Pick any trending hashtag and you’re likely to find a tsunami of scantily clad pornbots and default egg avatars cluttering the stream with pitches for Viagra and links to virus-laden sites.



The spam team at Twitter can’t (or won’t) keep up with the digital litter that fouls up our timelines, but when conservative activists like Chris Loesch are reported as spam in an organized liberal offensive, their accounts go poof.

Handling the liberal mob should not be an insurmountable task for the Twitter tech team:


So why is this an issue? Conservatives who have had their accounts suspended without violating the Twitter Terms of Service deserve an answer.

Lefties like Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr who violate Twitter policy continue to tweet. The @KillZimmerman account remained online for days and other Twitter users who called for the lynching of George Zimmerman are still active despite being brought to the attention of Twitter support. Meanwhile, Chris Loesch and other conservative activists struggle to keep their accounts active, even though their only threat is to false liberal narratives.

Loesch’s Twitter account is back for now, thanks in part to supporters who backed the effort to get his account reinstated with the #FreeChrisLoesch and #FreeChrisLoeschAGAIN hashtags.


But what of the suspended Twitter users with smaller platforms? Will they remain silenced by Twitter’s inability or unwillingness to deal with the leftist mob?

For now, enjoy the adult-themed spam in otherwise G-rated hashtags. Twitter’s spam team has more important work to do, like suspending conservatives who speak up.

Update: Twitter says all accounts mentioned last night on Twitchy have been reinstated:


  • BeeKaaay

    Now remember, spambots for porn is OK.   Talking about conservative topics, that’s spam. 

    That is Twitter’s TOS in a nutshell.

  • Furrystoat

    My Twitter account was suspended for nearly a month….one day after I made a very mild but less-than-fawning tweet about Islam.  Coincidence?

    I was never given any reason for the suspension and never offered even a machine-generated apology.  I violated no Terms Of Service. Those of us who don’t have a giant worldwide celebrity social media “push” behind them to get reinstated have to work our way through the Twitter “help” system which WILL take a huge amount of time.  I’ve heard that other legitimate tweeters who have been similarly suspended have simply given up and left twitter or have created new accounts due to the glacial pace of Twitter’s “help” system.  This undoubtedly delights Leftists….and any other groups who don’t like particular types of speech and can think of nothing better to do than to forcibly silence it.

    My suspension was different from Chris Loesch’s in that all that happened was that access to my account was denied.  My followers / followed , Lists I had made and other attributes were not deleted or molested in any way as Chris’ apparently were, so for that I’m grateful.   

    I’m not a celebrity of any kind, I simply love America and am opposed to those forces that are aligned against it.  If this Twitter suspension can happen to me it can happen to anyone…..and it will take you a LONG time to get your account back, if you’re able to get it reinstated at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001992433984 Becca Leigh

    watch out for this chick….one min she’s talking about RWNJ freaks and the next she’s complimenting Michelle!!
    and this is who they’re going to for “cyberbullies”

    I took a screenshot of her page….definitely one of the chicks trying to get rush off the radio!!

  • Ind711

    My Twitter [email protected]:twitter  for my blog (reasonpundit.wordpress.com) was banned this afternoon. I just started this blog a few days ago and have been trying to get people to come to the website by joining the rest of the Twitter warriors in the fight for individual liberty. It was going great until they targeted me. I had around 40-50 followers, but they’re all gone now.

    Twitchy people: Can you help? My personal account [email protected]:twitter .

  • http://aikenareaprogressive.wordpress.com/ jovan1984

    Your hypocrisy has been exposed. You and your thugs like to bully progressives, but when we call you out, you play the victim card!

    I’ve caught on to your games! I will continue to call out your bullying if it persists!

    • RockyGMarshall

       Well,hell, I guess Jovan is upset and is going to “call us out” if we continue to expose Progressives  for what they are.Might as well pack up and go home, we have a  fired up progressive on the case,all plans foiled.

    • BeeKaaay

      They are not progressives.  How is bringing us back to 1917 Russia PROGRESS?

      Your attempt at propaganda has been REJECTED.

  • Marshall_Will

    White House freaking OUT much?  Bad enough being a Blue State conservative where they check your name against your party registration before allowing you a dead air rant, but this is a bit much Mr. pResident.