Reuters (finally) reports:

He was raised in a racially integrated household and himself has black roots through an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather ‚Äď the father of the maternal grandmother who helped raise him.

C’mon. Now how is that tidbit supposed to help stoke racial resentment and fan the flames of the Left’s beloved race warfare? Get with the program, Reuters! There’s a narrative to promote.!/smhineslaw/status/195493295995092994!/DavidSPJM/status/195488596889837568!/s_dog/status/195485628845142019!/esotericPharma/status/195251466385096706

Twitter users recognize the delay in reporting Zimmerman’s racial heritage for what it is: more evidence of gross media malpractice in covering the Trayvon Martin case.!/FrankKolesha/status/195484824314712064!/ChiefNavyTim/status/195480616601530368!/DeadOldMedia/status/195307479964450816!/keuni97/status/195376571303993345

How will the Left’s army of race-baiters handle this news? Shh. Nothing to see here:!/MrsMichi2u/status/195469300000227328

  • BoltUp

    WHITE black WHITE hispanic WHITE

  • Stephanie Mayfield

    LMFAO…. oh stop… ūüėÄ i can’t breath. lol…. this just keeps getting more ridiculous by the moment.

  • cscape

    OUR MEDIA….. who knew every minute detail about Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK alleged assassin) within a few hours of the event, have STILL not reported on the background of George Zimmerman….. THAT is the real story here! (our media is a DISGRACE)

  • gbender51

    hunan error;  has it ever been more pronounced?

  • Wrightclick

    We’ve learned more about George Zimmerman’s heritage and past in 4 weeks than we’ve learned about Barack Obama’s in 4 years. Next thing you know we’ll find out that Barack Obama Sr. is not Barry’s daddy! Oh wait…

  • fondatorey

    Obviously every person in the MSM must be immediately fired for their obvious racism against this innocent African-American – particularly those self-hating AAs who would leave a brother out to dry!

  • BeeKaaay

    Oops! :)  Looks like the MSM is RAAAAACIST :)

  • torpedoman2002

    So Zimmernman is 1/8 black and he killed a black man. This is black on black violance I thought the left was ok with that?

  • Indyx57

    So  if Obama had a son, he might, just look like George Zimmerman?

  • huskerbobjones

    If Obama had a son, he would look just like George Zimmerman.

  • weRbroke

    When it comes to race…certain racists embrace people even if they¬†may be HOT PINK in color.¬† If they have¬†ONE DROP of that race’s blood, AND¬†suits their agenda.

    If not, they ignore that one drop and bring up actual skin color not matching. 

    If that doesn’t work to distance them, then it brings up the Uncle Tom/Oreo meme.

    When all else fails, RIOT.

  • Donya Lola

    If Zimmerman is part black, white and hispanic, therefore…the real racist are the blacks who are accusing him of being racist.

    • Justus Lotade-Manje

      Exactly! Well said!

  • blackreality

    ¬†So if we are going to try and “ethnicize” Zimmerman based on a great grandparent with African heritage,lets do that for EVERYBODY.Because the MAJORITY of people who are classified as white in America have some type of African ancestry that many don’t like talking about

    • BigDogJunction

      ¬†Sure, why not? I haven’t any problem, stating I’m from English, Irish, Czech and American Indian roots.

      Hmm… American Indian. The original American ni**er.

      Run along now, squirt.

      • blackreality

        So you come from a long line of European peasantry.The Irish were not considered w hite in America until the late 1800’s.Hell the Irish were considered SUBHUMAN by other w hites in America for a long time.So I feel your pain.

        • Zilla of the Resistance

          ¬†What you say about the Irish is true, in fact, my own Irish ancestors were SLAVES in the Caribbean long before black Africans started selling each other to the Europeans for such purposes, and they got their freedom after the blacks did, and then they had problems finding any country that would take these “poor whites”. My slave ancestors, once freed from servitude in Barbados, ended up in Grenada where the black majority held them in derision, using the ethnic slur “mong mong” (for mongrel) as a derogatory term to describe them. The word is still used there to describe white Grenadians (although most of them through intermarriage and stuff are now also parts black, Indian, and Asian) but because these people worked so hard to improve their lives and that of others around them, the term “mong mong” is no longer considered a slur but just a local word used to describe these people and few even remember that it used to be as nasty a name as the “n-word” is.

          • blackreality

            Exactly. So the Irish people in America should really tone down the white supremacy rhetoric .

    • Zilla of the Resistance

      ¬†And a whole lot of black people also have white ancestors that they like to pretend don’t exist because that would interfere with the preferential treatment they get from the affirmative action crowd.
      Obama isn’t even “African-American” black, his momma was a white communist and his daddy was not “African-American” black, his daddy was a black ARAB muslim from Kenya. But of course THAT doesn’t fit the narrative so now Obama is a “black guy”. How conveeeenient. He claims to have lived the “bakc experience” but it’s a lie, he was a child of privilage who spent his formative years in Indonesia where he was a CITIZEN of INDONESIA and was registered in Madrassa (islamic school) there as a muslim Indonesian citizen – which reminds me, when did Barry Soetoro ever get repatriated and become an American citizen “again” or ever legally change his name from SOETORO? There is NO evidence that he ever did, so even without the “birther” stuff, as CITIZEN OF INDONESIA he is still Constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS and should not be allowed on the 2012 ballot, he actually belongs in prison for fraud.

      • blackreality

        All of that stuff is just a smoke screen and straw man argument to cover up the fact that a black man and a black woman is the president and first lady.And u don’t like it. Bottom line

  • Bear1909

    The Kenyan’s Media Phalanx is crumbling in front of a shrewd political audience going into election season.¬† The KMP has all but given us JOURNALISTIC C-4 to attach to every one of their stories going forward.¬† What they will write during election season about the Dhimmicratic National Convention, Occupy Summer, POTUS/FLOTUS vacations, and everything else under the sun, to weave their webs of disinformation and misinformation, we can obliterate with two words: Zimmerman Fail.