George Zimmerman was released on $150,000 bail late Sunday night in what the Associated Press called a “low-key event.” Threats of death from the Twitter lynch mob were anything but low-key.!/WhatItDo_BooBoo/status/194302350029103105!/HeLoves_SexcNay/status/194294585269288960!/TrizzyTroof_CA/status/194295283943866368!/Mslips88/status/194286407961952257!/YesitsZain/status/194299000193679360!/HeartBreakJay_/status/194316944042758145!/RealWillMawana/status/194297646347862016

Others hoped someone else would take out Zimmerman so they wouldn’t have to dirty their hands.!/GuccJermaine/status/194293757452103681!/DaItalianBeast/status/194288592590352385!/RalphMDCXLV/status/194287460979720192!/jordyfxs/status/194291314643312640!/DiaryOf_A_Doll/status/194289382319067136

One genius called for the mob to murder Zimmerman because she thinks charges just disappear when someone makes bail.!/Stallionnett101/status/194321570339106816

Note the Twitter Rules:

Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.

Zimmerman’s location is being kept secret as he awaits trial for the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin.

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This still exists: @killzimmerman Twitter account

  • TugboatPhil

    It’s comforting to know that so many black Americans now support the tactics of the KKK.  I thought deciding a person’s guilt outside of court and wanting to kill them in the streets was a bad thing.  Guess I’ve been wrong all this time.

    If only “Sheets” Byrd had lived long enough to see this.

    • StevenB

      Sad on so many levels.  A true indication that the liberal school systems have failed and that this President is the most divisive ever.  Doesn’t matter whether he is guilty or not?? Since when?  Based on this reaction “white folks” should have taken OJ Simpson straight to a firing squad. Dumb and dumber.

      • Christophla

        Most divisive ever? Why? He’s pretty moderate… but, I suppose that means that nobody will be happy..

        • savage

           You are freaking High… He (Obama) is purposefully being divisive… Read Saul Alinsky… This IS the playbook…

        • Aaron Moore


          • jeffort

            sleazy fukin democrats

        • Taz Pierre

          Not sure if trolling…or just stupid.

        • Kent Grewe

          Are you actually that stupid or just dogmatic?

        • Tikal

          Obama is moderate?!, you’re nuts

        • David Saunders

          Divisive in that he never misses an opportunity to pick sides and pit groups against each other.  He should have never become personally involved with this case.  His comments should have been to support the local and state governments and allow them to investigate.  Unfortunately he comes across as a race baiter.  Something that cant even be tolerated for someone in his position.  

      • Chaz Standifer

        Because this has everything to do with Obama. Clearly.

    • $24720607

      Phil, they may be black but the damn-sure are not Americans.  Hate is an equal opportunity advocate for Satan, just look at Farakkan, Jesse Jackson and the CBC.  Zimmerman should replace Napolitano!

    • libertarian1234

      They want an apology, hoping he’ll admit culpability so they can include that in their suit to sue the police.
      These tearful parents are right now earning money from Martin’s name, and they want more.
      The potential multi-millionaire here, however, is Zimmerman. He has legitimate liability claims against MANY talking black heads on T.V. and in Congress, as well as Jesse and Al, plus newspapers, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and all the otherswho falsely accused him of “hunting down” the black perp and shooting him. He can probably also win against this ugly feminist prosecutor and the bald-headed governor who indicted him on trumped up charges, based on absolutely nothing but their desire to quell the black mobs.
      Richard Jewel nearly bankrupted the media for demonizing him the same way.

    • Richard Banderas

      So I was told that over 80 million guns have been recently sold in the USA…in the last 3 1/2 years… every law abiding citizens have taken or is taking the  license to carry hand guns already…look out thugs!

    • LTCartoons

       Phil with all due respect, you thought incorrectly.  People “Decide” a persons guilt or innocence every day based on their own experience.  Here is the difference between that, and the KKK.  The KKK used to do that, and then act upon it with no regard to the law  There are MANY of us who want George Zimmerman to have a fair trial; and though we “have decided” he is guilty; we know it means absolutely nothing in regards to the US Constitution; just as your decision that he is not guilty matters.  What matters is that it is finally really going to be tried within the US Legal System as protected by the US Constitution; and the way it was going to happen, before the world discovered, was “a minority life snuffed out and that was that”; you know, very similar to how they end in Syria and Iran and such countries that we are promising to teach how real justice is done; and I think I can speak with a bit of authority as one who grew up surrounded by the KKK in rural MS during the virulent civil rights 60s.

    • SidewalkRules

      What makes you think they’re all black?

      • sailfishman

        The thug language, poor grammar, poor spelling…you get the point.

        • SamZydeco

          Don’t profile -that’s the only kind of racism that registers these days.

  • Rob Stevely

    I wasnt aware Mexicans could be white trash.

    • jlaughlin982

      They can’t.  Evidently you have to be half-Peruvian.

    • Tracy Talbot

       If he’s half-white and that makes him “white trash”, then what does that make Obama?  The same?  SOme people should THINK before they speak, huh?

      • david5300

        ouch, ouch ouch
        Hey that not a president thats a POS

      • Judas Johansen

        18 year old white girl getting knocked up by a black guy who takes off a year later? sounds like white trash to me.

        • Guest

          and a bastard to boot…

        • welovetheUSA

          Get a life………..who cares.

      • Guest

        White Garbage…

    • Amy LaViolette

      LMAO, can’t make it up if we tried… that’s what ignorance and liberalsim does to a brain.  

    • William_Teach

      I wasn’t aware that he was apparently also Black, based on the copious use of the N word.

      • jack2397

         Unfortunately the “N” word was taken out of most dictionaries or you could look it up an see that it refers to a lazy no good person, there is no reference to race, color, or ethnicity.

      • Guest

        you mean like

        Jordan Irving @jordyfxs
        “They let this nigga Zimmerman out of jail?! Somebody kill this dude already!”

      • Swarmi

         Evidently the meaning has changed.

        Who knew?

  • bethdonovan

    How ignorant are these idiots?  

    • Darkangel

      No ignorant but just stupid

    • keefers42

      very much like people think they are they make the words of the klan seem to ring true sorry to say

    • david5300

      Off your scale !

    • hjole

       as ignorant as possible, obviously.

  • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

    Some of you commenters are just as delusional, stupid and racist as the Zimmerman Lynch Mob.

    • ablecynic

       And some aren’t.

      • OliveJustine

        MOST are.

        • NeedsMoarSardonic

          Case in point, your sweeping statement. Thanks.

          • OliveJustine

            That’s made NO sense. But if you feel good about yourself, you can have it…

          • NeedsMoarSardonic

             Lets see here, the original comment in which we are discussing: “Some of you commenters are just as delusional, stupid and racist as the Zimmerman Lynch Mob.”

            A reply to that, “and some aren’t”

            Your reply was “MOST are”. Implying that most of the commenters here are “delusional, stupid and racist”. That in and of it self is a sweeping implication, that in my opinion is “delusional and stupid”.

            Also, there is no apostrophe in “That’s”, in the context in which you used it. “That’s” is a contraction of “That is”. So, you are saying “That is made NO sense. ”

            Which is ironic, considering the statement itself makes no sense.

          • OliveJustine

            Yeah, hi, welcome to the world of typos. Moving on…  Your “point” that my comment was a sweeping on is still complete nonsense. MOST of the people commenting here are racist, at the very least. Don’t like it? Quit making nonsensical comments at me and tell them to grow the hell up.

      • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

        That’s correct, which is why I used the word ‘some.’ Thank you for noticing.

    • Detex

      What do you expect! America the Beautiful!!! Drudge does tend to bring out the beauty in this country…

      • NeedsMoarSardonic

        I wouldn’t be surprised if some weren’t just liberal trolls following the drudge mob. Jason Levin mean anything to you?

      • Gmcg04

        And you came from HuffPo, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, NPR…what’s the point lefty

      • borntobePolitical

         No comment on the thugs that are being commented on?

        You seem to be shielding them with your liberal pap.

        • Detex

           no, everyone here seems equally to blame. There is so much hate in this country (world) that it amazes me every day we are all still alive!

          • borntobePolitical

            Question asked, question answered.

            You are a voice of reason

      • DavidC99

        Wah wah wah. Cry me a river. Drudge merely links to news stories most of the time.

      • VulpesRex

        And considering that you came from HuffPo or Kos, that makes you vacuous, insipid, and hopelessly outmatched.

        • Detex

           nope, incorrect.

      • JamesD2011

        I never understand such remarks. Drudge is just a web site with a collection of current stories across the world so why the distaste?

      • Darkangel

        As opposed to where you came from?

      • dtom2

         Heaven forbid there is a news source that exposes the stories that the P.C.Obama propaganda media ignores. God forbid we should be aware of the threats  made by the likes of the violent black thugs twittering and the Black Panthers promoting murder. If it weren’t for conservative news outlets the whole country would be as ignorant as the duped Obots!.

    • mike shaw

      no, we are just tired of having this racist crap jammed down our throats!

      • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

        We? Are you who I was referring to?

    • david5300

      Thank you for your kind assessment, you may go back to sleep now.

      • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

        Thank you for prejudging me. And I am far from asleep: luoamerican(dot)com/baldilocks/2012/04/tribal-war (dot)html

        BTW, if the rock didn’t hit you, don’t yelp.

    • hjole

       where do you read that? Is that your picture, if so, I see why you say that…no one here is advocating violence on another like the lynch mob is…pinch yourself and wake up.

      • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

        Where did I read what? Stop having a conversation with yourself and what you *think* I’m saying and respond to what I actually said, if you don’t mind. Thanks.

  • Russell

    Being cuban and wife mexican and a U.S. Marine veteran I invite George and his family to come to my house for protection.

    • Uncle Ted

      If you need backup call!!! lets lock and load. Every big City in the USA has been over run with these thugs and sooner or later we the people are going to clean them up. The blacks are so racist they can’t see the Forest for the Tree’s.

    • Darkangel

      Good response from a good Marine.

    • Terry

      You are a GREAT American!

    • ted

      if you need help let me know…

  • j33178

    Interesting that twitter threats against the president and government officials are investigated fairly quickly, but those against private citizens are followed only after someone is physically injured.

    • Manuel Rodrigues

      are you trying to get across that the president is less important than all the other americans !? you would think the law should work the same for everyone , especially in the land of the fee home of  the slave. conform and get poorer without a fuss, the elites have some more Risk to play with Asian minerals and oil…..

    • cjkcjk

      No, it matters who you threaten. Threaten Trayvon the thug’s parents and see what happens.

  • massjim

    This is scary. But do not fear, Obama will speak out against hate and as a constitutional scholar will speak of the sanctity of our legal process. He will, won’t he? Oh-never mind.

    • persecutor

      He’s more prone to say the Sanford Police acted stupidly.

  • jlpropst00

    The DOJ should stop worrying about Nugent and question these folks.

  • tinker_thinker

    And this makes those people what? So much better than GZ? Not! This is the uneducated sheep of America.

  • Sy Beck

    Hmm, vigilantes to protect us from vigilantes.  I need somebody to protect me from these people…don’t I?  Some people never see the irony or the bigger picture.

  • Skipdallas

    And these fine upstanding people wonder at the need for neighborhood watch programs. All this shows me is a total disregard for the rule of law by the black community. They are advocating the very thing they are accusing Mr. Zimmermen of doing. This being “The taking of the law into their own hands as vigilantes.”

    • Wally Hyatt Namer

      It is called “double standard” !

    • hjole

       don’t forget who has inspired these racist useful idiots…Sharpton we much and Jessie Hi-jack Jackson, racists to the bone.

  • Pistol-Packing

    Funny, I have been thinking about creating a page to show these posts and threats of violence. 

  • Pompus

     Well I can certainly understand why these “people” support our country’s first BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY i.e. “church of kill whitey now” president.  

  • AJCalvarese

    These idiots don’t understand the bail process. They think he’s free forever and doesn’t have to goto trial.

    • Ultros667

       they should I would imagine most of them have been out on bail multiple times.

      • Wally Hyatt Namer

        Maybe, but unlike Zimemrman these people thinkonce your out, your out and it is all done. Stupid is as stupid does. And they be stupid! (those that think that way)

    • kanilammit

      I see you liked that one too. Unbelievable idiocy shown by these people. It would be funny if the fact their vote matters as much as intelligent peoples wasn’t so frightening.

  • Bradford Tiernan

    Cant wait to see what happens if the guy is acquitted!

    • Lefty

      That’s a “when” if justice is to be served.

      • Ultros667

         yeah i wouldn’t waste my breath.  Twitter could nuke these people’s accounts, the DOJ could investigate and won’t.  Only thing that will work will be voting the bum out in November.  Then we’ll really see them go nuts on twitter…

    • hjole

       RIOTS! what else?

  • Jim Linehan

    I thought threatening to kill another citizen was a crime? I guess not.

    • dreadcold

       It is a crime….Unless the other citizen being threaten is WHITE!

    • ProudToBeAnAmerican1776

      Leftists called for the assassination of Bush. There were books, video games and movies. Libs own hate. They were proud of their hatred and it was a joke to discuss how you would kill Bush. Calling for the killing of another citizen is only a crime if you are threatening a lib. These idiots are too stupid to understand that the suspect here is a hispanic Democrat. They are so full of hate that they cannot even get that straight. How typically liberal of these racists.

  • fake

    It’s ironic that we have been paying their cell phone bills and internet access with our tax dollars. Money well spent wouldn’t you all agree? 

    • Jennifer

      Exactly! How did they all get cell phones and computers!? I’m actually surprised that they know how to use them!

      • Maalox

        Obama gave them their ‘BamaPhones’ for “free”.

  • VHG1

    This is what unionized education boils down to…thugs, drugs and democrats all aided by the compliant, willing media still leaping to conclusions to fit their template.

    • EllieEnlightened

      Doesn’t help when Fredricka Wilson says, “They hunted Trayvon down like a dog”.

  • Craig Erb

    See anything similar about the people who are posting these comments??????

  • yoshimoto

    Geez – can’t you take a joke? These kind, rational, intelligent people have no intention of harming Mr. Zimmerman and are just letting off some steam. They want to see justice done, but in a courtroom. And when Mr. Zimmerman is found innocent, they will accept the verdict as rational,, intelligent human beings and American citizens who respect due process of law in this country. 

    • EllieEnlightened


    • Edward Boothe

       If Zimmerman is found innocent, which I think he will be, cities will burn from coast to coast.

      • Guest

        A friend on FB posted that her brother was beaten by TWENTY b l
        a c k s yesterday and they don’t know If he is going to make it.

        • Jennifer

          that’s terrible! im so sorry, where was this?

          • Guest

            Mobile AL

            She also said one of them said it was justice for Trayvon

  • jimbo45acp

     Will that Florida judge please give back Zimmerman’s gun to him so he can defend himself! At least give him 24/7 police protection! For Christ’s sake!

  • David

    time to go lynch-mob hunting……?

  • Hitokiri_Craig

    Look at all of these law abiding citizens…  How nice it is to see these kind people letting the courts do their jobs.  No rasicsm either!  I’m glad to see our gov’t allowing things like this to take place… What an awesome country this is.

  • Jason Giles

    Spelling and grammar tutors have a lifetime career guaranteed it appears

  • Al

    Yeah, look at the people tweeting this stuff — what they tweet, how they write, how they spell — these are ignorant, semi-literate imbeciles, and the only people actually listening are (a) other ignorant, semi-literate imbeciles and (b) moronic “news” outlets that are so desperate for “free news” that they’ll give airtime to the folks in group “a” …

    • Shawn G

       Okay, then with your logic, we should justify  Zimmerman’s self defense stance because Trayvon’s tweets mirrored the grammar of these “ignorant, semi literate imbeciles,” and thus Trayvon was more than capable of acting like an “ignorant, semi literate imbecile.”

  • Greg

    Gotta love all this black racism.

  • Tom Walter


  • John Galt

    Linking to this page on

    • John Galt


  • george j

    if only our President could say something to unite the country and tell the haters that trial by mob is wrong….oh, wait, doesn’t fit his narrative/re-election campaign…sorry, my bad.

  • Sid

    LOL, though i laugh when they show al sharpton say ” don’t treat us like we igniant ” LOL .  he really said that, i was floored

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Zimmerman must sue the Martin family.  The wounds inflicted upon George — especially the back of his head — by Trayvon, for whose behavior his parents were responsible, were horrific.

    Zimmerman should sue for physical, mental and emotional damages, especially given these lynch mob attacks on him and his character.

    Reuters “white Hispanics” must refuse to be victims.

  • James H


  • DsB

    Love this ”
    Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman”

    Just what crime has he been convicted of? What a bunch of idiots and where is the wonderful DOJ or Florida State Attorney on all these public death threats?

  • astralweeks

    Lynch mobs were ugly, horrible, terrifying things when it was whites. It’s just as ugly, horrible, and terrifying when it’s blacks.

    • Al

      Except when it’s done by non-whites, it’s accepted for some reason, and other whites (usually guilty white liberals) even join in.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Liberalism creates the exact opposite of it’s stated intent.

  • Edward Boothe

    What a bunch of illiterate idiots.  If they want a war let them bring it on.

  • wolfcastle

    Wow, our public schools at work for sure. Just goes to show; if you can’t talk, you probably can’t think either. Thank you NEA, you’ve done a real service to the black community. Too bad they can no longer think or they would realize that it’s not ‘whitie keep’n ’em down’, but their own entitlement ‘gub’ment. 

  • Fitzzz

    Where is our Attorney General ??
    Looks like these are RACIAL hate threats, shouldn’t Eric Holder get involved ?If anything happens to George, can we see the race baiters in prison
    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Chris mathews, Spike Lee, Shiela Jackson Lee, ABC, MSNBC,etc

  • That

    When Douche Bags Tweet.  Next Oprah.

  • djm159

    Savages. Arrest Rev Jackass and Rev. Sharpton Mr. Holder. Also arrest the head of the New Black Panther Party for violent hate speech and inciting to riot. Stop pampering these imbeciles. Are these the same ignorant morons that are accepting entitlement money monthly from whitey? I think they are. Let’s withhold it and see what happens. They will of course riot, but then when don’t they? They will use any excuse to loot, pillage and steal what they haven’t earned “cause’ we entitled to it” I am certain if I understood what they were saying or what language they were speaking, i would be more outraged; unfortunately I only speak English, Spanish, French and Yiddish not whatever this is. 

  • cuttingboardblues

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, outlets like Twitter need to be held responsible for allowing this platform.  You couldn’t take out an ad in The New York Times listing a bounty and people who want to kill George Zimmerman without a lawsuit.  It should be the same on Twitter.  

  • Sonny Crockett

    Such educated and refined citizens. What a disgrace to normal blacks. What an embarrassment. 

  • Roadbikeron

    @Ms.Lovely’s tweet made me laugh.  She can’t really be that stupid.

    • rosalina9877

      yes she can be that stupid

  • 4sailing

    How completely dumb are some of them???
    Once you’ve been convicted of a crime and are let out on bail – that idiot flunked out in first grade.

  • packsoldier


  • PAWX2011

    I fear a racial explosion the likes we haven’t seen since the LA Riots if this guy is found not guilty.

  • Brett

    Yo all be ignoant.

  • ProudToBeAnAmerican1776

    How typically liberal of the Dem base. Clearly these thugs are just acting as their leader Obama would have them act if only he was past that pesky election. Once he gets past the election he will be free to do even more intentional destruction to this country. The community organizer has said nothing to cool the situation. We may be heading for race riots and wars in this country, just as the affirmative action president, his comrades in the state controlled media and fellow racists (like Sharpton and Jackson) have been hoping for since the 60’s. Nothing make a tingle run up the leg of a lib more than another racist lib with power to destroy or kill. These libs are so stupid they do not know that they are going after one of their own. Zimmerman is a Hispanic Dem, just as much as the terrorist in the WH is a Black Dem. As usual these stupid libs are not letting facts get in the way of their agenda – in this case, kill whitey (even if he is not white).

