, Jane Fonda, Ted Turner, Robert Redford, Ed Begley, Carlos Mencia, Matt Groening, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, P. Diddy, Richard Belzer, Cameron Diaz, Seth MacFarlane, and you Cher. Calling on all you leftists, here is your chance to give back to the America you hate but that made you rich:

  • usamomof3

    Be nice if she seriously did move out of the country after Romney wins. Wish they all would! They always threaten to leave, but, alas, they never do.

  • JoeNJ8

    Cher, have a nice trip, wherever you go. Don’t forget to take the rest of your Hollywood friends with you.

  • C_W_W

    Someone should share some facts with her that the very people she persecutes with that kind of hate speech are the very people that give the most of themselves to the poor and the sick and the needy with their time and money.

    Her “side” wants to take people’s money away from them and thus their charities so the government can then do what her enemies were already doing.

  • Michael Wright

    Too much pressure on that delicate little brain from one too many face lifts I guess.

    Is Cher sporting a Goa Tee thèse day’s?

    Surprised she was off the Vicodin’s long enough to tweet her filthy hate rants.

  • Skep41

    Calm down Grandma! The world doesnt end with some dumb election. I dont think over-the-hill rock stars are going to be a big Romney demographic…after all Cher lost her job when she became a total joke more than a decade ago and the only way she can get the muscles to move in her surgically-scarred, botox-saturated, skin-and-bones walking skeleton is to get worked up into a loony left-wing foul-mouth froth like her sister-horror Madonna. If you dont want to breathe the same air hold your breath for four years, Cher baby, because The Worst President In American History will be soundly defeated this November.

    • moovova

      Great reply; excellent summary.

  • buckeyebubba

    Spoken like a true Dumbassocrat.

  • Texasooner

    We don’t want Cher to breathe air that might perturb her…please Cher, take a deep breathe and hold it…we’ll let you know when it is safe. No cheating now.

  • Native74

    Interesting how she goes after Romney, but fails to endorse the current president.

  • Walldog

    I wonder how long Cher can hold her breath.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Well at least we’ve established (yet again) that “Babe’s” name wasn’t “Clue”.

  • NaMoNai

    Still pretty hot looking, if you go for slutty. Not a bad singer either.
    Total air-head.
    Never thought she was so malevolent though. That’s a small surprise.

  • Moving to AZ…legally

    She is why I stopped listening to any of her songs. She is a moron who hates me and this country.
    Cher, honey, I beg you, if Romney air will asphyxiate you, live somewhere else.France is in love with socialistfascists, so enjoy life there.

  • Robert Smith

    The best thing about the liberal’s lovely creation is that he has refined the blame game to a fine point.
    But. Heaven forbid that anyone should criticize or blame him for anything.
    If Romney spends the first 3 1/2 years of his Presidency blaming Obama, then, I will know that we have replaced boy with boy. A boy never accepts responsibiity for dooley squat.

  • Thomas Fendley

    bye bye over the hill windbag, start packing your bags now, your going to need the next six months just for your wigs…….

  • LochLdy

    It’s no wonder poor Chastity has so many emotional issues. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • soNH

    Shut up and sing…. Oh wait, she doesn’t even do that anymore….

  • Adam Wood

    What a fucking loon.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Cher breathes air? I thought she ran on compressed baby fetus stem cells and surplus meth.

  • spiroandritsis

    I’m tired of the lie from the left, “the republican’s are for the rich and big corporations” while the Demons are for the “little guy”. That’s been the mantra forever. The real story is the Demons are for total control of every aspect of our lives, while the right is trying to protect the ability of the poor and middle class individual to still become rich.

  • lilyloo

    well i know folks that used to work for Bain years back…Romney has always been described…even prior to his political years…as being a thoughtful, compassionate and supportive boss…cher and her ilk make statements of hate not even knowing the man…makes ya sick, these people are so far off base in their personal insults based on never knowing nor meeting the man…can we not give cher any air time pleas she is obviously a zealot which denies her any credibility…perhaps I do not agree with all of Romney’s positions BUT he is a man of integrity and yes compassion…

  • Eddie Meeks

    Do us all a big favor and leave the country! PLEASE!

  • Cornbread_Noah

    Sonny was the lucky one.

  • JMH21

    If she had something of import to say I might listen but she is just another Hollywood moron thinking that they know something because they are a media star. I keep waiting for all of them to move to another country which they threaten to do every time one of their liberal favorites are defeated. Funny how they still hang around. Empty promises.

  • Chad Norton

    what an idiot. never liked her anyway

  • Eddie Meeks

    Washed up 60s druggie, who really cares what she has to say?

  • Robert Suggs

    Cher, you don’t have to breathe the same air, you can move your skanky, liberal, azz outta here. What kind of credibility does she have? Look at what her home life has done to her daughter/son/whatever that thing is.

  • Rabid_Koala

    Rectal/Cranial inversion is such an ugly disease, as evidenced here by Cher’s insane rantings.

  • Carl Jung

    Really? That’s what happens to a society that has too much. Excess leads to discontentment and a one way ticket to destruction. “Meet the new boss same as the old boss”, is how I see it and all the the distractions are just that, distractions.

  • colepros

    dang, she missed “right-winged”

  • BajaDreamer

    Does anyone honestly care what Cher thinks anymore?

  • gary

    The hollywood left never tell the truth about leaving the country. A. Baldwin yhreatened to leave if G. Bush was elected a second time and he’s still here. But we can all hope for a change of thier mind.

  • hs2094

    I’m getting pretty old. I remember way back when she was relevant…

  • giatny

    Cher demonstrates the evil power of
    propaganda. The charge of racism is the
    most offensive, but hating women, the old,
    sick and starving,etc. is preposterous.
    The left loves the ows where crime, rape,
    drugs, ignorance reign, but hates peaceful people who believe in the Constitution.
    The end of times is nearing. Over half of
    revenues go to social programs. There is
    no austerity.

  • tdrag

    Another Hollyweird has-been. You can leave any time you want to, and take the ersatz president with you. Pig!

  • ponyexpert

    As a TeaParty member, I fart in her exact direction. Choke on it.

  • Walter_Peterson

    Cher will sign “Half-Breed” at a Lizzie Warren campaign rally.

  • $18308664

    I don’t know which planet Cher is from, but I’ve been on earth over 40 years – and women, children and everyone in general have a much better life with many more opportunities than they’ve ever had. I suggest Cher and others who think as repulsively as her check into see what Ms. Francis Rice of the National Black Republican Association ( ) has to say about her ridiculous claims. Cher should be asking the Democrats why things are so scewed up since they controlled Congress pretty much over the last 50 years. The poorest cities are Democrat strong holds. Wonder why?

  • Frank Vega

    It is sad to think the Such Ignorant people like Cher live on this planet and do not know anything except for what goes on in their own little world. Like she really know what Mitt Believe she is the type that would believe anything that is said to her by the left instead of looking it up herself.

  • Randy

    Then hold your breath, dearie. The next shuttle to the delta quadrant is a few hundred years off.

  • Barrack Hussein Carter

    Ya got anything to back that up, Cher?

  • CLeeLeff

    OMG, the Mummy speaks! Shut up you crusty, smells-like-pee, disgusting big – mouthed windbag! Crawl back into your crypt!

  • a Furry

    Cher, don’t you think it’s ok for your gay friends to teabag each other? That’s kind of homophobic of you to use that type of language, isn’t it, you wizzened up old has been!

  • PTM123

    Well, obviously she’s fearful that Obama is going down, dude; beaten like a drum. Maybe she should contemplate moving to France.

  • Norway

    um Cher, please hold your breath until its safe again in about 20 years.

  • Jake Mansfield

    Imagine the poor children Ms Bono could’ve fed with all that plastic surgery cash!
    Let’s see her tax returns and measure her donations with Mitt’s

  • Apachecav

    Typical Neo-Pagan rant, we could only be so lucky for
    her to mount her broom and fly to the far side of the moon. Moon-bat heaven
    would be a good place for that necromancer and her ilk to reside.

  • Terry

    Let’s hope Romney gets elected so Cher has to choke, then maybe she will shut her overstretched mouth.

  • Duard

    We’re supposed to take direction from someone who is the role model for half of the drag queens in San Francisco? And who TOTALLY screwed up her poor child? Please. Romney should wear her tweet as a badge of honor.

  • Charlie Crenshaw

    Poor thing…in a nation that is on the verge of accepting the gay lifestyle you would think that she would think thru what she says, but NOOOOOOOOO she divides just like the Chosen One…who studders and stumbles over his own agenda about gays. Reduces argument to rubble. She is a non factor….SEND OUT JOE BIDEN….with CHER….LOLOLOL

  • wfwilson6

    Hey, where can I get some of that air to breathe?? Get a haircut beetch!!

  • Roger Winkler

    Oh please let this aging diva-debris leave the country in indignant protest! lol

  • Al

    Who cares what Cher thinks about politics? She doesn’t live anywhere near reality, just like the other wealthy celebs who like to wax political. They don’t worry about the social ramifications of political policy because they are above it all, they have the ability to move ahead no matter what. When Cher has to support her family on $50K a year, then she’ll understand why people get mad that the gov’t takes 1/3 of it and pisses it away on stupid social engineering.

  • phoenix110

    Then leave. You can now move to France and live your socialist utopia.

  • Terry

    Like most of the Hollywood stars, she never even graduated from high school. And they want us to listen to their screwed up views on the world problems. LOL!!

  • glenp827

    so CHER is EXPERT at something? I think all her facelifts created lack of bloodflow to her minimalist brain

  • glenp827

    If I were Chastity, I’d want to change too


    Than put a friggin plastic bag over your head!!!!!

  • Dogballs

    Do celebs get payed to repeat democratic talking points? Or, are they really that stupid?

    • Al

      They’re really that stupid.

  • djm159

    Leave missy – we have been forced to breathe the same air as your bed-jumping, foul mouthed, moronic, mother of the year, air for many, many decades now. Romney will be the president by a landslide so hopefully you will be leaving and we will be relieved of breathing the same air as someone of your stature. Looks like all that plastic surgery has finally started to have an affect on your psyche. Must be hard to hear out of the top of your head.

  • glenp827

    CHER needs to pay more taxes. She really doesn’t contribute to society and just takes your money for some useless and mostly lame entertainment

  • Matt

    Romney is NOT a Tea Party representative, not even close. He has more in common with Obama than he does the average Tea Partier. Homophobic, racist, and sexist? Those are not Tea Party attributes. I wish I was a liberal, that way I could always be victimized, full of hatred, negative, and would always find the worst in all things. Cher is definitely the poster child for the leftist movement.

  • LazyAye

    I invite her to stop breathing entirely.

  • Equalizer

    Now Cher we can dismiss of course since she is an empty headed lib idiot. But, if this was Barbara…oops excuse me, BARBRA Streisand then we have to pay attention. Oh wait, that self proclaimed diva of Foreign Policy didnt go to college either… Oh oh, now who DO we pay attention to???
    These Hollyweed Libtards are so funny sometimes. So Cher are you going to vote for more “Hope and Change”? How is that working for the rest of ya?

    You know what? I would vote for an empty orange juice can over Obama!

    At LEAST there would be a non-Socialist agenda population in the cabinet. You SEE what happens when you put a “community organizer” in charge? You SEE what happens when you put someone in OUR White House who has ZERO experience in such a position. You SEE what happens when you put a former activist in charge?

    The next time he talks you listen carefully .. Listen to how many times he uses the word “I”. He speaks in the first person all the time. He has HE in mind, not US. Pay attention…

    Michelle the Mooch is doing all right though. She takes so many trips, costing us millions of dollars. She doesnt care. They claim she pays for her vacations out of her own money. Ok fine. But SHE CHOOSES to go on lavish trips, buy hugely expensive clothing and accessories, and FURTHER distance herself from appearing like she can relate to any normal person. She treats the Office of the Presidency like its a Monarchy where she is a HAVE and you are HAVE NOT. It has definitely gone to her head.

    Hell the Obamacare crap doesnt now nor ever WILL apply to her! She is a real leech that one. Congress just passed a law dictating to the rest of us that THEY are not subject to Obamacare. How about that?

    Its Do As I Say Not Do As I Do…

    It has to END … November 2012… The END of Obama.

  • Barack_Obozo

    If she wants to stop breathing when Romney boots the little Dick-tator out of the Oval Office….I say go for it.

  • JP

    I think her bigger issue is what has happened to her daughter.

  • willblogformoney

    If you dont want to breathe the same air, please feel free to cover your head with a plastic bag. On secnd thought, you are so moronic you just may try that. Please dont.

  • Chief544

    This from a woman who thinks Mount Rushmore is a natural phenomenon. At least that’s what her ex-husband and now dead Sonny Bono had to say about her. The entire remaining family is conflicted as to who they are.

  • Bob Schwartz

    Said the women who had a hit song called Half breed?

  • snapperman

    Yeah, the Hollywood crowd makes big promises but when it’s put-up or shut-up time they don’t follow through.

  • mrvicchio

    Dear Cher,
    Have you ever actually met with a real, no kidding conservative? Ever have a conversation with one of us? Of course not. You don’t even realize how silly you sound. Pity really, cause the Occupy crowd that’s on your ideological side, well… they’re the ones you should be afraid of.

  • Rascal69

    Excellent idea…stop breathing Cher.

  • usamomof3

    That photo on Drudge sort of says it all.

  • scrubjay

    I pity her. She must have her stomach in a knot from all that depression and misery inside. The leftists are so filled with rage it must take years off their lives just from the health consequences of the body hormones that are released by the constant expression of those feelings.

  • jaydirt

    i mean Romney really does suck and Obama is absolutly no better if thats what she is implying. Tea means “taxed enough already”. Is that a bad thing millionaire cher? You know what if feels like to live paycheck to paycheck cher? Have the Gov take $300 out of a $900 dollar paycheck and have to support 2 children? Ron Paul 2012

  • That Falin Woman

    My new hero! Cher says exactly what I think. Yay for you, Cher! Go get ’em. All you nay-sayers can go kiss some more republican butt. Buh bye!

  • DAVE

    I think after Romney is elected she should move to brazil and breath the socialist air down there.

  • joe

    cher i guess you better move then,to some place like oh iran.

  • Õbama-“Cancer on America”

    Then all you have to do is hold your breath for 45 minutes, you ‘stretched’ face_b l tlc h….!

  • jason

    How did Sonny ever put up with this person?

  • JP

    Remember when people used to think stars and politicians must be smarter than the rest of us. Then along comes Twitter, and suddenly it becomes apparent that their success has been built on luck not talent.

  • $18308664

    I thought Cher was a decent human? With such a hateful spirit, I hope she’s not suicidal and is under the care of a Psychiatrist. She’s nothing more than a spoiled rich elitist who’s had everyone say yes to her, her whole life. She doesn’t relate to anyone who considers themselves a common man or woman. Calling someone a racist women hater, knowing full well that is a lie is beyond words. Anyone who believes the junk she’s selling is very, very dumb. You can expect that with the pathetic education system the liberals have engineered. You’re a sad, mean spirited person Cher. Without Sonny, you’d be nobody.

