Hey, how ’bout that? Dan Savage, self-styled crusader against hate speech, seems to have incited a little hate speech of his own. Who could’ve seen that coming?

How will Mr. Gun Down the ‘Christian Republican Fucktards’ live with the utter disappointment? He was salivating for a good ol’ fashioned massacre, but instead, Dan Savage wimped out during his anti-bullying speech and simply spewed slurs at a roomful of high school students who dared to disagree with him.!/TGR_EthanSabo/status/196202575291359234

Bullying for me, but not for thee?

As many as 100 teens at the National High School Journalism Conference walked out in protest when Savage launched his anti-Christian, profanity-laced rant. But since the kids were probably those icky Bible-thumping Christo-fascists, Savage heckled them, calling them “pansy asses” as they left the room.!/mkhammer/status/196182474315927553!/JadedByPolitics/status/196187693468749824!/coppernickel119/status/196084678086754304!/FreddyCardoza/status/196095482500624384!/levO11/status/196139826985172992!/thesavvy/status/196037778813886464!/bibleisland/status/196062734637469697

Worth noting:!/toddstarnes/status/196021886172413953

Here’s some video from Savage’s speech:

  • kateorjane

    Wow – a pansy ass adult calling teens pansy asses.

  • RanierWest

    His argument is fallacious and he’s not defending himself. How did he arrive at being given a platform to bash christian youth?

    • Kellen Dunkelberger

      Do you know which fallacy he’s using?

      Why is it OK to ignore some things in the bible, but not others?  

      • Guest

        It is not okay to ignore anything in the Bible. There is a difference though, between what is permissible under Law (outside of Christ) and under grace (in Christ). There is a difference between the ceremonial Law, rituals of sacrifice and such, and the Decalogue/Commandments governing our relationship with God and man. The ceremonial Law does not apply to Christians because Christ is the final sacrifice. He came and He died for us all. The Decalogue can only be kept in Christ because He keeps it for us.

        All of the Bible is God’s Word, and none of it should be rejected or dismissed. The Decalogue teaches love your neighbor as yourself, and that covers everyone.

      • tdpwells

        Why is it okay to speak out against name-calling while doing the exact same thing to your audience?

    • Pablo

      Ali Velshi had Van Jones on today. Hosting degenerates seems to have gone mainstream.

  • radical1979

    I notice he didn’t mention how muslims feel about gay people.  Could it be that he is a “pansy ass” and is afraid of the backlash from them?  I would be so proud of the kids who walked out if I was one of their parents.

  • d1comment

    We need the federal government out of our education system…

  • NeoKong

    There is your public education for you.
    You can’t say “Merry Christmas” but militant gay activists using slurs and profanity is cool.
    Somebody needs to lose their job.

    • Jugears McGhetto Jr

      He is a Gay Gestapo alright. That’s what I call em ever since their militant actions on old ladies and other easy prey during their “Prop 8 Riots and Muslim Like Random Violence” all over the southwest attacking Mormons and anyone else who donated to that ‘defeat’ movement as they keep overruling the people on their NO to Gay marriage, 3 times now. 

      Here’s Malkin’s piece on just one of them in San Franfreakshow..

  • Jack

    How can this idiot be given an audience of high school students?  The teachers, principle and administrators should all be fired!

    • Jack

      Sorry, I mean principal not principle…  

  • Kellen Dunkelberger

    I don’t see what’s so offensive about what he’s said here.  

    • tdpwells

      How about the fact that probably some of those Christian students have no problem with live and let live and have never bashed a gay person in their life, yet they’re being attacked by him regardless?

  • LiveFreeOrDieTryin

    Great vid Santorum Vs Savage , worth a watch:

    Another great vid from same author ” My Gay Friends”

  • Matt Cooper

    If you think what he said was wrong, you’re a moron who probably follows the Bible.

    • DonM

       Or one is erudite, educated, and one’s mother taught manners.

    • Millie_Woods

      Thou shalt not kill, steal, be dishonest, gossip…. Do you do those things Matt or are you one of those morons who follow the bible? Maybe you’re just a Dickhead. FOAD.

    • Alarms & Discursions

       I think what he said teaches me to ignore him and his “it gets better” b.s.  But I can understand why someone like you, who is all bespattered with what Savage calls “santorum,” wouldn’t want to be reminded of his vileness.

  • TAMjeanee

    How did he get in front of our youth?? Same way Rev Al does and who suffers for their actions…..OUR YOUTH!

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    Nothing like a Mo to talk tough to teenagers.

  • BlueCollarTodd

    anti-bullying activist bullies those with whom he disagrees. Oh the
    irony. What about all those other verses around homosexuality?

    Like incest, bestiality and child sacrifice. Does he want to normalize those as well?

  • NDanielson

    Another liberal with a case of butt hurt? This one literally. But, is anyone surprised? Sick, pathetic people.

  • Jim Nagle

    This is the rankest hypocrisy, when the one calling others pansies is himself living the true pansy lifestyle.  He has a “husband”, for crying out loud. 

  • Caiden

    It’s good there is evidence of this, but at some point are the lines between the Right and the Left pretty much drawn? The left works off of the Two Minute Hate that Big Brother used from the novel 1984.  They get their foolish followers to explode in overly emotional displays of anger at complete strangers they are told are their enemies, yet ignore real enemies.