    BTW where is the government going after these terrorists? Remember how Holder wanted to go after the Tea Party as a terrorist movement? At least the racists in the Joker’s Administration are consistent with their treason.

  • kjatexas

    Notice the lack of spelling ability of these intellectuals. This is the future of America? Anyone want to guess who they will be voting for.

  • Bhopx

    If Obama had a son or another daughter they would look like these people that want to kill George Zimmerman.

  • JagerHitsULater

     cause when they get bail they don’t come back, thus why they all run because they all have warrants out for now showing up in court.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Go to Google and type in ZoNation and listen to UTube on Trayvon by the most intelligent common sense black man I ever heard. It is worth the 6 minutes.

  • Bob

    Zimmerman should sue the lights out of NBC, ABC, etc.

  • johngray0

    Now does everyone 

  • seanpatriot

    Idiots. They are condoning first degree murder. I would arrest them all on terroristic threats. I hope a race war starts, so we can rid our country of this VERMIN

  • Tom C Madison

    i guess in fl everyone is white
    and if a dude who is 5.8 180-190lbs with skittles and a bottle of sprite is pounding your head into the cement your a murder if u defend yourself lol 

  • johngray0

    sorry for last typo.

  • HudsonDad

    So out of 300,000,000 people in America, we can find 15 or so who “tweet” insane things… yawn. 

  • Mike Round

    your right,

     I am George Zimmerman.

  • alexlamb

    Hey Holder where are you?  This country is definitely descending into anarchy.   

    • Ultros667

       Holder supports these scum.  He supports black panthers who had weapons at polling places.  He hates whites.  He defended Puerto Rican terrorists.  If he could kill all whites he would!

  • Jerzeyboy

    Obama, it’s time to step up and tell all your sons this is wrong for your country.  Think he will?
    Nope, it good for votes.

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    Based upon the wording of these tweets, I don’t think most of these people could negotiate their way out of their homes, so Zimmerman should not be too concerned.

  • Gary Allan

    you can all thank MSNBC for this, after all, they are the ones who support Al Sharpton.

  • Kenya_Diggit

    What a bunch of “Twidiots”!

  • roughman

    Say!  Can we all not be PROUD of our little culture?

    Diversity…  The life-blood of democracy.

  • domsdad6

    OK, so how long until Eric Holder investigates death threats against a person where his race is an issue?  Would hold my breath, but I don’t wanna suffocate.

  • Obamacare or IRS

    There better be dozens of these Twits on Twitter arrested, or vigilantes could come out and do what the law should do.

  • PatckD

    it is this fringe, that is very much loud and in the public eye, that makes write racists (not Zimmerman, whom i think is neither a racist nor white) believe that what they do is OK.

    • aniptofar

      I disagree. The thug mentality is prevalent everyday.  The press just doesn’t report it and white america tries to act like it doesn’t exist.

  • Volt007

    All you racist ass holes….

    • Steve

       blacks are some of the most racist people you will ever meet in your life

    • aniptofar

      The white racism is in response to the black racism/thugism. What do you expect?

  • A Yahoo! user

    Alright, these are the same jungle idiots that keep law and order on the South Side of Chicago.  Goons, thugs, idiots, nobama supporters, etc, from the school drop-out gang and they apparently haven’t jobs to keep them off twitter.

    Sad jungle inhabitant, all.

    • snapperman

      Hey, Michelle lauds the virtues of the South  Side.

  • Derek Delvalle

    Thank you James Madison/2nd Amendment/Stand Your Ground/CCW Permit

  • PatckD

    You cannot threaten to kill someone.  That is a crime.

  • micoz

    This is a lynch mob with the same sentiments, in reverse, as the damn KKK.

  • Kris

    Aren’t death threats a crime?  Doesn’t the act count as “terroristic threats?”  Or is it ok for blacks to threaten to kill people, as long as the victims are “white Hispanics”??  Stop embarrassing yourselves, morons! I realize that Prince Barry and Bigot Holder will protect you.  However, many more of us are licensed to carry, so be careful.  Here’s hoping Zimmerman gets a fair trial, just like OJ did!

  • vegasdomar

    Just like the KKK.  Bunch of Democrat Jackass Party Hypocrites.  Go get him libs.,  fair trials and civility are you forte’  right?

  • zahbudda

    If you are white or a “white mexican… better arm yourself!

    Holder is allowing “open Season” on us!

  • docky

    wow, round these idiots up and put them all in jail.

  • Economyst

    the video will be up on world star hiphop

  • Rich Kline

    Where are the voices of moderation and restraint in the black community? Where are the black pastors and elected officials condemning this lynch-mob agitation and urging patience and restraint? Are they now corrupted thoroughly by gangsta culture and CRT hatred? They got what they wanted, or said they wanted — a murder charge and forthcoming trial — so they should defend the justice system against the mob.

    • oldpap1861

      Surely you jest.

  • Frogwart

    We don’t see any treats against the three black teenagers that set a 13yr. old white boy on fire on his front porch because he was white. This happened in Kansas around Feburary,  or no treats against the black people in Tennessee that carjackes a white couple and torchured, raped and killed them. Our useless news media covers white-on-black crime over black-on-white crime to keep black people mad and believing everyone is a races.  

  • $285852

    Looking at the writing level of the twitter lynch mob, it would be surprising if anyone of them would be able to tie their shoes.

  • Eric

    The writing skills of all the twitter comments says it all.
    “I would kill da shyt outta dat”
    “imma go follow zimmerman”
    “justices has not been served”

    and the best one– “Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman”

    Umm….he hasn’t been convicted.


    Yeah, these are the people who support Trayvon.  These are the people that we’re supposed to listen to.


    And all these people’s votes count the same as yours and mine.

  • RightUnite

    What a bunch of ignorant anuses…

  • Derek Delvalle

    Thank you James Madison/2nd Amendment/Stand Your Ground/CCW Permit

  • Buddy Deroy

    How much you want to bet these comments are from government provided free cell phones.

    • Shepherd

       My thoughts exactly.  I’d go so far as guess they come from the DoJ break room.

  • realheadline

    Racist blacks and demagogue progressives, still going strong after all these years. Grow up, quit blaming your problems on others. Petulant children all.

  • Wendy M.

     I’m sure all of their parents are really proud. Apparently, they were
    not taught right from wrong like so many others. Really gives the black
    population a bad name for those who are blinded by racism and color.
    Where’s LaRaza when one of their race needs them?? No where in this country will Zimmerman be
    able to get a fair trial. People are already taking out their
    frustrations on innocent people over this. Scares the hell out of me,
    but i see it as a way for Barry to declare martial law.

  • chilly willy

    Well….  every one of these people should be arrested and questioned and charged for cowing.

  • carl

    sure wish the govt.would step up to the plate here,,but,,alas,,,that’s not gonna happen,,there hasn’t even been a trial yet,,personally?i think this case gets thrown out,,or acquittal

    • Northohio

       Why would the govt step up when they were a big part of instigating it?

  • dschwarpa

    Those that would decry such actions against those of their own race, apparently think that it is ok for everyone else who is not in their group.  This type of thinking poses the biggest threat to everybody’s freedom and perpetuates the racial divides that some so seemingly want to continue exploiting.  If there is one reason that I think there will never be racial equality is because human nature tends to divide people up into groups, who if unchecked will naturally wish to gain privilege over other groups.  Very few people who lead groups have the ability or wisdom to put privilege aside in the name of fairness and equality.  Sad commentary on human nature and it’s getting worse in this country.  When social programs run out of money in a few years, there will be rioting in the streets. And the likes of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson will continue to tell them that the white man stole their benefits.  Sad, Sad Sad 

  • Greg

    How nice, oh well.. I will hold my breath and wait for these morons to be prosecuted, but they probably wont because they are “Holders People”

  • Obamacare or IRS

    I encourage everyone to get on the phone with your State Attorney General’s office and FILE COMPLAINTS. They have to take your complaints. Its a right afforded under the 1st Amendment.

    Shut these low life scums down!

  • fritzk3

     Congress needs to act and make these types of posts a crime as inciting violence and criminal acts!  should Zimmerman end up being killed they should all be tried as sessories to the crime and face extended jail time

  • Robert

    Tell you what…try this and tell me how it goes for you. make a death threat against the Socialist in the WH, that idiot Obama. Post death threats against him and when the SS comes knocking at your door tell them you were kidding. Let me know how it goes.

  • G Crompton

    Funny how some posters here whine about racism and will play the race card whenever they are “wronged.” But when the racism comes from people of their race, nothing is said. How’s that for hypocrisy? 

  • i1776

    Wow! Look at all those racists on Twitter! Sad that DoJ has said NOTHING since this lynch mob started a few weeks ago.

  • fritzk3

    Congress needs to act and make these types of posts a crime as inciting
    violence and criminal acts!  Should Zimmerman end up being killed they
    should all be tried as sessories to the crime and face extended jail time

  • carl englund

    I am amazed that this type of behavior is not condoned at the highest level of Gov.. Of course I understand why it is not. Be careful what you wish for.                                       

  • rayban64

    I’m mostly impressed with the exceptionally high level of education these geniuses display with their well thought out Tweets.  Is it any wonder they are totally unaware of what is really going on in this country?  Is it any wonder they don’t understand that the media used them to create artificial anger by manipulating the iformation and changing the tapes and is still using them?  They’re so uneducated they don’t even realize the school system failed them.  I guess they are going to use their unemployment checks to buy the bullets to commit the murder of Zimmerman. 

    • Shepherd

      Your analysis rates a 99%.  I would agree with you 100%, but you used a contraction instead of the proper, ‘I am’ at the beginning of a sentence.  :-) 

  • Eric Torres

    most of these people tweeting wouldn’t be able to figure out how to load a gun much less use one #twittergangsters

  • Darkangel

    You have to understand that some free speech is not protected, such as yelling “fire” in a crowded theater or “sniper” at pro football game.

  • LetsHaveASpellingContest

    Feel free to stand your ground again, if needed, George. Sooner, or later, this will all be over and then we can go back to “black on black” crime, where no one seems to have anything to say. Anywhere. At all. Ever. Echo. Etc.

  • Міша

    Something is telling me, most of the “protesters” demanding prosecution of Zimmerman will not accept a “NOT GUILTY” verdict…

    The case will forever be taught in public schools as just another evidence of “racism” — and Mr. Zimmerman will live the rest of his life in fear.

  • George Dixon

    Liberal lynch mobs are so very typical of the hypocritical left.

    Their mastery of english as a second language also leaves a lot to be desired.

    “Too Cool for School” has consequences …

  • MaxSmith42

    Thank you all of your comments are being fowarded to the proper authorities warrants for your arrest for incitement to riot and / or conspiracy to commit a felony are being processed now.

    • Polina Maire

      What authorities you are talking about? Clearly not AG Eric Holder!!!!!!

  • Belmont12

    free Zimmerman- end the media hype about this case and get on to real crimes

  • C MacArthur

    I love the precise and acute diction and grammar they used.  Makes me proud that our inner-city schools are graduating such scholars.


    • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

      As someone who graduated from inner-city schools more than 30 years ago, I have to agree with you. 

      Sometime in my twenties, I realized that my primary and secondary education were sub-standard. (I’m 50 now.)  The military, the Internet, and dead-tree books helped repair that somewhat, but it is still in process.  I can only imagine and read about how much worse public education in poorer school districts is now.  Thinking about things like this and about the state our country is in now has made me, for the first time, glad that I have no children.

      The mis-education of poorer and black children is not an accident.  We are seeing the fruit of the Left’s purposeful failure to teach such children how to think.  One of the Left’s organizations, the NEA, is the culprit.

      Never forget, however, that the Left has, for roughly 100 years, had a singular goal in mind: to destroy the America of the Founders’ vision and to remake it in the Left’s own image.  Mis-educating blacks is only a tactic.  Co-opting the MSM, propping up “black leaders” like Jackson and Sharpton, using “Black Pride” to keep past racial grievances alive, fomenting racial hatred on *both* sides…all of these have but one goal: the destruction of America.  Never forget that.

      • SamZydeco


  • WhoIsAnonymous

    “One genius called for the mob to murder Zimmerman because she thinks charges just disappear when someone makes bail.”
    I’m quite confident these people understand how bail works…

  • Ru Al

     All this rage just because George Zimmermans skin color is lighter. If George was a black nobody would even give this case a second look.

    I watched Russell Simmons on Geraldo and he said the Gun Laws need to be changed. It’s not the gun laws, it’s the people who use guns. The real problem is stolen & black-market un-registered guns used by criminals.

    I was so surprised Russell said this because I know him personally and he has at least 4-6 armed bodyguards at all times protecting him. I’m sure he does not want to lose the CCW Permitting and “Stand Your Ground” when he visits a State w/this Law and if his life was ever in danger.

    Russell is smarter than this but it seems he is being pressured into taking a political stance.

    What people don’t understand all gun laws are for all Americans, no matter what the skin color. As long as your not a convicted Felon you too can get a CCW Permit and carry a gun for protection.

    One thing not talked about is the fact that George said his nose was broken, and this is important. I have had a broken nose in a street fight before when I was a teenager, and while on my back it felt as if I was drowning from my own blood dripping into my airway while getting punched in the face.
    Zim’s Lawyer asked the Policeman on the stand if he ever had a broken nose before and he said, “no”. So the Policeman has no idea what this feels like.

    This is going to be a very interesting case, I believe when the facts come out and the case is over, people will still not accept the outcome.

    It’s so hard to believe we all share the same DNA, we all came from Primates. But something as silly as skin color still gives people something to complain about. Most Americans who complain about skin color have never left the USA.
    A well traveled person will see people of all colors in many Countries, and the moral of the story is, “People are People” no matter where you come from. It’s not the 1700s anymore.

    • sophie

      The racial outrage was very well orchestrated from the president and the race baiter who make a handsome living by doing just that!
      Can you imagine what “income’ Al Sharpton (Tawana Brawley+ feces fame) and Jessey Jackson would have, and they would ahve to live ( or maybe be already dead as black on black crime is the highest!!) somewhere in the Bronx instead of white gated community…It is very sad that animals  (and I apologize to animals) like Al and Jackson are allowed to do in our society and even give credence to their “speach” or a show on MSNBC instead of locking them up for extortion.

  • Robert

    Typical liberal response…don’t use logic, reason, or facts….just call them names.

  • OliveJustine

    I in no way condone death threats, but why are people even surprised at this? Social media brings out the idiot in almost everyone. When Hunger Games came out people were making racist comments about one of  the characters… people took to Twitter to make racist comments about a black hockey player… people have made death threats to Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga even Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black. People get behind a computer screen and are suddenly tough. Stop giving these morons attention and focus on the issue at hand: Is Zimmerman going to be another Casey Anthony??

  • Robert

    By saying they will kill zimmerman they are agreeing that Zimmerman’s methods are correct.

    I don’t think so myself, but that is what their statements are implying.

  • fraccle

    Don’ know if the law applies to black people, but for white folk I know that issuing death threats is a crime.

  • Amen R

    I hate racist black people. Im black myself and I had enough. Im working on a project in the next few months to investigate why my black people are so full of violent thoughts. I personally think it has something to do with the DNA , drug usage by parents, lack of stable house hold and rappers. Granted I know slavery was a bad thing but we can not get an apology from the dead slave masters that lived over 170 years ago plus. We are becoming the new age KKK in fact we are worse then the KKK. Zimmerman was locked up and gave a bond just like most cats get when they kill one another in the “HOOD”. Let the courts pan this out and figure out what happened.

  • Steven

    Stay classy people

  • Shepherd

    Wow.  And I thought Twitter was just entertainment for the mundane.  Who ever said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt” must have had these morons in mind. 

  • Northohio

    This is ok, but the Feds feel they need to talk too Nugent? When will you blacks realize you are being used by the race baiters and the Democrats (just like they have since the Civil War). 

  • Primoofthemonth

    I thought liberals were against the death penalty

  • Gary Hawkins

    I am looking for a Zimmerman mask…..I wish some of these folks of limited intellect and courage would come visit me!

  • Chris Daugherty

    Let it play out in the courts you animals!

  • dtom2

    English majors?

  • Thomas Kramer

    Maybe these haters on Twitter should spend more time in school perfecting their English skills, then being on their phone, twitter, Facebook account 24/7. And I would bet my paycheck that if any of them are in college planning to go to college will need remedial English and Math to bring them up to par. #thingsyoushouldhavelearnedinhighschool

  • Wert

    TSA, FBI ,CIA anybody Rev Al  hello terrorist here making death threats!!!!!

  • OliveJustine

    Wow. Way to win someone to your cause. Oh of course you probably wouldn’t want blacks to your cause. Fact is, it doesn’t matter what black people do in the eyes of someone like you. Because skin color will always determine what kind a person someone is. Well, maybe this will sink into your simple brain: not all black people are the same. Not all blacks sided with Vick and the NAACP does not speak for all black people. Jesus, the problem with the world today is that people don’t have smarts enough to know that each individual is different. Sad.

  • Walt

    That MS Lovely cracks me up.  She seems to think he’s been convicted and let go.  Well if you view the court of media, he has been convicted, but that doesn’t really count.

    Sad statement on our education system.

  • Wally Hyatt Namer

    at least half of these messages must be fake because nobody can that stupid with such poor spelling abilities!

  • pscully17

    Note to G.Z.:……..stay out of south Chicago.

  • Joey

    Why am I not surprised. The moment I saw he was released I knew that the black KKK would be after him. Even if they say they aren’t racist, they really are. They need to grow up and maybe just maybe stop threatening people’s lives because that is a crime…

  • End_the_Stupidity

    Interesting.  I must have missed the trial where he was convicted, as Ms.Lovely claims.  It just shows you how incredibly stupid these savages are.
    By the way, “Ms.Lovely,” (which I find very hard to believe that you are), it’s called double jeopardy.  Too bad you were probably ditching school when you should have been learning; then you wouldn’t sound like such an ignorant fool.

  • RichardBlazer

    And to think White Liberals in the media keep portraying these people as “just like us” and we should all be sympathetic and compassionate towards them.  Maybe the reason why they have had a tough history is because of this kind of backward behavior towards others?

  • Tanker74

    This is an example of the Klan – the Afri-Klan. They wear hoodies, not hoods, but the racism and lack of intelligence is the same as their white counterparts.

  • Cranios

    What a bunch of racists – these tweeters should be investigated. These are threats, public incitement, and therefore a criminal act!

  • bob the builder

    I guess in 2012 America, lynch mobs are perfectly acceptable.
    I’m ashamed of my countrymen.

    without sanctuary dot org – can we learn from the past in order to build a better future?

  • Bart Hook

    Isn’t it a crime to threaten murder?

    • VallartaDreamer

       Now that depends- on the color of the skin and who is saying what and where? (Obama and His Church/minister of 20 years hates “Whitey”)

      Their words…not mine.

      If i were to make these comments the above Twidiots were making against any person of any color, they would be at my door by the end of the week.

      AMERICA – this is your wake up call.

      ABO-2012 (Anybody But Obama)

  • Yodel Layheehoo

    While you rush=to-judgement idiots are thanking the troops next time. You might want to stop and think about the fact that being considered innocent before being proven guilty is one of the rights you’re thanking them for, and that one day it might be you that needs that right to be upheld.

  • Tom C

    Jesus Christ, This country has zero future. You are what you hate, I guess

  • Roger Bebamash

    This is very sad & disturbing… seemed like everyone was just starting to get along with each other, now this shit…. Sadly there is no hope for humanity.

  • Kris

    Hey FBI?  Do you think you can pull up your pants and make some arrests?  It is against the LAW to threaten people in America!  I realize you did some really nasty things recently (not surprising, considering who your boss is)…but try to overcome and do the right thing! Thanks!