  • moberndorf

    This woman has the IQ of a house plant and the class of an alley cat. If she doesn’t want to breathe the same air as the rest of us she can a) drop dead, or b) go to some other country more to her liking, perhaps Iran or North Korea.

  • Drop Trailers

    Someone need to tell Cher, Women are the face of the Tea Party

  • psadie

    Cher shut up and sit down or better yet leave the country. It is people like you in Hollywood that back a Marxist loser who is destroying what is left of this great nation. Romney is a decent man who has stood by his wife and loved her for better or worse. Did Bill Clinton do that with Hillary? Did he give her the respect she deserved? Hillary also backed Bill only for her political gain. They are both a sham; hope to NEVER see them in the WH again. Hurry November.

  • Robert German

    Good Cher,just hold your breath for a few months,——please.That would make us all happy.Haven’t heard much from her lately,thought she was in a Coma or something.

  • ActinUpinTexas

    TBH Cher… Most conservatives and Tea-Party members had NEVER heard of tea-bagging before the LEFT wing name callers and haters collectively decided to label the peaceful group of American citizens that wished to express their utter disagreement with BIG GOVERNMENT WASTE with that derogative name.

    Go ahead hold your breath BABE….forever would be good!

  • jaydirt

    Cher and her stupid riff raff, rocky horror hair do

  • michael

    Another drug addled diseased Hollywood hooker speaks, whose kids are all basket cases as well. Oh yeah, that’s who should carry the moral standard for the US. Just the concept of a heterosexual two parent family throws these dimwit cockroaches into a hate spewing frenzy.

  • Shepherd

    Typical liberal hate speech. Good one Cher. The hair plugs look like they are going to stick this time.

  • PatMagroin69

    Her statements are at odds with the truth. How much did the Romney’s give compared to the Bidens? Who cares the most about the poor? What has Ms.Bono given to the poor? I will miss her and Ms. Stridentsand when they leave the country, NOT!!!!

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Remember when Cher was relevant….. yeah, neither do I.

  • Nibor

    Please Cher, join Sonny as soon as possible. You can discuss politics at your everlasting bbq

  • 2ndprotectsall

    The U.S. would be better off if Cher left permanently.

  • alnga

    Cher. I was kind of hoping that you would make a decision to leave this Country years ago. I will so miss you. not.


    dementia….grandma cher needs to toddle back to the home….

  • Carl M

    What would this evil liberal women know about god,she has put more drug money in her body along with cloth’s on her back that could have gone to the poor. What about that worthless operation her child went thru use that money for the poor. Cher show us YOUR TAX FORM B!TCH!

  • matagordagreg

    What an airhead , Romney is a throughbred NeoCon , not a tea party pick. Of course Obama is also a NeoCon or should I say a DemoCon.
    Vote for your Liberty and not yours or your neighbors dominance , vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

    • $16471011

      Excuse Me…Why is being in favor of smaller Government, living within Your means and the Government not spending more than they take in being a prick?
      Is it because You are a welfare leech? Or because You believe the drivil the Socialist MSNBC tells You?

  • ScottyB

    They keep promising but they never leave!

  • $21841453

    Cher just needs more Obamacare support to deal with all those facial scars from her decades of ‘self-improvement’.

    But she has truly mobilized the skank vote with her ringing oratory. And spurred job creation in the face recycling industry.

  • Tomtom28

    That’s right Cher, you should stop breathing.

  • $16471011

    And We should give two s–ts that this bumblehead from Hollywood has any opinion at all?

    Does this Left Wing Nutjob or any one of Her clueless cronies help pay
    Our bills or does She support those in power who continue make Our
    expenses and loss of income much heavier?

    Go have some more plastic surgery Cher, by the time You are 90 You
    won’t be able to move Your lips at all and will need a drawstring in You
    back to speak! And Even then No one will give a rats a__.

  • Guest

    Cher, please go to Cuba, China or Venezuela and breathe the air of those lovers of women and children.

  • Yirmin

    The real question when some left wing loon yammers about how Romney isn’t doing enough for the old/poor/sick/whatever is to ask the left wing loon how much they gave to charity?

    It is usually the same, nothing. They never give a dime of their own money they just want the government to take everyone else’s money for their little pet project.

  • Buckelew

    Was Cher the inspiration for all the freaks in “The Hunger Games”? Who the hell would want to breathe the air in her house? C’mon!

  • Bobby

    Fatherless kids and their noble mothers who just had to pick bad guys and knew they were when they picked them. Right ladies?. Can only solve that problem with harsh prison sentences for the men who dont support their kids. And no rewards for these women who dont pick out good men.

  • HML

    Cher isn’t doing without not one of the luxuries she has become accustom to to provide the poor these things she says they need……………Hypocrite

  • seanster5977

    Well now that the liberals have their star, Cher can espouse all of her worldly knowledge, or as shown her lack there of. What an idiot. Typical liberal hater.

  • action

    I find it very amusing that these court jesters want to tell us how to live……………… PLEASE……………… All actors please move and leave this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bella131

    Who’s the teabagger here Cher? And by all means, hold your breath.

  • Ren Bis

    Move to France….

  • mrsharfer

    Old dried up has been celebrities are not attractive when they try to be relevant. None of them have learned that the MAJORITY of the world doesn’t care what they think!

  •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

    Cher sang “If I could turn back time.” She seems to be trying to do it with all that plastic surgery.

  • vitaglubet

    Cher has been pretty generous toward charities but not so with people she doesn’t agree with. She does look like an emotional wreck which is sad. I wonder if she hangs out with Joan Rivers.

  • Robert Olschlager

    OK Cher. Stop breathing. Thanks! (I really don’t think anyone would notice anyway).

  • weRbroke

    the “list” is long and distinguished…she’s been rode hard and put away wet by many…
    It shows.

  • betspotter

    Cher has spent a lifetime suffering from too much self-love. I don’t think she has a clue about what real women want in life….jobs, security, opportunity for their kids, and a prosperous FREE country. Those basics are not possible with Obama and his thugs in charge.

  • lee

    MULTI-MILLIONAIRE cher owes her success, fame & fortune to her late ex-husband, Sony Bono who was a right-wing republican congressman from palm springs, california. He often referred to her as an intellectual midget completely lacking basic common sense!! Do you think she would like to see her own personal wealth re-distributed to the poor and down trodden??

    • $18308664

      Well said. Sonny was a great guy and cared very much for people. He was always at odds with Cher because she’s so insecure and selfish. Cher knew Sonny was right and she couldn’t stand it. Sadly Cher is coming unglued, and she shouldn’t blame Mitt Romney, she should blame her parents for not choosing an abortion, over giving her life. None of her troubles would have ever existed.

  • ylem

    I’m sick and tired of the bigotry against conservatives and christians that comes out of Hollywood and the Media. They don’t even realize how ignorant and hateful they are.

  • 18square

    What a half-wit POS.

    Sonny was lucky to be shed of this filthy liberal socialist democrap.

    May she rot in Hell…

  • Fred

    I agree with Cher. I think she should hold her breath when Romney is elected during the time it takes her to get to Canada.

  • Reader11722

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  • iamplastik

    PLEASE LEAVE! They all threaten too, but never do.

  • bo1921

    You realize, of course, if Romney gets elected the answer to her problem is obvious.

  • Pat

    Gypsies, Tramps & Morons……

  • TruthMatters2

    Hold your breath.

  • Rachael G

    “Wont someone PLEASE think of the CHILDREN!”

  • Crash Lander

    Lucky for her that at her age she probably won’t have to breath at all for very much longer. That should comfort her some.

  • nanas4

    How quickly can you leave Cher??? Take the whole Hollywood crew with you! You still don’t get it….that’s one reason we like Romney and conservatives is because you don’t!

  • F4Jock


    I honestly don’t care what you think, if you actually do.

  • Ed

    I don’t think the problem in the air is coming from Romney. That foul cloud around you is the dust from your long-dead career (and womb).

  • BPatMann

    So Chere, maybe it’s time to start practicing holding your breath.

  • TeddyNovak

    That obnoxious broad really needs to shut her pie hole. Hollywood liberals are merely vapid morons that know how to pretend. They need to leave difficult things like thinking to others.

  • danhan1

    Nobody’s home there. I remember all the excitement when Cher visited Watts. Then there was her Charity Concert Series with all the proceeds going to feed the poor of the world. Was that a bad acid trip?

  • JBSPuddintane

    Please, Cher, hold your breath.

  • Mysterio! BOOGAH BOOGAH
  • Prospect

    When will we be able to hear that she doesn’t float in her bath tub? What a moron! Another half wit has been, stretched-faced, blowhard. She can always go live in Europe or someplace else where we don’t have to breath in her vapid air.

  • Fred

    These people are all liars. Many in 2004 said they’d leave the USA if Bush won. Well Bush won and they disn’t leave.

  • gram56

    I regret that Sonny never had the time to give Cher skiing lessons.

  • ckirmser

    Reading her posts, she sounds more like some high school girl, than a woman in her 60s.

  • Fla Cracker

    Romney is also afraid of the massive plastic surgery

  • Kenya_Diggit

    This from a 70 year old woman who still dresses in a body stocking…so I don’t take her too seriously.

  • Rene de los Rios

    What an ignorant, rude, disgusting, pathetic low-life this woman is. Who cares what she thinks, really????

  • Political Dookie

    Good, hopefully she’ll choke.

  • dw

    Another over the hill 60’s protester that wants the good old days back again. The beat goes on but plastic Cher is left behind. So sad to see a commie grow old.

  • Mike Harlow

    You can fry and egg if you want to, but you can just watch Cher to see what drugs do to a brain.

  • Gdog001

    And we don’t want to breathe the same air as HER! So do us a favor Cher and hold your breath.

  • David Christian Newton

    Haven’t beaten up any homosexuals recently… But we do give to the Salvation Army. We take care of the mother-in-law who is 89, she lives nearby in her own home, we do her nice yard and care for her cat. All our own women take care and feed their own children and pay for their own “reproductive contraception”. We mentor other peoples’ children in language and mathematics.
    We volunteer in various activities. We have never offended against the old, sick, women, or the children. We clean up our grounds and leave them better than we found them after picnics and political or church events. We do a little Tea Party stuff, some historical preservation, and some political volunteer work. We have a little place in Mexico where we do pretty much the same.
    Almost all problems of a social or economic nature that people face are the result of narcissistic self-indulgence and failure or lack of catechism or soul.

  • Nobody

    Cher, you need to get out more, Babe, to help improve your depression and paranoia.

  • ShemenSasson

    She really needs to lay off the espresso.

  • Gavin Palmer

    Romney & Obama are liars for the Big Banker Party.

  • A6768Namvet

    Cher…..the replactized POS!! Who gives a ratzazz what she has to say? She is a washed up has been with as much clout as a mouse trying to punch a lion! Her life is a joke…her opinions are a joke! Go crawl back under your slimy rock!

  • dittoz

    Hold your breath! PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  • BahiaBob

    It’s the season of the howling leftie. Why am i not surprised. Hey Cher hold your breath! Turn bluer than you already are! Then you can kick off and you won’t be breathing ANY air! Cher=Leftie Howler Monkey

  • DgVV4XylwJ

    Just another dumbass “ENTAINER” that thinks just because she
    has a stage and a mic that anyone cares about what she thinks about running the
    country. BTW, did she drop out of high
    school? How many drugs has she done and
    for how long? What kind of life example
    has she set for anyone?

    Cher is a PIG and is just trying to find some way to be relevant. Swing and a miss, Cher. Now crawl back into the hole you have been in
    for the last 10 years, you has been.

    As long as people continue to support the stupid people like
    Cher you will continue to get more stupid people. I personally stopped buying her CD’s long ago
    and she is just one of many on my list that I refuse to support. You want to sing, then sing, but if you want
    to be in politics then put your name on a ballot, if not “Shut the ____ Up!”

  • formerusaf

    As a very successful entertainer and the epitome of motherhood, she has now emerged as the chief public face & spokesperson for the Obama Administration. (Mr. Jay Carney, better start sending out your resumes.)

  • bravo1

    Doesn’t surprise me as she’s been brain dead since she and Sonny flew over Mt. Rushmore many many years ago and thought it was a natural monument, not man made. Hard to even listen to anyone as stupid as this woman. The things she had to say about Sara Palin were very disrespectful and she expects us to embrace her and her stupidity. We can only hope she’ll reach her demise sooner than later.

  • Ling

    Cher want to do to America what she did to her daughter. Cher haven’t you done enough?

  • HNICdownlowjigga

    Can this 1% er give more via taxes. I am sure she will be at Clooney’s house May 10th with all the other Hollyweird 1%ers. I hope OWS shows up to protest

  • usedtolikecher

    OK, just stop breathing and make us all happy.

  • CleanFun

    Feel free to pack your bags and head to India, China, Cuba, or Russia, where socialism is already in full swing.

  • DJM3

    This is the exact type of ignorance that the leftists show all the time. Out of blind hate, they spew thier “image” of what Conservatives “Are” . Who is the hater? Who is showing intollerance?

  • CaptnObvius

    Don’t worry cher, without somebody to sit next to you saying, “breathe in, breathe out,” you probably couldn’t manage breathing by yourself anyway you botox ridden nasty old slut.. Celebs think that because they got money, they got brains.. Here’s living proof that it ain’t so.. Ignorant as a bag of hammers..

  • Gordon Campbell

    Does she use a file or a knife to sharpen that point on her head.

  • HNICdownlowjigga

    oblunder is coming out in his 2nd term on live TV. He will show just how flexible his 2nd term will be by performing felation on another world leader and then apologizing for America.

  • Gordon Campbell

    Pahdon should read,`her`head.

  • alpha1six

    if cher had a brain and could be considered an authority on anything outside of show business I might be interested. She knows nothing about Romney except what she sees on MSNBC and CURRENT TV which are both official arms of the Democrat party so we have to conclude she knows nothing.

  • taxpaer1961

    For someone that claims to be open minded and compassionate, those are harsh words. Amazing when the “enlightened” ones disagree with someone, they attach instead of giving reasons. Always happens when someone who thinks they’re smarter than anyone else can’t have an open debate on why the other persons positon might be wrong. Romey never lead this way when he was governor. Just shows you how weak and scared the Left is about the big O’s chances are to ge re-elected. He’s done nothing but divide the country. So much for Hope and Change. More like Nope and Pretty Lame. Peace.

  • Ken Dixon

    Every 4 years celebrities threaten to leave the country if so and so is elected, no one has left yet.

  • Wild Bill

    Typical hate filled diatribe from a liberal wacko Communist sympathizer moonbat….oh, sorry…I repeat myself.

  • Bud

    To not breath the same air she going to move back to her home world in a galaxy far far away. Why do people in Hollywood think someone that’s not a Democrat is totally wrong.

  • michael

    Most actors have the intellectual capacity of earthworms and the moral integrity of Mao Tse Tung. Mao is still revered in leftist circles, amazingly, as he is in fact the greatest mass murderer in history.

