Aw. Bless their precious hearts. Months of planning and these chants were the best messaging the Occupiers could manage on May Day? Was there no “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Protest Chanting” in the People’s Library?

We’d tell them not to quit their day jobs for careers in slogan-writing, but, y’know, a lot of them don’t exactly have jobs to quit. Don’t blow your trust funds? Yeah, that’s better.!/99Brett/status/197304322759987200!/tracesofjupiter/status/197322680335204352!/Erin_Brown/status/197367210866507776

What do we want? No idea! When do we want it? Now!

All they really know is, they’re not leaving:!/Mandie281982/status/197359175519584256

Sorry. We meant they’re NOT leaving.

  • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

    *wipes a tear*
    Man, that was the laugh I was looking for.

  • Herr_Bogwick

    Ah the wonderful, insight of the pithy comments of leftist protestors. I’ve seen actual lemmings which are more thoughtful than this.