    • DirtyWhiteBoy8

      That was the SS . Different .org

  • mundakal

    Obama’s boys and girls in action. If these guys and their leaders are not proven race baiters then who is? Hispanics be warned, you will be dumped like a sack of potatoes based on Obama’s coddling of the depraved and demented posse! La Raza and the other Hispanic organization’s silence is deafening!!!

  • julie

    After reading the tweets, Ms. “Lovely” not only are you ugly at least on the inside, but not exactly the brightest bulb in the package. He has not been convicted of anything at this point, a person has to go to trial first to be convicted or acquitted.  That being said, it really should not amaze me that most of these idiots believe they are the judge and jury of this case based only on the biased information put out in the media.

  • porchhound

     Indians aren’t “descendants of Asians” white Europeans like to tinker with our ancestry while totally ignoring the DNA..stop getting your info from Wikipedia..ONLY  Inuits are descended from Asia…no WONDER you people have trashed our land!

    • ewobi

       As long as you don’t claim you were here forever. The DNA proves you weren’t

    • notz

      I’ve read & seen info about the human genome being  solved, tracing human DNA to Africa to a tribe of less than 100 people.

  • Sue Lynn

    That is how raciest people talk and act. They need to stop the hating and let the court do it’s thing!!!!

    • Spanky Spankster

      racist not raciest

      its not it’s

      • Dee Schneider

        If this is all you have to add to the discussion, go away. You make the point that you and your type are elitist as always, the self appointed know-it-alls, patheDICK. (and no, it’s spelled correctly)

        • Spanky Spankster

          I appreciate it when people point out my errors. 

          We all can stand to improve.

          YOU are the elitist because you think YOU are perfect and can’t do anything better.

          Do you want to shoot me now, like a good Trayvon supporter?

  • $27805435

    All these tweeters seem to have one thing in common, and it’s not just their volatility and lack of impulse control.

  • zahbudda

    If Zim was hit!… you must acquit!

    • Judicious_1

      If Zims skull was split…. you must acquit!

      • DirtyWhiteBoy8

        If his wig was split … you must acquit !

  • Martin Carrico

    imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed and white people were twittering death threats against an African American.  Al Sharpton and the NAACP would flip out.   

  • mundakal

    If a half-Hispanic, half-white person can be declared WHITE for biased political reasons, why can’t the half-black, half-white President be declared WHITE also applying the same logic. The Democrats and the liberal left ramblings and rationalizations for political gains is astounding. Their behavior is despicable, retarded and unconscionable. The Democrats’ logic defies reason by any standards except their demented ones.

    • RichardBlazer

      Actually there is no evidence that Zimmerman is half white or half Jewish other than his name.  He looks like he’s 100% Hispanic.

  • $4102481

    Hey look….angry, violent, threatening blacks…. wait all those adjectives are redundant when describing that group.  Will the few decent blacks that are not animals please control your people.   

  • fatunclesam

    Blacks calling for a lynchmob…ironyyyyy

  • Morgana

    Ok, the people tweeting above are total idiots, but the dominance of ignorance in these comments makes them look pretty intelligent. So their grammar sucks. They’re operating out of a place of fear and anger. So, what motivates all of these ignorant comments? Is it really only because Drudge put up a link?  It would be nearly completely stupid to think that these backwoods tweets represent all black people. Its hard to watch the ignorance that spills out of the Drudge readers and take them seriously. Where’s the douchebag that’s going to blame “Nobama” for… everything?

    • Jim

      You just keep making excuses for them…that has worked out great so far! People like you are part of the problem…”oh they are afraid and angry so you have to overlook their comments!”

      • Morgana

        By “them” I suppose you mean “all black people”. That would be the first sign of your desperate ignorance. By “people like you are part of the problem” I suppose you mean the compassionate, because that was what I was expressing. If you’ve got no compassion, brother, you are done evolving in this lifetime until you find it. If you cant look at the world (and inside) and see that lack of compassion, hate and ignorance cause people to lose their connection to the rest of humanity (which all races are included in) then you’re not really helping forward this planet. I’m not willing to look at 11 tweets out of MILLIONS and put a “lynch mob” label on an entire race. That would be… stupid.

    • Judicious_1

      We know it was Bush’s fault that if nObama has a son it would have looked like Trayvon.  

  • JBnID

    Sooner or later we’ll have to fight these ignorant savages.
     If they don’t want to be thought of as stereotypes maybe they should stop acting stereotypical.

  • Apocalyptic Tourist

    if we can’t get along let’s get it on

  • Kurt

    And to think, these are our “future leaders”??  What’s with all the racial epithets being thrown around?  Is that like using the word “dude” in white culture?  And to think… they get to vote!  Yeah gubment edumacation!  

  • Tony Graf

    It’s funny how people can throw stones, even in the light of  evidence that he was protecting himself. It’s funny how these same people crying out to kill another human, if put in his shoes, would call for a “fair trial”. Where is G.Z. trial? How can these people take this sort of action in a way that is so self-destructive. Why can black people get on T.V. and radio and call white people crackers and honkies, but there is no outlash from the white community, but if some white person even repeats the word nigger in a paraprase or quote all hell will break loss. What if the white people came to the streets ,after that white male was jumped and stripped in front of MANY people as they all laugh, and called for the capture of the people involved dead or alive. What would happen…Most black people in American society have a real issue with their own skin color. The feel that no matter what has or will happen they are looked at as slave people. In truth it;s not society that holds them back, but themselfs, in the way they treat eachother. Look at the facts on black community crimes. What is this telling people that the media and even the black community refuse to factor in?

  • david5300

    Imagine killing George Zimmerman and dispite your best attemps to evade capture [ george turned himself in ] you get caught . You get life w/o parole & are raped in prision.
    How does that work for you??

    • Spanky Spankster

       despite not dispite

  • Gene

    Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of a day when a man would be judged by his character and not by his skin color.

    I can only wonder what he would say looking at the way blacks talk, act, and look today.

    If it wasn’t for Affirmative Action, you couldn’t even get them in for an interview.

    There are a lot of hard working, talented, and educated blacks in America, but you would never know it from the media, music, and movies sensationalizing the gangsta mentality.


    • Guest

      Thats why they get NO sympathy from me!

    • CommonSense033

      If he was given a glimpse of the future, I think he, a civilized, suit-wearing and soft-spoken man with a wife who was a proper lady…

      …would have quit the whole thing and retired to a country home.

  • michael s

    Attention twitter followers:  The new Air Jordan sneakers are on sale now.  $100/pr.  Limit 5 pair per customer.  At Sanford Mall.  Hurry.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

  • Luke Lenzi

    Take refuge in John Locke & John Browning. Sic Semper Tyrannis.  

    • JBar595

      I have taken refuge in my Bushmaster and 45 auto since the Kenyan came into office. His racism has affected us all.

  • jmresler

    Well one reassuring position for us caucasians ought to be to welcome Latinos to the group! Now they can see all is not wine & roses over here on this side of the hill.

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    These tweets are the product of either a failed educational system, failed Parenting or just very low IQ people that think with their crotch and not with their brain. I can’t believe how they have let themselves be used by media malpractice for some dark political objective.

  • Amy LaViolette

    Most of these wanna be hoods would shit themselves if anyone dared them to do it, these trolls need to go back to the basement and read a book…it does wonders. 

    • Guest

       That’s really great advice Amy, the problem is that none of these morons can read. The poor spelling in these messages isn’t some kind of code or abbreviation, these fools really can’t spell.

  • Dan Flathers

    I’m sure the MSM will jump right on this story! Where’s MSNBC when there’s a real story?

  • sqot

    The New Barack Panthers on Twitter.

  • Spanky Spankster

    Barry and the other Democrat race-baiters are responsible for the elevated state of conflict between races, ethnicities, religions, and subcultures.

  • Shane Todd

    If you got hate in your heart, let it out. If you want to kill george zimmerman. theres nothing wrong with you…. theres something wrong with zimmerman! he’s a WHITE-hispanic!!!………… Black power!

  • Majiic12

    0bama’s children.

  • Wouldnt

    So sad to see how blacks are so Racist.

  • keefers42

    they are doing this cause the media has areadyconvicted himsome fools think they let him go and the trial is over all of them shoukld have their accounts closed and some arrested

  • Alf Zamudio

    MLK jr. would roll in his grave is he could see all this nonsense. This race is definitely going backwards.

    • TennesseeRedDog

      Wait until the Latino population becomes the dominant culture. They don’t do the white guilt thing at all. The gravy train will dry up.

  • $3122477

    Many blacks truly believe that racism only can occur against them, it’s not possible to be racist against any other race but black. 

  • JBar595

    Where is that sh it bird Eric Holder, more than likely he’s self abusing himself again.

  • Wouldnt

    They raised by Racist mothers in Racist homes. They should be ashamed of how they Mothers raised them to be so Racist. Racism is Ignorance. They were raised in Ignorant homes by Ignorant Mothers.

  • usamomof3

    These are some vile people.  I hope Zimmerman will stay safe so the justice system can work. 

  • mcg99

    Wow!!! Such hate! This very disturbing.

    • TennesseeRedDog

      George Zimmerman is not one of Holder’s peeps. Therefore……

  • TL

    Why couldn’t he have just killed a white kid? We would never have heard of it and the world would’ve went on as usual.

    • TennesseeRedDog

      …. or if he had stabbed him in the neck with a ballpoint pen.

  • IsOrvilleRight

    Justice is supposed to be (color) blind. The U S President is supposed to represent ALL (black, white, red, yellow, and brown) Americans. He needs to calm down the reteric on all sides This whole racial divide issue swings back and forth. Too bad we can’t just hold that swinging pendulum to neutral. White, black, yellow, brown or red- we all belong to the HUMAN race.

    • TennesseeRedDog

      This is the brave new world. Get with the program.

  • Air4099

    Obama’s mission accomplished

  • Guest

    That is clearly “hate speech”.   I thought Obama and Attorney General Holderman had sworn to oppose this.   I haven’t seen any action from either of them.

  • luvmustangs

    i hope ms. lovely is a good cook with a fabulous body because she sure is Stupid.

  • Mark Hallenberg

    Obama will keep his finger hovering over the ‘race war’ button for years to come. His team has stolen enough money, and he now has this legion of under-educated,
    easily agitated lemmings at his disposal.

  • Norman Marshall Childress

    There are ignorant people of all colors of the rainbow….Ignorance knows no color. These people are the bottom of their respective barrel, I have seen the bottom of my race’s barrel and its equally disturbing. Go to your nearest trailer park and ask for some meth.

  • ak47rocks

    Martin must be in a very hot place right now. With his “I don’t answer to no one” attitude, he managed to get himself killed, while ruining the life of a good man. It’s past time for the ignorant people of this country to get over their “bad as I want’a be” gangsta BS. But no…Martin had to play “tough guy”. That gun would never have come out if he had not attacked Zimmerman, but had just explained that he was a guest in that “gated” community, instead of assaulting a member of “Neighborhood Watch”. He and his skittle pack would have been on they way. Guess it’s ok with certain “people” to assault someone for doing their job. And Zimmerman may be out on bail, but he should do “time” for having a gun while on “Neighborhood Watch”. He never should have been a member if he was not prepared to die at the hands of a thug like Martin. That’s the risk you take when you are a member of “Neighborhood Watch”.

  • James Murray

    Seems like an articulate bunch.  Do people really speak like that or are they trying to fit a stereotype?  Isn’t it illegal to make these types of threats in a public forum?  The other thing is these morons don’t seem to understand that he is out on bail pending trial.  I hope these posts are not a reflection of the black community as a whole.

  • Maurice

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Vita Bellezza

    Where’s the line between ‘freedom of speech’ and threats?  Why isn’t someone gonig after the people inciting the violence to kill this man?  I won’t even comment on those illiterate aholes that posted some of their comments.  That’s the solution to everything- don’t like the way someone looks at you- kill’em…’disrespected’? killem- that’s what they’ve developed into their culture…sad.

  • lcs1956

    I guess Twitter won’t delete their accounts, since the people who run Twitter probably agree with them. 

  • Boyd

    FBI statistics show that 90% of all inter-racial crime in America is Black on White. Once again THAT IS 90%!!!!!

    A white person is 18 times more likely to be murdered by a black person than vice versa. Many ignorant PC liberals will claim that I am a racist for stating a mere fact.

    The media runs wild with the notion that Black people should live in fear of white people. This notion is a complete liberal fiction to keep black people in fear and in line for political reasons. Our culture is rotting to the core in
    political correct bias. The black community desperately needs accountability and an honest media that judges ALL RACES EQUALLY!!!!!  Until then, the black community will continue their decline. Just read the twitter posts above.

  • Guest

    Here’s my basic question. Why don’t we see this same kind of outrage when a black teen kills another black teen? Black on black violence is a huge problem in this country but nobody seems to care, especially those that should. The shysters, al sharpton & jessie jackson, should be in the hood shouting and screaming at the thugs & punks killing each other to stop, but they let it go on and on and on. And we won’t even get into the whole problem of black on white, hispanic & asian violence, cause the shysters agree with the violence against everyone else.

  • Mark Lindsey

    Who cares about a bunch of sissy thug-wannabes.  Mouth is cheep.  Violence isn’t a job.  You kill him, he becomes a martyr.  An icon of stupid black violence.  A reason to kill a lot of blacks for some.  Wise up…if you can.

  • keefers42

    and only white people are racist

  • Barack Obozo

    DREAM TEAM for Zimmerman! If the gloves don’t fit then you must acquit! And the mad dog, beast of a prosecutor’s got nothang …… not even gloves! I don’t believe that the prosecutor’s even housebroken yet ……. bad dog, BAD ……
    Oh happy days …… when Zimmerman walks!

  • $23399007


  • mrdon

    It would interesting to know if our “hate crimes” laws include threatening to kill someone based on his race.

  • JNH

    The real source of the problem is that these people have received their information from a biased media. The bias: They posted pictures of Trayvon from 4 years ago. They cut out a portion of the cell phone conversation to make Zimmerman look like a racist. They hide the fact that Trayvon was out at 2 AM and was walking between to homes, not on the sidewalk. To make things worse, Obama’s words served to make this look like a racist incident. All Hispanics need to remember this and vote him out of office.

  • uisignorant

    Oh the compassionate libs at it again I see. Will the SS or police investigate them, or is it just conservatives that get a visit?

  • Capn


  • sw614

    Great, mob mentality and along racial lines to boot.

    Say, what about the black couple who killed a white woman just to steal her child down in Texas? Where is the outrage from the community over this?

  • Boyd

    Funny how the media at first tried to make this a Right Wing vs. Black people issue to help Obama win in November. Now they’re trying to hide the fact that Zimmerman, aside from being Latino, is also HALF JEWISH. The MSM are disgusting liberal bigots!!!

  • GOPcongress

    I have the real names, addresses, and most phone numbers of most of the Twitchy would-be Zimmerman murderers. Going to talk to a lot of parents!

  • Ed

    All fine products of our public education system.

  • Marcy Cook

    There people saying  they will kill Zimmerman are extremely ignorant.  That is what the public school system has provided to this nation.  But they should  be careful what they ask for because it opens the door for others to do the same to them.  Here comes the “slippery slope”……

  • Jordan

    Most of these people don’t even know what bail means.

  • BroChuck

    totally sick and abhorrent…

    but do you see any movement or statement by our DOJ?

    but if a white spoke out with such hatred towards a black man?  you know there would be riots and worse than the 60’s…

    Holder, Obama, that cowboy hat lady – these people open their mouths and then wonder why people look at them funny?

    I’m sorry…
    this isn’t racist – its common sense!

    This is just more evidence to all of you people of color –
    your government is using YOU!
    hoping YOU will take the step –
    go ahead and act out….. and when you all get your “satisfaction”, just remember that you are being used.
    they will reward you, yes…
    once they have achieved their objective, you will be told to stand in line for yours……
    and while you wait,
    and wait, and wait……..

    just think about what selling your soul really gets you.

    We pray for you, you know…
    that you don’t get caught up and used for the cannon fodder they see you only as.

    God, please help us all….

    Bro. Chuck

  • mrvicchio

    Scary thing is, these people don’t realize how used they were for a political movement.   

  • Avoicenmany

    Just an observation here. But where I live these “Tweets” are considered terroristic threatening, and quite a nasty thing to get popped for. Though I know the DOJ will over look this as just people venting there is a real present danger here. Not just to Zimmerman but to whites across the country…
    I know that my own alert level has raised to def-con 2, and see a possibility of that going to 3 in the near future.

  • Money Marcus

    The bottom feeders of American society are multiplying.  What’s ironic is that those who are responsible are the cause. The are so bleeding heart and liberal.    

  • .

    Hilarious keyboard courage.  None of those idiots would know what to do if they had the chance.

  • Jadan35

    The tweets on here show just how IGNORANT  these people are of the law.  One sid that if he is let out on bond that he cannot be charged again.  Truth is that he has to be tried, and exonerrated, Then he cannot be tried for it again for the same crime. Classic case of IGNORANCE!!!!!

  • tim805

    So, I just found this website by following a link. Twitter makes sense as a way to “connect” with friends, celebrities, etc, but it is generally just random stuff that random people post.

    It makes no sense to report it as “news” or to draw conclusions about large groups of people based upon its randomness. I know many smart and responsible Blacks; most all of them are NOT tweeting.

    I just read an “article” here about tweets on the Columbine anniversary. Many of those tweets disturbed me just as those here do, but I remember also that I don’t care what some random person (often a kid looking to get a reaction) has to say about important matters. I also noticed that most of the people congratulating the Columbine perpetrators are white, but I managed not to see that as a reflection on all white Americans.

  • Mr2112

    Load, lock and carry for self-protection….  this is just the start of it.

  • luvmustangs

    come on you know there are no black racists, its strictly a white culture thing. and nobody cares if blacks are killing blacks. and i hope ms.lovely is a good cook with a fabulous body because she sure is STUPID

  • $7748220

    America under Barack Obama !

    Angry and divided.Are you ready beg for forgiveness for voting for the great divider ?

  • Robert Lambert

    Hell  our President is probably thinking the same thing.

  • Tim Jones

    Thankfully, twitter has removed this account.  Finally.  After a month and hundreds of complaints.  

  • Bruce Fox

     Ignorance, desperation, racism, and, uneducated morons…..they epitomize the dem party and their leader AKA….

  • juan767

    didn’t trevon try to kill him already. oh! i forgot he brought his fists to a gun fight.brilliant

  • vqw

    wow. three people on twitter wrote about being mad that Rue in teh Hunger Games was played by an african american actress and it became a national story reported on by Entertainement weekly and CNN.  Yes dozens use twitter to advocate for death and violence and the media is silent.

  • Brother!

    Its going to be a long summer

  • mitch27

    I thought these people just wanted an arrest and a fair trial. Right!!

    • John

      Yeah, they wanted an arrest, but a “fair” trial is something completely different.  They want blood and vengence…in a way, not much different than al Qaeda.

  • David Rodden

    Where is Eric Holder and The DOJ on These Threats???Too busy covering his butt from running guns to Mexican Drug Cartels???

    • John

      Remember, these are Holder’s people.  DOJ won’t do ANYTHING about the threats to Zimmerman.

  • TennesseeRedDog

    Wow. Jaw-dropping but very much expected.

  • bubbagyro

    If Hispanics vote for the Democrats and Obama in the fall, they will all be in the crosshairs of the blacks, the most racist group of people in America today. If you are Hispanic, or Asian, not just “Whitey”, watch your back!

  • HostileLogic

    Just imagine the rage that’s going to sweep through the ranks of these mobs after Zimmerman’s Not Guilty verdict is handed down. 

    Riots are going to break out across the country. Count on it!

    The good news is that this will provide a “teachable moment” for more than enough voters in order to kill Obama’s chances for re-election. 

  • Avoicenmany

    Oh something for consideration..
     Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt

    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their
    core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and
    opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices
    who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let
    nothing stand in their way.