  • PasoFinoCA

    It is so nice to know that this botoxed over-the-hill rocker senior citizen can still get some ink – though it be digital. Possibly she could join Alec Baldwin (I can’t remember all the others) who will leave the USA if Romney is elected and go the land of milk and honeys: France. In France they are about to practice political harum-scarum of the type Democrats, progressives and socialists adore – spend, ruin the economy and Franc/Euro, increase entitlements, ruin business and CHER….TAX the RICH at a 75% rate. Go for it.

  • Pouncekitty

    How idiotic do people have to be to believe this crap? Hysterical old bag! Shut up CHER!

  • tom

    Then stop breathing. It creates CO2.

  • tincan53

    If you can’t breathe the air, then by all means, stop breathing! You will not be missed. Liberals are so arrogant and stupid.

  • Gordon Campbell

    Poor Sonny-to have to live with that bi-polar maniac.RIP.Wasn`t sonny a REPUBLICAN elected official?

  • Snarflerator

    Wow, You right-wingers have worked yourselves up into a froth. Take it easy. Who cares what she thinks.

  • Uptownman

    Please let Romney win. Maybe then Cher won’t breathe the air. They always said after a nuclear holocaust the only things left would be cockroaches and Cher (is there a difference?). Maybe it will only be cockroaches after Romney is elected.

  • Wouldnt

    Cher, honey, we care about the sick, the elderly, the disabled. Please stop making ad hominem, unsubstantiated and slanderous/libelous accusations that are a product of the media. You need to stop watching MSLSD, honey, ok? No more MSNBC for you, now it’s time for your time out.


    Cher is obviously mentally impaired. Storing so much hate can kill you!

  • Stanley Steinberg

    She’s drunk.

  • George

    Sonny was the brains….she was just the mouth.


    She is a 1% er. Filthy rich. And an entertainer, nothing more. Who thinks her opinion matters? Sadly, many of the sheeple on the left will blindly follow anyone. Blinded by the light. Of a dim bulb.

  • danno1180

    Another Hollywood parrot spouting off without a script—you need writers to put the words in your mouth and have them make some kind of sense . And get a haircut .

  • Stanley Steinberg

    Twitter is so lame. Absolutely.

  • Liz771

    Cher has always been an idiot. Nothing new here.

  • Jim Burke

    Cher can move to Canada, I’d be okay wit dat… take all her skanky leftist no-talent friends with her as well…

  • Paul

    She is free to put a plastic bag over her head (if she can get a good seal around that crazy hair) and not breath the same air.

  • 500_lb_Gorrila

    Sonny Bono was the “better half” during their ill fated marriage. It’s pretty obvious that he was better off without this vile, hate filled hag.

  • Jstalongtalltexan

    All that plastic surgery has obviously harmed her cranium…IF there was ever anything in there

  • Guest

    Just another angry liberal who directs all her life’s perceived bitterness at anyone that doesn’t share her far-to-the-left-of-the-mainstream views. You might want to talk to your physican about a change in medication, dearie…

  • Janet91

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Do you need further proof?

  • mambobananapatch

    Never thought Cher would say something I agree with. Teabaggers are the stupidest people in the country, and Romney panders to them like the opportunistic coward he is.

  • Lee Kennedy

    Cher….Sonny is rolling over in his grave!

  • Gears ofBrett

    Just another uneducated, moron, hateful statement from someone who couldn’t even graduate High School. Also, it’s no wonder her daughter turned into a (sic) man, when Cher let a gay nanny raise her. Hey, didn’t she just announce another Farewell tour. Isn’t that like the 10th one in 10 years?

  • Ratt

    What do you expect from someone who couldn’t even raise a straight daughter. GFY Cher, I hear from the tabloids you are good at that.

  • stormin1961

    and yet she admitted that she never would have been rich and famous if it weren’t for her racist, homophobic, tea-bagging, republican husband Sonny

  • delane

    liberal women…so foolish. they get rid of men, substitute them for the GOVT…and call themselves powerful. FOOLS. Im a women, married for 25 years to the same man and happy

  • KansasGirl

    Poor Cher.
    She sounds as confused as her daughter…er son, whatever he/she goes by these days.

  • Glenn Wilder

    then stop breathing. 2 problems solved.

  • Josh

    You should see Chers house in Malibu, Its a gigantic mansion overlooking the water with a high 12 foot walls all the way around it. Obviously she’s keeping it real in the rarified air she’s breathing.

  • H. Johnson

    Cher needs to take her plastic fortified, commie, no talent ass out of my country. The only talent she’s ever been related to has been dead for 14 years.

  • coma

    Please stop breathing then

  • Edward Boothe

    I wouldn’t want to breathe the same air with that adulterous piece of shit. She left Sonny for a dope head. She doesn’t even look like she would smell very good.

  • Disque-0-duc

    Oh, here we go again. Romney hasn’t even won yet and the libtards are already losing it. Not that Cher has ever held it together.

  • planet of song

    Some celebs have threatened to move to Canada? Good riddance! I can nominate a few. Actually some of them should be forced to move to the Communist Utopian countries they love so much, the ones other people risk their lives to LEAVE. We could do an exchange, for people who actually contribute something to society.

  • Donthaveone Starfire

    She’s RIGHT! If this Moron (Mormon) gets into office he is going to make Obama look like an American citizen.

  • hudsonvalleywest

    Is Cher still alive? I thought she stopped breathing the same air as the rest of us a long time ago. Someone should let her know that she’s been irrelevant for decades. No one cares what Cher thinks about anything. Another example of botox poisoning.

  • Stanley Steinberg

    This is just a bid for attention. Especially if she has a new album coming out, what better way to bring up her old, tired, has-been name?

  • John Williams

    If Obama wins, I won’t be able to afford to breathe the air of Cher and her whoring communist dictator wannabes.

  • catkeepr

    “They care nothing about the POOR The OLD The SICK
    The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better LIFE !” ’cause all this is working out so much better now under those currently in charge…. moron!

  • Chiral

    I wonder if she uses Viagra on her hair? It seems her mouth is stuck open and her hair is rigid.

  • Stanley Steinberg

    She’s trying so hard to be hip again. It’s truly sad. Cher, honey, we all get old. Go into it gracefully.

  • Roman

    Cher is an idiot. Women hating?? WTF?! Do not care for children and elderly?? You are out there, aren’t you??

  • LEDETCoastie

    Can’t moronic celebs just move out of the country that they got rich off of and spew their idiotic views elsewhere?

  • Kver

    More proof that singers/actresses are unqualified to objectively measure GDP, macroeconomic policies, national debt implications on industry and wages. Typical “feel so good” liberal uneducated in the workings of business (which is the reason for America’s success to begin with).

  • wyatt81

    Dumb, ditzy, deluded, and downhill all the way…

  • alternet09

    Just another reason to laugh at a really old bag.

  • Buzzymuzzwelle

    Gee, I love you too Cher. Buzzy

  • Disque-0-duc

    If Cher hadn’t sung about being a gypsy and a half-breed she would be working at the local animal shelter cleaning kennels. That is all she is capable of with that little pea-brain of hers.

  • Kenneth Glenn Koons

    The more these dumb liberal Hollywood dunces talk, the more Indies, Reagan Dems, Libertarians will turn to the GOP to end the socialist anti-American Admin. and the Reid Senate. Cher, for pete;s sake. You and Clooney should just stay in the one field you understand. The shallow entertainemt industry.

  • Kelly

    What is wrong with her?? What is wrong with liberals in general I wonder. She is insulting people who buy whatever it is she is selling.

  • That

    This woman is a complete and total moron.


    They always threaten, but they never do it. Why can’t horrywood ever keep it’s word? If you can’t breathe the same air…may I suggest a plastic bag over your face?

  • rimpy

    somebody euthanize the freak, it is obviously not happy among AMERICANS

  • Paul Lehner

    Go to Canada, take your mentally unstable daughter/son or what ever it is today with you. Heck take as many of your screw up Hollywood friends as you can, in fact if you can empty out the state of California all the better.

  • Mike Krouse

    Why does Cher need to demonize a fellow American who happens to hold different views?

  • Jim F.

    What do Mitt Romney, Allen West, and Marco Rubio all have in common?

    They all openly support NDAA. This is the bill that allows Obama to arrest or detain American Citizens WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE OR DUE PROCESS and to hold them in custody INDEFINATELY.

    If you think you can trust or depend on any if these scum bags to uphold and defend the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights you are sorely mistaken.


  • $7522954

    More tollerance and compassion from the liberals. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

  • Gary Allan

    Sounds a little hateful, definitely not a tone of civility there. But then when Obama talked about civility, we all know he didn’t mean it.

  • Crapflinger

    There’s got to be something in the water out on the left coast. These people just seem to hate anyone with working brain cells and common sense.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    How about a practice run, babe? Show us all how it’s done and stop breathing for an hour.

  • Dutra

    Babs and Cher were separated at birth.

  • Rusty

    The old hag ought to move somewhere else. What a waste of flesh and guts.

  • ricardoh

    Sonny would have voted for Romney.

  • Crusty Ole Man

    Poor Sonny.

  • illinikevin

    So move already.

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    Cher must have a album coming out soon…. that or she is ready to move across the pond.

  • Sweetrae

    If it wasn’t for her late ex-husband Sonny, she would have been another Denny’s waitress. As Laura Ingraham’s book says, ” Shut Up and Sing” because as far as holding a rational thought, she is incapable of one. Like most Hollywood liberals who have had dialogs written for them, then when they make feeble attempts as holding an intelligent thought they fail miserably.

  • John

    Can’t wait for Romney to win this election and see the exodus of all the Hollywood morons that claim they’ll leave. But wait, didn’t A. Baldwin say he was leaving when “W” won his last election? We can only hope they will follow through this time.

  • Obbie2

    This from a freak of nature who raised another freak of nature. Who really cares what this brain dead slut thinks.

  • bmc1157

    Cher makes a ton of money each year. I wonder how much of HER money she gives to “the POOR The OLD The SICK The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better LIFE !”? I bet it’s not much by percentage.

  • ken

    One more plastic surgery could provide Cher with gills and then she could breathe underwater with her Hwood friends.

  • hosschisom

    Wasn’t it the estrogen-deprived, “singer” Cher who married pseudo-Scientologist Sonny Bono, gave birth to cousin Pat, then married Greg Allman, then porked about 10 unfortunate, lousy, local tattoo “artists” who turned her skin into a walking Scrabble board ? Oh, Sonny ain’t dead, he’s hiding out !!

  • PPMStudios

    What is Cher doing for the poor? What is Cher doing for women? What is Cher doing for the children? Romney gives millions to his church and other charities….

    Cher is just another big-mouth lefty mental midget..

  • liberalsaremiserable

    Just when you think these Hollywood idiots can’t get any stupider…

    They never disappoint.

  • mowglidude

    What a crack head! I f these liberals are sooooo concerned about the poor, then pay 80% taxes!! I don’t see the action. Talk about hate sppech? God help us? Now that’s true…

  • PhillipNagle

    If you can’t say something intellegent try name calling. Being a successful singer means you are a successful singer,

  • Bocarat030

    Perhaps she needs bill Clinton to roto-router her brain with his cigar–what a typical Hollywood idiot.

  • Ancient_Pollyanna

    I agree, Cher.

  • Obbie2

    One has to wonder how much these bleeding heart Hollywood Liberals donate to all those poor, sick,disabled they pretend to care so much about. What is Cher’s Charity called? Does she have one or is this just another loud mouthed freak expecting everyone but her to give to the sic,poor and disabled. step up Cher and put your money where your mouth is, er, no , not where your mouth has been yikes.

  • PeterBelles

    Who cares what this old hag says ??
    Not me….

  • gestapoid

    I think this is supposed to make us mad, but its so stupid all I can do is laugh.

  • macvtm18

    Sonny is turnng in his grave over what a witch she has become, by the way she can always move to Cuba asap !!!

  • babydriver

    Somebody actually cares what Cher thinks??

  • egg

    No one care what this bag of plastic fillers has to say

  • Kim Johnson

    Sorry to see you go. Thanks for the music.

  • johndeerrm

    Wasnt sonny bono a republican?

  • Antoninus

    Cher, you’re an entertainer dear, not a thinker. Just do the job you’re hired to do and keep your mouth closed. You don’t acquit yourself well when you go off-script.

  • John Stark

    Change of Life must still be hitting Cher hard. Why does the opinion of a has been singer who was probably a high school drop out count for any more than that of the average man (or woman) on the street?

  • Obbie2

    Cher, you could STOP breathing, I think that might be fine with most folks……

  • Sarkasian90

    How much is her home in Malibu worth? She’ll have a lot more credibility for her cause when she sells that home and give the proceeds away…she’s a prototypical liberal hypocrite.

  • Justin

    What other opinion would you expect from Gypsies, tramps, and thieves…

  • Awesome Kat

    Another brain dead hateful comment from a Hollywood used to be. Please tell me which party is the tolerant one that welcomes all views?

  • Georgiagator37

    To Cher, then get your El Centro Ass out of our Country. Funny I can remember when I thought you and Sonny were just OK.

  • Guest

    Looks like it’s the air in Hollywood thats questionable…..
    Every one of these bleeding heart liberal finger-waggers should take a year out of their luxurious lifestyles and live on about $500 a week in suburban Dallas or Atlanta. Really get to know first hand what being poor is all about, so they can speak from experience rather than ignorance. Once she sees for real what the liberal agenda is doing to communities across the country I don’t think she’d so supportive of it.
    Or maybe we’ll see her at an Occupy protest standing up to the 1%, that is if self-loathing is also part of her psycosis.

  • Red

    I don’t want to ever sit in the same seat you left snail trails on for fear of catching something akin to the ebola virus from your clown car. Withered moonbat.

  • Bonnie

    who cares what a way big looser has to say — money and fame don’t make you smart —

  • Play Righter

    For a highly entertaining and quite enlightening look at the “soul” of people like Cher, read “Hollywood Hypocrites by Jason Mattera. Bring a highlighter….

  • Guest

    Michelle Malkin is an ignoramus.

  • sebastianwoof

    Liberalsim is a Mental Disorder.
    People are too smart to listen to
    this Wacko Putana.

  • ibsage

    who cares?

  • seenbetterdaze

    Cher, Honey…Tea Party folks never did like Romney, the RINO. But between Romney and Obamao…Romney will have to do. Tea Partys ARE women too, just not femiNazis like Debbie WS, Madam Senator Boxer…etal.
    there IS NO WAR on women from Conservatives…Dems tried to destroy Palin, remember?

  • Mike

    Cher is or was an entertainer, don’t believe she has ever had her IQ touted in her lifetime & this is certainly a good example as to why! Stick to the boy toys! A wise person once said: “Better to be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • fred789

    Has Cher written any books on how to keep a healthy marriage and raise emotionally healthy kids ? Just wondering…….

  • pamlinson

    PLEASE Cher, move to Canada and take all your friends with you….really please. Not sure why America gives a hoot about an aging “pop star’s” opinion. Most of this generation doesn’t even know who Cher is….

