CNN anchor Don Lemon caught hell from the oh-so-tolerant Left late Monday night for daring to deviate from the DNC script.

Lemon’s crime? He asked President Obama to stop shifting blame and start taking responsibility for everything that happens on his watch, including the GSA and Secret Service scandals. Even worse? He said Sarah Palin had a point about presidential accountability.!/trscoop/status/194433876997832704

Oops. Apparently he forgot that his job is to step in front of the camera and screech, “Blaaaaame Buuuuuuush!”!/keesvalderol/status/194641094066180097!/CurlynDoris/status/194429840156393472!/mahilena/status/194630924879667201!/FritzAlverez/status/194639215827501056!/keesvalderol/status/194636085299646466!/billionbucks/status/194631673827164160!/d_freeman06/status/194616411090452480

Lemon responded to the attacks on Twitter:!/donlemoncnn/status/194588633880203265!/donlemoncnn/status/194593778055659520!/donlemoncnn/status/194610294679539713!/donlemoncnn/status/194610809131900928!/donlemoncnn/status/194613486595223552

Hmm. Guess liberals aren’t all about open-mindedness, freedom of expression, and tolerance when someone has the nerve to say the wrong thing. Fancy that.

  • HARP2

     When will liberals figure out that it is themselves that they hate?

    •!/dudgeohpolitix Dudge OH Politics

      And their own hate/prejudices that they project on others.

    • VictorErimita

      This “self-hating liberal” thing is used a lot, but it makes no sense to me. First of all, today’s leftism has nothing at all to do with any rational definition of “liberalism.” But the relevant point here is that todays’ leftism is little more THAN hatred of everything else. Hence the new Democrat bumper sticker that simply says “I am not a Republican.” That is pretty much all they stand for now. political positions, to the extent they have any coherent ones left, are collapsing. All they have left, and all they really want to have, is a sense of moral and intellectual superiority over everyone not in their tribe. it isn’t about ideas or policies. it’s about solidarity with the tribe, hence the “tweets” respondin to Don Lemon. It doesn’t matter whether what he said is true, only that he was not loyal to the tribe. It’s all they are now.

  • taternuggets

    The left is still trying to figure out how Bush made Obama eat that poor dog.  

  • Ken Watson

    @donlemoncnn:twitter I would also encourage you to remember who you are; an American, a free man capable of defending himself and an opinion leader whose first loyalty is to candor. Party on, Don.

  • blueniner

    Don Lemon you are a lone voice on the left, to say something nice about Sarah Palin, your Iowa interview with her was excellent. Stay independant.

  • Botzilla

    Much like Rats liberals will eat their own.

  • ed

    how dare he venture off the democratic plantation!

  • Wigglesworth

    What a bunch of haters on the left.

  • freeinaz

    Guess the liberal/ progressives just can’t handle the truth. I have watched Lemon before and never thought he was that good, but this time I am in his corner. Good job. 

  • reachrenee

    Liberals would eat their young if they didn’t
    abort them first. 

  • Rock

    When you got Lemons, you got to make Lemon-aid.

  • bflat879

    And you wonder why liberals vote the way they do?  

  • Ben O’Keefe

    If you appreciated him stepping out of his comfort zone and embracing independent thought, then please #SupportDonLemon. If his example catches on, we could truly start seeing more balanced news.

  • rbeccah

    Don Lemon apparently thinks for himself.  Good for him.  Of course, the left will drive him, and everybody like him, away.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Welcome to the real world, Don.

  • Trevor

    Geez, the liberal intolerance of the left is astounding but always consistent.  Too many gays have guzzled the koolaid as well – if you don’t tow the line and go along with their mantra/narrative, you’re castigated and excommunicated from their clubby parade.

  • Terri Sweeney

    Any escaped slave must be returned to the plantation… the Democrat Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott.

    Appears they haven’t changed.