     Need for Stimulation

    Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.


    Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or
    indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame
    themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.
    These are but Three in a profile of a Sociopath.
    Anyone see something common here?

  • D R

    Wow! So does this mean WHITE people can to out an shot/kill BLACK people to seek revenge on all the WHITE people that have been killed at the hands of a BLACK man? Why are not the BLACK folks seeking revenge for the people killed at the hands of their own? Whatever! These people have proven that our educational system and parenting skills are very much in the toilet. Two wrongs do not make a right. God help us!

  • libwithIQ

    Lock and load. These morons and animals will riot if Zimmerman is found innocent. Hide and watch.

  • Swarmi

    Thanks for the compilation Michelle and team – 

    Its rather disturbing that these types of posts are said much less stand on twitter…  Or that Spike lee would do similar acts of hate…

    Too bad for them the prosecution doesnt have a leg to stand on – their case will fail – they need to look inward on what made that boy make his fatal mistake.

  • Mark

    This is why we need ID in voting….all obama voters clueless and violent – carry a gun for safety this is only going to get worse…racist on display…way yo go sharpton, jackson you should be proud…and of course no media coverage…great job soros funded media, great work….nothing to see here people move along….

  • Christophla

    What a bunch of idiots.

  • Rulz

    Is it really wise to threaten someone who has already killed?

  • Roland

    i live in georgia but i dont see rusia no where not even sound but they says theres tanks should i be worrie

  • Yirmin

    now would be a good time to start making some arrest for the threats of violence.

  • WilliamWallace

    A perversion for violence has infested the minds of a large sub-culture within the black community. 

    I believe this entire travesty of justice against George Zimmerman was orchestrated by the Obama people to unleash a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy.

    This is not going to end well…

    • Spanky Spankster

       Dems need some causes to fire up their base of supporters, most of whom have come to realize that Barry can’t win.

  • libwithIQ

    I’m just guessing but I’d be willing to bet 99% of those tweets are from Obama supporters.

  • StopWhiningPlease

    Isn’t this hate speech?  Where’s the Justice department now? 

  • Swarmi

    What would Louie Farrakhan say?

    Or do he Twit?

    • bubbagyro

      He do.

  • arh777

    All you assholes need to chill man! Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty. Go back to your hole you crawled out of!

  • Wang Newton

    Obama’s children….

  • Spanky Spankster

    Hasn’t Dear Leader done a FABULOUS job uniting the country?

  • westside_resident

    Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and Holder were unavailable for comment.

    • Joe_E_in_the_IE

       Well, yeah, too busy tweeting.

  • mcbarley

    I bet if criminal background checks were required before you posted on Twitter, this article wouldn’t exists.. 

  • DJ

    These twitters are obviously the results of a drugged brain society. Either that or they were born brainless.

  • Steve

    Is this “diversity?”

  • Alison Zhou

     Hmmm…now the judge???  Crazy…the tweeters have no idea how judicial system works – which is surprising

    Latorshia7983 RT @Rick_Cobain: Zimmerman released from jail someone kill the judge!!!!! 52 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  • savage

     Those are just some Black Racist scum…  No different the the Klan…. Except they are supported by News Organizations, and the Current Administration…

  • zanzen

    If Zimmerman is killed or harmed he or his relatives should sue twitter for allowing threats to him in violation of their own policy.

  • Wigglesworth

    Obama and the MSM are giddy.

    • VallartaDreamer

      The Oblame-a regime and the MSM must have a hundred distractions (aka new stories) that they will throw at the American Sheeple between now and election day.

      Nothing to see here…move along.

  • Ralloh

    If something happens to Zimmerman, all these creeps posting this garbage, or inciting this kind of behavior, need to be rounded up and arrested as accessories to murder, starting with the New Black Panthers, Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, Throw their sick butts in prison.

  • justin urrkunt

    The person happiest about this situation: Casey Anthony.

  • Michael Bodger

    Trace em and nail em all, conspiracy to murder.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    “Note the Twitter Rules:

    Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.”

    Which apparently have the same effect as a sternly worded United Nations resolution.

    Anyone who says “Justice for Trayvon”, including the president, will not be satisfied with anything less than death for Zimmerman.

  • MaxInOut

    I’m tempted to say “just ignore this ignorance and forget about it”… However, these are our “neighbors” and this thinking is widespread among their community…. SO, brace yourselves for the upcoming consequences of Trayvon’s and Zimmerman’s actions, I predict many deaths (balck, white, hispanic, innocent, guilty) in the future.  Once George Zimmerman is found not guilty (or case is thrown out due to prosecutorial misconduct)  The Race riots are coming to a neighborhood near you.  They will heed their call to action and “Suit up, boot up, and kill the pink people, these crackers…” and anyone who stands in the way of their brand of “justice”.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    If I, uh, spawned, uh, a lynch, uh, mob, they would, uh, look just like, uh, me.  Just…wow…  When did Twitter start enforcing a 25 IQ limit so rigidly?

  • Boatboy2

    People making these types of comments are brain dead, uneducated idiots.  Simple as that.

  • Jena

    All of you people are idiots, and are the true racist dirtbags that have ruined this country.

  • C

    If only the police would review those and go around rounding the people up for making death threats or “terrorist threats”. lol that would be hilarious…..

  • PatriotinCali

    The tweets above show some people can barely put a coherent thoughts together, let alone write.

  • Justin Lauderdale

    these people are racist morons , that listen and get hyped by the media, they cant think for themselves so the tv tells them there values and when to be mad. if i was to threaten someone on twitter the cops would be at my house. which is what should happen to these twitter posting morons. threating to kill someone is serious, and u should be charged with at least criminal threat. what happened about innocent until proven guilty? 

  • Liam Connaughton

    Anyone surprised?

  • knighttemplar01

    Where is Mr fast and furious himself, Holder should have FBI agents rounding up every last one of these individuals making threats! If anything happens to zimmerman then sharpton,jackson,farrakahn and the two racebaiters holder and obama should be charged as accessories before the fact!
    And in holders case the man is already responsible for the death of agent Terry, he should be in the nearest gray bar hotel reflecting on his high crimes and misdemeanors against  the American people.

    • TexanPatriot1

      Why, they are doing Obama’s bidding. He WANTS a race war.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    its the obama/holder crew  doing what they do best…………..obama mob putting out bounties on zimmerman and then putting out contracts on an innocent man

    professional victims doing what they do best………….keeping their “boot on America’s neck”

    can’t wait for 11/2012 and America will rise again ………… America and zimmerman will be safe again

  • mrbill59

    This is a product of libralism. They have divided us into groups. I wont be put into a group. Unless its the group that sees the degradation of our great America and pushes out the people who want to divide us for their own political gain. The martin/ zimmerman case should be about blind justice not revenge or racism. Sadly because of continued race bating it wont be.
    That is all 

    • ac287149

      The media have proved to be the enemy of every American citizen and of lawful behavior, with their brazen, inflammatory intent to rouse war, on behalf of president Obama’s domestic policy and re-election, of course.

  • C-Harmon

    What trash.  Those calling for Zimmerman’s street execution can’t even express themselves.  They appear to have only made it through second grade!
    How sad there are “Americans” like those out there…

    • ac287149

      I bet Obama depends upon the existence of people like this every day.

  • rfrapal

    And the TROGLODYTES have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Desert

    what a bunch of gullible ignorant morons….too stupid to thing for lthemselves…they buy anything the media, jacksona nd sharpton are selling….pitiful cockroaches!

  • III J

    And I am certain that Twitter is legally liable for permitting these death threats to be broadcast via their medium, as they have control over content. the fact that it violates their own policy and they allow it to continue demonstrates their liability and ‘depraved indifference’, so they are ripe for a mega lawsuit. Anyone know how to pass that on to the Zimmerman family?

  • wyatt81

    Ignorance, hatred, bigotry, and stupidity all proudly on parade here.  Sharpton, Jackson, and the media helped to whip this drooling mob up-think they will take any responsibility if something happens?  They will simply hide…

  • supershwa

    Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave right now.

  • terryatrae

    So, My question is, how many Twitter accounts have been forced shut, or it the ‘Rule’ just a scam to keep honest people from expressing themselves?

  • TexanPatriot1

    If they’re angry about that, then they’ll ignore the fact that their President is about to go down to the worst defeat in history, even worse that the Peanut Farmer.

  • soundnfury

    Rev Al’s peeps. It’s how they roll. Pathetic.

  • KentS

    mob mentality can be pretty damn scary.

  • Blaine Magee

    Reading some of these posts makes my head hurt from their excellent grammar and writing skills.

  • davidl1

    All theses idiots who make death threats just give Zimmerman more evidence to submit in court when he starts suing people and the press who have already convicted him before the trial.

  • Countrygirl1411

    That is horrible.  What is wrong with people?   

  • Kick

    Sounds like a bunch of whimps sitting in their mom’s house acting hard. I dont think these people would even open their mouth if they passed zimmerman in the street. He will walk free because the evidence is weak at best and Treyvon was a questionable character. I hope Zimmerman sues the president and every mainstream news Corp that smeared his name and put out false info.

  • Bill

    I pity …. NO I’m AFRAID for any Zimmerman look alikes 

  • bdick

    Wow! The lack of education/intelligence and/or grammar skills displayed by the above Twitter posters is beyond comprehension. How does one succeed in today’s society using such pathetic language?

  • ac287149

    It could just as likely be anyone other than Zimmerman, which is truly scary.  Now that this precedent has been set by the White House, the DoJ, and their Private PR firm the US Media, no one will be safe any longer. There will be more people like Zimmerman in the future.
    Furthermore, the attention zeroing in on Trayvon Martin’s killing is an arbitrary selection out of many killings of kids in America since the beginning of 2012. Journalist media, with few exceptions, has become the enemy of all lawful, American citizens.

  • BillyBob52

    It’s comforting to note that TWITTER is following their own rules!
    Note the Twitter Rules:

    Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.

    • LeonTheKungFuJew

      Those rules are only for white people.

  • terry2u

    Boy, what pieces of work we have out there. Lynch mob mentality gone berserk. Their mothers must really be proud of their offspring. MLK  wanted non violence to solve wrongs. He’s probably rolling over in his grave right now, reading these threats.

    • bibliofly

      Of course their mothers are proud of them; they represent extra charity money courtesy of the taxpayers. 

  • Taz Pierre


  • Bob

    This kind or ignorance is why the country is in such trouble.  These idiots probably can vote.

    • BillyBob52

       THEY DO VOTE! And this is scary!

      • phillysmart

        no someone votes for them …democrats

  • Conrad2010

    While @ it. Why not take out the judge that signed
    his release & the cops that unlocked his cell door.

    • BillyBob52

       It’s called the LAW!  He is charged but not convicted in a court of law, just by ignorant public opinion!

  • freeinaz

    What a bunch of intellectually challenged individuals. Thankfully, most of these idiots probably don’t know what end of the gun a bullet comes out. Innocent until proven guilty unless Sharpton/ Jackson & Co. are involved. The Co. part is the media…

    • $2942628

      Ever see “child soldiers” in action? It doesn’t take intelligence to operate a weapon . . . even if it is Sharptons or Jacksons mouth

      • freeinaz

         Top of the day to you Joe.
        In reading these tweets and comments we surely are surrounded by some mental midgets. I feel for Zimmerman, this guy is not going to get much peace even if found not guilty.

  • jamie1966

    Where is the media outrage at these threats????? Of course no where to be seen. Poor Zimmerman (who is innocent until proven guilty) has a target on his back. Where is Sharpton and Jackson on this racial injustice….oh thats right, he isn’t black

  • phillysmart

    Obama and the socialist democrats don’t seem to find this kind of stuff troubling? hmmm

    • ac287149

      Gabby Giffords:  gone, but totally forgotten.

  • Andrew Kaska

    Hurry, get Ed Schultz and Soledad O’Brien on the story.

    • ac287149

      …(turns blue holding breath.  Eyes bulging)

  • hyjacker

    How about we let the man have his day in court and wait for all the facts to come out. Ive read the charges and Florida has clearly set themselves up to lose this case. Any judge with an ounce of guts would throw it out until the man is properly charged. They can’t prove murder 2 based on the evidence and I think they know it. If the situations were reversed would you want Trayvon to have his day in court or just go ahead and murder him? I have no idea what the man is guilty but criminally negligent homicide would have been much easier to prove. Murder two will be very problematic. But the hell with the trial or the truth lets just kill him cause it feels good? Pretty sad

  • happygranny

    what a bunch of ignorant racists. How come that you can make theats like these and the DOJ is not going after them. Do we have double standards in this country?  They all sound so brave, until you confront them one on one.

    • BillyBob52

       OBAMA and HOLDER!

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Their mobs are getting braver and more courageous though, happygranny– in most of the recent attacks, the average number of thugs and age of the white female victim are both gradually trending downward into the high 80s.

  • SteveLarson

    Wow! A lot of anger out there in twitter land. I wonder if these are anonymous cowards hiding behind their twitter account, or if they are seriously deranged people. Our nation is degenerating; the media is feeding this for profit, and our leaders are not doing anything to help. President Obama has not made one calming comment. He has not (to my knowledge) called on people to respect the justice system and let it do its work. 

  • $6557272

    I’m surprised to see a lack of the use of a certain epithet in this thread.  Whoopi said it shouldn’t be censored.

  • J.H.

    So many horribly uneducated people….forget voter ID cards, let’s have basic IQ tests at the polls.

  • jmac731976

    One thing I see, a bunch of people that have no grasp of the English language.

  • algebra

    soo..will the media classify any of this as “hate speech?”  What I see here are the rantings of racist homophobes.

  • Hannah Abbott

    This is the same mentality that caused the who East coast West coat rap feud.. . . instead of allowing civility or the rule of law to rule, these animals resort to rants and threats.. . . If you threatened George Zimmerman, you need to look into a mirror and ask yourself why are YOU living a failed life?  A  completely failed life. . 

  • underdogged

    This is so ridiculous! I’m half-japanese, and if another half-japanese kid was murdered by a “Zimmerman” halfway across the country, I wouldn’t be out there looking to kill the guy! I just don’t get why some people take a particular instance, as an offense to their entire race! It’s absolutely ridiculous! But when you think about it, it slightly makes sense…from a cultural perspective. Most of these people appear to be African-American…Africans-Americans trace their roots back to Africa – a place full of tribes. This is tribe mentality pure and simple. “you killed one of my own, now we’re all gonna kill you, your family, etc.”

  • Frogwart

    Can someone please let some of these uninformed tweeters that Zimmerman is out on bale before his trial.  He has not had his trial YET, how braindead are some of you.  Maybe it would be a good idea to start reading and gain some knowledge and stop tweeting.

  • Eric

    This was all created by the media, leftist pundits and politicians manipulating and propagandizing the evidence. Now it is too late to use this story for political gain, since it didn’t turn out like they hoped, but the hatred they created in the black community cannot just go away. Thanks.

    • algebra was a good story when the media thought the shooter was a straight white man…oops. He’s Hispanic, and apparently, gay to boot. double oops.

  • SyncIssues

    I wonder if these people would be concerned that there employers might see those tweets, but I guess you can’t get fired from “Welfare”

  • eil9524

    Just a bunch of punks – that’s all

  • LeonTheKungFuJew

    Can you imagine if white people did this after someone was killed by a black person?  Given how often that happens, I’d assume the twitter servers would overload and Obama would be imposing Martial Law to get the “Whitey” (a term Michelle Obama famously uses).

  • GinoMachiavelli

    There is now clear evidence to substantiate closing of Department of Edumacation.  Cruel and unusual punishment of King’s English must cease.

    As far as negative love professed to Zimmerman on servers of Twitter, is it not  plain and malicious facilitation of defamation of private individual suddenly is starkly evident?
    Is there a lawyer in the house?!

    SPLC and ACLU are shocked, shocked I tell ya.

  • ModdKenwood

    the intelligence of these cretins is more frightening than their threats

    • GinoMachiavelli

       Pardon me, what intelligence?
      Professor Pavlov’s dogs had more “intelligence”…

  • Big_Bear

    None of these Tweeters will do anything.  They just talk…errr tweet…tuff.  Bunch of wet end losers who think they baaad.  Dime-store cowboys.  Saturday night tuff guys.

  • Marks2Cents

    Welcome to Obama’s America.

  • Christopher

    I hope he gets acquitted.

  • SFCGator

    What a fine example of the hip-hop gangsta community and mentality.  These ‘people’ do not care about justice, only what they want to believe as viewed through their own bigotry, hatred and racism.   They are the lowest common denominator of our society. 

  • Guest

    Is is legal to say I’m going to kill “X” person?

    • SyncIssues

      Only if your black in america, and if your black and you kill someone that is white, it’s like it never happened…

    • SyncIssues

      I also have to mention that only black people are allowed to kill black people, because it happens all the time and they never say anything about it

    • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

       If you’re black it is.  If you’re white it will probably get you taken in for questioning or worse.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        If you’re white you’ll get dragged in for saying, “Could you please lower that radio a little bit, sir?”

  • Greg West
    • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

       God bless you, Greg. 

  • Mark M

    If only the African-American community could learn from this instead of trying to protect what all was wrong with this. In the last year alone the community experienced theft, shooting, and other crimes. I can’t blame Zimmerman for being suspicious of a guy walking around in the rain. He shouldn’t have followed him though, that’s not his place, but at the same time Martin didn’t have to confront him. At the same time maybe if the parents had given him a ride or helped him with whatever “errand” it’s been claimed Martin was running, instead of letting their son wander about in the rain, maybe they could have prevented this as well.

    • SaveOurRepublic

      The thug probably swiped those Skittles and was out casing houses for B&E.

  • Warren Wilson

    I found that everyone I know who thinks Zimmerman is the bad guy gets their info from dirtbag obamite reporters like MSLSD while most of the folks I know who watch less biased news reports think Martin may have been a thug trying to kill Zimmerman….. In which case the shooter should go free.

    When is someone going to use Zimmerman as bait and go “stand his ground” while defending Zimmerman when some douchebag tries to shoot the poor schmuck?

  • $2942628

    This man’s a “Running Man . . . “

  • Susan Manning Higuchi

    Just a bunch of idiots with diarrhea of the mouth, personally I’m more concerned that they don’t know how to spell (or probably speak English)  ugh I hate ebonics and twitter/text speak

  • uflfrisbee

    This whole thing is quite sad.  Why is it OK to call for murder?  These people are being short minded because that murder would need vindication and so on and so forth.  This would be a never ending spiral of vigilantism because we’re all taking matters into our own hands.

    Too many people have forgotten “innocent until proven guilty” and feel it’s justified to hurl incredibly racist remarks at other races for no reason.  It just shows a lack of education, tact and common sense.  I didn’t shoot anyone, I didn’t do anything to wrong the black community.  Why are random white people (one an 85 year old man in OH) being beaten up “in the name of Trayvon”?  How does a senseless murder of a teen justify more senseless violence against innocent people?  Should we now send out groups to beat these offenders up in the name of justice?  This makes me lose respect for humanity as a whole. 

    Aside from the unnecessary murder of a teenager, the second worse thing was NBC’s Today show making it a race issue, which their choice editing.  Heads need to roll all over that station for inciting a national race issue…or maybe they threw this editor a celebration since sensationalism gets them ratings and they need them badly.

  • onlook34

    “Justices have not been served”?  Bail would result in double-jeopardy?     Can these be real people?   

    • Brent Campau

      Lol. I laughed at those as well.

    • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

       Yes, unfortunately, they are real products of our government schools.

  • TammiMoore99999

    I have 4 children, all by four different Daddies (all absent and NO child support, thank you very much) so I know how hard it is to raise a good young man like Trayvon. My bf is just mad because he says he KNOWS for sure that Zimmerman is going to kill himself and not give anyone else a chance. I wish we could all get along, since Obama is prez this is a far better country, many more jobs and more money for my kids and Zimmerman has to screw it up.