  • matt2717

    Its’ amazing she can move her mouth to breathe at all, using a plastic face.
    “I can feel something inside me say, I really don’t think you’re smart enough, No…”

  • Destroy All Morons

    I hope she makes good on her proposal and stops breathing soon :-) Cher has the IQ of a tree stump, so why does anyone other than tree stumps care?

  • twobuck40

    meh… she forgot Nazi in there…

  • Ralph Emerson

    Worthless has-been entertainer nitwit.

  • DontKnowMuchAboutCNN

    Opinions of celebrities, and anyone else for that matter, should be evaluated in the context of their education, talents, and background relevant to the subject engaged. Cher is an excellent singer and entertainer and I would evaluate her opinions on those subjects as probably credible. Her political opinions, however, carry the same weight as, say, her thoughts on nuclear physics, medicine, or engineering; amusing, perhaps, but not much beyond that.

  • Jedd McHead

    If Cher will cease to breathe if Romney’s elected then I can’t think of a better reason to vote for him (aside from getting Odrama out of the Oval Office).

  • terfull

    Is she still breathing?

  • Roger Allan

    Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Throwing a bag over her head is LONG overdue.

  • joecool

    Well, she’s finally over the hill. BTW, she has LOOKED over the hill for thirty years, if you ever happened to see her in person. Shut up and sing!

  • FenceSitting

    If OBAMA gets re-elected I don’t know if I can breathe same air as Him & His self deprecating OCCUPY LOSER Left Wing WEATHER UNDERGROUND Masters.

  • teacookies

    You know Cher, I hear you can buy a seat on space flights now. Maybe someone could drop you off on the moon or something.

  • will_ford

    pompous elitist imbeciles ALL

  • mjoinsd

    Whatever. Why is this news???

  • Common Good


    It’s interesting to see how many people who consider themselves to be “thinking” individuals buy into the divisive “US & THEM” brainwashing. Republican ‘war on women” Democrat “communism” ……. It’s not the way they present it for your consumption.


  • freecheese

    Who cares with the old self-loving plastic old hippy thinks anymore. Always known for her Jane Fonda-like ignorance, why doesn’t she just tend to her kook kids and fade away.

  • GodsavethePeasants

    I think that may be her problem…her brain is oxygen starved. Breathe , breathe deeply and relax Cher, you are already exhibiting traits of senility; try some moonbeam relaxation techniques you learned from Shirley McClain.

  • Bill

    HEY ROSSIE …. ah oh, yeah right, CHER, regardless, if you people ever gave a rataz about gays, the poor , the children, you’d take a long hard look at the party that claims it does. Head honcho obama doesn’t support guy marriage, TRILLIONS spent on the 4+ decade long war on poverty started by the demo’s and today it’s worse then ever. And to throw the tea party into your childish rant removes all doubt that you’re totally clueless to anything happening in the world we others live in. Perhaps instead of watching your nails dry, take the time to enlighten yourself at least to something the other side is trying to tell you: WAKE UP

  • Doug Lynn

    She and her amoral friends are more than welcome to leave the country and never come back.

  • jimlay

    Cher can move to Canada – or Timbuktu – and nobody will notice or care. She is beyond irrelevant.

  • natgrenadine

    You know you’re in the right when…

  • dontrenigin12

    its always sad to see a over the hill fat has been no talent hollywood type make a complete ass out of themselves,,,

  • RO

    She suggests the solution to her “problem” – all she needs to do is volunteer to stop breathing (or at least stop hyperventilating).

  • Kristen Pool

    *chuckle* She must be under the delusion that someone cares what she thinks…

  • JamieLynnG

    And we should listen to Cher because? Who cares what she thinks.

    • indianwithoutacasino

      no one really cares what she thinks…it’s just fun to drive her crazy so she goes off Twitter!!!! lol

  • totherock


  • jenkem5

    Cher is a disgusting piece of commie filth. Her career died 30 years ago. Why does she even speak, doesn’t she know that no one is listening.

  • Prophet Muhammad

    DILLIGAF about what anyone from Hollywood says? FHW

  • Winslow

    get your mask ready.
    You are a has been and it is time for you to switch planets anyway

  • Felix Rodkin

    I thought this knucklehead at 85 years is all about sex, but no, she is into politics!

  • mcsegeek1

    Typical leftie. Use a gutter ho mo se xu al slur to describe those who disagree with you. Call anyone who wants to reign in entitlement programs as a ‘hater’. Obfuscate, divert, demonize. We’ve heard it all too many times before, but the sad part is, there are people who are stupid enough to believe it.

  • Doug Lynn

    Why does the Left keep attacking homosexuals? Homosexuals practice tea bagging not the tea party folks. I guess Cher is just a little confused.

  • eewell

    Place your bets to see how long Cher can hold her breath,.

  • donfitness

    Personally, I don’t like breathing the air where Cher is. I bike ride past her Malibu home all the time, and there’s always some septic issue going on.

  • indianwithoutacasino

    why don’t democrats ever praise obama or point out his accomplishments and achievements? They always resort to criticizing Romney….

  • Conservative AND Republican

    Then move to Mars, where they speak your language.

  • Bruce Allan

    We’re should all be so grateful for this great woman’s expression of tolerance – just don’t let her get her hands on a weapon

  • bhamjman

    Perhaps she should just stop breathing.

  • jenkem5

    Oh yeah, somebody might want to tell Cher that Romeny has NOTHING to do with the Tea Party. In fact the Tea Party loathes Romney. Man she really is one of the dumbest labia-rattler in Hollywood.

  • Nine

    If she stops breathing I won’t cry……..

  • Guest

    Michelle Malkin is an idiot.

  • wallyintouch

    I have a sealed plastic bag full of Romney & Tea Bag member’s farts that Cher might enjoy.

  • Independant_Voter

    Cher is an ignorant moron.

  • Paul Diguardi

    Please do us all a favor and stop breathing.

  • Lysol

    Cher, Despite the best efforts of technology, you are OLD and IRRELEVANT!!! So sad.

  • Jim Noble

    What a loon

  • $1895978

    Cher I don’t want to look at your wrinkled nasty racist publicity seeking face so MOVE . The only people that will miss you are the Botox doctors .

  • sailfishman

    I wasn’t aware that Cher was even still relevent…not that she ever was.

  • donfitness

    We’re all fools. The main reason a Hollywood narcissist does anything is for attention. And look what we all are doing. I feel so duped right now.

  • Brenda

    @cher good does this mean you’ll leave America and your comment ‘God help us’ what God you talking about, not the same one I know PERSONALLY, oh look, I can use caps TOO. anyhow so long trash, will be glad to see you GO

  • johne2123

    Hollywood — please leave and take the rest of your liberal buddies with you. Go ruin another country. You have done enough damage to the US.

  • Conservative AND Republican

    And where do you get off smearing Mitt Romney with words like woman hating and racist, and whatever gave you the idea that he is afraid of homosexuals? And the “Tea Baggers”, as you call them, have been slamming Gov Romney as too moderate throughout the GOP nominating process. Can I assume you slept through that?

  • BarrysHypocrisy


    Typical hypocritical elitist hollywood liberal: she can say whatever hateful things she wants, and for some reason, it’s OK.

  • indianwithoutacasino

    no one really cares what Cher says or thinks….it’s just fun to drive her crazy so she goes off Twitter…lol

  • foxbat40md

    How about this for a new law once Romney becomes president? Any one percent-er like Cher that think we do not do enough for the poor has
    80% of their wealth taken from them and distributed directly the the
    poor. Even 1%- ers like Cher could get behind that law right?

  • Richard Lease

    I give her 3 minutes w/o air and I am indifferebt as to wether or not she survives

  • sonofgalt

    cher has been a waste of hair her whole life i don’ want to breathe the air from their hair and who cares what she thinks she didn’t even finish high school

  • nomonkeydreams

    If republicans are really at war with women, does that mean they are all men without sisters or mothers?
    The war on women is Alinsky Democrat astroturf.

  • Dickn52

    “If I could call back time” was the last thing she said that made sense to me.

  • gcannon

    Yeah right “CHER”… look at how much Al Gore and Joe Biden gave to charities… Reblublicans give far more money and time to the poor and neddy organization that the left EVER did!!!!

  • John Acoma

    Hey, Cher baby: Who do you think you’re fooling? Have you any idea how sick to the stomach most normal lower and middle class people are while having to listen to the leftist crap that comes out the mouths of rich people like you? You, Cher baby, belong to the filthy stinking rich of the leftist elite, among whom are some of the wealthiest people in the U.S., and none of them are Republicans.
    Also, Cher baby, is uncivilized, dumb name calling the best you can do? Take a good look in the mirror, you just might be able to see the face of a rich, leftist phony…

  • RykELee

    I haven’t been in this Biotches corner since she first started dissing Sonny in public, I guess that dates me as pretty old, LOL.

  • classicfit

    Cher- Here’s a suggestion. If you don’t like breathing the same air as Romney, hold your breath until your head explodes.

  • Ms Angel

    I’ll be proud to pay her one-way airfare out of the U.S., as long as it’s in the cargo hold.

  • Dave

    Who the devil cares? I am at an age (around Cher’s age) when I could care less. And why pay attention to her?
    Okay, I am a big name star too ! So, I will move to an underground silo in Siberia if Obama is re-elected and if I have to breathe the same air that Cher does I will get a nose job too!!! That made as much sense as her ranting…..

    • Ms Angel

      Letterman, you’re the greatest!

  • Andy Taylor

    Who is Cher? Was she somebody important once???

  • Mike Shapiro

    Good then get your liberal a** off of the planet. Why can’t movie stars keep their mouth shut. Who cares what thgey think!

  • JWales

    I’m fine with her leaving the USA airspace…or just not drawing another breath. Just another aging self-important celebrity trying to maintain some celebrity status, to keep getting mentioned in the media, invited to big events and have mindless fans get excited in her presence.

  • RightinTexas

    Her absolute ignorance is without question. Her obnoxiousness is without equal.

  • lara47

    cher is just trashy.

  • Katepatate

    Who’s Cher?

  • NineEight7

    Well, I guess that ices it for me. If Romney is a racist homophobic women hating tea bagger, then he gets my vote. Actually, all he has to be is hated by Cher and that’s qualification enough.

  • markdavismd

    Cher lives on Olympus, the rest of us live on terra firma. Hollywood left easliy transcend borders moving about oblivious to the rest of the World’s needs. We are stuck with Obamacare, she can fly off to a distant destination and receive her facelifts. Her money is probably in a tax haven alongside Romney, who she despises. At the end of the day she looks more republican that she would allow us to believe. She loves capitalism which helps her garner millions from music and concerts, yet she likes Obama who hates capitalism, unless it favors him. Wakeup Cher admit it, you speak democrat but you vote republican. Mark Davis author of the controversial book Demons of Democracy. [email protected]

  • Superpower

    Cher; better known for “being”, rather than “doing”.

  • Dashark

    She killed Sonny with her tongue!

  • classicfit

    The only “tea bags” that washed-up old skank knows anything about are the ones that hit her in the chin when she’s hanging out in the truck stop parking lot.

  • bvdon

    TO CHER… you sound a bit immature in your rants. I appreciate you as an entertainer and your concerns for the less fortunate, but you are completely without basis hurling these empty insults at conservatives. You should be more thoughtful and get to know such people. Besides, you should know better than to make such blanket statements. Grow up, woman!

  • Warren Stallings

    a shame the tree caught the wrong one.

  • Guest

    so LEAVE the U.S. and don’t let the door hitcha.
    you might be able to catch a ride with alec baldwin
    if you call ahead..

  • JWales

    I’m fine with her leaving the USA airspace…or just not drawing another breath. Just another aging self-important celebrity trying to maintain some celebrity status, to keep getting mentioned in the media, invited to big events and have mindless fans get excited in her presence.

  • Holistic

    Cher=skank alert!

  • MrBK

    Poor Cher … she’s old, over the hill, unattractive to the point of creeping me out, with a daughter (sorry, son) that looks like Hugo Chavez. Plus, she’s dumb as shite!

  • A6768Namvet

    Still waiting for the other libtards that promised to leave when W was elected!! LOL

  • Mark Bianchi

    Memorable line from the movie “Get Smart”. The terrorists are planning on bombing Hollywood:

    Shtarker: Too bad about all the dead movie stars.
    Siegfried: Yes. What will we do without their razor-sharp political advice.


  • ibsurfing

    I love Cher, have since I was a kid (and I’m old now), but it is sad that she comes out about such things. This is the same person who initially rejected her own child with gender identity issues. When your opinions are more ruled by your gut reaction than to inquiry and a recognition that your data set is severely limited then to my mind that marks you as both arrogant and an intellectual light weight. This unfortunately is a national disease with LA being ground zero. It reminds me of the South Park episode where a smugness cloud is spreading from LA to the rest of the country causing people to buy priuses, smell their own flatulence with pleasure, and close their eyes when speaking to another person. Why don’t celebrities ever realize that having a forum to speak and be heard doesn’t necessarily mean that you have anything worth saying.

  • llcoolk50

    Typical of the intolerant leftwing celebratards.

  • Snidely70448

    Hey, no problem. Cher hasn’t done anything new in the last 30 years, so she can just hold her breath for the next 4 years.

  • apocalypto

    Then hold your breath, you diluted, psychotic old dinosaur.

  • Guest

    My suggestion is to stop breathing then.


    “I don’t want to breathe the same air…”

    Then stop breathing, it’s a free country.

  • Jayjay1963

    What makes these “celebrities” think that we give a damn about who they like and don’t??
    They can act(some of them) period!! Last time I checked, there was no correlation between acting and high IQ.
    The reason they’re all Liberals is that they feel guilt over the obscene amounts of money they get(over) paid.
    To Hollywood: STF!!!!!

  • mark kozikowski

    “Some celebs have threatened to move to Canada if elections don’t go their way, ”

    PLEASE! Go!

    Not like your are adding anything positive to the U.S. Anyway.

    If Cher is so concerned about the Poor and Unfortunate, perhaps she can donate a couple $Million to the U.S. Government to help “spread the wealth”.

  • Basil Barnes

    Romney probably wouldn’t want to be never Cher in fear of catching something like the clap or crabs.

  • MichaelLee1

    Who cares what that plastic pig says or does? That’s the thing with most of these hollywood morphodites,they think their word is gospel when it’s just as relevant as gas emitted out of a bull’s -ss. Bullshi-!

  • Warren Wilson

    Write her and tell her what you think.
    her address is 25142 PCH, Malibu, CA, 90265
    I think Romney will give her kids a better future than Obummer will, don’t you?

  • Guest

    I am not surprised so many liberal celebrities use Twitter to make vapid rants – 140 character limit works well for those who really do not flex their brain a lot


    Lesson learned… this is what its like to be a Hollywood mogul. hanging out with the drugged,drunk and pill poppers can make you have a opinion worshiped by the leftwing kook media.

  • fred789

    Cher should be doing public service announcements about botched plastic surgery.

  • Berzrkr50

    Cher needs to stay off the crack flavored kool-aid. She’s obviously burning up the 35 active brain cells she still has…

  • portle44

    She should definitely be holding her breath

  • telman

    The old broad still thinks she has any influence.

