Julia is just a girl. A wee damsel in distress, all but helpless against the villainous GOP.!/iowahawkblog/status/198039644338782209

Who will save Julia from a lifetime of poverty, disease, and discrimination? Enter Julia’s knight in shining armor—everyone’s knight in shining armor—Sir Barack Obama.!/TeriChristoph/status/198031081470042112

Julia is the star sob story in the Obama campaign’s new interactive tool. And “tool” is right. She exists solely to demonstrate the heroic super powers of The One.!/smoothskinnh/status/198044240230621184

Sure, Julia may have to give up a little freedom and independence. But no worries, Papa Government has her covered:!/jeffemanuel/status/198034154582056960!/travis10brink/status/198044700341575680!/red_red_head/status/198043173866569729

No, really. Barack Obama has her covered for life:!/Geza_belle/status/198041243832434689

Apparently Sandra Fluke wasn’t adequate as the campaign’s tool of choice, so she’s been replaced by a creepy graphic.!/DinaFraioli/status/198032659857936385

See, unlike uppity womenfolk, graphics know their place. There’s no hen-pecking, no asking for stuff, none of that irksome hurting their brains with the thinking. Just smile and look purdy, Julia!

Oops, sorry, Julia can’t smile. Sadly, she has no mouth. Just the way Democrats like their women.!/smoothskinnh/status/198044240230621184

Here’s a glimpse of Julia’s golden life under Obama:!/TeriChristoph/status/198031441282613249!/TeriChristoph/status/198031621151141888!/TeriChristoph/status/198032032104841218!/TeriChristoph/status/198032682133889025

Gosh, that’s a long presidency. Long live The Patriarchy™!!/red_red_head/status/198042391532417024

The right side of the Twitterverse couldn’t help but mock the birth of Julia.!/lheal/status/198034762315743233!/chuck_dizzle/status/198037197734166528!/marciashingleto/status/198041156947415040!/tnacgal/status/198041654643527680!/RBPundit/status/198040215565246465!/keder/status/198035589705117696!/TeriChristoph/status/198048854606757888!/GPollowitz/status/198048413374357504!/ScottCempa/status/198066051982950401

So, when will we see the Life of Brian Terry as a feature on Barack Obama’s campaign site?

Michelle took to Twitter to tell Brian Terry’s story this afternoon using the #lifeofBrianTerry hashtag. Make sure to read the whole thing.

  • Sean

    “Oops, sorry, Julia can’t smile. Sadly, she has no mouth. Just the way Democrats like their women.” – Bill Clinton would like to protest that particular comment.

  • Jenn G

    The war on men..not needed under Obama regime.

  • lindaph

    Just wanted to say I needed a laugh today and all these tweets and comments just gave it to me!  You all are FUNNY!

  • dennylee60

    See, Obama’s policies work great… in a fictional story.

  • yhvhentertainment

    Reblogged this on YHVH Entertainment.

  • Armando

    Romney had programs like these in MA, how come he never gets any credit for his work as governor?

  • Monika

    So what happens to Julia when she gets hit by an illegal immigrant drunk driver?

  • Jim Russell

    At age 42 #Julia, after years teeing off China trying to save female babies, is pushed off Great Wall in wheel chair by pro-abortion O&Hil.

  • rivers

    I just can’t believe they named her Julia, the name of Winston’s freedom seeking girlfriend in 1984! Were they trying to be ironic, or do they take books like Animal Farm and 1984 as how-to manuals?

    • George Gallo

      I thought they were pandering to Hispanics. Now I do recall that Winston was about to have his eyes pecked out by rodents, and, completely broken by the system exclaimed “do it to Julia.”

  • SOD

    Replace “President Obama” with “Chairman Mao” or “Comrade Stalin” and there is NO change in the point of the article.

  • David Neumann

    Girl you’re every woman in the world to me!

  • Chris

    Why didn’t they simply start their time line with Julia at age 3 months post conception being aborted by funds provided under Obamacare?

  • Lefty

    Julia has never contributed to those around her, just taking and taking. Never giving back. Just like Obama wants

    • George Gallo

      O but she builds websites!

  • BigFurHat
  • submandave

    That the Obama campaign thinks this creepy “Big Brother will take care of you” story is a winning message only highlights just how big the gulf is between Democrat and conservative ideology. I can’t stop shaking my head in wonder.

  • Vickie DHaene

    I am surprised that Julia was even born. Roe vs. Wade must have been repealed or maybe she was genetically engineered.

  • Soopermexican

    Love how Michelle swiveled this issue to the very serious and tragic death of Brian Terry. Keep the pressure up!

  • Alexander_Mundy

    “Under President Obama: Julia is enrolled in a Head Start program to help get her ready for school.”Under President Clinton Julia is enrolled in a Give Head program to helf her get ready for an internship.

  • weRbroke

    OMG, they couldn’t have been more patronizing to INDEPENDENT women that dislike begin talked down to…or made to feel like they should feel THANKFUL for the Oblamo the Great.

  • marine37

    What about his boyfriends? Didn’t at least one of them write a book about it?

    • George Gallo

      Exactly why the girlfriends were composite. He sanitized out their male genitalia.

  • NathanMBickel

    Is this Obama? Could this explain his composite woman?

  • celsma

    While Obama will care for you your whole life, you first have to make it past Planned Parenthood.”

  • Carl Beckman

    THIS IS WHAT WE GET FOR OUR “INVESTMENT”?!?! She spends a little time in a community garden? Where did BO go to school?