    • Brent Campau


    • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

       I just thought I had never seen such ignorance in my life before I read this comment.  That is without a doubt the most ignorant statement I have seen in regards to this case.

      You are seriously deranged.  Seek help immediately.

  • Furrystoat

    Isn’t it wonderful how ‘our’ President says that “No Limit Trayvon” would look like his son and ALSO does his utmost to calm the lynch mob down so that the wheels of justice might be allowed to turn?

    Oh, wait……

  • jraccios

    It’s easy to understand the education level of the people commenting here. This is a perfect example of why we nee to change our education system.

  • Guest

    The is reporting that now a person is tweeting that someone should “kill the judge”!

  • FedUpCDN

    All these tweeters are freakin racists! But I guess it’s ok to judge without the FACTS because Zimmerman is a “white” Hispanic and the “kid” is black, or as he called himself a N***er.  But that’s ok he said that, he’s black. HYPOCRITES!

  • DahktaD

    Ah yes, the degenerates are out in force.

  • Dougie

    Sheriff Joe where are you?  Protect this man so he gets a fair trial.

  • ***********

    twitter should be held responsible if something happens to him.

  • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

    I have never seen such ignorance in my life.

    • phillysmart

      you must not get to the city much….there is a hwole sub human species living there

  • markkozikowski

    I am sure that our S. S will start investigating these issues. 

    this is inflammatory speech and It must be curbed. Isn’t that correct Ms. Pelosi?

  • bibliofly

    That’s the same question I asked myself. It’s impossible to believe anyone who can turn on a computer, sign on to the internet and type a few words can be that stupid. The average elementary school kid is more informed than so many of these people.

  • Greg West

    t witter  facilitating #flashrobs ,#riots and #deaththreats.
    But let’s focus on the Nuge

  • Mary Jones

    @ChantelleMoore Troll much? No one posts that they have 4 kids by 4 different daddies and is proud of it. You must just be a white person, trying to appear as a poor uneducated black woman. Looking at your profile and other comments, you sound like one of those “black folks” who was a servant in those black and white films. You are trying to make a point about black people and anyone who has any intelligence can see right thru it. Move along people just a white person trying to be black…nothing to see here.

  • ChicoCDM

    Open black racism from the President to the average black person – its a disgrace to see this happening in America. Black racism is not reverse racism – its racism.

  • Randy

    We are dealing with what W. F. Buckley used to call “Invincibll Ignorance”.  So, why are these folks not being brought up on charges of Terroristic Threat, Solicitiation of murder, and Incitement to Violence.  Also, why are the bird brains over at Twitter not policing their own board. Can Twitter’s sysops be brought up on charges of being Accessories to these serious charges?

  • sirgareth

    Wow, It really looks as if Obama has finally got his base energized.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Hopefully they’ll all be fired up to get to the polls first thing on Thursday morning November 15th.

  • Dan Scheper

    I haven’t heard anything about the DOJ going after these twitter’s ? They are all breaking the law and must be arrested!

  • msck

    So that’s whose been buying all those Apple computers xD.

  • KevinVA

    The classless mob of Twitter awakens…

  • hyjacker

    What is the penalty for brutally assaulting and murdering the English language?

  • Mike W

    What is the cultural backround og persons making these responses ? And why do they justify vile street violence  to meet their ends ? does this not make them a worse racial monster then they think Zimmerman is ? Were they there to witness the incident  ? If not then they are just hate mongering racists.

  • $24720607

    Just look at what #Obama has done to America! I have never seen SO much hatred for total strangers in my life. This administration is a regime of racist haters with one agenda, the demise of liberty, justice and independence. Damn Obama.

  • JOCB

    How many billions spent on inner city schools and this is what we get?  Glad to see welfare & food stamp money allows these people to have computers/phones with twitter access.  

  • Justavet

    I bet if these people were calling for Obama or Biden’s murder, they would be found and arrested.  These morons deserve the same. Whatever happened to equal protection under the law?  If Zimmerman is receiving death threats, each and every one should be investigated and prosecuted.

  • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

    I am George Zimmerman!

  • DJM3


  • Impeach Obama

    Where is law enforcement to track down these people, arrest, and jail them for their threats?  Every one of these people should be prosecuted as we should not accept as norm threats to kill people.

  • Steven Goodwin

    Why is the Black community at large so excited about this one particular case when there are literally HUNDREDS of black-on-black killings (read:gang-bang drive by’s) that go completely un-noticed by the community-at-large, and more to the point, the dynamic duo of Al/Jessie won’t touch it….
    Wonder why that is…?!?!?!?!

    • Kevin Jennison

       And when the police show up to investigate, NOBODY saw nuthin.

  • rbeccah

    Aside from criminally making blatant death threats, most of them can’t even do it in simple English.  And aside from that, most of them are just trying to sound tough, when all they are is ignorant and ridiculous.

  • J_Gunther

    Black culture is in shambles and these tweets are more proof. What a shame; so many wasted people, so violent, so angry.  I recall how they violently supported OJ Simpson, and yet now they want zimmerman dead just like Trayvon did. That’s what happens when you let the government raise your family instead of taking care of yourselves. No self esteem and a big chip on your shoulder.

  • John_In_Michigan

    So now there are online threats against both Zimmerman and the judge.  Those making the threats are actually threatening all of us — you and me — because they are threatening the rule of law. 

    Without the rule of law we will be nothing more a banana republic with armed thugs enforcing their will, no democratic institutions, and no respect for individual rights.

    I hope NBC is proud of itself for the slanted coverage and butchered quote it aired.  If any violence comes of this NBC, Al Sharpton, the President, and all the others that jumped to conclusions will have blood on their hands.   Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?  The right to a fair trial?  I guess we can ignore all that when the mob demands blood.

    Those who inflame the mob are responsible for the mob’s actions.

    • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

      “Without the rule of law we will be nothing more a banana republic with
      armed thugs enforcing their will, no democratic institutions, and no
      respect for individual rights.”

      Unfortunately, I think we are already there.

  • Furrystoat

    Anyone who looks like Mr. Zimmerman or shares his name is in just as much danger from this rabid lynch mob as he is.

    Illiterate, racist thugs like these are not known for focus or discretion.  There have already been multiple assaults and horrific beatings by packs of thugs shouting Trayvon’s or Zimmerman’s name.

    Obama’s silence toward this lynch mob is deafening…..

    • paula marshall

       Yes, Furrystoat.  Deafening is right.  POTUS (poop-on the US) needs it to blow up, and is pushing for it, so he can declare martial law and avoid being voted out of office.  No elections in Martial law.  The Narcissist-in-chief will not let go of the Seat.  Somehow he believes he has the right to be in the seat, that it BELONGS to him, personally, -not to America.

  • Dimitri Sokolov

    All of the evidence so far shows this was self defense. There’s zero evidence showing this was murder. Zimmerman will not be convicted and then things will really go up in flames. The media is to blame. They made the whole case sound like Zimmerman just shot Trayvon while he was walking with a pack of Skittles. Then they showed that photo of Trayvon when he was 12 years old. Nice going media.

  • DJM3

    And by the way, what about the “Green” freaks who want to burn down my house because I do not believe the lies about “Man Made” Global Warming. I bet they are “The far right” Also, NOT

    • Skipdallas

      If they burned down your house, would not that contribute to the overall effect of and add to the greenhouse gases already floating around? So feel safe! They do not burn down the houses of people that have their heads buried firmly in the sand with their asses sticking up for all the world to see and mock!

  • ***********

    Could you imagine if anglo’s twitted about killing a african man.

  • dittofred

    How come no one is calling for the head of the guy that murdered Daniel Adkins in Arizona – he was a 29-year-old, white, disabled male who was shot to death at a Taco Bell by a 22-year-old black dude near Phoenix, AZ.  Black dude was not charged – claims self-defense!

    • rosswill

      Because what happened to Daniel Adkins does not fit the media narrative. Only white people are dastardly killers in our society.

  • NomSayin

    people mad bro?

    • paula marshall

      people?  These are PEOPLE?  I am not sure I can put them in the same class as PEOPLE.  Id’jits, perhaps.

  • explodingturban

    Reading some of the comments made by certain people, it’s pretty evident their ancestors back home were more civilized.

  • Guest

    And every one of these racists will be in church Sunday morning just praising and worshiping. Hypocrites 

  • gellero

    Did you expect different? 

    One wonders….if acquitted….how many fools/thugs will die in riots…

  • guy

    i think its obvious here that the president could easily step in here to calm this down… that goes for you to holder.. something can be done publicly to put some water on the flames here… since there isnt, it seem that obama wants this to get out of control, so he has an excuse to try to have the military protect him and keep order on the streets of this country.. seems like thats his wish these days…. let the blacks keep talkin isht and hope for chaos to erupt to inforce his police state..

  • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

    Get ready, folks. is stirring the pot of racial hatred in another case in North Carolina where a white man was not arrested in an accidental shooting of a black girl.

    • bumpkin

      I wonder how this feels to people who have elected to marry interracially.  While THEY have gotten past bigotry, many have not.  So sad for them to see the neanderthals still grunting on the side of hatred- in action. 

  • SaveOurRepublic

    Such a wondrous display of the King’s English.  Bear witness to the dazzling intellect of these fine citizens.   :-/ 

  • James A

    Where is Holder when we need him? I forget, he is turning the other cheek and his hearing is bad, too. So much for law and then order.

  • pamdix

    Ignorant retarded animals. 

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

       Don’t let any animals hear you say that.

  • Paul__Revere

    “We told you so”
    –any 1960’s era segregationist

  • Trudge1

    These people are going to be on a suspect list.
    They better hope Zimmerman or the judge doesn’t get a papercut.

  • Reginald Winthorp

    Oh look, a bunch of people judging Zimmerman by the color of his skin, rather than the content of his character. 

    It’s a shame that not just blacks, but most Americans don’t even realize that gun control laws were created to keep guns out of the hands of blacks.  Which was an effort to make them as dependent on welfare, and as angry as they are, so they could be used by people like Sharpton, Farakahn and our sitting President as pawns to fight against the laws of the land.  To uphold the “ends justify the means” mentality that your over controlling government wants you to NOT hold accountable.

  • The1

    Knock, knock, knock…hello?…Justice Department…anybody home?

    • petemobtv

      Taken a look at the top guy?  Ain’t gonna be justice for whitey if he has his way!  He even covers up Mexican murders of his BorderPatrol agents. He belongs in jail. Or worse. HE is a murderer. 

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Where or where would we be without our beloved Dept of Education? I wonder if these tweets will be in the next batch of NEA and UFT ads when the unions whine about how underpaid they are for the fantastic educations they provide and rave about the mortal dangers of school choice.

  • CLeeLeff

    Isn’t it funny how uneducated and neanderthal-like these “tweeters” sound.  And they refer to Mr. Zimmerman as “Nigger”.  Hmm, I thought he was hispanic/white. They’re just proving what dumb animals they really area. I put the real emphasis on “dumb” and “animals”.

  • s37en

    these people should be arrested.  but they are obama’s voter base… good to know that truth matters none.

  • Sigint.

    Isn’t it amazing, the comments above, submitted by those who ‘would have looked like Barry’s sons and daughters’.  Maybe they will learn not to do that in Florida……or not.

  • Thomas Russell Witt

    WOW there are some dumb ass people in this country!  First they think that the trial is over and in fact it hasn’t started!  Next they are all calling for his death or that they are going to do it themselves.  Once again where is the top law enforcer Eric “I hate White People” Holder.  If the KKK was doing this he would be all over it!

  • Lloyd

    These people are complete idiots.  You know how many white people are killed by blacks.  Read the newspaper – oh wait, cant read!!  You want a race riot, keep it up.. Obumbler is bringing it your way!!

  • John Cowan

    KKK/Black Panthers… What goes around comes around?


  • bumpkin

    Ah.  The criminal faction just showed their faces.  Maybe they are the next go-round of politicians! 

  • ziggy


  • ziggy


  • ziggy


  • Furrystoat

    Regardless of whether Mr. Zimmerman is convicted or acquitted, there will be riots.  There are riots when sports teams win or lose, after all.  The racist lynch mob isn’t going to let this opportunity for ultra-violent mayhem slip away.

    Decent people of all races should prepare for this.  If you’re unable to prepare, for whatever reason, this might be a good summer to take that extended overseas vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

    There’s only so much that the police will be able to do.  Obama and Governors will never call in the National Guard to back them up.

    Take care of your family and your neighbors.  

    Decent people must make a stand.

    • $1163828

      I don’t think there will be riots.  These are just twitter talkers, the case will take too long and no one will be interested, and it takes too much effort.

      • Furrystoat

        I sincerely hope that you are completely right and I am completely wrong.

        History, however, suggests a specific trajectory for this.

  • ClevelandHawg

    Why are the tweeters calling Zimmerman a ni&&a? It’s not being used as a term of affection. Are half-Hispanics now refered to as ni&&a’s?

  • Zonadoc

    Why do black Amerians hate American Hispanis so much?  Even our current president Obama rushed to judgment to condem the white Hispanic over the black victim.

  • Obbie2

    I wish they would speed this along, cause I am getting anxious for all these over the top loudmouths to actually show up and let’s see who has the balls.

  • Mahhn

    so is anyone being arrested for criminal threatening? or is that legal on twitter?

  • Charlie Sanders

    This is the intelligence of Obama’s constiuentcy, extremely naive and easy for him to dupe.  That’s the way he likes it…

  • Patrick

    The race wars have begun.  Thank you Sharpton and Jessie and thank you Odumbo for giving these thugs cred.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      You forgot NBC; their journalistic eye looks black.

  • ceroaguscraic

    After reading the above hate rants, the only obvious conclusion I can draw is that you can’t fix stupid or ignorant twitter turds.  How sad that our country has resorted to such blatant displays of foul mouthed dummies that chose to spew their angry rhetoric for the world to see.  

  • The Kingfish

    No one makes mention of the fact that young males (black and white) become increasingly arrogant and aggressive around that age. Of course Martin resented the fact that he was being tailed, wouldn’t you? The correct course of action would have been to say, look dude, I’m staying with my dad’s girlfriend, OK? But that didn’t happen. A lot of 17 year olds don’t think like that – especially those infused with the idiotic gangsta/wannabe attitude (this goes for black and white). What happened in between is still mostly conjecture, but if someone commences beating my head into the ground, they can expect to get popped. Sad all around.

  • shep5557

    Anybody has the right to pursue, follow, walk towards, look at, speak to anyone for any reason in spite of being told “we don’t need you to do that”. Even if the police dispatcher said we don’t WANT you to do that, GZ had a right to access the public walkway as does any free American. If we try to limit access to the public ,on what grounds would we do so? Everybody can access the walkway except those wearing a hoodie, eating skittles, and is black? This would infringe on the freedoms of all other Americans. Also, GZ had a right to carry a concealed weapon. Many people in U.S. do after having taken a class that instructs them under which circumstances they can use said gun. Whoever used force or attacked the other is the person guilty of being the aggressor. If GZ was attacked by TM, he has a right to defend himself with deadly force if he thought his life was in danger, or he would sustain great bodily harm. This is as it should be. In the states with the “duty to retreat” laws, the non-aggressor has to avoid, turn around, side step, or adopt another defensive position in order to retreat. This puts the non-aggressor in a vulnerable position. When one single punch can disable or knock a person out, and continued beating can end in death, One has to ask “why shouldn’t I carry a gun?”, and “why shouldn’t I use it quickly?” The “stand your ground” laws protects a person from these vulnerabilities. To not have the “stand your ground” laws as the “law of the land, is to allow the strong and aggressive people to rule the public thoroughfares. The old, the weak, the sick or disabled wouldn’t assert their rights for fear of not being able to escape an attack without being beaten or dying. If we get rid of the “stand your ground” laws, the law of the jungle, where might makes right, will replace it. Carrying some measure to equalize the threat is the only way to assure the physically strong do not dominate the weak.

    • GeorgeRA

       George Zimmerman, because first off, he’s a free American citizen. Secondly, he is the Neighborhood Watch Captain. Thirdly, in that position he had every right to question a suspicious person in that neighborhood, and that person, Martin, was not a resident of that neighborhood, I could go on but that’s enough to make my point. I also believe that Martin threw the famous nigger punch, the sucker punch, that placed him as the aggressor. Live like a thug, die like a thug.

    • Luxomni

      PLEASE CHECK THIS FOR YOURSELF, DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! No one has ever questioned the story that Trayvon Martin was going to the store, “bodega” if you prefer, for Skittles and an ice tea.  It was a chilly, for Florida, rainy night. According to the police report, Trayvon was killed at 2381 Retreat View Cir, Sanford, FL. Enter that address into and see if you can find any store you could walk to even on a warm, sunny day. The media does not realize that we can check for ourselves. There is no store within walking distance in ANY direction from there. CHECK FOR YOURSELF! will let you see at street level every street in that area.

      • Sweetbearies

        Well I am pedestrian who walks up to six miles on many days, and I would like to point out I just found a Kohls and several other stores about 0.6 miles from that location on Google maps.  There are stores within walking distance, and us pedestrians often prefer walking over driving.  So it is possible to walk to a store nearby, I just found several using that address you provided, that are all about a twenty minute walk away. If you are a kid it would make sense to walk, and not all adults want to drive. Just to share, not everyone is going to drive in the rain:

        • Luxomni

          Kohl’s sells clothing, not Skittles and iced tea. The other stores at the 0.6 mark are Carmac, two other car dealersships, and a Sam’s Club. Keep going! You aren’t even half way to a store that he could get a pack of Skittle’s and a drink at.

          • Sweetbearies

            As a pedestrian I know how to use Google Maps, and you obviously do not walk like I do. I also use Google maps to see how to get to local convenience stores, Starbucks, and many other stores in the area. These all range from 0.6-1.4 miles away. I know how to use a Google map to plan out a walk or to use transit for larger trips. The simple fact is people in this city our pedestrians that walk to and from the store. I am sticking up for my fellow pedestrians on this one because people who drive sort of think it is impossible to walk. Those of us who walk know it is possible.

          • Luxomni

            “you obviously do not walk like I do.” Oh, really? Is there a reason that your replies must always involve personal putdowns? How about instead, you give me the street address approximate will do of where you found said store 1.4 miles away, I have not yet found it.

  • Jason Campo

    Are these Twitters in English?

    • GinoMachiavelli

       Modern Czechoslovakian Swingers dialect.

  • shep5557

    We are witnessing the struggle between a democracy and a republic. In a democracy one is answerable to the group/mob/tribe. In a republic one is answerable to the law. Our laws will be marginalized to the degree to which the law or the people enforcing them are popular. As more and more people adopt the victim mentality, the popular response is pity. Those people who do not judge behaviors as being worthy of pity, will be shamed and driven from the group.  The person who can gather and control the largest group will consequently have the say so on public issues of importance. Who do you think that will be? Yes, you guessed the answer, Obama. The singular voice most Americans listen to if only to find out what kind of damage he has planned in the next step of his “fundamental transformation”. As elections grow near, more events like Universal Healthcare, Occupy Wall St.,Sandra Fluke, Trayvon Martin, and this LAPD vs. Muslim will be showcased for the rest of the mob to devour. Wrong doing on one side and victim hood on the other, the healthy vs. the unhealthy, the rich vs. the poor, women vs. men, blacks vs. whites, and the powerful vs. the weak will be portrayed as adversaries. Much time and effort will be spent fanning the flames of discontent on both sides of these issues. As frustration turns into anger, and anger into violence, our leader will step in to save us with the definitive word of what is fair on each issue, and what is not fair. Thus he will appear to be a sagacious savior to some, and to others an evil, Marxist, demagogue. He will let it be known that he and only he can stop the fear, discontent, and violence, or he can also start it. In this atmosphere he will once again ascend to the throne of President.