  • TechDel

    Awesome! We’ll have one less liberal jerk with double standards that likes to tell all the rest of us how to live after November. Good riddance.

  • 1Reasonable1

    Another articulate analysis by Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere… No doubt Sonny was the brains of their act.

  • squarebird

    Wow – and I paid to see her and her marvelous show in Vegas. I had no idea how much she hated me and my fellow liberty-loving “tea-baggers”. I feel more sad than angry.

  • L. Cross

    Botox dementia.

  • mmmilesll

    Why doesn’t this freak show move to Canada, oh wait, they don’t want her either. She has just gotten dumber as the years go by

  • dtom2

    It’s too bad she’s a washed up aging has been who refuses to accept the reality that she’s not 19 anymore.. I can’t effectively boycott someone who nobody would pay to see anyway. This idiot never even graduated from high school. Why would anybody care about her moronic opinion?

  • occincin

    Cher continues to try and be relevant as she stares out the window of the bubble where she lives.

  • Nicholas

    Does this mean if Romney is elected, Cher will finally leave the country….with her daughter, I mean son…I mean daughter…and take Bill Maher with her?? (Oh please, please, please, please be YES!!”

  • $10894633

    Quite a diatribe coming from a true Hollywood bore.

  • Harry Shapiro

    She had the same rant when Teddy Roosevelt was running for POTUS. I love it when grandmas lose it.

  • gene wiggins

    I am not familiar with this OLD Freaky woman…named cher…Cher What? She is a Washed up Has Been! This is the way she keeps her name in the news…it certainly isn’t with her Sex appeal…Yuk!

  • Jack76

    She must have been to France.
    Of course, this is what fading entertainment types do to try and get their names in the spotlight again.
    Just make a nasty stupid ignorant statement about Republicans and “bingo” it gets reported.

  • escapedin62


  • Jan Greenhawk

    Okay, Cher…what have you done in your life except grow long hair, expose your body, raise a child who couldn’t figure out what gender he/she was, live with a drugged out husband ( or two or three) and sing with an auto tuner? What’s that I hear? Crickets? I thought so. Not exactly someone I look to for educated opinions.

  • agentreddoll

    Really Cher??? Please… take your plastic body and move far, far away. Then try to get your facts straight.

  • 1CEO

    Nothing more embarrassing than an over the hill has been Bollywood stooge pretending to know anything about politics or anything without a script for that matter.

  • bewolff

    Get a life ,beich

  • Lincoln Stern

    Dear girl, please resume your meds. You are obviously delusional and momentarily incapable of perceiving reality.
    Get well soon!

  • Gas_Passer

    Cher, if I was standing next to you, I’d hike a leg up and break wind.

    • agentreddoll

      And I’d be right there with you adding my own gasious wind.

  • CitizenKK

    when was the last time that guy..Cher..was relevant?

  • Abbeylou Conway

    Cher, the old bag, has got to stand up for her creepy offspring, I guess. But the term ‘tea bagger’??? Hmmm, now that is a homosexual expression….referring to another homosexual.

  • JeffersDodge

    Cher Who?

  • freecheese

    I wish somebody would strike a match near her. All of those chemecials from all of that plastic surgery in her anorexic body are bound to explode. Just the hairspray in her stupid wigs would set her off !

  • Pensieve

    Poor Cher is clueless to the fact that she’s generally regarded as a laughingstock.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Don’t want to breathe the same air? Stop breathing, moron! You’re the reason so many tweeters are called “twits”!

  • Vladamir


    This coming from a person who is more plastic than flesh and bone??
    Hey Cher, before you go making threats about how bad it will be if Romney gets elected, maybe you should watch to get a handle on how bad things ARE now that Obama has been elected!!!

    Seriously, what is the downside if ALL of Hollywood moves if Romney is elected???

  • knighttemplar01

    She’ s lost in the fantasy that her opinions matter, like most of the left coast liberals she’s a legend in her own mind. We really need to stop supporting these idiots!

  • Jeff

    Yep here is one of those great cougar minds of the over 60s hippies. What is her credentials for running anything, does the price of gas affect her, how about the cost of food, does she even know what a gallon of milk cost? When was the last time she had to go to the unemployment office? Yep she know how the common people live, doesn’t she?

  • CebVA

    @cher – Fine. Stop breathing.

  • MovingToNevada

    Wow, what a hater.

  • $798485

    Liberals, like Cher, want you to believe they are members of the most tolerant group of folks on the face of the planet, but sooner or later, a bright light beams down on their intolerance and utter hypocrisy for all the world to see.

  • Antonio Talisic

    Cher does know about being teabagged. She has swallowed everything and anyone

  • beefrank

    Cher is just pissed off that she does not get ‘Halfbreed’ royalties from Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.

  • CitizenBrain

    Cher, you’re a wash-uo, last century’s news. Haul your lousy carcass to Red China or Cuba and take that traitor Hanoi Jane with you. BTW, Cher, do you have a high school diploma? I won’t ask about a college degree, because it’s common knowledge that most Hollywierdos never went to college. Hell, most of them are lucky if they have a high school diploma.

  • ChiTownTom

    I love modern day feminism…
    “I am woman, hear me beg!”

    What are you gals going to do if Uncle Barry isn’t around to hold your hands through life?

  • I hear Black Helicopters

    Play more quotes from these Hollywood minions. Cher is the last person to speak seeing her family issues.

  • Kalusa

    Sonny had 98% of the brains and talent between the two of them. It’s been downhill for Cher ever since they split. If it wasn’t for her success as a single parent, raising a successful and well adjusted child, she wouldn’t have anything.

  • Graham Beveridge

    Like this old hag’s 1% irrelevant comment makes any difference, just another Hollyweird elitist spewing rhetoric!

  • wbj

    No education. No intellectual curiosity. No hope of even learning the most simple facts. But this self-aggrandizing fool actually expects someone to listen to her? Please go away. You’ve had your 15 minutes, now just leave quietly.

  • Apocalypto

    Haha STFU you OLD windbag. Go retire to your Socialist Utopian mud hut if you care so effin much. And give more of your own money in taxes if your so worried you effin Libtoad hand wringer.

  • zjak10

    Oh, Cher, Like you want all to believe that YOU give a rats a$$ “about the POOR The OLD The SICK

    The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better LIFE”???

    Oh please.

  • Wilder Napalm

    Cher, stop breathing. Soon you nasty looking old hag.

  • Demsreallysux Smith

    Alec Baldwin swore he would leave the country if Bush got elected also. That scumbag is still here too getting rich from American capitalism, which he hates.

  • Gas_Passer

    Cher smells like sulfur.

  • CL Summit

    just an Idiot off her meds, again.

  • garylee123

    Didn’t she say she was going to leave the US if Bush was elected? Well, we’re waiting.

  • thetnrebel

    good maybe the bimbo will hold her breath

  • Darrell B

    Cher: if you ‘care’ so much, make the check out to: ‘United States Treasury’; sign and leave the amount blank; they’ll take care of the rest. Thank you.

  • disgustedwithlibs1

    At least he is a MAN, not like her daughter.

  • Americaweeps

    It’s people like cher and the rest of the “lotus eaters” that are one of the problems in this country.

  • $21806424

    Glad to see the liberal tolerance and celebration of diversity is being displayed so well here.

  • One Concerned Citizen

    That’s the answer. Stop breathing.

  • DoubIenaughtspy

    Cher has an opinion? Tell me why I should care what this baboons backside thinks. Thinks is probably too strong a word, doubt she’s capable.

    • Gas_Passer

      That is a good discription of Cher….baboons backside! Ha ha ha!!!

  • $21363939

    I wonder if she realizes her HATE speech echoes the diatribes of the KKK and their attempts to dehumanize African Americans?…probably not. Replacing one expression of hate and bias with another is hardly PROGRESS cher…or did YOU miss that?

  • Augusta001

    Wasn’t she aborted at some early on….?

  • Poto63

    The term “jumped the shark” may be out of date, but it appears Cher has done a triple flip with a belly flop landing while completing the proverbial shark jump. All the while forgetting that her celebrity relevance disappeared with Sonny.

  • Miles to Code

    So does Cher have some new upcoming project or is she just feeling lonely and wants some attention?

    Who gives a crap if she breaths or not?

  • M

    Cliche-ridden tweet by Cher, the Human Cliche herself. Drudge just increased her “followers” a thousand-fold. So much hatred, so little exposure.

  • rimpy

    democrats are about as stupid and vile and putrid and evil as any foreign enemy we have dealt with. Why, just because they are our domestic enemy, do we tolerate them to our mortal detriment?

  • TTL

    I don’t want her to breathe air. Any air.

  • Gigante

    Yeah Cher, you’ve done real great raising those kids of yours with your set of values. Just look how they turned out with you as their mom.

  • JTB

    Dried out hosebag Cher – do us a favor and hold your breath for 10 minutes – you will solve yourt stated concern and eliminate one more gasbag from polluting the air.

  • beenthere

    She needed Sonny to mature with some insight and dignity. Or someone like Ike to slap some sense into her. Oops, sensitivity lapse. Back to class.

  • judithod

    Cher confirms that she is an idiot.

  • Conservative AND Republican

    No child goes hungry in America as the result of the inaction of either main political party. To say so is a bold faced lie. There are tons of hunger programs on the federal and state level. Any child that is not served, is so because of a drunk, addicted, uncaring, or incompetent parent or caregiver, not the republican or democratic parties. Election year talk is not an excuse for these lies and smears. You either have integrity as a citizen or you don’t, and people who talk like this don’t.

  • Leone

    Tea Partiers are homophobic and woman hating, too? So, what’s left? That we’re child molestors, as well?
    This descent into filthy gutter politics is no surprise to me. Leave it to desperate and hateful Democrats–and their tinsel town media sluts–to always take the low road. They can’t win by touting any real accomplishments–so they seek to trash opponents with personal invective.
    And it turns most American’s stomaches to see politics get so nasty and mean-sprited.
    It would serve Obama supporters right if Mitt Romney stuck to a serious issues-based campaign–highlighting 4 years of failed Democrat policies, millions of unemployed, and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.
    Let’s leave the Dems to roll in the muck this fall for all the American people to see. Mitt just needs to stick to the issues and he will blow Obama’s street trash politics away–in a landslide.

  • Mr. Mom Jeans

    Cher doesn’t breathe air anymore….she absorbs it through her reptile skin

  • Hector Hernandez Corpus Christ

    She needs to stop talking and stick to singing.

  • Vegascelt

    I would think Cher would be used to Tea Bagging.

  • Martin Weiss

    Thanks for your opinion Cher – I always get my moral and political bearings from narcissistic has-beens like yourself.

  • Ken Denbow

    Heh, just because they are “entertainers” and have a lot of fans by no means gives them any insight to the political minds, not does it give them the facts and the basic smarts to have opinions that actually matter. Susan Sarrandon (SP) is a great case in point. High School graduate was trying to tell military officials, most of whom have a PHD or better in their fields how to run a war.
    Hey Celebrities, put on your make-up and “entertain” us. If you cant do that then shut the hell up

  • Danceswithdachshunds

    So Cher, I guess Mitt’s single-handedly creating same sex ‘marriage’ in Massachusetts wasn’t good enough for you? As governor he alone made the executive order to all clerks to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples – only him. He was NOT ordered by any court to do that, (MA courts technically have no power to order anyone to do anything anyway), and there was ZERO legislation which was indeed what the court ordered, (and they did nothing).

  • rbcintexas

    She is more than welcome to hold her breath and stop breathing. It would only cause us to lose one more Liberal wacko.

  • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    Please remind the hypocritical and homophobic Cher just how well she embraced it.

    “While Cher remained a star, her personal life remained stagnant. Her daughter Chastity announced that she was gay and began campaigning for gay rights. Cher tells “My response to Chastity being Gay was very un-Cher like. I didn’t know what to do and who to turn to, I was devastated! The funny thing is I knew all along that she was gay, I just didn’t want to admit it.” Cher’s current relationship with her daughter is extremely strong and Cher admits she has learned to except her daughter for who she is. ”

  • Jupiterkcc

    I thought she died with her career…

  • stargazeman

    Here’s a simple sample survey…hit the LIke button if you do NOT want Obama reelected.

    Cher, you might want to keep track..

  • Mr. Mom Jeans

    I’m sure drag queens everywhere will respond in kind.

  • freeinaz

    And why anyone would listen to this delusional has been is amazing.

  • JBSPuddintane

    Schut-up Shair.

  • Dashark

    Cher is a failed mother and an idiot.

  • $149474

    cher is a freak, enough said….

  • Ruth

    Great News. Dont let the door hit you in the rear on the way out, and please take some of your idiot liberal friends with you!!

  • Cincinnatus

    What an idiot. Sure glad I don’t look to Hollywood to tell me how to vote.

  • Guest

    That’s the answer. Stop breathing.

  • towman5

    i would be happy to donate a pc incorrect plastic bag she could try on

  • Dunnyveg

    “Racist?” “Tea bagger?” I don’t want to breathe the same air as somebody who uses childish insults as a substitute for good argument.

    So, it’s mutual. Will Comrade Cher be departing for Cuba or N Korea?

  • Jack

    Stand Cher next to Mitt and ask: which of these two people represents the America the Founders envisioned. Also ask: which of the two has contributed the most to our society. Finally, ask Cher to grab Barbra and Alec and go off and buy their own island company. That way they will not have to breathe the same air. What a nut case!

  • Danceswithdachshunds

    One consolation for you Cher, we all liked Rush’s resurrection of your hit song “Half Breed” that he played last week as an ‘update’ on Elizabeth Warren’s election campaign. I’m certain Rush paid you the appropriate royalty/fee.

  • PeteRoeder

    Hey Cher, you stupid cow, go breathe the air somewhere else then. If you don’t like the candidates of one party, vote for somebody else.

  • $8105658

    OK, you can take Chas and leave. But we are taking back this country.

  • Machismo

    Cher doesn’t want to breathe the same air as Romney? Good Cher, Sufficate!

  • towman5

    maybe she will join some others and leave the country as they keep stating,another reason to vote for Mitt

  • Steelyal

    WOW Romney lost Cher’s vote. lol We have to ask Julia about that. OOOhhh wait she can’t think for herself.

  • Heytherenow…

    Now that a hate speech…

  • jcvolt

    Is she really that ignorant?

  • bucketstealer

    I’ve always found it ironic that they use a derogative term for homosexuals to describe people they claim are patently not homosexual or tolerant of homosexuals.

    It’s like calling white supremacists n****rs. Like much else of leftism/collectivism, it doesn’t make much sense.

  • Steelyal

    Just remember. Lib/atheists/anarchists tried to tell us Obama is the smartest President ever. Man i have some stock to sell them

  • Gas_Passer

    Cher, go find you a young stud and leave us alone!

  • KR K

    Give her a break, she had just come out of plastic surgery and didn’t know what she was saying.

  • SDRiders

    If Cher and her lib celeb cronies just stopped breathing, period, that would suit me just fine.

  • Mike

    So…is she holding her breath now?

