The Twitterverse is apoplectic over a recently excavated MySpace profile reportedly used by George Zimmerman as recently as—gasp!—2005. The long abandoned profile includes disparaging comments about Mexicans and Zimmerman’s ex-fiance.

And you know what that means? Guilty!!/LaTeshiaB/status/197347007894003712

So, the social media accounts used by Trayvon Martin shortly before his death are irrelevant and off-limits, but we should convict Zimmerman of murder based on some ugly language posted on a 7-year-old MySpace account? Gotcha.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family, is using the MySpace postings to bolster his argument that Zimmerman is a racist.

Others in the anti-Zimmerman mob see the MySpace postings as proof that he is an inauthentic or self-loathing Hispanic:

Sound familiar? “Self-hating” and similar jabs are favored by leftists as a means of discrediting and punishing racial minorities, gays, women, and anyone else who disrupts their narratives.

Is Zimmerman a bigot?

The remarks on his MySpace profile are certainly troubling. But they’re also 7 years old. Note how that detail is lost on those who refuse to question Zimmerman’s guilt:!/lhammock/status/197521593302388736

In the pursuit of justice, it’s more than fair to look at information that might speak to Zimmerman’s character. But distorting that information and not holding others to the same standard perverts the very idea of justice.

  • ozconservative

    Wow….a 7 year old myspace page!!! Well that proves it, then!!!

  • Hiraghm

    Unless the MySpace page said something like, “In 7 years I’m going to stalk and murder (with a gun) a young black guy”, it’s completely irrelevant. What he thinks, feels or believes is not the crime. Except in the minds of leftists.

  • kateorjane

    Wasn’t it racist to negatively comment about T Martin’s current thuggish FB?

  • HinterlandG

    You were mum when Trayvon Martin was portrayed as a thug. Double standard.

    • IWillNotBow

      Are you really that ignorant? All this points out is the double standard by you loony leftist. Trayvon Martin’s current social media profiles and rants were irrelevant (as shouted by you race baiters), but a seven year old Myspace post by Zimmerman is all of a sudden proof of his character and by some of you guilt. So, there was nothing to be mum about…this post points to the double standard you liberals have…SMH!

      • tru

        Ima conservative and I think Zimmerman murdered the kid. the evidence against Zimmerman is overwhelming. and once the cops told him to stop following Martin, the threat was over. Zimmerman escalated the situation and should and will be held responsbile. you give us conservatives a bad name with all your childeshness, name calling (loony leftists), etc. and talk about race baiting. how old are you? 13? 14?

        • n2sooners

          The officer NEVER told him to stop following and it wouldn’t have carried any weight of law anyway. The officer simply told him he didn’t need to do that, and right after that he stopped. He didn’t even know where Martin was anymore. Go listen to the entire transcript. He didn’t want to say his address out loud because he didn’t know where Martin was. To say Zimmerman escalated anything is simply jumping to a conclusion. And to say the evidence is overwhelming when there is exactly zero evidence that Zimmerman started anything is simply ignorant.

  • gnemalie

    Frankly, I’m not seeing anything racist in his post. It sounds to me as though he lived somewhere where there were lots of Mexicans walking along the street that made driving difficult – wanna be thugs is only a reference to the show-your-panties-prison-style-pants type of hoodlums we’ve all seen and roll our eyes at – punks who vandalize cars. I get tired of those types of ppl, too, don’t you? Just because he used the term Mexican doesn’t mean he’s racist. If they were Mexicans, it’s the appropriate term! Stupid.  #toomanyasshats

  • VanessaEsther

    This PROVES he’s NOT racist. What it does prove is that he
    disliked thugs and criminal activity, rightfully so! Who doesn’t dislike thugs and criminal activity? As for him using the word “mexican,” anyone can clearly see he didn’t mean Mexican people in general, he was referring to those who were committing crimes who claimed to be Mexican. There are criminals who like to publicly brag about their heritage.

  • Conrad2010
  • Conrad2010
  • Conrad2010
    • Stephanie Mayfield

       Thanks for the link. Nice read.

  • n2sooners

    Since when is Mexican a race? Does this make anyone who has ever had an Anti-American rant or said something negative about Americans a racist as well?

  • SDN

    Has anyone confirmed that Crump or one of his toadies didn’t perform an “NBC edit” to create this page out of thin air?

  • Superpower

    Leave it to modern culture’s leftist govt. babies to get a country confused with a race…pulick edumakashun, prolly.

  • MPImedia

    These crazy people are condemning him based on an old MySpace profile… I bet if THEY were arrested and had their Twitter accounts pulled to be used against them, they’d be up in arms.

  • Lee

    Meanwhile, everyone forgets about Paul Rodriquez’s “Mexican Express Card”.