    • Sweetbearies

       I do not like people posting ridiculous stuff on Twitter, but it sounds like you want a dictatorship.  Much of your reasoning is why minorities and women were kept from voting under many laws and so called literacy tests.  We are a republic with a strong democratic tradition, and that is the way it will always be.  It also sounds like you are worried that corporations might have to pay a little bit of tax, and your ridiculous comments about Obama and his throne are way off base.  Obama is the president, not a king.  Never in all of my years of being cognizant of politics have people ever referred to a president this way.  People did not even do this with Bush.  There is polarization on the right and the left, and I think your polarizing is just a bit more right leaning.  What ever happened to moderation?  It is a lost art.

  • sadgurl55

    If it happens that Zimmerman is found not-guilty, how many of you idiots will burn things and or break things that don’t belong to you?

  • BeauDCrab

    Thank goodness the gubmint has unlimited access to all data concerning the individuals responsible for posting this stuff.

    I’m comforted by the fact that the people making these threats will be held accounta ….

    O … never mind …

    • Snake_Oilbama

      With race coward, racist Eric Holder on the job, these tweeters will face the same justice that the Philly Black Panthers faced.  I.e. NONE.

  • B

    Well, I think we can conclude from these public tweets and stories that surround this case that anger amongst the black community 1) leads them down a violent path to talk with hate rhetoric and threats to kill people,
    2) shows their ignorance in not knowing how bail differs from double jeapardy,
    3) shows ignorance when they avenge a black person’s death at the hand of a Hispanic by beating up a white person,
    4) shows how there is a critical need for black leaders (other than Jesse, Al and Obama for sure) to teach and display a little civility and tranquility to the black community.
    These tweets are a strong indicator of how the black community is SO FULL of violence and anger and hate.

    Everyone on here in the black community who is talking hate and revenge and writing about just how angry you are gives everyone the insight as to just how much anger and rebellion you have on the inside. If I had to judge Trayvon on this aspect I’d say none of you are helping his case in trying to get people to think he was a poor, innocent young man doing nothing wrong…I think he probably had as much hate and menace in his actions as ya’ll do in your words.
    So violent.
    So hateful.
    This tough person, street smart image…
    this ‘cool’ baggy pants hooded shirt look…
    The brutal assault on the English language…
    It would be refreshing to not see violence or hear all of this hate from the black commuity…for once.

  • Meta

    WoAh, this is downright scary, these folks must have horrible lives and minds, with no souls

  • donpopione

    So why isn’t law enforcement tracking these people and charging them with terrorist threats.

    • The Kingfish

      Because the threats are just stupid braggadoccio. If you don’t like it, and I don’t either, feel free to talk some sense to them. Sometimes dialogue works, sometimes it doesn’t. Extreme partisanship doesn’t.

      • darrylsee

        Who are you kidding?  These thugs won’t listen to reason.

      • Patrick Despaw

        Extreme partisanship works when you are finished talking.

        We’re finished talking. 

  • GinoMachiavelli

    Based on comments here, it’s time for “Death Wish” remake.
    And “Death Wish 2, 3, 4, 5…..That’s for season 1.
    Who would play Charles Bronson’s character?
    Any suggestions.

  • TheLiberalEater

    It’s like a proctologist paradise ; a$$holes everywhere…

  • Shipmaster Mahoney   

    Read what is really happening. Comment. Have fun. Justice for Zimmerman!

  • $21841453

    The anti-social nature of ‘social’  media. Twitter execs need to be subject of class action lawsuit by members if these posts and accounts are not immediately suspended or deleted. They selectively enforce their own guidelines and in this situation they will be responsible if something happens to GZ. Regarding the whole issue, Obama is now clearly identified with the ‘black’ brand, not unity. He is also responsible for fanning the flames of race war.

  • Machismo

    Every twitter account with a threat should be charged with terorism, intent to cause bodily harm, or even intent to murder, or what ever will throw these nut jobs in the tank.  Al Sharpton, Louis Farahkn, Jessie Jackson, and REV Wright need to join them in Jail.

  • Guest

    Show of hands.  How many of those Twitter boneheads have extensive criminal backgrounds?  Anyone, Buehler,  Buehler?

  • Grandma Go

    The people making these threats should be identified and arrested.  they don’t understand if you live by the gun you usually die by the gun.  Grow up, get a life, get a job!

    • darrylsee

       Eric Holder wouldn’t even deal with the New Black Panthers committing felonies at a Philadelphia polling place and is lying to us about Fast and Furious, do you expect he’ll do anything about this?

  • hassan_aziz

    Sharpton, and Jackson are absolutely are loving this. after the out rage, they definitely got job security. funny that they never go to southern california and confront the Surenos, or La Eme, that have a partnership and have declared ethnic cleansing. i lived out there, travelled all over cali. The Avenues gang shot dead a 13 year old girl who was playing in the front of her house, her family making sure she stayed with in the confines of where blacks are able to travel about certain areas of cities down there. infact, areas like compton, inglewood, and watts are all mexican. orders were handed down from La Eme, that under no circumstances blacks could not roam in certain areas, and regardless had shoot to kill orders. hell, even salvatrucha pays rent to them. but i never get answers from black folks that i know why they dont go there and protest. they may never admit it, but we all know why.
    ironic too that the political party that you all have sold your heart and souls too have sold you out. be real, what has obama done for you all as a community. “nothing” infact, illegals get arrested and released the same day while you get the book thrown at you. his DOJ eric holder refuses to send them out of the country. its truly sad, once again your loyalty to the dem agenda has got you no where.
    some of you get what im trying to communicate or say, but the majority are obsessed with skin pigmentation, and the hood, being an OG, but refuse to be financially responible in caring for their own children.
    get ready gansta! withs what is coming our way your mettle will be tested.

  • Luke_JSL

    A race war would come to a screeching halt as soon as it hit the city limits.

  • rivers

    Will Twitter cancel these accounts?

  • Capt Jack

    Amazing Twitter lets this go on. If the White community threatened every black murderer with lynching it would be all over the networks and Obama, jesse and Al would be on their doorstep. They are setting race relations back decades.

    • Sweetbearies

       Well I have been following social networking for awhile, and I find some very problematic things written about Obama every day on various sites.  People are referring to our president as thug and chief, and I think that is wrong too.  Especially since I never read people write things like this about Clinton or Bush.

      • Fog

        Cannot tell if you are being serious?

        • Sweetbearies

          Anyone reading my comments know I am being very serious. The polarization on the right and the left is not good stuff. There is no true moderate views anymore because that does not get people to read stories. This is why I prefer the BBC website.

      • Luxomni

        Where were you when they DID say those things? They positively did – about both Clinton and Bush. With Bush, it got so bad there was even a name for it: Bush Derangment Syndrome.
        Perhaps you are just too young to remember? Clinton was president between 12 and 20 years ago.

        • Sweetbearies

          Well no, people did not say as outlandish and rude stuff about Clinton and Bush. It is getting ridiculous how disrespectful people are towards President Obama. It is one thing if you do not want to vote for him, but it is another thing when people call him names.

          • Luxomni

            They most assuredly did say that kind of personal attack against both President Clinton and President Bush.I am not much of a fan of the second President Bush, but they constantly called him stupid despite him having a MBA from Harvard. The typical response is that he got it because of his father. Legacy may get one into Harvard, but it will not get you through Harvard. And the abuse that poor President Clinton endured. no one should have to endure.

        • Sweetbearies

          I have been politically aware and involved since the 90’s, but I just realized I interacted with the more inquisitive circles where people do not engage in all these put downs, name calling and polarization, but apparently this is the norm for some. You know it does not look good on your part to put down people for their age, or to imply they are a certain age.

    • dareisay

      One said he’s Mexican, although his mom is from Peru, isn’t she? Oh well makes no difference to the uneducated.

  • koedo

    Clown school have off today?

  • darrylsee

    While Obama is at the Holocaust Museum telling us evil should be dealt with, many of his supporters are bragging about murdering George Zimmerman.

    Uhhh huh.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      When he talked about how the govts in Syria and Iran (but somehow “not” his regime, cough cough) were using social media to gather info on the people using it, I would’ve died doubled over in howling laughter if it weren’t such a somber occasion.  Thought it was interesting that he was addressing a mostly Jewish audience but decided to come without his friend Farrakhan… 

  • Dewayne Hatfield

    I guarantee the boys up at Hayden Lake, and their friends are chomping at the bit for this war to start.  Just what

  • sentner

    The comment from “Ms.Lovely” is interesting… She says, “Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman.”  

    But of course she ignores the fact that the trial hasn’t even happened, and he hasn’t been convicted of any crime.  He’s out on bail pending a trial… 

  • dareisay

    So, being a thug and quite uneducated, go hand ‘n hand!

  • Shipmaster Mahoney   

    Come read the real story and send it to skeptical friends. Comment, I’ve tweeted ALL of the people above, inviting them to read this link. Let’s see if it happens. Could be fun. 

    Justice for Zimmerman

  • joe

    This is a great opportunity to rid society of the hoodies and their bros along with a handful of weak kneed libs…Remember the Death Wish movie series…what the public needs now is a champion to rid the streets of the hoods, drug dealers, druggies, and so on. Clearly the cops are not up to the task.

  • Kenneth

    Wow, so this is the state of black America.  All that money spend on education, Head Start, public housing, food stamps, and what what did we get? 

    • GinoMachiavelli

       There’s old Russian proverb:

      No matter how much you feed the wolf, he’s looking into the forest.

      America relatively young country , adolescent by historical measure.

      Certain predatory group of political pedophiles is using the ignorant  to achieve their immoral supremacy.

      Looks like America ready to enrich it’s historical heritage.

  • Dewayne Hatfield

    Just what the black community needs. Another bunch incidents like “Rosewood”.  If someone puts a cap in Zimmerman, many blacks will die indescriminately.

    • darrylsee

       You seem like you’re spoiling for a race war.

    • Ray Flo

      The blacks will suffer because they are sounding
      like savages and uncivilized
      now here is the catch
      This is been cooked by the globalist
      that just loves to divide and conquer
      Most of this hate is from white
      provacateurs that will in the long run turn
      blacks into the lynchees

  • Rachel Wells

    they four year olds come out at night — this is nothing new! They usually get shut down immediately upon posting the hate. However, I see it all the time. 

  • Tom Berry

    Now the members of the Klan With A Tan are coming out of the rocks they were hiding under

  • ***********

    Wow , fifty years ago we where the greatest country in the world. Now with all the affirmative action and politically correctness look what we have regressed to .The U.S use to be a country of inventers creators of great things now a country of haters,  black & white disgusting .

    • Cm

       Our Nation is led by a person who hates. It is not a surprise that the level of hate in this country has increase. If there’s justice, each and every one of those threats should be evidence of attempted murder

  • JB

    What a bunch of idiots. They’ve all committed the crime of making a threat to kill someone, and posted the evidence on twitter. Just as dumb as posting video evidence on Youtube.

    Knock knock. You’re under arrest.


    • darrylsee

       The Obama inJustice Dept. will NOT go after them.  Guaranteed!

    • ac287149

      Yes, in what used to be America, like just a few years ago, these threats would be taken very seriously by the FBI, DoJ, and local law enforcement.  In a radical departure from American law, the feds have publicly decided that anyone valuing their lives enough to defend themselves will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of federal and local law… if the vigilantes don’t get them first.
      All feds are looking for are the people who are ready to commit the “man-caused disaster” of complaining about them, exposing them, and casting them out of power.

  • NoBama_NoMore

    Yo man, you be chillen wit yo boyz…ignorant asswipes

  • Furrystoat

    Obama took the unprecedented step of taking sides on this issue at a very early stage in the case, yet he remains silent when an ultraviolent, racist lynch mob mentality grows like a cancer in cities all across America.

    He is making it crystal clear that he means to be President not of all of The People, but only his political and ideological constituency.

    • ac287149

      I think he likes chaos and disorder very, very much.  Too much to ever be trusted with power again.

      • PictureBigThe

        Of course he loves it – what better way to bring down the current government.  It’s also why he is bankrupting it too!

  • Gregg Velosi

    How else would you expect fascists to behave?

    • ac287149

      Look how Lenin and Trotsky used the Russian people to carry out the Bolshevik revolution initiating the USSR.  Normal people, most US citizens, are only hungry for food, and their homes, schools, businesses and vehicles are hungry for fuel. You know, hungry for Normal stuff to carry on Normal lives. Obviously thirst for extreem power and hunger for absolute control of people is only part of the Totalitarian dream.

  • ac287149

    I have read different blogs about Martin-Zimmerman, and I often see variations of this:  You want a race war, bring it on!

    No. If people participating, inflaming, and ignorring civil law are as bad as they appear by their current comments and behaviors, and there are even more of them out there who didn’t participate in this twitterage, then hoping for explicit conflict is even more bad than it would ordinarily be. The people encouraging this and participating in this national event appear to have no boundaries, no places where they say, “I can’t do that, it’s going too far.” NOTHING may be too far. Leaders of the Black Panthers were on YouTube last year, ranting to a crowd about ‘destroying’ “cracker babies”?  If Black Panthers are involved and recruiting from this mob, and the President is inflaming the issue, and the DoJ is doing nothing to stop it, then this will involve devestating bloodshed if it devolves into open civil warfare.

  • willie5

     People making these threats are nothing more than dirt bags.

  • Todd Clemmer

    “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time, the anthropomorphous apes. . . will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla.”-Charles Darwin

    • ac287149

      I thought it was Obama’s science Czar, John Holdren, who said that!  I’ll have to go back and change my citations, elsewhere.

      Seriously, anybody who currently believes Darwin’s theory of Man, and who works in government, should be shown the door immediately.

  • Steve Wischer

    what is he mexican or white trash 

  • John Brittingham

    Obama’s army

  • Cm

    Where’s the outcry against racism? Clearly twitter does not enforce anything and there’s nothing that can’t be written.
    Death threats against Zimmerman should be investigated and persons making those threats should be incarcerated.


    This is the New Black Mentality. We’re supposed to accept this? Where’s the DOJ? Nevermind…they’re exercizing their 1st ammendment rights, right? Isn’t inciting to riot covered by the 1st? Isn’t threatening to murder someone protected by the 1st? Isn’t conspiracy to murder someone protected by the 1st? No? I guess only when the DOJ decides it is. Meaning “Oh that’s just the way the black culture talks”.

  • Gregg Velosi

    So, here’s the “thought process” then…we’ll antagonise people who A: Outnumber us, B: Outgun us, C: Have proven beyond a doubt they will KILL US when pushed.

    Brilliant plan, twitterbugs.


    By the way, reading some of these morons’ tweets explains a lot of this. These are some really stupid meat puppets!

  • Myke Ramsey

    Have any of the posters above taken an English or Grammar class? Holy Sh*t, this country is in more trouble than ever. The unsettling part is, regardless of guilt or innocence, the jury will have to find him guilty, or else there will be another Rodney King type retaliation from the black community, like back in ’92. Whats worse, is that the media is getting everyone fired up about this, and it will end up costing an untold amount of lives before this is over. I miss the world I used to know.

  • steve

    o black people it makes the news worth wile watching you kill your own people then riot and burn your own houses down when your not happy….

  • Timothy D. Naegele

    Sadly, there are few black leaders who are truly responsible and not exacerbating racial tensions that need to be “cooled” instead of inflamed. Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, the Congressional Black Caucus and others are fanning racial hatred, not defusing it. 

    More demagogues are not needed; and the media—such as Piers Morgan, a Brit at CNN—is acting irresponsibly.

    The real tragedy would occur if White and Hispanic America—and other ethnic and racial groups in the United States, such as Asians—were to turn against Black America in retribution, saying: “Enough is enough.” 

    There are many minorities, not just the one that makes the most noise. Also, no one should ever underestimate the fact that violence begets more violence, which can spin out of control.


  • DanDierdorf

    Misplaced anger, it’s the cops and DA that screwed the pooch on this one.
    It seems that ALL of the racists, black and white are concentraiting mistakenly on this jerk.

  • Furrystoat

    Just as the Klan was begun by the Democrats in order to terrorize blacks against voting, and voting for Republicans in particular, so also this racist lynch mob is being encouraged by Democrats during an election year.
    “No Limit Trayvon” will be held up as the reason why Obama needs to be re-elected, so that there will be “justice” for black people.

  • Common sense

    wow from kkk to lord zenu…. these comments almost rival the idiotic behavior that this article is about.  

  • Leland Williams Jr.

    Obama and the Lib Propaganda Media caused these tweets.  Justice was DONE alright, the very thing these protesters are angry about….prejudice.  Help us Jesus.

    • DanDierdorf

      Just as the Lib Propaganda Media also caused your wife to cheat on you and your dog to run away.

      • FinbarOS

         But his wife didn’t cheat on him and his dog didn’t run away. The Lib Propaganda Media just reported it that way. Just as you did.

        • DanDierdorf

          Hey Finny, just asking the questions here, did his dog cheat on him, why did his wife go away?

          I ask, YOU decide!

  • Bob M

    Tried and convicted in the media.  Now waiting for one of the great unwashed to administer the “sentence”.

    Wise up you idiots!  Get all the facts first.  Thats why they have trials. You might find out he is actually innocent and was protecting himself.  What is the rush?

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Sounds like a whole lot of douche bags to me. Not very smart ones either….

  • DanDierdorf

    Meanwhile, handgun sales surge, causing ALEC and the NRA to pat each other on the back for a job well done.

  • Bob M

    Tried and convicted in the media.  Now waiting for one of the great unwashed to administer the “sentence”.
    Wise up you idiots!  Get all the facts first.  Thats why they have trials. You might find out he is actually innocent and was protecting himself.  What is the rush? IF he is guilty he will be punished.

  • DanDierdorf

    Just remember, just like the white racists are a minority, so are the racist blacks, can’t paint a group for it’s a-holes.

  • Andrew

    They need to hurry and riot so we can put  down.

  • tsmmar

    The only thing as scary as these Twitter comments are some of the comments being posted here.


    Lot of Obama supporters.

  • greatmag

    Where is Eric Holder. You S***s should be arrested.

    • DucatiRider

       Holder is too busy not trying to prosecute anyone in the ATF for smuggling guns into Mexico.

      It takes a lot of time to run a good cover-up.

  • LLinLa

    Curious: Do you have to be a “twit” to post something on Twitter? Obviously . . .

  • Jack

    Have any of yall considered the fact that he may very well be innocent.  In fact, judging from their original reactions and reluctance to press charges and the pictures and witness accounts that I have heard so far, I would say that Zimmerman is innocent.  It is indeed tragic that anyone should be shot and killed, but it is entirely possible that Zimmerman was just doing his job and then defending himself.  I think the news media are trying to incite violence by continuing to show pictures of Travon Martin as a 12 year old innocent looking kid.  Shame on them.  Give our legal system a chance and lets see if Zimmerman is guilty or not before lynch mobs become a reality and a bad situation gets even worse.

  • texguy46

    Dumb, dumber and dumbest posts. The ironic thing about the posts is that they talk just like they post!

  • LTCartoons

    Given the evidence & Zimmerman’s transparent apology, it seems fairly certain he’s guilty. Keep in mind the prosecution understands this fully; and has plenty of evidence they have not even released.  The “call to arms” on Twitter is not productive and, in fact can backfire.  I would love to see justice served on Zimmerman (life in prison for a start)…but the more renegade “Let’s Kill Zimmerman”; the more chance people are going to side with him.  Don’t do that.  Let’s let the wheels of justice turn. This is no longer a good ol’ boy closed small town trial.  The world is watching.  The world knows the score here.  Lets be patient and let this man Zimmerman first rot in some cave like Bin Laden; then in prison.  It will happen;  it only takes justice to make it so 

    • DucatiRider

       Ever notice that Zimmerman is the only one who hasn’t changed his story? The media and even the prosecution keeps proposing interesting theories (which people take as Gospel) only to change them later.