  • LMJ313

    Cher, conservatives breathe the same air as the President and you don’t see us threatening to leave the country or other such nonsense. Follow in your daughters footsteps and man-up. Show some freaking dignity, for Pete’s sake.

    • Joan

      Certainly seems Obama followers are nut cases…perhaps they believe in his socialistic society they will be royalty, I believe he is a dictator who will take down anyone for his own purpose…..

  • $1718659

    Good – leave! We’re sick and tired of you Hollyweird morons thinking you know all there is to know about everything. Get the hell out and stay out! And don’t change your minds like you did when Bush was elected, either!

  • $24185928

    Cher’s still alive?

  • hillcoguy

    Cher doesn’t want to breathe the same air as Romney and his ‘racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters’
    As the brains of the pair, at one time…WWSS?
    (What would Sonny say?)

  • kimdi01

    Enough celebrities have threatened to move out of the US if their candidate didn’t win. Ask Alec Baldwin how that went. I think the US would be better off if the dimwitted bigoted celebs (their way or no way) went away and never came back. Try China or Russia. Take your wealth to France and see how it is to live as a Socialist. Just shut up and GO!

  • BadWhisky

    Why do the Hollywierd folks think they actually matter so much? Most of these folks do not have a solid education and without a script they cannot for a coherent sentence.

  • Meowhiss

    Why I have been breathing the same air as that worthless excuse of a human. Just look at what she has accomplished as a mother (an incubator really). Let us also add the brain capabilities that she may have handed down. O please punish us and leave, pleeeese do!

  • jcvolt

    I get so fed up with left wing elitists who think that anyone else’s success will take away from theirs. If they succeed in destroying America they lose everything too.

  • Steelyal

    Hollywood = cocaine addiction

  • Ming the Merciless

    Welcome to Canada, Cherie Whore…the Hell’s Angels are looking for extra sows to walk Yonge street!

  • Dr Moon

    What will they say in seven months or so and America is in a Civil War instituted by Obama and his minions, Sharpton, Jackson, Rev. Wright and Farrakhan. When the economy crumbles under Hyper Inflation and people really are Starving and dying here in America. When there’s no fuel, electricity, food or sanitation. What will they say then?

  • SharingNews

    Please move out of this country.
    Also, I just keep getting thousands in hospital bills from the last two months, please make a check payable to “cash”; $10k should cover it. I’m poor, so please, do care. Do as you say, to prove you are better.
    I dare you.
    PS: I’m a woman.
    PPS: Still waiting for that check.

  • ernst1776

    Hold the presses Cher doesn’t want to breathe same air as the Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters George Bush. No wait, John McCain, No, No she means Robert Dole.. wait, what year is this?

  • jonrmoore

    Right back at you sweetheart. What did Sonny ever see in you?

  • Barry Levy

    Good, let her go and maybe her attempts to stay in the spotlight will be met by those that can’t stand to breathe the air or hear the voice of this RACIST, Bigoted person that to me isn’t paying her fair share, and is emitting far too much CO2 for this country’s carbon reduction policies.

  • Larry Miller

    It’s not hard now to see why she produced a shehe child. There has always been something very strange about her.

  • kestrel27

    Like most stupid Liberals, Cher is just proving how they don’t use their brains for anything. Everything with Progressives is emotions and “HATE” for anyone that doesn’t march in jackbooted lockstep with them. Funny listening to a nutjob Lib like Cher, complaining about Someone like Romney,being a racist when it was the Party she supports that stood in the doorways of Southern Schools trying to prevent little Black children from getting in, and were the founders of the K.K.K. Good God, Cher is an idiot.

  • purple1960


  • Mark Lang

    “If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if i can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters”
    Then don’t

  • Steelyal

    Obama Admin 8.1 % unemployment?? Why are there 45 million people on foodstamps?? Does it add up.

  • Rteepee

    And just wh the hell is Cheer that she can rant about someone else with the life style she has led.

  • RDavid1020

    If Cher had anything of value that I would NOT purchase then I wouldn’t purchase it. But she hasn’t had anything of value for years so all she can do is spout her hate.

  • Joe Marquis

    Only one can lead us out of this nightmare that was started back in 1913. Ron Paul is the only and correct choice no matter how you twist it. He is the true front runner despite the lying whore media controlled by the Globalist scum that have been hand picking our presidents now for decades. Get a clue already, I am so tired of living in my own country now surrounded by jelly fish morons.

  • Daniel G

    Hmmm. Who’s the one REALLY filled with hate?

  • Guess

    So she demonstrates that even Idiots know how to tweet?
    All of that phony hair to cover that empty vacuum of tired, old, grey matter makes for good nesting of Libbybugs.

  • Snake_Oilbama

    If you have a twitter account, tweet to @cher and let her know that it is UNFAIR that she doesn’t pay enough in taxes as a rich 1% elitist and that she should write a BIG check to the US Treasury immediately. Obama wants and needs her $ and it is UNFAIR that she have so much. Let’s see how this leftist hypocrite likes a taste of Obama’s medicine, or are taxes just for us serfs?

  • 908Patriot

    to late, idiot!

  • HappyAsALark

    she’s not dead yet?

  • $27805435

    I’d say, “Cher, just shut up and sing,” but I don’t want to hear that awful noise; so, “Cher, just shut up.”

  • Bandit

    Good – maybe she should stop

  • Ernest

    no wonder her “son” is SO SCREWED up!

  • NonElite

    I will have to admit that I was wrong about Cher. Until now, I didn’t think I could possibly think less of her. My mistake.
    Yesterday I just thought of her as a typical gutter trash celebrity. Who knew she had such talent as a mindless character assassin?

  • Also Wondering

    Dear Cher, When Romney gets elected please remember to STOP BREATHING……….

  • RobX

    Ok. So stop breathing it. No one is forcing you. Do us all a favor and stop breathing.

  • Rteepee

    I intentionally wrote Cheer as she sounds like a Cheer leader because of the hollywood miscreants that have no morals when it comes to the other humans that share the planet with them. I sometimes wonder how all these actors and hollywood azzholes would survive without those of us that do all the other work that has to be done to build the world around them. Hell, they don’t even build their own sets nor are all of them qualified to direct. I really am sorry though as I will not miss them if they all leave the United States of America

  • $6557272

    Cher is in her own world. Let’s just leave her there!

  • Mike Jones

    Good. Maybe she will go far, far,far, away.

  • markj100

    When I think about how I’m a Republican and I am a homophobic women
    hating tea bagger, it makes me wonder why I am this way, but then I
    remember, Cher doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. Oh,
    that’s right. Republican’s actually give more to charity than Democrats,
    try to get people off the food stamp rolls instead of on, develop jobs
    for those who need them, are responsible for the passage of equal rights
    for all races….all I can conclude is the woman (see Cher) is
    nuts!….I’m not homophobic, but I admit to being Cherophobic!

  • Roxanna Ellington Moser

    Who cares what Cher thinks. These Hollywood types act as though we’re all out here hanging on their every word. Who is she going to convince to vote against Romney?

  • sandiego1969

    Well, if Cher doesn’t want to live anymore she should more to Oregon where assisted suicide is legal.

  • robertg222

    Well if the only thing she can say against Romney is 2nd grade level name calling then Romney must be a good choice.

  • jasmineToo

    And what makes anyone think that there is anyone out there who cares about what Cher thinks?

  • socal63

    Cher, Honey you can go move to north korea and have all the communism you can handle when your dear leader gets defeated.

    its time to restore America back to its traditional values and the things that made us great, and if a bunch of nutjob actors leave the country over it, so much the better.
    Just wish we were putting up someone that isnt a wealth redistributing socialist like Romney, but at least its a step in the right direction from where were at.

  • 2Fast4U

    Cher, Dont let the door hit you on your butt on your way out of the U.S.

  • nancym14

    Oh the hollyweirdos that have made money for nothing especially Cher…where’s the talent? Cher needs to shut up she is so left that incest to her would be fine too.

  • Jerry Frey

    Cher! Her expiration date is long overdue, like Ted Nugent.

  • drofmanythings

    Well. I guess thee are now 100,000,000 or so peolple who will no longer wish to breath the air at a Cher concet, movie theater playing a Cher movie, or even breath in their own living rooms while watching her on a TV show. Click! Celebrities are really so far gone they feel insulated from any decline in heir fan base or popularity, that is, until it actually happens and they say “Why isn’t anyone showing up?” Just ask Sean Penn, Linda Rhonstat, Oprah, and Susan Sarandon, among others. I can’t believe she is so self destructive and intolerant. Sorry, Cher, I used to dig you, Babe, but not anymore. You have just turned yourself into an unlovable, bitter has-been celebrity with no audience. Enclosed I am returning my fan club card.

  • vidkid

    Spoken from a has been, old wh ore!

  • Wang Newton

    Well perhaps this bitter old bitch should just f’ off and die…that would solve the problem!

  • brendawatkins

    So don’t breathe.. I’m cool with that!

  • FedUpAFVet

    She’s always been a complete mess. Why should this surprise anyone?

  • ak47rocks

    Ho hum.

  • Stephen

    Thats why trillions of dollars spent on the war on poverty has been a failure. There has been no change in the plight of the poor. Cher needs to go to school to learn how to think intelligently and see what is going on. Not just listen to all her moronic hollywood buddies. The thing the Liberals don’t do is give their own money. they are free to donate any and all of their money if they believe in what they say but they take mine, and hire lawyers and accountants to hide and keep their millions. They are the 1% they are the one’s who haven’t earn what they have. Play acting, my kids do that for free.

  • Sine Labore Nihil

    The only thing Cher knows about Tea Baggers is the many bags she has had on her chin…

  • craigs

    Theres all that tolerance the left has. One day the left will get their wishes. They will hopefully end up with an administration that is extremely at odds with them and then let’s see heads roll.

    It’s the only thing the left understands; they preach tolerance and practice hatred.

  • Kathy Hansen

    Cher, you are an idiot. The party you seem to love, keeps people in poverty but that’s OK with you-as long as you feel good about yourself in your incredibly lavish lifestyle.

  • Cash Mccall

    Cher, may I suggest that you stop breathing.

  • Warren Wilson

    Perhaps a respirator is in order?


    She is an old has been hag, who drove her daughter into homosexuality and becoming a man. Who the hell would be proud to be a woman with that slug of a mother? Why anyone would pay to see her or pay any attention to her is beyond me. She is a failure as a mother, a person and now even her singing ability has gone down the drain. She wants to leave the country? I will send her a free ticket to get the hell out, another piece of trash gone is a blessing to our country!

    • Sine Labore Nihil

      Where do I send my donation for Cher departure ticket?

  • E. Daniel Arey

    She mentions Romney’s hate…yet her statement is as hateful as it gets.

  • Darkangel

    What a dumb C***!

  • Gary Levine

    Another misguided liberal know nothing rant by a OLD Surgically modified not very attractive has been

  • stacie1

    Shut up Cher! I grew up being a big fan of yours, and then I Grew Up!!!!!!!

  • NotSoPerfect

    Cher has about as much credibility while talking politics as does Sean Penn and other lefties in Hollywood. Both are avowed leftists, socialists, and part of the crowd that would be under investigation if we had a HCUAA today! I suggest she and all her lefty toady friends get the hell out of my country! I’ve had enough of her ilk, and her socialist bullsh&t.

  • Big Louie 15

    With all Cher’s surgeries you think that one of them would have implanted a semblance of a brain.

  • Gary Levine

    Bill Maher, Rosie O’Donnell, Susan Sarandan, Alex Baldwin, Charles Barkley, Cher, and the lot are getting the praise of stupid followers. Now BO has turned into little more than a late night comic. Have some more Kool Aid mindless sheep.

  • Jake Randy

    Just because Cher can’t seem to breed straight children, she doesn’t have to blame Romney. She is a dried up hose bag and needs to keep her mouth shut.

  • Michael Rogers

    Why is she living in a mansion in Hollywood? Hasn’t she give all her money to the Poor, Old, Sick and Hungry Children? What a f-ing hypocrite..and oh yeah her kids turned out normal….ha!

  • Nate Hale

    No wonder her kid is so screwed up.

  • James

    The only thing I know about Cher is that she complains about everything all the time. She never has any thing nice to say about anything. Not that it matters much, since she is pretty much irrelevant since she broke up with Sonny.

  • Sally Horton

    not sure which is more amusing.. the thought of Cher maybe offing herself so she doesn’t have to breath the same air, or the idea that tea partiers support Romney.. oh, wait.. she said teabaggers… lord only knows who they support. I ‘believe’ she removed her brain to have more room for her hair.

  • ancient

    i wish she would quit using up our air.


    Plenty of rancid air in Cuba or Venezuela – the beech would fit right in.


    Cher’s Afro Wig is on too tight. ….Thus effecting her brain and train of thought…….. wait a minute…. Cher is just a “has been” trying to make good with the black man because all of us meanie white people might make Obama look like a second rate Jimmy Carter in the coming elections……yep….that’s it… is all about us meanie white people

  • Doobie Brothers

    She’s still alive?

    • $21363939

      If you call that livin! LOL

  • vidkid

    Only thing Cher knows is a huge cucumber between her legs!

  • Jim1937

    Feel free not to breathe. We couldn’t care less what an over age in grade hippie broad thinks.

  • Guest

    When might these people leave for Canada or other unknown destinations? If they give us a date, time, and place I’m sure there are many willing to see them off!!

  • oneshoo1

    WOW – well I guess when you’ve had that much plastic fat injected into
    your face that’s been taken out of your butt I would think things would
    smell different. The rubber band factory is going to be able to re-use
    all that fat again I’m sure. So did he hate your son/daughter before he
    knew you had a daughter/son? Cher as the road map – can the cliff be
    far away?

  • ozlanthos

    When someone assigns for you an enemy, they are you enemy! That is my
    new mantra! Many assume that the person next to them is having the same
    thoughts that they are, 99.99999% of the time you are WRONG! So when
    someone tells you that someone you don’t know wants to kill you, rob
    you, or is lying to you, for no reason you can discern, then the informant is your enemy!
    Their thoughts are not for you, their intent is not for you, it is for
    them! When they see a threat to their interests, and cannot think how to
    over-come it on their own, they tell you it is your problem so that you
    will deal with it for them. Look around, the primary recipient of
    these complaints is THE GOVERNMENT! That is where all of these bs
    liberty-killing bits of legislation that keep coming down the pike
    originate! They can’t figure out how to watch their weight on their own,
    so they tell the FDA to make food manufacturers change their products
    for them. They cannot smoke marijuana without becoming a co-dependant
    couch-potatoe, so the they tell the DEA to keep illegal so they can’t
    have it. They cannot be bothered with raising their children, so they
    tell the Dept of Ed, to make schools do it for them!



  • Mike

    Right Cher. Thanks for running your clueless liberal mouth again. Oh well, I guess you just saved me some more money because my days of purchasing your music will be coming to an end. Just like I did with the dixie chicks, tom hanks movies etc. Why can’t you people just do your job and keep your big mouths shut about politics.

  • Rick

    so leave obama is going to take her money tax the hollywood rich!!!

