Two of the progressive Twitter users advocating digital vigilantism in response to the oh-so-grave injustice of unmuzzled conservatives are @jmcaninch68  and @subculturestuff, active promoters of the Left’s pet War on Women meme. They are targeting conservatives who dared to participate in the United Against the War on Women hashtag (#UAWOW).!/jmcaninch68/status/196635619143847936!/jmcaninch68/status/196944878003945472!/subculturestuff/status/194795828307693568

They want to end Rush Limbaugh’s supposed War on Women by disappearing his supporters? No shock that this sort of silencing tactic is coming from Stop Rush (read: Media Matters) flunkies. Conservatives, of course, took notice:!/sistertoldjah/status/196394441144152066!/sistertoldjah/status/196395580359061504!/OklahomaJoy/status/196783070735638528

Other progressive Twitter users are reportedly getting in on the muzzling action:!/TeriChristoph/status/196934555092008961!/TeriChristoph/status/196936069630005248!/grumpy_elephant/status/196952933013782528

Some liberals called for blocking or referred to conservative tweets as spam, but didn’t explicitly direct the War on Women crowd to use the flag-spam method of purging conservatives.!/Lizardoid/status/196299306695790593!/mjbyars/status/196239977267462145!/sistertoldjah/status/196842016313839617!/scATX/status/196305920886706178

While it is difficult to verify with certainty that specific blocked accounts are also being reported for spam, it’s clear that this is part of the Left’s larger strategy to take down online conservatives:!/michellemalkin/status/196969282398203904

Is that how the Twitter powers-that-be want to play this?

Hat tips to Michael Moser and Teri Christoph.

  • Cyborg0012

    I’ve been using Tumblr, but they have a liberal feel, too. There is Pinterest as well. All that can be done is spread out to other social media and get multi- front war going.

    • BeeKaaay

       This is the goal of Marxists.  Social media is next.  They can’t allow dissent, it is eeeeeeevil for people to disagree with leftists. 

      It was so nice, for a few moments, to actually have free speech on social media sites.

  • ctmom

    Couldn’t figure out why so many were giddily telling me they were blocking me – as if I would care? 

    • BeeKaaay

       It is good to be blocked by a leftist.  You know they won’t be reporting you falsely for spam.

  • Sasha Bell

    I just went in and reported as Spam every lib listed on this page…

    • Liz985

      I was thinking the same thing!  Quickest way to stop their behavior is to give them a taste of their own medicine. 


    Where is it written Twitter – or any other social media site for that matter – can’t filter tweets and/or accounts based on ANY criteria THEY decide?

    • BeeKaaay

       All contracts are to be written in clear language.

      Please show me where in the Twitter TOS, that conservative speech is not allowed and is considered spam?

      You won’t.

      So the contract law is on the conservative’s side.

  • Botzilla

    You know you are winning when liberals only recourse is to have you blocked, It shows their lack of intellect and reconfirms to everyone what conservatives already knew they were…spineless cowards.

  • Darrell Lee

    i got reported too.. got a warning, and getting tweets from people with spam, that i know would not spam.. i see tweets goin out with my name on them.. i didnt send.. to hell with the libs

    • BeeKaaay

       So now they hack accounts, send spam, and then get conservative’s accounts banned.   Another new low for leftists.

  • Ind711

    My Twitter [email protected]:twitter for my blog ( was banned this afternoon. I just started this blog a few days ago and have been trying to get people to come to the site by joining the rest of the Twitter warriors in the fight for individual liberty. It was going great until they targeted me. I had around 40-50 followers, but they’re all gone now.

    Twitchy people: Can you help? My personal account [email protected]:twitter .