       Most people on the right realize liberals claim moral superiority without actually have it.   Instead of doing good actions and claiming they are good, they claim they are good so any actiong they do is justified.  

     SO Savage getting hysterical and insulting religion isn’t to shocking, he’s  a liberal which equals facist.  He demands you live by his rules, but he himsself is above his own rules… he believes in them which is good enough so he doesn’t have to follow them.

  • ChHarrison

    Wish one or two of the kids had stayed and asked him to repeat his rant substituting “Koran” for “Bible.”

  • el_polacko

    …except that nobody was “bullied” at this event.  at the very first mention of the bible, a group stood up and left the
    auditorium en masse (ya think that was planned in advance?) and they did not hear his
    comments regarding the hypocrisy of ‘bible believers’ who point to scripture to
    excuse their prejudice against gay citizens while, at the same time, ignoring
    most other biblical admonitions. the name-calling, for which savage has since
    apologized, was made when he suggested that those who had left could come back
    in now since he had concluded his comments regarding the bible. the majority of
    the audience, who had remained throughout, reacted warmly and positively to his

    • DA Munroe

      He called them “pansy asses.” if they had called him a pansy ass…. then he would definitely call it bullying. The fact that they weren’t in the audience was irrelevant – the ones still leaving could overhear, there may have been others who wanted to leave but didn’t have the guts, etc.

      Plush is anti-Christian tirade was one-eyed, uninformed, and misleading. Frankly he didn’t know what he was talking about.

    • Alarms & Discursions

       Savage is a creep, a bully, and a fraud.  He tries to turn the names of people he disagrees with into obscene terms to describe extremist sexual acts, and the Left sees nothing wrong with that.  Indeed, the Left champions this cretin as an icon of tolerance.  Perhaps if you had even a little self-awareness, you’d see what hypocritical nonsense you’re spouting and be ashamed.  Then again, were you capable of shame, a figure like Savage would turn your stomach.

  • John C. Randolph

    I’m not a christian myself, but I can’t help noticing that the kids who left the auditorium simply stood up and walked out.  Maybe Dan Savage would have shown them more respect if they’d thrown things at him, tried to shout him down, or snatched the microphone away from him the way that left-wing protestors do.

  • doubting_rich

    How can this idiot not see the irony, given the origin of the term “pansy”? Not only bullying people, but bullying them with an arguably homophobic slur, is incredible.

  • vermontaigne


  • teapartydoc

    He looks like he’s asking for a swirlie.

  • rbeccah

    Who the hell is Dan Savage?

  • Teresa Nelson

    Isn’t ‘pansy-ass’ a derogatory slur against gay men?  He tried to berate those “Bible” kids by calling them faggots.   What a guy.

  • libertyandtyranny

    This man is an anti-Christian bigot.  No surprise the Obamabots are supporting him.  When it comes to homosexuality,  In the spiritual view, homosexuals asserttheir personal desires (lusts) are superior to the intent of God. In an evolutionary view, homosexuality would not work through natural selection. It removes humanity in one generation, since the entire history of humanity is dependent on heterosexual unions.The human genome project has shown NO difference between homosexuals and heterosexual sex genes.   HOMOSEXUALITY IS A CHOICE.   And that choice is to act on one’s lusts and desires instead of God’s plan.  How could anyone say, putting one’s sexual organs in a place designed for EXCREMENT is natural?Thus in both biological or spiritual views, homosexuality is a mental disorder orsin, a point of agreement between the secular and religious. Yet no one talks about this.There are all sorts of peoplewith emotional and mental problems, but no one seems to think they should bethe ones reordering society. But the homosexuals want to reorder society. As Christians, we don’t want to abandon them to their mental disorders, but they insist on doing so.The average age of death for gays is 44 years excluding AIDS. If you includeAIDS, it drops to 42. Thus AIDS is not even a significant cause of mortality.Homosexual behavior is far more deadly than cigarette smoking.Homosexual behavior is an integral part of disease transmission; >70% of allsexual diseases in heterosexuals are traced back a homosexual vector.Danish studies find the average gay “marriage” lasts 1.5 years. Of thesmall percentage that last more than 5 years, all included provisions formultiple partners.Gay marriage seems to be a mechanism to obtain access to social statusand benefits such as the obviously critical health care that is thecenter-piece of homosexual life.People can “declare their love” when they want but the POINT of MARRIAGEas far as the state is to create an obligation and the social atmosphereneeded to properly raise the future generation. The state’s interest. Gaymarriage is pretty irrelevant to everyone else.It seems like gays know this and want to create a society in which they cannotbe challenged for their behavior. But I don’t see any accomodation bysociety making them happy because their problem is internal and linked todisordered sexual impulses.

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    I’ll give Savage an A+ for a strawman speech. What a display of foolishness! Savage takes the Scripture out of its historical and cultural context, to ridicule. But, such is par for the course for those who clamor for tolerance, but who practice little, if any. I grow weary and tired of people like Dan Savage who complain about hate directed toward their way but who are some of the most aggressive hate disseminators there are.

    However, be that as it may for this “poor unfortunate soul,” as I go to the Bible he so heftily criticizes to discover why he is so rabid in his approach:

    “Why Divine Revelation (Scripture) condemns homosexuality. Why homosexual activists become so upset when their lifestyle is called into question:”