    • northern_sentinel

      “Zimmerman’s transparent apology”

      He did NOT apologize.He said “I am sorry for your loss.”Not the same thing.

      An apology would imply he did something wrong, which is why the media [and you] is running hard with the spin that Zimmerman “apologized to the parents” instead of merely making an expression of sorrow and empathy.

      Hat tip to Meet the New Boss at FR

      …and “given the evidence”, it is fairly certain he is NOT guilty.

      • LTCartoons

         I am so glad you are fairly certain he is not guilty; and that our founding fathers were brilliant enough to  construct a Constitution to make certain that people who are “fairly certain of something” do not make the laws. Thanks.

    • SeaShel

      Interesting, you say “Let’s let the wheels of justice turn” and yet in you same breath you have convicted him, ie., “Lets be patient and let this man Zimmerman  first rot in some cave, then in prison! You are part of the problem; your brand of justice is not justice at all.

      • LTCartoons

         It IS interesting isn’t it.  We ALL have opinions based on the evidence we’ve seen.  But I know well enough to know I could never be on a jury in a case like this because my mind is made up.  My point is not to change one’s mind (whether he is guilty or not) and I am VERY open to change my mind if the prosecution or defense brings out any semblence of evidence showing innocence; God forbid an innocent man should serve one night in jail much less a lifetime.  But as of now, that has not been revealed; and if I’m part of the problem (by requesting to all that though it is ok to have and express their opinions; it is not okay to call on major media (or anywhere to kill Zimmerman (no matter what we think of him). If that makes me “part of the problem”; so be it.  So glad you are there to be “the solution” . We need such brilliant minds.

    • Lili Pons

      The ones who should be hauled in are Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and fined heavily for instigating the big uproar.  They don’t care about all the whites who are shot & stabbed by blacks. They are working for Obama just to stir up things because its election year

      • LTCartoons

        That is one thing upon which we can agree, Sharpton, Jackson, Black Panthers, and Neo Nazis are out for nobody but to further putting their mugs on tv, and the sooner they all leave the better.  They couldn’t care less about The Constitution or Trayvon’s death; we all know that.  And by ALL of their very nature of presence, they impede justice as they give the police, FBI, justice dept etc more work to do that has nothing to do with the case; and prolongs the justice system. However, ALL their presence being there; as horrendous as it is, does not mean Zimmerman didn’t gun down an unarmed child. And I happen to believe justice will be done. And I also believe people need to stop the “call the kill” Zimmerman on Twitter and elsewhere. Justice will be done, and it will require patience on all our parts. 

  • Jack Daniels

    Just wait until a black person tries to use the stand your ground law for self defense, I bet that you’ll see people all over the US question why it’s ok in this case to question the racial component but it’s not when a black person is holding the gun.

    • DucatiRider

       Actually, the first person to ever use a legally concealed weapon in the state of Wisconsin was a Muslim man of African and Middle-Eastern decent. His name is Nazir Al-Mujaahid and he was not charged.

  • DucatiRider

    This is so amusing to me.

    “Hypocrisy made paramount.”

    Let’s all use the media as the only source of information, then any idiot can be judge, jury, and executioner.

  • Nathaniel W.

    Don’t you just love their use of the English language………..?

  • wooddale12

    how come you hear nothing about that black woman who shoot and kiiled a white woman and stole her baby. could it be that black on white crime means nothing, but you take a black punk kid and hold him up as hero. the trail will show that he attacked zimmerman, and tried to kill him zimmerman shot in self defense, and will not be convicted. but of those people will go out and riot and steal. when oj was found not quilty i did not see any white people out there on the street.

    • ac287149

      Eric Holder already said his DoJ is an engine of reparation and social justice in favor of Blacks.

  • mcrichard

    Where in gods name is the department of justice at? Can you only imagine if what would happpen if white people where threatening a black person like this there would be thousands in jail

    • joenuss

       That’s why you gotta get us asians to do it.

  • Homegrown_Skeptic

    I assume that all of these Obama voters will be tracked down and prosecuted.

    • joenuss

       Going by their “comments” would they even know where to go to vote?  Oh, wait.  Someone else will do it for them.

  • Aimee Vee

    and all these libturds..look like and act like Obama’s sons.
    BTW.. what is the definition of liberalism… calling for lynch mobs, lies, and unjustice..

  • Comrade Mousin T. Nahgant

    You people are disgusting. Hes ajewish cuban and killing him isnt gonna do anything…matter of fact you’ll make it even worse. I love how you fucktards thing LOL LETS KILL SOMEONE HERP DERP is gonna fix anything. Blood only begets more blood fuckass. So yeah shut the fuck up and suck on your thumb, you wont do a fucking thing and even if you did you’d get put in jail and have bubba show you just trayvon martin in your ass. 

    Hes on bail fucktards, doesnt mean hes not going to trial so…learn your fucking justice system before you shit start like this.

  • Ivan

    Someone get Zimmermans address from Spike lee so I can mail him a few “Loughtner style assault cips”.

    • joenuss

       You’ll get the wrong address!

  • Michael Veritas

    If a Caucasian made death threats on Twitter, I wonder if their account would be suspended?

  • CrazyAuntJane

    Reading the comments here not to mention the Twitter posts leads me to believe that the human gene pool has bottomed out and is totally depleted!
    Is Zimmerman guilty? Who knows? Apparently who cares. He’s white let’s just kill the MF!
    As I said evolution has left the human gene pool fizzled out!

    • joenuss

      …and you’re a part of that same “fizzled” out gene pool thereby negating any presumed intelligence in any of your comments according to your “fizzled” out observations.  You must be E.T. LOL!

  • christinecatelli

    Why don’t they turn their angry attention towards Obama and rally to get him outta office. He’s done more to screw Americans over than any president I can remember.

  • Jim

    Looks like Mississippi’s getting the last laugh. 

  • LTCartoons

    And here’s something to put in your cigar and chomp upon. Nobody (aside from George Zimmerman himself) has put him in more jeopardy than a white  Christian Tea Party member prosecutor who feels certain she has enough evidence for 2nd degree murder. All the yells and screams and threats here or on Twitter are but a pittance compared with the impact this white Christian Tea Party member has had on GZim’s life. So, what say you?  Is this some liberal conspiracy? The liberal media done it?   Come back to me when you have an intelligent answer. Might it be she understands law and the Constitution?  Nahhhh.

    • ac287149

      Where does it say she is part of the Tea Party or is a Tea Party candidate?
      Zimmerman has a better chance of surviving her than he has surviving the political and media-inspired lynch mobs.

    • joenuss

       LOL, what makes you think you need an intelligent response?  Ha ha.  Give us something intelligent to respond to first, idiot.  ROFL!

      You’re MINDLESS banter ASSUMES all “Tea Party” members that are “Christian” are even intelligent to begin with.  Nice try at profiling dim whit.  Do better.  Ha ha!  You thought you noticed irony or hypocrisy!  Funny, you ignore hypocrisy each time you look in the mirror though.  Ironic huh.

      Hey, you lack of mental coordination has shown that you fell of the intelligent hill and into a ravine of judgmental bigotry you buffoon.  Self righteous prick!

      • LTCartoons

        If it didn’t ruffle ur feathers; it would have been a short thoughtful response.  Hits close to home eh? Ouch!  Aim your anger at her, not me (or us); she’s the one putting him away for life, not us; or is against the “political party line” to attack one’s own. Ouch. This is going to put the Tea Party in quite a quandry, Nay?   LOL

        • Conpunk

           Obfuscating the facts, and claiming this all due to a “White, Christian, Tea Party member” not only has racial overtones, but reeks of desperation and is very bigoted.  I realize you seem pretty proud of your illogical straw man, but it really is pretty intellectually dishonest.

          The truth really isn’t that hard to see.  The prosecutor, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation, was swept up in a media blitz and looming race wars, so she decided to end her career the same way Mike Nifong ended his.  Sloppy prosecution of trumped up charges…

          If this is such a slam dunk case, there would be no need for NBC, and ABC to doctor pictures and selectively edit sound bites.  Young blacks are at war with themselves, and killing each other at alarming rates.  The outrage comes when this is ignored, and “Black Leaders” use one incident as an agenda to  line their pockets, and not as an opportunity to actually lead and instill responsibility and honor in their communities.  That’s too hard, so they just blame whitey…

          • LTCartoons

            Though I am most impressed that you can purvey 4 syllable words such as “obfuscating” when “distortion” works fine, I am even more glad that you have revealed that you can read the prosecutors mind, and why she made these life or death decisions (ALL based on media). It appears you’ve never been to law school, nor known anyone who has.  The media is the LAST thing that makes any kind of difference based on evidence.  In fact, I truly have no dog in this fight.  My dog was in the fight when my dear country, the USA was going to allow Daddy Joe Zimmerman pay off whomever he had to pay a 3rd time to keep sonny boy George out of prison (AGAIN); and have it end EXACTLY AS SUCH MINORITY CASES END  in Syria, until recently Libya and Iraq, etc and all those countries of whom we are teaching law, order and democracy. We HAD to have this case make it to the legal system or bring every single soldier home; after all what did we “have to sell them any better than what they were doing”?  That’s NOT a rhetorical question.  If we start acting like them, as they were in Sanford, we have no business there.  I don’t care about black leaders; and I don’t care about Neo Nazis. they have their own agendas; of pushing forward their own agendas; and have no business there.  I agree with you there.  And by the way; you make some very absurd asumptions. I am one of the few persons you might ever meet who is ….truly 1/2 white… 1/2 Hispanic (maternal fam. from Spain/Portugal) yes we were the original Hispanics.  So I am extremely embarrassed of GZimmerman. Nobody wants someone of his own race to be drek.  We want ALL of ours to be decent law abiding citizens. Unfortuntaly, it is a fact of life, not so.  Don’t like that the prosecutor is white, female, tea party Christian republican? While all the Zimfans are calling this a liberal media conspiracy?  My best advice…LEARN TO DEAL.

          • Conpunk

            UVA Law ’97(founded by Thomas Jefferson, cool huh?)

            Anyways, thanks for taking the bait.  You started off with “I have no dog in this fight”.  Then proceeded to name off your dogs…LOL. 

            My point was the prosecutor made a very unwise choice with the charge she chose and the actions she took up until she brought them forward.  I also stated that it had nothing to do with her race, religion or political affiliation, and every thing to do with satiating the ignorant masses(Duke Lacrosse ring any bells?).  You so boldly went into a semi-coherent rant about family members, foreign policy, and hate groups to make the point you have no dogs in this fight, right? Then even said you share the same heritage as Zimmerman, but yet you have no dogs in this fight, right?

            George Zimmerman may very well be a racist bigot, I dont truly know.  That’s a moot point, now, though, because the prosecutor pretty much guaranteed a win by the defense.  She could be a black lesbian jew for all I care, it doesn’t change the fact she botched any hope of actual justice, for Martin or Zimmerman.  It seems like you are just an echo chamber for “White, Christian, Teaparty” which has no basis on anything but really pinpoints your bigotry and disdain for opposing thought, and intellectual discourse.  Keep on demogoguing, though….you look really smart!

          • LTCartoons

             True, Frankly I have no dog in this fight. I’ll repeat, though given the facts he is guilty in my mind, that is about as relavent as Newt Gingrich feeling we need a moon colony. It’s a non sequitur.

            Given that, you were unaffected when  you realized this was a case that fell through the cracks, and it was over (before it got started); in other words; “just another shot dead kid in a hoodie (who looked suspicious…probably where he shouldn’t have been).

            In other words, all that was ok for you.  Just like it is okay for Basshad in Syria, was ok for Khadaffi etc etc etc … remember; that kind of “justice” was the main reason we went to war with them. 

            But it’s okay to be like them (to you).  Our debate is over. You had me fooled.  You made one or two sand statements leading me to believe you might be so.

            But I’ve been humbled and was very very wrong.  I love America and its justice system.  How this case turns out is not my business (in the least) though bringing it to court was ALL our businesses; that is, anyone who truly loves America, because we simply can’t allow even one case to be like the many cases of those countries we are demanding they cease and desist their “justice system”.   Good day! Enjoyed.

    • Shepherd

       “The liberal media done it?”  Do you know how you sound?  What a completely vacuous moron. 

      • LTCartoons

        I’m in hopes you are not addressing me. I was poking fun at the conspiracy nuts who are convinced “the liberal media done it”.  The only person GZimm has to fear is a very bright white Christian Tea Party Republican who has more evidence on him the John Wilkes Booth had on him; and something tells me her top network news channel is not MSNBC. The Tea Party is in for a big time split on this one; Turns out they got an honest one.  Uh oh.

    • $24484934

      “White”? Angela Corey’s bio says she’s of Arab (Syrian) descent. But just as with the media’s false characterization of George Zimmerman, don’t let pesky facts get in the way of your anti-white narrative. Carry on…..

      • LTCartoons

         Yes, white caucasion Texas1st. Her ancestry is quite immaterial (especially if she is less than 2 generations from a mother country). If we were described as such like that; we’d all be Russian, Italian, Irish, Lebanese, etc.  Almost all of us have a “mother blood line” which is our “official heritage”. However when entering law school; such people check off “white or caucasion” unless they are African American or Native American.  So…no matter what the tea partiers may think, they got themselves an honest agent in their midst who really DOES care about jurisprudence and the U.S. Constitution. What ever will they do?

  • ac287149

    I just read Ms Lovely’s tweet — OMG, what a prize she is!  Who is influencing her opinion?  She didn’t even get this from PMSNBC or HuffPo.  “Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman”  There’s just too much to say about this tweet.  The best I can say is that she probably hasn’t seen the inside of the criminal justice system….yet. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing….

  • Guest

    Anyone who still doubts blacks are intellectually inferior to ALL OTHER PEOPLES on the planet should be dropped off in sub-Saharan Africa, permanently.  The US is on the brink of a full-blown racial war in part because it elected a radical Marxist, black supremacist in order to prove to itself how non-racist it is.   Ha!  Serves them well…

  • Ivan

    Zimmerman walks fre because because its pretty clear it is self defence, suddenly LA riots 2.

  • steven

    This is the fault of the MEDIA for blasting this story without any facts and turning this into a racial hate crime when it was noting of the kind. The more information comes out, including the picture of blood streaming down the back of Zimmerman’s head, the more it looks like self defense. If Zimmerman is bleeding from the BACK of his head, then what he said has to be factual. The 6’3″ Martin knocked him down got on top and pounded his head against the concrete.  Blacks in this country have always been the cause of racial problems and crime. They’ve been particularly emboldened since they think they have their black president running the country for their “get even with whitey” agenda. If the blacks want a race war in America, they had better remember that all blacks combined, men women and children only add up to 12.4% of the population. We’ve got some crazy armed and angry whitey’s with guns that they won’t want to piss off. Blacks are at the line now, and I suggest they don’t cross it!

    • Voxhalyn Rakkasan

      Best way to gain the Latino vote for Republicans in 2012 is a simple message:

      1/2 Black = President of United States
      1/2 Hispanic = Murderer 

  • seabrightgirl

    This is so disturbing.  Why is twitter allowing these types of posts?

    • Voxhalyn Rakkasan

      Because if they moderated them they would be accused of being racist and apparently in this country there is nothing worse than being racist against blacks.  

      • $24484934

        I blame the left for emboldening these people with some sort of false bravado and sense of entitlement.

  • Voxhalyn Rakkasan

    I hope rational black leaders will educate their people that starting a race war is a huge mistake.  Never start something you can’t finish/win.

    Do they really think other ethnic groups will band behind them?

    Asians, the hardest hit %-wise of black violent crime, will not side with them.

    Latinos, after discovering being 1/2 black makes you President but being 1/2 Hispanic makes you a murderer, now see through the scam.

    Go ahead Sharpton, Jackson and Holder,  Roll the dice.

  • sndrmrv

    I think Zimmerman should sue Twitter for aiding and abetting and blatant violation of their own rules

  • Paul

    All of their account info should be passed on to law enforcement.  The race hustlers and the media have already condemed Zimmerman.  They have no interest in real Justice. They’ll riot, loot and murder when the case is thrown out.The case is so flimsy, and the evidence that has been released so far along with eye witness interviews all supports Zimmerman’s account of the incident.  He’ll walk out of the ordeal a free man.  Unfortunately his life is all but ruined, at least in Florida where he currently lives.  I hope he sues all of the so called “Civil Rights Leaders” that stirred up all of the hatred for defamation, and sues the New Black Panther Party for terroristic threats and lives like a king.

    Now THAT would be justice.

    • Herbert_Spencer

      Turned out most of the accounts belonged to members of King Hussein’s regime.

  • dino rizzo

    illiterate morons…get an education, then learn how to speak properly gosh, these people are animals….

  • William Cobb

    He has not been convected of ANYTHING …. YET
    People need to let the system do it’s job and not take the law it to there own hands.  By take his life for what he did OR did not do makes you guilty , Would you like some mob of people to come ofter you for killing him ? Think before you speak and or act.

    • tnmccoy

      But they’ve been incensed by the self-appointed, questionably rich—or tax evading—leaders of the community.  Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan should be arrested and locked away in solitary so that justice can be served to the oppressed Zimmerman.  Their comments can be considered akin to yelling fire  falsely in a crowded theatre.  As a mob inspired by the above, the blacks are capable of anything. Could you imagine the uproar if whites acted like them?

  • Muttley49

    Look like the KKK had a surviving offspring, the PPP, Progressives Persecuting Patriots.

  • Skip

    sounds as if the black panthers and others are looking to start a race war. Perhaps if the morons paid attention in math, they would realize that being outnumbered 2-1 is not a recipe for success 

  • Berto

    The identity of Twitter users is not hard to establish. Where is Eric Holder and why isn’t his pseudo-Justice Department going after all these black plotters? At the very least this is incitement. At its worst, right now, it is conspiracy to commit murder.  These are both felonies.  As for Martin’s “sweet parents” (comment by the Special Prosecutor who is obviously qualified and objective), they and the black loud mouths whose voice the MSM is advancing are as guilty of incitement as any of these Twitterbaters.  Lock them all up and throw away the key.

  • Eric

    If I were him I would flee the country.  He has no chance of a fair trial.  He has no chance of living a free man in this country.  His life is in danger. 

    • irvinelady

      If he gets acquitted, he should go the way of Tot Mom and just disappear to another state.  All those idiots making threatening comments will move on to some other issue because as brain-dead morons, their ability to stay on point has to be short in length. 

  • MeanGranny

    People are openly making death threats on Twitter, and they’re not being investigated at all.  Ted Nugent makes a couple of comments and gets a visit from the Secret Service.  What’s wrong with this picture?

    • irvinelady

      I get your frustration point, but actually Nugent was visited by the SS because of perceived threats against the president.  Those twitter idiots are making threats against a private citizen — threats that should definitely be investigated by the FBI.  Or at minimum these idiots should be dropped by Twitter for misuse of their platform.

  • mr mann

    You people are ‘thee’ most ignorant folks on the planet.  Get a life if you can….you uneducated morons!

  • JeffersonsGhost


    Started the KKK.

    Lynched 37,000 black men and women for voting Republican

    Lynched 13,000 white men and women for helping blacks vote Republican.

    Started the slogan “Vote or Die”. Telling blacks to vote Democrat or they will kill you. Puffy wore a shirt with the same slogan for Obama.

    Promotes Planned Parenthood which kills 53% of blacks before they are even born. Also their founder Margaret Sanger said, “Our purpose is to cull the black population.”

    She also referred to blacks and the poor as “weeds” and that the human race needed to be cleansed.

    Today, most blacks vote Democrat. Why? Because they keep lying to you and you keep buying their lies. You are vote slaves. You are given food, shelter, and spending money by your owners for exchange of a vote. In turn allowing democrats to continue stealing from the people.

    What have they done for you in the past 60 years besides free handouts to buy your allegiance. As long as you are in the ghetto. You are right where they want you.