  • blight14

    The feeling is mutual vile woman, WE don’t want to be around you and yours either………

  • redtop

    Cher is the gift that keeps on giving to Independents and Conservatives alike……Lecture everyone else on getting their house in order when you have one child changing their sex from woman to man, another child at one time in rehab for a heroin addiction, one husband a drug addict and her own tales of drugs, sex and rock n roll……not to mention apparently being so insecure and unhappy with who you are, that you reconstruct your entire physical self with plastic surgery.

    • Sweetrae

      You pretty much summed that up. Typical F*up liberal lecturing us on morality.
      That’s like Calypso Louie Farrakhan lecturing at a synagog.

  • cristo52

    This gets simpler every time one of these idiots opens their mouth: Alec Baldwin, De Niro, Cooney, now this buffoon, savin’ a lot of money not going to the movies.

  • Don Woods

    Romney is everything you say…Ron Paul 2012!

    • GodsavethePeasants

      Yea, Ron would propbably put Cher in his administration as chief of menstruation, since he is a vagina checker doctor; moron.

  • Eileen Dover

    Simple solution Cher baby! Tie a plastic bag over your head.

  • Carabec

    Seems Cher is dipping into the Sherry! I hope this time when celebrities promise to leave the U.S. if their guy is not elected, that promise is kept!

  • M S

    She’s a freaking idiot and an old woman trying to look like she’s 25. She’s a ridiculous phony, ultra rich, intolerant, elitist liberal….living a daily lie of a life. What she says doesn’t matter. Ignore this fool and she’ll go away.

  • Kristi Haynes

    grow up and put some clothes on Cher, you’re pathetic

  • americanfirst

    A hundred bucks that given the due diligence we find that Romney and his family have through their contributions and personal charity done more than 100x what Cher has done for “the POOR The OLD The SICK
    The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better

  • Harry Jismsm

    Eat S**t, B**ch!! You are a worthless hasbeen, good for nothing. Yeah, I hope you move to Canada, or better, Argentina or Cuba! And take the rest of your hollywood commie trash with you. Bye Bye

  • Eileen Dover

    Cher – come on the air isn’t that bad. Just man up like Chaz and breath. It will be good for your “brain”.

  • Bill Novelline

    Do you remember the straw man in the “Wizard of OZ”. He wanted a brain.Well we need him now to provide one for Cher. We should not spew hate towards Cher but we should pity her afterall she is ignorant.

  • $14645367

    I can’t sand Romney but this is typical and so sad. America is indeed sick.

    • Eileen Dover

      What’s wrong with Romney?

  • hs2094

    I heard that Cher would be endorsing a new thong-style Depends product for the “sexy and 70″…

  • Dan R

    Is that old broad still alive…I thought that mega scank was dead?

  • SnakeUSMC

    Please cher, after the election, DON’T breath. It will be a blessing for all of us.

  • mcgirv

    Who cares what that senile old hag says?!

  • $25864354

    Really Cher…you imbecile.

  • Zeke

    Stop breathing than.

  • Roger Dowd

    Let’s see… he didn’t drown a woman in his car, be charged several times with attempted rape, use presidential campaign money to hide a mistress who was carrying his baby while his wife had cancer. Oh, yes! In liberal eyes he MUST hate women! Now here’s a Hollyweirdo who wants kindness and tolerance for her adorable Chaz but has no problem spewing hatred about people she doesn’t know. And the racism charge; it’s just about all the left has. As for teabagging; who would know better than Cher.

  • Rose

    Cher. I thank heavens that I don’t have to listen to the same songs you made all your life. I don’t have to listen to same sound waves you generate!

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    I didn’t know Cher was still breathing.

  • clayguy1

    I’ve attended tea party rallies, and never once did I see racists. I saw black, Indian, white, oriental, and Native Americans, who were upset at the the policies of this administration. Some were democrats, some were independents, and many were republicans, but racists, Nope… I’m white, but I’m not a racist. Could care less about a persons ethnic background. It’s character and what they want for this country that counts. What President Obama wants is not what I want. I think we can disagree, and not be racist. I was born in the 40s. Believe me, I know what racism is. We have nothing even close to that today, on a grand scale, as the Democrats tell you. If you haven’t an argument, you call them racists. I’m sick of it.

  • rjm2238

    Perhaps the best solution here for Cher; and frankly the rest of the human race, is to see that she simply stops breathing. That way there is no chance she breathes Mr. Romney’s air or worse, we have to breath hers. One more thing; just looking at the shrill, panic stricken, hyperbole in her remarks basically has me craving Election Day. I cannot wait to see the reaction of her and the rest of the human debris of the left when their messiah suffers a crushing defeat and they lose the Senate and more seats in the House to boot! Man, I’m telling you all it is going to be sweet, just sweet as can be. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will all flip out and do something crazy so we can get rid of them all, once and for all. Imagine, no more Leftist garbage dragging down the country, no more vicious rhetoric inciting hate and racism and finally no more class warfare, greed and envy. Wow, and we can do this, it is within our reach! Just vote out all Democrats and we are there. Rich in New Mexico.

  • ozlanthos

    As much as I dislike most of what comes out of Cher’s mouth, I have to admit, she is right about one thing….Mitt is one scary turd! In all honesty, if I didn’t have a choice in the matter, I would vote for Obama just to make sure that Mitt didn’t benefit from my vote. Fortunately I do have a real choice, and hence do not have to succumb to the cursed ideal of voting for the lesser of two evils. Instead, I’m voting for the only candidate that has EVER “earned” my vote….I’m voting for Ron Paul!


  • Coag

    Cher…………really……..does anybody care what she say’s. Half of the people in this country don’t even know who she is,…..and the other half could probably care less what a rich chick thinks about politics. Try living on my salary Cher, then you’ll care about who is running the country on a level that is not influenced by your hatred for republicans. What ever happened to caring about the deficit…….with a democrat in the white house, tripling the national debt is just fine, in fact its needed. Hypocrites united for the destruction of America.

  • FreemonSandlewould

    Easy answer Cher: Stop Breathing.

  • seenbetterdaze

    I dreamed that the election was over, and all the leftwingnuts like Cher, Baldwin, Behar, Whoops, Chris tingles, etal were so upset that their Messiah lost that they ALL moved to France! GOOD DREAM!

  • pink42

    This from a mother who managed to totally f*%k up her daughter to the extent that the kid doesn’t know who or what she is. Yeah, obviously someone we want to listen to and emulate. LOL, LOL

  • Nobody

    And where is Pres. Obama and his stance on gay marriage? Cher are you there….?

  • orson

    What she means is that, as she is now an, 80 year old martian, she cannot breathe
    air from earth………

  • scr1bbler

    Cher should not have to breathe the same air as the Tea Party. So when she travels outside the rarified atmosphere of La La Land, I suggest she hold her breath.

  • arthur_gould

    Cher is actually pissed because no self respecting man is willing to “Tea-bag” her anymore because she’s an old hasbeen pig. She should ski into a tree in Aspen.

  • Trisha Doherty

    Shes looking more and more like her son from the movie “mask” every day…

  • $25864354

    This woman needs to get to the doctor quick!! Her brain is missing.

  • Paul

    cher ure weird

  • Dustoff


    I hear France is looking for a few millionaires. They could use some of yours.
    Give it a try and leave.

  • joe

    Cher’s own astonishing ignorance and bigotry is showing. It’s bigger than her Afro and all of Montana.

  • Trisha Doherty

    Cher, how does your does IT feel about Romney?

  • brewitstrong

    Sometimes it’s good to have enemies.

  • VeteranJack48

    I don’t think she has been breathing the same air anyway for the past number of decades since her air has been filled with ‘wacky tobacy’ that damages brain cells!

  • joe

    Hey, come to think of it, maybe she should try living in IRAN.

  • BeauDCrab

    Tanslation: Someone! Anyone! Validate Me! to the rescue! (sort of)

  • BobDaTemp

    What a nice compassionate liberal, old woman.

  • callmebond

    Another IGNORANT Obama-PROPAGANDA-EATING TOOL reveals herself. Bye, Cher. You have just alienated a large segment of your audience. Tell us, is ignorance REALLY bliss?

    • brewitstrong

      I didn’t know she still had an audience. In fact, I didn’t know she was still alive. Thought she went down with the Titanic.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    She has a choice.

    Cher can stop breathing any time now…

  • Greg Squires

    Who is Cher anyway? She is just a plastic shell of her former self. She has declared war on herself by tucking and snipping, coloring and tinting, all in the hope of living forever. It won’t be long before she ends up like Goldy Hawn and Meryl Streep. Parts are going to start to fall off, then she won’t have fingers to tweet with…Hope it happens soon..

  • seenbetterdaze

    Does Cherie realize she is one of the hated 1%? She should go down to the OWS crowd and see if they applaud her…oh wait…they are so dumb they don’t even consider Celebs 1%ers.

  • Darcy

    Dumass, she has a pinched nerve in her neck. Tell the whole story, if you can read all those big words. U remind me of the tanning salon lady, but she’s a beauty compared to you.Ugly on the inside.

  • Alot

    Cher is on the bottle again. God Bless her.

  • Sanity1954

    Now there is a woman we should all listen and learn from…NOT!!!


    Cher has a right to her opinion people…dont hate!! Cher is F’n awesome, she’s got a great heart, think wot u like, she’s done ALOT for people, before u criticize her take a look at ur own miserable lives…No one comes close to Cher…I LOVE YOU CHER xoxo

  • stormykitteh

    yeah, listen to her – Cher sooo knows how to pick ’em. Who jumped her battery? It’s as if the Reanimator has come to town. Utterly creepy a la Creature Feature. ugh

  • brewitstrong

    It’s really quite telling how liberals envision themselves to be intellectually superior to conservatives but hang their hats on trendy words like “teabaggers” uttered by leftist talking heads. You’d think they’d use their superior minds to actually coin their own phrases.

  • James

    socialist pig..


    speak ur mind cher, dont let haterz stop u!!

  • [email protected]

    ‘And The Breathe Goes On’

  • Lori

    Why these aging has-beens are given the attention they get is beyond me. Cher’s rant is pathetic…Is she trying to make a come back? I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!

  • drewynp

    Does that mean she will be leaving the country, along with Sarandon, et al, when Romney wipes the map with Obama’s face?

  • doree10

    Cher who? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • pendit1

    A solution could be arranged for Cher’s dilemma should Romney prevail.
    Amazing what some old celebrities will say for a few minutes of limelight

  • savage

    Wow she’s still alive??? I didn’t really even know she was still breathing herself .. Cher baby,.. That’s sad… Still trying to make your self relevant again… LMAO.. Plastic Faced and old old old…
    Smoochie Booches

  • Elbert Bonner

    Can’t celebs like Cher not say Tea Party supporters? They always have to say, “teabaggers.” Perhaps if they didn’t have such filthy minds and hate filled thoughts they would speak with some modicum of decent.

    • brewitstrong

      Are you kidding, she has to have a teleprompter just to say teabagger. Kinda’ like her hero, King, I mean Prez Hussein.

  • Obozo

    I personally love when these liberals spew their hate. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

  • oldvlc

    Two people on this earth I wish I never had to see again are Cher and Karl Rove. Both have outlasted their usefulness. Maybe at 13 I liked Sonny and Cher, but anyone as old as her who works as hard as she does to appear to be 40 years younger than she is HAS to be deranged.

  • Obozo

    Oh the love she projects.

  • Seacop


  • sailordude

    She sounds very racist to white people! (she’s not white BTW)

  • Chuhyona

    Half Breed – She must have ment Half Brain. :-)

  • susie4dy

    This one reason I stopped going to movies and concerts! Stupid liberals!!!!!

  • AlThompson

    Who cares what that over the hill moronic slut thinks!

  • MissyT111

    Yet another celeb who doesn’t get my $, saving a LOT of money over the past few years…keep talking because you have a mouth Cher

  • Dan Souther

    This women has never supported her Son (who was a women) in public or private and yet slams the Reps? Let me remind her that her son`s step Mom Mary Bono a Rep has always come out and supported her step son when Cher was hiding under a rock!

  • johnharnes

    who cares? She should threaten to move to France… Please move to France… I guess she would qualify for the new 75 percent tax there…

  • Steve Irwin

    She really worries about the poor as her millions multiply. I have an idea ,all you hollywood do gooders keep 10 million and give the rest to the needy.Anybody can live on 10 mil

  • kpduty

    Poor Cher- so many things she can’t do- poor baby- maybe she should learn to think and wonder about her own life- money yes but depth and good thinking just not there- poor baby!

  • Mary Beth Reid

    She is repulsive.
    WHERE do these Libtards come up with their ideas? Have they ever sat down with a conservative and had an intelligent conversation about what they really believe in?!?!?

  • Daisytoo

    Poor befuddled body dysmorphic Cher.

  • radargeek

    Is she still around or is she stuffed?

    • askerman


      • LeeTimmer

        Stuffed full of sh!t.

      • Sine Labore Nihil

        Stuffed by many, kept as a trophy by none. What a useless POS she is, was, or has been.

  • LeeTimmer

    Isn’t “tea bagger” a slur used by “homophobes?” If so, why do reps of the “tolerant Left” keep using it?

    • Sine Labore Nihil

      Nope, you are wrong, Teabagging is used more by heterosexuals but, can be used by homos as well. It is an insult to call someone a “TeaBagger” who doesn’t perform the act nor know what it means. In any use, it is an insult and sexual meaning so when Obama uses it, he would be making a sexual act comment.

  • askerman

    It is no wonder why Sonny committed suicide.

  • k962

    Dear Cher you are not relevant!

  • BobnHouTX

    I spent more than 20 years in the US Army and Army Reserve defending your right to spew the dumb crap you and your Liberal Hollywood pals spew. I hate to see the kind of crap you spew when my time and my dime paid for it.

  • Beverly Williams

    Cher should know about tea bagging she’s been doing it since the 60’s. She is up for mother of the decade she’s done so well with her kids. Her hair has more IQ then she does. As far as that goes her shoe size is a larger number then her IQ. This also coming from a woman who disrespected all Native Americans with her songs. She should start packing to move cause Obumer is going down.

  • Jake Randy

    Cher = dried up worthless hag. I don’t want to be in the same room to breath her air, especially when she farts. Due to all the chemical additives that she has injected to keep her looking young, she would probably explode. They would need a hazmat team to dump the garbage after it was all (thankfully) over.

  • Elbert Bonner

    Libs like Cher can’t find it within themselves to refer to TeaParty supporters without calling the a vulgar and profane pejorative, “teabaggers.” Why? Holocaust survivor and speaker, Elie Wiesel, once said that there are two kinds of people in the world; the decent and indecent. Cher clearly states which category she fits into.

  • Paulii

    We all knew the “I’ll leave the country” crowd would spew their vitriolic brand of hate. Cher is entitled to her opinion, and her 8 fans likely enjoy her empty-headed ideas.

    Can’t wait to see the next 8 years of Conservative rule, as these dimwits revert to their hate-filled low-IQ commentary.

  • Bill Jones

    I’ve been waiting for Cher’s comments on the US political scene so I’ll know how to vote in November. Wonder where Sean Penn stands on this?

