This is the earliest South Bay event I know of tomorrow. It’ll be over pretty quick too. Be a “shopper” before noon if you want to paticipate. No signs please.

West coast Occupiers plan to occupy a Los Altos, Ca. Whole Foods Market at noon today.

More from the Facebook event page:

Why? May1 equals labor, and Whole Foods is stridently anti-union. In the Libertarian CEO John Mackey’s words, unions are like “herpes”. He’s also uncool (sorry) on global warming – there his key word is “hysteria”. You want more? Have a look at his statements on public healthcare…

We imagine it’ll go a little something like this:

Mic check!

Mic check.

Libertarians …

Libertarians …

are uncool.

are uncool.

But they sell …

But they sell

organic arugula.

organic arugula.

Fight the power, baby!

  • Kini

    HEH!  Maybe they’ll get some free samples!

    • Jenn of the Jungle

      Ooohhhh I love me some free Whole Foods samples.

  • KatieSilverSpring

    Ah, poop; I had plans to go to Whole Foods today to shop! not flop.