    Wake the fuck up. You are being played yet again. Ask why NBC and ABC hid footage that made Trayon look, not so innocent. Like the two gashed on the back of his head.

    Black teens shot each other over stupid shit everyday and you all are making a big deal out of this? Really? 

    Most Republicans are neocons. Neocons are the ones that introduced crack and AIDS to the black community. Thank G.W. Bush for that one. The Dems just keep their foot on your neck by using you for votes with the hopes that you will die young enough to not need any health benefits.

    You all are being attacked on all fronts. Through TV, music, politics and even some churches.

    This is all a ploy to get the black vote back to Obama because he has lost the youth to Ron Paul. They can see through Obama’s lies. You should be able to as well.

    I pray that at least one person will read this, swallow your pride, look past you indoctrinated reaction to nullify what I have informed you of, and look into what I have typed. Once you wake up. You will be truly free.

    Best Regards,

    • Conservative Victory 2012

       Excellent observation. You could not be more accurate. I completely agree with everything that you have stated. Democrat party slogan is keeping blacks on the welfare plantation so they will keep voting for us.

    • Shepherd

      “Most Republicans are neocons. Neocons are the ones that introduced crack and AIDS to the black community” 

      Please provide proof of this.  Otherwise stop spreading lies.

    • LarryB

      Yeah, blame Bush for Crack and AIDS. It never ends. LOL

  • William Cobb

    What do you expect from people that seem to be uneducated ?
    And if you have any doubts about my statement  then look at there use of grammar and it will prove what I am saying .

    • Jesse Malkin

      Yes. And your grammar is exemplary.

  • The Kingfish

    If we’re not careful we’re going to end up like England: no guns unless you get authority from the police to have a single-shot shotgun (or if you are a thug, no permit required) and forget about the right to self-defense.

  • m Ellsworth

    Where is Atticus Finch when we need him? This mob mentality is heart-breaking.

  • Conservative Victory 2012

    Barack Obama has better call off the  black KKK because he has never denounced their call for killing this man. Therefore if Zimmerman is harmed it will come down on him as he fully supports these racist scumbags. Eric Holder is also just as much to blame

  • Shtf Firearms

    Geez! This country is so fucked….

  • Htos1

    Just bucks dancing.One should be careful what one wishes for.

  • Conservative Victory 2012

    If one hair on his head is harmed Barry Soetoro can kiss the Hispanic vote goodbye…combine that with Marco Rubio as VP and Barry is screwed…Well actually Barry is already screwed. 

  • Robert W. Rivera

    If you are not yet preparing, you are preparing to fail. God Bless American Patriots, we will have to fight for freedom again.

  • DeBaliviere

    I’m betting none of these thugs saw “Akeelah and the Bee”

  • $22013213

    If Zimmerman was black no one would care.

  • chris

    This is sad…. you are all guilty of being part of the racial machine

  • $845552

    All on this board sound like typical Democrtas…it’s your culture, brother!

  • surfzup101

    These are the same rocket scientists who, when Obama was elected, said that they were so happy that he was going to pay their mortgage and give them a pile of money.

  • Swarmi

    And Charlie Manson says to these misguided mental midgets:

    “TYVM and have a wonderful Helter Skelter”

  • DEfromDC

    Sounds like Obama has done a good job of keeping blacks on the Democrat plantation, bought with George Soros money Using lies by NBC, ABC and other media, he made Zimmerman, who had helped and cared about black people, the bad guy.  Obama again showed Soros that he bought the African Americans when he bought  the Democrat Party.  Who is the real enemy?  Killing Zimmerman only shows the hatred being spread on the plantation to keep people from learning they are free not owned by the Democrats in control.

  • uflizzard

    All These People Should Be Investigated by the FBI.  
    I love the names peace & love while they post about killing someone.  I can only imagine how many liquor stores will burn when this man is found “not guilty”.

  • uflizzard

    If Trayvon would have killed Zimmerman, the black community wouldn’t care. But this man defends his life and they want him dead now? They don’t care about the facts or what really happened. They just want someone to pay.  “Lil” Trayvon was no angel.

  • Tony S

    Since seeing the bloody photos of Zimmerman’s head it looks like he is innocent of murder under Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

    • $24484934

      (cue Johnny Cochran voice) “If the head got split — you must adquit!”

  • William Cobb

    I also live in a state where we are allowed to ” Stand our ground  ” And I carry a gun every place I go , I personally hope I never have to use it but with people screaming for Andrew Zimmerman to be killed and saying he is white I am glad I do carry. Let me remind you what happened to a truck driver in California , He was removed from his truck by an angry mob of ” Black Radical’s ” that were angered because of what had happened to a ” Fellow Black man ” at the hands of some police officers , That INNOCENT man who was pulled from his truck was almost beaten to death because he was WHITE . This is why as a WHITE MALE I carry even around my black friends and why they carry as well.

    When are the people of this country going to wake up and put a stop to the violent actions of the few that threaten the many ?

    To protect your self is a right we have and if anyone does attack Mr. Andrew Zimmerman he and his family then have the right to use any and all means to defend them selves up to and including DEADLY FORCE .

  • Oracle

    And where is Attorney General Eric Holder when all these threats are being posted.
    Asleep as usual….

  • Ivan De Sade

    Humans are just another form of primate, but with houses  clothes and vehicles. Really, we’ve never even left the jungle. 

  • ralphie44

    i bet half of them are israeli college students.

    • sirock

      And what does your mislime ass base that assumption on?

      • ralphie44

        knowledge. heres a tip knuckle-dragger.
        just because someone says the J word, it doesn’t mean they are a Muslim.However – your reasoning skills definitely indicate that you are a dumb ass.

        • ralphie44

          i wont bother with your spelling. sometimes the blab aint worth a backspace, i agree.

    • ralphie44

      that is.. if this story isnt more of the same from the usual suspects.

  • $24484934

    If society must walk on eggshells to keep blacks from becoming violent and lashing out at the slightest provocation; if society must lower standards just so blacks can compete academically; if others must be held back so that these people can hopefully one day catch up, how can diversity be considered “a strength” as long as they are included in that diversity? I’m not saying that blacks should be removed from the country. What I am saying is stop with the LIE that diversity is a strength when it is blatantly obvious that it is not.

  • saudimike

    What should we do with the black girl that shot the white lady and took her child.

  • ME

    Wow if your a brown dude in FL right now I would duck.  Call in sick and order in – do not leave the house or they will think your GZ and shoot your ass.

  • John M

    Will any of this, including treats agains the life of a judge, be investigated?  Not they won’t.  Blacks can do whatever they want under Obama without fear of prosecution.  And government from federal to local are afraid of doing anything because if they do they will be called racist.  

  • JSain

    Obama America in Full Bloom…..

  • Virginia

    Obama’s mob . . .

  • Virginia

    On second thought, it’s probably those trouble-making Mormons.

  • Guest

    This is madness!

  • William Cobb

    ( Stan249
    This is madness! Don’t finish Martin’s hate crime! ) Were you there ? How do you personally know he hated  anyone , Black ,white or other wise ? I was not there and in till ALL the evidence is in I will with hold judgement about his motive as ALL people should do no matter there color.

  • DemocratFriendOfTheAyatollah

    Stay classy obama voters… 

    • prestonsc

      Like saying Stay classy Nazi’s… Israel


    And I am told we are all equal?  Most of us can’t even write a tweet without curses and spelling errors.

  • jerrykregle

    if the roles were reversed and Martin was remanded 
    his family would be screaming bloody murder

  • JB

    Good thing these idiots left their names on their threats. It will be so much easier to prove them guity of making a threat.

    I’ll bet they didn”t know it was a crime.

    • markchristopher

       Don’t hold your breath, Holder wouldn’t want to upset the NBP’s.  He only goes after people like Uncle Ted.

  • joewest666


  • Robert Price

    When I saw that those posts were still there after being posted hours ago I tried to post an abuse report to Twitter.  It was too much of a pain in the ass so I found it easier to simply close my account. 

  • Triggerpuller

    What a bunch of animals how many whites do blacks murder for what they have in their wallet every year. I am so sick of this garbage. Now they are mad because the legal process is taking its course. I am sure that when Obama loses because he has been a horrible President it will result in violence. I wish these animals were not so vocal and horrible. There are so many amazing black men and women in this country that work hard, take care of their families and contribute to the community but these fools are who get the media attention. I hope these loud mouths dont think we are all scared little men. I’d hate to see more assaults met with gunfire

  • 1paulrevere1

    What a horrible tragedy.  But the world has to get ready for Zimmerman’s acquittal because unless there is additional evidence…he acted within the law.  And if the exculpatory evidence of the photo of Zimmerman’s bloody head was excluded by the prosecutor in the affidavit? Special prosecutor Angela Corey should be disbarred.

    • markchristopher

       It’s all a dog and pony show.  He’ll be acquitted.

  • mcrichard

    Someone needs to get Michelle Malkin on the air to show what these animals are saying. But no one will because she’s a strait shooter and tells honest truth, and that’s the last thing blacks and Democrats want to hear is the truth because the real truth hurts!

    • Ultros667

       I just saw Michelle on Fox not too long ago.  Forgot which show though. She’s usually on with Hannity a lot.

      • bunnymama5

        on thurs am on fox and friends

  • markchristopher

    All this going on and Ted Nugent gets a visit from the secret service?

  • Guest

    Oh, the irony!

  • Guest

    Oh, the irony!

  • Leone

    Yup, the very same violent street punk mentality that got Trayvon Martin killed. 

    And everybody wonders why ammunition is flying off the shelves faster than people can reload.

  • ComSenseWiz

    Once GZ walks, the clueless, stupid wild animals will be rioting and creating mayhem. I assume this will be their way of endearing themselves to the vast majority who are law abiding citizens. Hint – it ain’t gonna work.

  • Guest

    Oh, the irony!

  • Furrystoat

    “No Limit Trayvon” has already inspired multiple violent attacks upon pale folk by thug gangs yelling Trayvon’s or Zimmerman’s name.
    Americans are particularly watchful for this sort of thing as a result of all the publicity these attacks have garnered, and any perception of violence will most likely be met with lethal, and entirely justified force.
    If you insist upon being a violent, racist thug, you have not chosen a ‘lifestyle’ that will insure a long and healthy life.  
    “Chilling out” would of course be the best plan, but you all do what you like….America is ready for you.

  • mwwild1998

    Hey why dont this ignorant animals just throw their riot now.  They are going to anyways thanks to their Two Headed rat and the Pink panthers.  These people want everything for free, and look for opportunties like this to riot.  They are garbage of our society and people ask why we judge them? 

  • Jim Dicken

    Either Twitter backs up its NO DEATH THREATS rule or I am OUT. Fed up with this lynching.

  • rikicad

    What a bunch of moron racist blacks popping out of the wood pile lol.

  • rikicad

    Zimmerman is innocent till proven Guilty got it Morons

  • b4meb4you

    Lemonjelow and Oranjellow are on the warpath.

  • Stand Your Ground

    Lets start reporting everyone involved so they flip out and attack Twitter for enforcing TOS

    Enjoy 😉

  • sailfishman

    After making terroistic threats, why am I not surprised the DOJ has not made a move to stop this? Where are Jesse and Al to say this is bad? Silence is another form of approval for the comments, so, why shouldn’t the rest of us take on these animals and do what we do when an animal is rabid…put it down…

  • HeddBanger

    Arm yourself for the acquittal riots.

    • SamZydeco

      Will make Rodney King riots look tame by comparison.

  • sailfishman

    I am surprised the HNIC hasn’t chimed in with…”if I had a son, he’d tweet the same thing”…

  • cpt g

    go ahead, a lot of people think you are animals, prove them right

  • cpt g

    well now he has a defense when he shoots the next black.

  • notalib

    Nice sampling of the product of the American school system.  I understand the threats but jeez, what language are they speaking and writing?

  • Leo Wiser

    So wonderful of twitter to support these seekers of non-violent, non-vigilante justice.

    You ‘twits’ need to step up here.

  • Spanky Spankster

    The white racist comments here come from liberals posing as conservatives for the purpose of discrediting their opponents.

    There are a LOT of leftist agent provocateurs operating on the net these days.

  • JimWeneedrubio

    I bet Holder will get busy now!  He’s done his job real well so far.  This is what you get with a president and AG who foment racial hatred and violence with every word and action, or lack thereof, they take.

  • Emily

     I blame the media and the leaders of our Black communities. They deliberately used incendiary language to stir racial hatred in our country. Frankly, I think the Democratic Party is packed with racists. Because it is how they see every single issue. It is the point of view of the smallest of minds.

  • mcrichard

    Once those whom started the appeasement movement, it was bound to snowball. NOTHING will ever make them happy. We should all be ashamed for turning our back on right and wrong, failing to speak out against their behavior for fear of being called a racist. This was at one time a country that was not afraid of standing its ground. We were the country that sent hundreds of thousands to thier death in Europe to fight against Hittler’s atrocities. We said STOP! NO MORE AND NO FURTHER because it was the right thing to do, and every American supported the effort. Did white people act like savage animals when O.J. Simpson was aquited despite indisputable DNA evidence? Where we disapointed, of course but while black people cheered the release of a man that killed two white people did we act like animals and riot or even threaten to riot, loot, beat or kill innocent people and burn down buildings? No we said we have to respect our system of justice even when we don’t like the outcome. When are decent Americans going to say enough is enough! Just because you don’t get your way, you cannot run around acting like savages threating to riot and openly threaten to kill people on the Internet and even offer a million dollar bounty to kill someone. No one in authority is going to say a damn thing about it because they are so scarred of being called a racist. And it just this attitude of turning your back and not saying anything that has emblazoned this race to think that they can do anything they want and it shows more and more every day, all these postings on twitter and nothing being done only says “it’s okay to threaten to kill a people when you don’t get your way, it’s okay if you want to act like a dumb thug because if anyone says anything they are a racist.” and we have done it to ourselves by turning our back on this violent behavior for years and the media promoting “it’s their culture” instead of being outrage and sending strong messages that you are not going to act like that and expect to get respect. I am going to do what their greatest hero Martin Luther King said to do and not judge them on the color of their skin but on the content of thier character and from what has been going on the content of thier character is clear. I should say lack of character is clear. (sorry if any grammatical errors as this was written on the small screen of a phone)

  • Eric Jahnke

    Honestly, who cares what the gutter scum class says or thinks?  Those criminal element thugs and illiterate losers say those things about someone every single day …

  • William Cobb

    Personally I don’t think the ” race card ” should even be brought in to the issue.

     The issue is did the person that was shot attack the person that shot them ?

    And if so did the fact that he was killed fall under the ” Stand your ground ” law as it is written  ?

    And if so what is going to be done to all the people that now are calling for a lynch mob to kill Andrew Zimmerman ?

    As a person that is handicapped I can’t run away from an attacker so I do carry a gun for my personal protection ( I also hope that I NEVER have to use it ) and I think others should as well. 

    As Thomas Jefferson said ” An armed society is a polite society ” , Who want’s to start a fight with someone that has a firearm and is willing to use it to defend themselves and or there family ?


    Here’s the “TRUTH”

  • johninsotexas

    I’m just sick of this B.S. if the evidence proves Zimmerman shot in self defense, and you still want to riot, go ahead, it won’t be like before. People are sick and tired of your shit, and better armed. I for one, will not tolerate being threatened, better think twice this time.

  • Rich

     I need some excedrin trying to decode the ebonics these morons prose.   The only slaughtering I see here is the english language and grammar in particular.

  • William Cobb

    I agree with you about the slaughtering of the language Rich.

    It proves the point I made earlier that there uneducated and I think it is because there to lazy to learn.

  • fishfaceferg

    @Stallionnett101:twitter “Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman”

    I believe you are referring to double jeopardy clause of the 5th Amendment.  Which does protect individuals against double jeopardy.  However, it includes protection from being tried for or convicted of  the same crime twice.  Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder, but has not yet had a trial (let alone two to invoke double jeopardy) nor been convicted of any crime (because he can’t be convicted without a trial).  He has had a bond hearing and was released on bond. Double jeopardy has nothing to do with his release on bail and he will still stand trial for the 2nd degree murder charge.

  • jj

    how is this legal?  Where is the FBI in this?  Can anyone create a thread on the idea of killing another human and just get away with it?

    • striped_donkey

       Apparently so.  Look at Florida, you can put a bounty on someone’s head…..Hey No Problem – let’s go to Disneyland.

    • BigDogJunction

      No. Report them. A few of the accounts, have already been taken down. Save the info for law enforcement and report them, if you know what area they’re in. The Zain idiot above, is in Los Angeles.

  • Mark Hapeman

    Start Rioting black people, will only prove our point that you are the ones who are racist and ignorant.  Take that hate and shove it up your ass and actually produce something positive with it.

  • Terry

    All these people making these posts are like the Nazies that followed Hitler….as we all know…it didn’t work out well for them….

  • Rbill

    If Something happens to George Zimmerman the DOJ should look into ABC, CBS NBC MSNBC, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson. They were the judges jury and pronounced his GUILT. HIS BLOOD WILL BE ON THEIR HANDS!!!

  • kanilammit

    This Zimmerman guy is amazing. First off he is white and hispanic. I can understand that based on the ethnicity of his parents. Now, according to a lot of those twitter posts, he is also a ‘nigga.’ I was not aware of any black person being a part of his family history. He is an incredibly racially diverse person.

  • mrbunnylamakins

    Idiot scum puke of the earth internet tough guys are so mentally  disable they fail to realize making threats including death threats is a crime. Most states have laws on it and they can be tried for them.

  • Contrarymary

    So twitter services is promoting murder now? I believe this is called aiding and abetting a crime? Where is the outrage over this incident?  “Man Beaten By Mob, In Critical Condition/WKRG”

  • tim

    we need to flood the DOJ dweeb Eric Holder with emails calling for his dept to investigate every threat made on twitter. And where is twitter on these threats?
    Shall we repeat the 60s and 70s? Summer is coming and more and more kids will be on the streets. Arm yourselves!

  • Brett Jacobs

    It’s nothing new that spineless people in real life take to twitter to talk big and assert themselves as something they are not. I’m more bothered by their ridiculous shorthand and misspellings.  “Dat crap drivez me nutz.”

  • Peter

    Arrest every one of them.  Yea but the AG wont do that will he.. Racist Douche bag as he is…

  • Uber

    “Leave my people alone”

    Eric Holder

  • DanDierdorf

    I read it on the internet, it must be true!

    Those really, honestly, truly they are, not random people tweating, but each and every one is a angry black. Not one person of a different race made any of those tweats.
    Why, it would be beyond belief to think that a group of pranksters posted these to stir up shit.

    Right? Right?

  • Houston Gun Blog

    Collection of over 200 Zimmerman Hate Tweets
    Now trending towards full scale riots!

  • GeorgeM

    There’s only on word that can describe such ignorance and blindness. SAD!

  • The Kingfish

    These threat tweets are just silly braggadoccio and chest-beating. And they’re stupid and wrong. But just for a moment, imagine many Black folks’ anger at always being profiled, arrested, suspected of crimes etc. It happens, and it still happens (and they conclude this is what happened to Trayvon Martin). The right’s inability to understand this sentiment and resentment drives a lot of Black folks en masse into the arms of the left-wing manipulators… who in turn use them as pawns in their push for gun control, increasing the size of government, etc. Believe me it’s real. Put yourself in the shoes of an innocent person who is questioned by a cop or harassed by a redneck. What else is there to think other than they are always out to get you? Again, this is no justification for threats or stupidity… just try to understand the reaction and emotion.

  • Dell Cousins

    “One genius called for the mob to murder Zimmerman because she thinks charges just disappear when someone makes bail: ‘Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman…'”

    One genius, more to the point, thinks Zimmerman was convicted of shooting Martin. Damn fine prose stylist, though.

  • oceandansar

    Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman— Ms.Lovely (@Stallionnett101) April 23, 2012 

    You are one dumb ass wipe