  • jerseyboyme

    cher .. i used to like seeing you and sonny.. on stage.. But what the hell happened to you it the air you breath in beverly hills.. you all are a bunch of sick rich people.. yeah do us all a ( flavor ) and stop your breathing in case our next new president is x healing….

  • badandyjax

    How do you make a hollywood liberal cry?
    Take away their mirror

  • bleufishcat

    What? No tolerance for diversity?

  • william_stanley

    Please, Cher, by all means, just stop breathing. In 4 minutes or so the rest of us will all be feeling better.

  • packerguy

    She can solve the problem and conserve precious resources (oxygen) if she simply stops breathing.

  • jawebster1

    No wonder Sonny divorced her. I don’t understand why he married her in the first place.

  • Michael Kennedy

    Has she yet learned that the earth evolves around the sun ? She didn’t a few years ago.

  • nonyabus

    Oh Cher, please leave. You won’t be missed. Tell your friends too!
    Ask them to join your movement and leave as well. You spout off about
    Mitt not caring, but I haven’t read anything about your great
    contributions to the “OLD, the HUNGRY CHILDREN, or people striving for a
    better life”. You, Cher, are a hypocrite; just like all your celeb buddies.

  • pokey5735

    I have a suggestion, Cher. How about just stop breathing in the United States. Go somewhere else that digs your leftist dribble because very few people here care what you think.

  • badandyjax

    You have to understand movie stars by nature NEED to bring attention to themselves. They NEED to hear themselves talk and NEED to see there name in lights. Anyway they can. Funny why they make so many movies and show about vampires because they never miss a chance to catch there reflection.

  • Chetty1

    Well Cher… if you feel so badly about the poor, sick, and elderly (who live like kings compaired to most of the world) why don’t you give all your money away to the charities. And let me tell you something…I used to be able to give much more to charities before our government, under most democrat and some republican “rulers”, began lining the pockets of their cronies and giving it away to countries who treat women worse than dogs, cut off peoples heads, and generally hate us.
    PS: Don’t let the door hit you on the arse!

    • Rachel

      Silly, she doesn’t want to spend HER money on the poor…she wants to spend YOUR money on the poor. Democrats are notoriously cheap. They don’t part with a dime if they don’t have to. Look a Buttet…he wants to raise everyone’s taxes, while he owes the IRS almost a BILLION dollars in back taxes. Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e??

  • grey_ghost1

    Excuuuuuse me,, Pinhead, but your stupid is showing…

  • NonElite

    Please Cher, go breathe the Euro trash air for your remaing days. Quit fouling ours. I can’t imagine you’ll be missed.

  • codependent

    She reminds me of a sexual device, buzzing and buzzing, but not real.

  • Rachel

    That’s OK, Cher, honey. We feel the same way about YOU, you old-the-hill freak.

    • Rachel

      that was supposed to be over-the hill

  • cmdr-buzz-corey

    Does Cher really need to breath air? She looks dead.

  • brian b.

    if this was someone talking about Odingo,they would get a visit from the ss,ala ted nugent.

  • bgreshko

    Zero understanding of politics…. or anything really.

  • Cogsys

    More hair than IQ

  • DavidT

    I share Cher’s concern since I do not want to breathe air that she breathes. So please leave the planet immediately!

  • rls976

    It is no part of the constitutional job description of the US presidency for the holder of that office to “care” for this or that class of citizenry. If fluffy-head Cher ever read the Constitution or the Federalist Papers, or various writings of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton or James Monroe, she might be aware of that. No matter. In our warped era the president is supposed to be national healer-in-chief, an official Oprah.

  • lawman_1

    I agree, I don’t want to share air with an over the hill third rate has been entertainer with delusions of intelligence. Back under the rock Cher.

  • kegan05

    Cher? Pfft!

    Over the Hill Hag.

  • Galut1

    A lot of those tea baggers probably have her records and CD in their homes…. Most of the Teabaggers want to see a return to the basic foundations that this nation were founded on ..that does not mean we are not compassionate to those with needs and are not able to work…by and large tea baggers are church going folk and when disaster hits they are generally the first ones you see pitching in and helping…Yes if your lazy and just looking for a handout they may not necessarily enable you to continue mooching…

  • dwinkle

    The Tea Party likes Cher more than Romney. But hell, I’d vote Sonny Bono over Obama.

  • Paul

    If you ask for evidence of her ignorant claims… she , like the entire left would have none to back up her verbal vomit. Oh, i don’t know Cher, maybe you should stop breathing the same air, if you have that much hate in your heart.

  • fieval12

    hold your breathe till you turn blue…who are a typical hollywood moron..I wonder what you hide from the IRS..I think all of you should have tax audits..oh and what a mom huh?

  • Guest

    Good! Go back to Mars or wherever you’re from, and leave the sane part of the US (that which is remaining) to us.

    You never could sing, anyway.

  • Lee Kennedy

    If you really want to stop the “Celebrity Nonsense”…we must stop buying their music, stop seeing their movies and television shows and stop buying products they promote…Believe me, when the money stops rolling in for these people, they will “Shut Up and Sing!”

  • thequill

    It sounds like Cher back on drugs again. I understand that the stars are going to move to Canada if the election does not go their way. Canada is too close. I think China would be a better choice.

  • DavidB

    How much does SHE give to poor and elderly people?Weirdo.

  • Jim Evans

    Cher, go back to grade school and learn how to write, first of all! I think you’re heterophobic!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Virginia

    Cher preferred the company of Leave ’em Dead Ted Kennedy and loves the company of Sexual Predator Bill Clinton.

  • buttchop

    Cher! Cher! Can you please give us a comment that’s more idiotic than the one you made the last presidential election? Or, the one before that? Or, the one before that? Or, the one before that? … Cher! Cher! You’re old. Do you think you’ll be dead soon? Cher! Cher? When did you realize that you were a complete failure as a wife and mother? Was it when you saw your daughter/son/it/whatever whacking it’s surgically implanted yoohoo? Or was it when you saw your ex husband’s drug addled brain stuck to a tree on a ski slope? Cher! Cher! Is your body dead yet or is still just from the neck up? Cher! Cher! Why do you suck?

  • PenelopeAnne

    I’m so tired of these people. So very tired. They just say this stuff for attention.

  • NJK

    This coming from someone who’s daughter is now her son? Good grief, shut up, and move already. We are sick of people promoting communists while profiting from capitalism.

  • lafcat

    She should stick to music. Many artists have views based on their creative minds that does not work in the real world

  • Jullou

    She doesn’t have the educational level (left school at 16) to grasp anything other than leftist ideology of big government regulating every part of our life and making our decisions for us.

  • Osamas_Pajamas


    OhBummer is a fool for attacking the American Tea Partiers. Heck, he thought that he had all of us hoodwinked, hornswoggled, and bamboozled. He’s annoyed that the Tea Partiers are not grateful to him for hijacking the American healthcare system — the greatest act of vandalism perpetrated upon the American people since a gang of jihadi frootloops and loonytoons hijacked some planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers — and the Pentagon, and made a failed attempt to crash into the White House — and instead drilled a hole in a Pennsylvania farm thanks to some very courageous American passengers.

    And — now widely seen for what he is — the president presents a problem for the Democrat-captured media. They pump out his propaganda for him — and, like the opinion monitors in Ayn Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged” — they are dodging brickbats and rotten vegetables.

    He’s pompous, pampered, and pretentious — a pseudo-intellectual fop. He’s a glorified, smooth-lyin’ dandy, and slicker than Sick Willie Clinton. He’s a dictator-on-the-make, a bloodsxcking, predatory humanitarian thug, and a low-down skunk.

    He’s a fraud and a swindler. He lies when he inhales and he lies when he exhales; his oxygen is the falsification of reality. He lies, placidly and laconically, as if deception were a soporific drug.

    He’s a friend of the poor and the downtrodden — indeed, you can hear the milk of human kindness sloshing around inside of him when he walks.

    He declares himself the post-racial leader — “Let me be clear!” he intones — and he hides behind his race, daring his critics to put their reputation for fairness at risk.

    He pauses to ponder the portent of his propaganda — and it is fakery; he smiles and his mendacity comes shining through. Shake hands with Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer — “The Mistake of ‘08” — the illegal alien squatter in the White House until his “papers” have been lab-tested for age and chemicals, etc — the community organizer of the Fleabagger Party — the King of The Republic of Lies — and America’s first and last Arab president. Now count your fingers.

  • mdottwo


  • blueangel69

    I liked Cher back when she was with her conservative handler, Sonny Bono.

  • Americaweeps

    When Cher starts signing my paycheck, then I’ll start giving_a_shit what she thinks.

  • D

    I find it fascinating that people use the term ‘teabagger’ as a slur against the tea party.
    ‘Tea Bagging’ is an act popularized by the homosexual community.
    Isn’t using ‘teabagging’ as a slur a homophobic attack?
    Why does Cher hate Homosexuals?

    • Rachel

      Exactly….I thought they were all for homosexuality! So why is a homosexual act considered an insult???? Hypocrites.

      • Amen Baby

        Exactly. The term is supposed to imply the tea partiers are homosexuals.and dirty because they are doing homosexual acts.
        Seems homosexuality is only good when the left does it.

        • Rachel

          Yup….they are experts in the art of the “double standard”.

  • mam646

    Hey Cher – feel free to stop breathing anytime.

  • Jeanne

    She is intellectually challenged…and the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree either!

  • JosephDygas

    Cher, what an idiot. Deport her to france or the socialist country of choice!

  • jimbake

    Let them all go! I double dare them to go! The U.S. would be a better place if we didn’t have their opinions forced down our throats.

  • DianaManwaring

    I find it interesting that those who demand tolerance aren’t willing to extend it to others. Kirk Cameron put this perfectly during a recent interview in which he explained his stand on gay marriage, homosexuality and abortion:

    “I should be able to express moral views on social issues,” Cameron said, “especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years – without being slandered, accused of hate speech, and told from those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square.”


  • PodBoy

    Well, ‘cher’ is a disgusting pig right?

  • killerbeeeee

    Since when does Madam Tousaints wax figures talk???

  • Son Sam

    Cher’s lifetime of immoral, lewd, freakish, crack-pot Hollywood liberalism emotionally mutilated and psychologically confused her daughter! As a result, Cher’s DNA-verified daughter surgically and chemically mutilated herself, being born a female thinking she is a male!! Being born a female, cutting off her breasts, butchering her vagina to fashion a two-inch piece of meat into a “knob” she thinks is a penis, and perpetually flooding her body her body with toxic levels of testosterone to grow a beard and mustache!! Cher’s bizarre rhetoric is nothing more than pathetic pitiful coping for the sadness, embarrassment, loss, and yes, responsibility she feels….but cannot admit… without losing what little sanity she has left!! What a tragedy!!!

  • jimbake

    Why do actors think their views are so important. Looking at the guest list for the dinner at the White House turned my stomach. The likes of Lindsay Lohan being invited to the White House as if she were important should tell us something about our present administration. The problem is they have so much money that they can’t possibly understand the real condition of the middle class today.

  • ladyeatle

    Poor cher,her brain no longer functions…to many drugs,men and surgeries….

  • John Farrar

    We need more of these idiots to come out in public and spew their stupidity like Cher is doing…so others can see the radical left for who they really are…

  • High Horse

    Go ride another battleship

  • WBCarson

    No wonder Bono left her.
    But really, all i have heard is the most nasty and awful things come from the Left all the while they blame others. If this is the way they are now, what will they be like after the election? The only thing worse to a Liberal would be if Romney was a Jew.

  • joewest666

    Feeling is mutual you F’ing hag.. might I recommend you place the barrel of a .357 gingerly in our mouth aimed at an upright angle and pull the trigger.

    There. problem solved baby.

  • docsaliva

    Go breathe air in 47 other countries – another holloywood goof bucket. She should co-host Bill Maher show – they both appreciate this country only the money they earn – too much.

  • VanessaEsther

    LOL! Hope she moves far far away and takes all her friends with her.

  • Amen Baby

    Funny , I could have sworn Cher stopped breathing in the mid-90’s

  • vanessa565

    Fine, drop dead. Perhaps we don’t want to breathe the same air as an idiot like you either.

  • AZWarrior

    Just the drugs and too much FDS speaking.

  • GringoLingo

    Words from a real life crunt! hOPE THAT 99% OF THE MORONS IN HOLLYWOOD MOVE TO CANADA!!

  • Dammit

    Cher can always return to Armenia. She would be well liked and relevant there.

  • Travis T

    The left won’t be happy until the “the poor, the old, the sick, the hungry children, and people striving for a better life” completely bankrupt this country. Oh yeah, how’s that philosophy working over there in Europe?

  • XD

    Cher… is she even relevant …. I mean her Daughter/Son… gets more attention then her now….

  • Amen Baby

    If Cher has anymore of her assfat injected into her saggin face, you won’t know if she’s coming or going

  • fidlin1

    We’ve held our nose for close to 4 years, it’s your turn

  • kk41192

    that’s the kind of crap you get from the left…. they spew nastiness like children on a playground….

  • Steven Kane

    Well, Cher, you have once again demonstrated the brains of an intelligent clam. I understand that astronomers have identified some planets in other solar systems. Who knows? One or more of them might have air that you would deign to breathe. Let me know if you need money for a ticket!

  • Lea C.

    Uh, yeah… one look at her and you can see her history of great taste and smart choices. 😛

  • Jullou

    I think, by her comment, she is worried that her beloved Marxist obama is not going to win. Why else would she say this? And why would obama say the silly, sophomoric things he says if he was feeling sure about winning.

  • johnd

    Either “Grow Up Cher” or go away…you never were an intellectual and there is no hope for you to become one.

  • ParkerShannon

    Nobody cares!

  • Steve

    No one in their right mind would want to get close to this STD magnet. She might have two brain cells rubbing together but I doubt it. Who cares what this idiot with an IQ of less than her age thinks.

  • MA Jack

    Cher, just another over paid moronic “entertainer”. Room temperature IQ in my view.


    DEMOCRATS PUT THE MOST INCOMPETENT MAN ON THE PLANET IN THE WHITE HOUSE ON PURE HATRED – Cher – your guys carried ‘kill bush’ signs and your black panthers are carrying ‘kill the hispanic’ signs
    WE DON’T DO THAT IN AMERICA – YOU FREAKS THAT GAVE US OBAMA ARE FINISHED………….BARRY destroyed your party Cher – he is wiping you hate mongers off the face of the earth –
    2010 was just a warm-up –

  • John

    Since Cher’s talking through her a ss about this, let’s presume she isn’t saying anything else worth hearing.

    Cher never offered me much. Now she’s gone far in negative. I hope not to hear anything more from her or about her.

  • Uncle Ted

    What a BAFFON!!!

  • TrueCenturian

    I really need to get a printer that uses toilet paper so when Tweets like Cher’s come along I could give them the credit they deserve.

  • Shane

    Wow…she is one stupid woman….par for the course from Hollywood though….vile …..

  • Mike Gordon

    Gee another white christian hating celebrity, who would have known. I am shocked. She would never have said shit If Romney was a jew. But hey si